Who are America’s terrorists again? Arab Muslims or right wing nutcases like Byron Williams?

Some days it’s very difficult to tell the difference between al-Qaeda members and the right wing nutcases in America. Seriously, right now I’m having a very hard figuring out of Byron Williams is a true blue Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Revolution supporter or if he’s a member of al-Qaeda!

Byron Williams (and his mother!) are wicked scared of the left wing Congress. Yes, that’s right. He’s afraid of health care for everyone American who wants it, he’s afraid of what financial reform will do to America’s CEO’s, and he’s afraid that George Bush might really be the cause of our nation’s problems, but yet, can’t seem to find a way to show that except to click his jackboots together and stretch his arm straight to Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck his saviors!


Here’s a well armed Byron Williams (thanks Clif and Crooks and Liars for the video!) having a shootout with California police (it’s a 9 minute video taken by witnesses)….all because he’s scared of liberals, you know, the people in this country who want to make America a better place!…..

Can you say Beck-Palin-Paranoia?

Here’s Byron the Big Bad Right Winger crying and whining about his leg hurting after it was shot by police (he’s alive in serious but stable condition) right before he was arrested during his one man ridiculous revolution against something he knows nothing about….

And we want these wingnuts in control of the US House and Senate after the November mid-term election is done and over with? We want them in powerful positions? NO THANKS! I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I KNOW WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS IN POWER AGAIN AFTER 8 YEARS OF BUSH & CHENEY…..IT WILL SUFFER!

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12 thoughts on “Who are America’s terrorists again? Arab Muslims or right wing nutcases like Byron Williams?

  1. This guy said he couldn’t find a job because he was a felon. Wha? He couldn’t start his own business doing his trade? But I thought all the neocons on the planet were the ones who pulled themselves up with HUMONGOUS BOOT STRAPS?????????

    Are the republicans lying again? Do they enjoy America’s socialism but are too afraid to admit it? Do tell us trolls! We’re dying to find out!

    • Speaking of felons, Leonard Pitts, Jr. has a great opinion piece today about the failure of the decades long “War on Drugs” which appears not to have stopped drug use one bit. In fact the taxpayers’ BILLIONS spent probably were wasted as drug use increased 2,300% since the declaration of “war” in 1970. Nancy Reagan couldn’t even stop it with her “Just Say No!” campaign. However, the “war” has resulted in making so many felons now that many can never get a decent job because they may have been caught with a joint years ago and have a jail record. What is worse is Pitts says, “black men are jailed on drug charges at a rate 50 times higher than whites.”


      I remember the shock back in the 1960′s when I was in drug rehab myself and my very Republican grandfather sat down to talk to me about drugs (he had served 20 years in elective office like County Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Assessor…had to switch offices due to term limits). I was expecting a lecture but got much support instead. Just as prohibition was a failure, led to the raise in power of organized crime (like today’s street gangs and drug cartels), he also believed prohibition led to folks wanting to get what was illegal as human nature often leads to desire what is denied to us! In fact, before Prohibition, most bars were “male only” but during the 1920′s women became an integral part of the bar scene, wild dancing broke out!!! With the new right to vote, a positive of prohibition may have been accelerating women’s rights.

      Born in the mid-1880′s, my grandfather was middle age when marijuana was made illegal. So our nation had gone through 150 years of legal marijuana before it was outlawed in 1937!!! Many farmers, including George Washington, had been growing hemp for a crop. Grandpappy said he grew up in the days when marijuana, cocaine, and heroin was sold over-the-counter at drug stores yet said most folks didn’t abuse them. Back in the 19th century, he said alcohol was the biggest problem then as it continues to be. Daily on Houston TV we hear of fatal car accidents overnight, most related to alcohol. Never do we hear that the accidents were caused by marijuana. But often repeat offending drunk drivers don’t get a felony record unless they kill someone! In Texas your first two DUI convictions result in misdemeanors whereas once finding ONE hemp seed in one’s pocket or purse could lead to a felony.

      • LOL Your family sounds like mine, except, we had apple growers who always had a shack waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back of the orchard where us kids were not allowed. Moonshine shack! LOL Too funny. ;-)

  2. His felony was robbing banks, instead of the big money republiuscum idea of using banks to defraud and rob the people then refuse any type of regulation on said banks at all.

  3. Hypocrites, every damn one of them. They are anti-socialist unless it is their Social Security or Medicare that’s being cut. They don’t like big government but they expect them to stop every underwear bomber that gets on a plane. They are anti-regulations, until oil starts washing up on their favorite beach.

    • They are very hypocritical, Jim. They say they hate socialist societies, but yet, the other day I was at the transfer station in the recycling area and the old beat up truck in front of me had a bumper sticker on the back that read: “NOBAMA, NO SOCIALISM” and there they were using the receptacles to recycle their trash in…paid for with their own tax money!

      SOCIALISM: for the common good!

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  4. Grant -
    I had a friend from Germany who was an exchange student…he was 16 years old at the time, I was like 20. I knew him because he was an exchange student living with a friends family. He told me how growing up in Germany, they would occasionally have a beer with dinner as kids. No big deal, never got drunk or even thought about it. When he came to America and they told him he couldn’t drink, he started getting drunk on the weekends. He said it became fun. He equated it totally to the fact that someone said he couldn’t do it, so he was going to do it.

    • I was at the annual reunion of our Familienverbund in Germany in 2007 and sitting with my cousin from Kassel. At the hotel where we had our banquet, his son was celebrating his 18th birthday. The legal age in Germany is 16. The kid measured his alcohol and never appeared to get drunk. He seemed to care less about drinking as he was most excited because at age 18 in Germany, one can finally get their driver’s license! I had been with my cousin earlier in the afternoon but he had to leave, drive 45 miles to his house to take his teen daughter home (as she had a party) and he returned with the son who had had to work. He did the 90 mile round-trip in little time and said he had driven 150 mph on the autobahn where there is no speed limit. I loved driving the autobahn for over a week in my rental Mercedes and never once saw an accident in driving 2000 miles (not all on autobahns but speed limits if posted are usually 80 mph, 70 mph if it’s raining!).

      • Yep. Over in Europe alcohol is part of the menu for all ages! My brother has spent many months in Italy over the years and he said even the little ones would get a tiny glass of wine at dinner.

        • I only drove 100 mph. You have to careful as the passing lane is for passing only. When I would pass someone, might see two headlights FAR in the rearview mirror, but in no time they were barreling down on me making me quickly get back into the slower lanes. Most of the 150 mph cars were Mercedes, Audis, Porsches, or BMW’s. Since it seems everyone in Europe drives only new cars, I rarely saw anyone broken down along the road, no flat tires, even. By contrast in Houston, in my 26 mile drive into the city I might see a half dozen clunkers steaming over or up on a bumper job. I traveled 5000 miles in May 2006 throughout 13 nations of Europe. I saw only TWO minor accidents. I missed the funeral of my niece last year as it took me two hours to drive 50 miles across Houston on the Interstate due to THREE accidents.

  5. How many millions of GOVERNMENT healthcare has the Dick Cheney received in many heart operations/procedures??? The Congresscritters have some of the best healthcare out there yet don’t want the common person to have it too.

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