wants you to hate black Americans

SIDEBAR NOTE RIGHT OFF THE BAT: is doing nothing to reduce the size of government. As Reagan implied once, big government is the problem! Hey, for once I agree with that asshole who ruined Ameirica!

breitbartblackpeopleharrassment__whitenoiseinsanitydotcomphoto blames black Americans for our problems. Just read down through their posts and you’ll see what I mean. They’ve been on a witchhunt since President Obama got into office, because they obviously believe he is to blame for George Bush’s policies and war crimes. For instance, here’s a paragraph written by “Capital Confidential” (oh the love of secret money!) in her latest post about ACORN protesters who protested a bank branch (she obviously sides with the banks! Most teabaggers do!) in Missouri recently (emphasis mine):

The group was professionally organized by former Missouri ACORN Midwest director Jeff Ordower, in addition to Hannah Allison, the paid organizer for Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, the newly branded spawn of the Missouri ACORN employees. The group had everything set up. The protestors get inside the building, disrupt the operations, ignore the complaints of office staff, and continue until the police arrive. At that point, the two white organizers negotiate with the police, while the mainly black crowd goes out to the lobby. As more police and building security arrive, the group heads outside, where the organizers speak in measured tones to the compliant local media.

Is the color of their skin necessary to point out? Probably not. But hey! When you’re all about creating the Country Club Party v. The Blacks of America and you want the Country Club Party to win, well then, I suppose you would have to!

Has exposed yet that Fox News and Andrew Breitbart are the ones who showed the public EDITED TAPES OF A FAKE PIMP & PROSTITUTE GOING AFTER ACORN and refusing to tell the whole story of how the ACORN employee right after these two schmucks left the building, HE CALLED A FRIEND TO REPORT THE CRIME HE JUST WITNESSED? Oh wait. The facts! That’s something Breitbart and his cronies don’t like to hear and I’m sure not one of them reported how James O’Keefe PLEAD GUILTY for being a right wing hack?

It’s all about the facts. The right wing hates them! Andrew BreitBARF stated once that he was going to go after President Obama like the left wing went after George Bush for 8 years. Really? Ummmmmmm, we went after Georgie with FACTS, Andrew. Where are your facts? Huh? YOU HAVE NONE! So don’t say you’re doing what the liberals are doing when we were the ones who screamed about the following TRUTH GEORGE BUSH TOLD DURING HIS REGIME YEARS, and you neocons SAID NOTHING!…..

Oh wait! Andrew is too busy blaming President Obama and ACORN for George’s illegal occupation! Nevermind. He doesn’t have time for facts!

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26 thoughts on “ wants you to hate black Americans

  1. When will the right wing of this country understand that they are our nation’s problem. They applaud the destruction of our country every step of the way! But hey, they want to make sure everyone else is blamed for what they do!

    Has the right wing of this country noticed that President Obama is open to all people no matter what their religious beliefs are? Nope! Of course they haven’t noticed, because since President Obama was chosen by the American people in November 2008 to be our president, they’ve been listening to him with their fingers in their ears and watching him with their hands over their eyes! Why? Because that way they can say, “I didn’t hear him say that!” or “Hey, I have not once seen him ever do that!”.


    This is the childish strategy of the teabaggers! Dont’ forget!

  2. Excellent post.

    As Stephen Colbert reminded us, “reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

    Facts are so, what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah, factual.

    Wish the wingers could actually sprout wings and fly, fly away to The Great Rapture In The Sky. They could all join hands and (while copping one last feel from their fellow chuchgoer’s spouse) vanish into Harpland.


    • I look forward to the day waving bye-bye to them all! It will be so nice to have Earth to ourselves where there will be peace, rationality, and no uneducated neck droolers!

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. To which facts are you referring Kay? I see you toss about a lot of conjecture while blasting conservatives for ignoring facts. Most of your posts and comments follow that same theme.

    • Uh Ron? You said that is a very successful blog and mine isn’t, so what does it matter what I say? Huh? I don’t have the pull like your jackboot lickers do over there on Ronnie Reagan’s Cult Site! :lol:

      Now, since my blog sucks, LEAVE PLEASE AND DON’T COME BACK! Trust me, we won’t notice you’re not here anymore. :lol: :lol: :roll: :lol:

  4. SIDEBAR NOTE RIGHT OFF THE BAT: is doing nothing to reduce the size of government. As Reagan implied once, big government is the problem! Hey, for once I agree with that asshole who ruined Ameirica!

    LOL… I see someone is a little envious of a more successful blog. shines a light on what our BIG government is doing to/for us. They serve a very useful purpose.

    • I’m envious now? How did you come to that conclusion? Oh wait! Diverting from the truth again I see! Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the end for America and (the biggest most famous right wing blog online with the most hits ever recorded in a single minute and the same blog that has set records with the most of money ever received! Wow! :roll: ) is a reflection of the right wing of America: THEY HAVE TO LIE TO KEEP THE TRUTH ABOUT THEMSELVES FROM COMING OUT. IT’S EASIER TO BLAME THE AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT FOR THE THINGS GEORGE BUSH DID THAN IT IS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

      Now, go take that yellow ribbon bumper sticker off your car because you still look like an obsessed wingnut!

  5. Seems some of the worst on the REICH are also privileged blacks…think Alan Keyes, Justice Clarence Thomas, talking heads like Ms. Ron Christie, Thomas Sowell, Rev. Joe Watkins, Angela McGlowan and Juan Williams on Faux News, etc.

    Now the National Black Chamber of Commerce is holding their national convention in Houston this weekend and featured speakers are RNC Chairman Micheal Steele, and former Oklahoma Republican Rep. J.C. Watts. To balance the two right-wingers, they are also have invited HUD Asst. Secretary, John Transviña. This black group like the dominant white U.S. Chamber of Commerce is against any increase in taxes, cap-and-trade, and abolishing the Bush tax cuts.

    So it appears that its as much like RICH vs POOR as it is racial in this nation.

  6. You are so right as usual. Hell, the Hamsher crowd does the same thing, no credit where credit is due and blame blame blame for everything that is wrong with everyone.

    • Janey is still mad Hillary Clinton didn’t win the Democrat’s nomination, so she loves the teabagger crowd now! They’re doing what teabaggers do best: BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR GEORGE BUSH’S POLICIES AND PROBLEMS.

  7. Unlike the REICH-wingnuts who always march in lock-step (goose-step) behind ihre Führer, Obama is ALSO getting criticized by liberals (that’s what we do, call it like it is!). David Corn of Mother Jones says:

    Let’s go back to [Ag undersecretary] Cook’s remark to Sherrod about Glenn Beck [intentions of airing the edited tape], and flip the script. If a left-wing website had set up a Bush administration official during the Bush-Cheney years, can you see an overheated department functionary saying, “We have to get this person out before it’s on Maddow”? (Rachel, excuse the comparison.) Of course not. The Bush-Cheney folks would have battled back [circled the wagons as in "heckuva job, Brownie"]. You don’t allow ideological enemies — who want you to fail — to define the terms. That Beck figured into Vilsack’s and Cook’s calculations for a nanosecond is a tremendous defeat for the administration — and an undeserved victory for Beck and his Tea Party followers. It ought to make supporters of the Obama administration sick. The White House, as could be expected, ran from this mess.

    Corn notes that although many have apologized for the slander of Ms. Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart did not admit any wrongdoing and did not apologize for falsely branding her a power-abusing racist. Fox News is now acting as if they never said what they did and doing a 180 “flip-flop”. Loved Rachel last night showing what they said one day and how the Fox talking heads said the opposite the next day. Sounds more like “1984″ every day when history can be rewritten overnight! Chris Hume NOW says that Fox News said nothing about Shirley Sherrod until after she had been fired (as our TROLL MIKE heard and believes now). He also expresses his concern to Brian Kilmeade (link below) over a single person having the ability to demand to sit and talk with the President of the United States. He doesn’t want an Obama/Sherrod private meeting. (Hume is now Whitehouse Chief of Staff???)

  8. When will Michelle Ugabe be trained to walk on her hind legs?

    (this comment left by this person: Wer’d Beard

  9. Even with all of the attention given again to the plight of black farmers in America, the Senate late Thursday stripped them of $1.3 billion again. You can bet the big corporate farms still get everything coming their way!

    The Senate rejected also in the bill by a vote of 57-41 (Some conservadems joining with their Republican brethren) to extend unemployment through November.

    Approved was $60 BILLION for the war in Afghanistan. Rejected was $20 BILLION for AMERICANS!

  10. Former Republican turned “Democrat” Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia wrote an opinion piece for Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal saying that “affirmative action” has not worked, writing….

    ….the affirmative action programs begun under President Lyndon Johnson’s administration have not rendered a great deal of progress for the African American community despite the appearances of doing such. Furthermore, the practice of these laws has been one of discrimination toward whites by not giving them their fair share of the occupational action. He concludes that the nation must apply all nondiscriminatory laws equally for all involved to ensure the racial harmony that all of us desire.

    I spent my last 15 years in teaching at a 99.9% minority high school. I saw affirmative action WORK many times. My Hispanic students scored low on their SAT tests mostly due to having a mixed English-Spanish vocabulary, knowing many words but just everyday words. Their limited knowledge of “high-brow” English killed them on the analogy section of the SAT. I spent hours a week writing/calling admissions departments from USC, Cal Tech to MIT and the Ivy League schools letting those schools know my AP students were intelligent, that their class ranking needed much attention. So many of my students were given slots in many of our nation’s best schools, thanks to affirmative action and glad to report that most graduated, even went on to some of the nation’s best graduate schools. The majority of my students came from homes were parents had never been to college, nor often had not completed high school, so with college degrees in hand, they are now able to instill a new tradition of education for future generations.

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