Paul LePage v. Arden Manning

If you’re a betting person, I would like to suggest putting your money on Arden Manning who is the Executive Director for the Maine Democratic Party, because as of today, we Mainers have witnessed the true Paul LeTeaBag: HE’S A DECEITFUL DISTORTING JERK! Arden Manning is not. Manning is clearly the winner in this weeks boxing match!




We’re having fun here in Maine right now. Can I get you a cocktail?


Arden Manning came out swinging like a cornered prize fighter by saying, “Wha? Are you kidding me moron? Where’s your effing proof I made this statement!” (okay, he didn’t say it like this but to me it was close! LOL)

Fast forward to the last few days and we Mainahs get to hear LeTeaBag saying Manning did say it because it was read on a blog and then using the moment to lambaste the Maine Dems for being so….oh I don’t know…..not inclusive (which is so funny because our current Congressman Mike Michaud is Franco-American! And he’s a Democrat! Oh for the love of the Banana Cupcakes!). Yeah, okay.

Fast forward to this morning and here’s what Paul LeTeaBag said on the WGAN Morning Show about how Arden Manning’s comment about him supporting creationism taught in Maine schools was Manning saying LeTeaBag wouldn’t make a good governor because he’s Franco-American (emphasis in red is mine):

Ken: Have you ascertained if in fact he [Manning] has said this in a Blog or
said this publicly to anyone?

LePage: Yea, He sent a letter out and said I was a creationist. Has he
apologized? If he apologizes for calling me a creationist then I’ll
apologize to him. End of story.

Ken: Whether or not Arden said something about you that he should apologize
for, he is not running for Governor you are. You have accused him of, in my
opinion, making a racist comment. My question is have you found any verbal
or written evidence that Arden said that because of your French Canadian
background you are not qualified to be Governor.

LePage: Let me answer that this way. I have looked at my record. I see no
evidence of being a creationist. The only possible way they can come up with
the term creationist is that I am a French Catholic and believe in god.

Ken: Alright. I am going to try one more time Paul. I promise I will bring
up creationism in a minute but.

LePage[interrupts]: I have answered the question. Move on!

Ken: The question was, have you found any evidence that Arden Manning said
that because of your French Canadian background you are not qualified to be

LePage: I’ll repeat it again. There is nowhere in my career that the term
creationist comes in. The only way that anyone could consider me a
creationist is because I am a French Catholic and I believe in God.

Ken: Ok. You are not a creationist. Have you found any evidence that Arden
Manning said that because of your French Canadian background you are not
qualified to be Governor. Paul that is a simple yes or no question.

LePage: No it isn’t. Because you are not willing to admit that creationism
based on what I understand the term to be, is that if you believe in god you’re a creationist.
And that’s what I m challenging.

Ken:You’re saying because arden manning said you’re a creationist. That you interpret that to be as saying you’re not qualified to be governer because you’re franco American catholic? Is that what you’re saying?

LePage: That’s what I’m saying

Ken: During the 5/7 primary Gregg laggerquist asked you (asked everybody during the lightning round) if creationism should be taught in schools, your answer was yes

LePage: That wasn’t the question. Now The question was do you believe that creationism and evolution should be taught in schools.

Ken: Your answer was yes. Does that mean you believe that creationism should be taught in schools?

LePage: Do you want the answer? Do you want me to expound on the yes?

Ken: Sure

LePage: Ok. knowledge is power. The more info the more knowledge we give our children the better decisions they’re going to make later on in live and that’s how I feel?

Ken: Does that mean that you believe creationism should be taught in schools?

LePage: I believe that anything that gives children knowledge will allow them to make better decisions they will make later on in life. I also believe history should be taught in schools I also believe Civics should be taught I schools. In many school districts that’s not even taught I also believe the pledge of allegiance should be said every morning in schools, it’s no longer said at a lot of the schools in Maine. Does that make me unpatriotic?

Ken: No I’m just asking you if you believe creationism should be taught in schools. And your answer to that is yes

LePage: My answer to that is knowledge is power

Ken: Why can’t you answer a question yes or no Paul?
I’m asking you Paul if you believe creationism should be taught in the school. That’s a pretty simple yes or no question

LePage: Creationism should be taught in school under philosophy, evolution should be taught in school under science.

>>>LeTeaBag did say he supports creationism taught in Maine schools. CLICK HERE How LeTeaBag got from there to here (accusing Manning of saying LeTeaBag would make a bad governor because he’s Franco-American) no one knows!<<<

After Paul made a complete fool out of himself, here’s what Arden Manning said during his interview this morning with WGAN Morning Show: (CLICK HERE)

As Arden Manning noted in his interview, the Maine MSM has had access to Manning’s public Facebook page and the Maine Democratic Party’s too and to this moment, they’ve not found what LeTeaBag has accused Manning of! And LeTeaBag himself has not shown the proof either!

I’m telling ya…..Arden Manning gets my thumbs up in this boxing match!

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18 thoughts on “Paul LePage v. Arden Manning

  1. I can’t believe we’ll actually vote for this teabagging freakshow but you never know. We’ve elected Collins three times already, after all.

    • I won’t be voting for this teabagger. If he gets in the Blaine House it’s because Mainahs have been listening and believing too much right wing radio (where all the perpetual lies start!). Me? I’m too smaht for that. I listen to these asswipes only to see how badly the right wing has sunk into paranoia and delusions! It’s scary out there! Total and complete fearmongering on themselves! Facts can’t even penetrate their psychotic madness at the moment!

  2. On July 3, 2010, the oh so “honorable” and “reputable” Arden Manning sent the following hate-filled and distorted email to “Democratic Underground. Com” for the world to see. Who’s the Jerk? Who deserves an apology? I’m not even a Democrat and I’m embarrassed that Manning is representing anything at all in the State of Maine. I’m sure Libby Mitchell herself would be appalled at this childish blasphemy coming from someone who is “representing” her (Manning). So far, Mitchell has graciously refrained from promoting a bashing attack campaign. Kudos to Libby Mitchell.
    Topic subject OK DUers, here’s how we are smashing down the crazies up here in Maine. Good national model:
    Topic URL http://www.democraticundergrou.....215;365961
    365961, OK DUers, here’s how we are smashing down the crazies up here in Maine. Good national model:
    Posted by RBInMaine on Tue Jul-06-10 01:33 PM

    Here is the email I just received from the Maine Democratic Party. THIS is how you do it! I can’t wait for the tv ads and debates to hit the airwaves:

    “Imagine the State of Maine being run by a volatile, right-wing extremist and being represented in Congress by two political nobodies who are too conservative for even the Maine Republican Party.

    According to Paul LePage, ‘The Tea Party is the second revolution.’

    Not on our watch. Maine can do better than Paul LePage and his Tea Party compatriots. We must do better.

    LePage is woefully out of touch with mainstream voters. He has publicly expressed radically conservative views on issues like the environment, civil rights, separation of church and state and a woman’s right to choose.

    LePage is an unabashed agent of the Christian Right. He opposes the Maine Human Rights Act, does not support a woman’s right to choose, and he is opposed to any recognition of same sex families in Maine. He also believes that his religious views on creationism should be taught in Maine’s public schools. He calls the Christian theory of creationism a fact and says it is “a learning tool for our kids.” Creationism is for Sunday school. Science is for public school.
    A LePage administration would decimate Maine’s environment and our natural resources. He wants to open up our pristine coastline to offshore oil drilling. He calls global warming a “scam” and a mind control tool. He wants a nuclear power plant in Brunswick and says the Department of Environmental Protection “serves no purpose.” Fishing and tourism are two of Maine’s most important industries. LePage’s reckless environmental policies would jeopardize our very livelihood.

    LePage’s record of public service is, at best, an embellishment. As mayor, he takes credit for putting Waterville’s fiscal house in order and lowering taxes. The truth is, he isn’t at all responsible for crafting the city’s budget. That’s the city manager’s job. His role is largely ceremonial. Let’s be honest – LePage cuts ribbons, not taxes.
    We know what we’re up against, and we know what we need to do to win this. That’s why we need your support to make sure Maine Democrats are successful in November.

    We cannot allow the Tea Partiers to elect Paul LePage and let other Republicans cruise to victory on his coattails. We need your help now.

    The stakes are too high to sit this one out.”


    Arden Manning
    Campaign Manager, Victory 2010

    • Love that letter! Thanks for posting it! Manning has class, knows the issues, and knows what LePage is all about. LeTeaBag? He thinks having motorcycle gang members for friends will be good for Maine and thinks having a heart attack proves he’s fit for office and young!

      • Wow! My mistake. I should have read your bio first (about Kay in Maine and White Noise Insanity). Very impressive …. a 40 year old single Mom, “loud” with the ability to “talk” with other Americans since 2000, needing an “outlet”, and having been shunned by AOL …. I’m admittedly out of my league here. So glad you found your “happy place” and that you have remembered to apply your lipstick. The substance of your “factual” and logical comments certainly don’t leave any room to dispute your self proclaimed accolades in your bio. Your “class” is undeniable, as well as the “class” of Arden Manning. I’m outa here!

        • Awwwww, just like Paul LeTeaBag, Ginny is flailing about swinging in all directions because someone doesn’t support her teabagger!

          Scram Ginny! Go find a right wing pig pen to hang out in! They’ve missed you.

        • By the way, your blog is very impressive to. Oh wait! Ginny doesn’t have one! :lol: :lol: :lol: As you trolls always say, “Wha? Are you jealous of success????”. :lol:

          • Nope, my blog has more readers on a bad day than you get…AND If I ever ran for public office I wouldn’t have to withdraw in shame if my opponent found my blog!

            I do have some pity for you, Kay…but not much as your misery is of your own design.

            Who am I to argue if you want to destroy your life?

            • Spreading lies I see. I dropped out because I was ashamed of my blog? Huh. How come I’m still doing posts on it and telling you right wing neck drooling knuckle draggers to off yourselves? Not that ashamed! In fact, I kind of like using MY RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH WHETHER YOU HATE HANGING OUT HERE ALL DAY READING IT!

              Destroy my life? LOL! Wow neocon! You are reaching!

              You know what would make me feel better? You offing yourself! NOW GO!

            • I reserve my pity for her son WB. Imagine having to grow up with that kind of crazy as your mom. And to make it worse no father around. He is definitely at a disadvantage in the real world after the parenting she ran him through.

                • No not happy to hear that. Neither cancer or death bring me happiness. But I still pity your son for all the unnecessary baggage you’re loading him up with.

                    • Last I checked, Kay, your Neighbors thought you were a total bitch. Maybe you should take your own advice and be a bit more considerate?

                    • You checked the wrong neighborhood! But nice try. You don’t know me so don’t pretend you do. You can off yourself too to save YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Do you go after the women in your neighborhood? I bet you do. All you neocons are violent perverts.

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