President Obama addresses the nation from the Oval Office about the BP/Halliburton/Transocean Oil Leak



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8 thoughts on “President Obama addresses the nation from the Oval Office about the BP/Halliburton/Transocean Oil Leak

  1. Appears Elisabeth Hasselbeck (BFF of Sarah Palin) had dutiful read her RNC emails, printed them off and was in big attack mode on Obama today on “The View“. She blamed Sec. Salazar for doing “nothing” for 18 months to reform the MSM (which Joy said had been corrupted in the Bush/Cheney administration which upset Elisabeth who hates blaming Bush for anything). Elisabeth sarcastically said that Obama was supposed to change Washington! (from Bush/Cheney damage???) /snark! She also said the speech was mostly to promote Obama’s passion for “cap and trade”! I didn’t get that interpretation but then I hadn’t read the paper yet, been online and missed “Morning Joe” so didn’t have anyone’s words to parrot. On MSNBC, Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said it was a good speech but one that should have been made nearly two months ago. Now, he said, it looks like Obama is playing “catch up” for the time he was snoozing.

    I admit I wasn’t turned on by the speech. I guess I was expecting more passion. Felt frustration coming across instead of the anger I wanted to see, and I don’t mean going off.

    Already the Republicans are all saying that forcing BP to pay up is “unConstitutional”! Anything Obama does will be ripped into by the REICH. Jesus H. Christ couldn’t satisfy them IF he had a “D” after his name.

    Speaking of Jesus, I thought it unnecessary for Obama to defer so much to prayer as we are to be a nation that is not supposed to promote religion (but that’s always been joke). Now waiting for REICH-wingnuts to say Obama, in his mind, was referring to Allah! But then he was mostly speaking to the Gulf States, so was pandering to the fundie REICH there who have so much power. Maybe Obama needs to invoke the same God that destroyed a giant Jesus statue in Ohio with lightning to seal the hole with an earthquake!

    • It’s obvious to me Satan hates the Gulf. I wonder if the right wing christians realize this yet? Oopsie. Yes, I agree…involing g-d all the time makes me want to vomit! G-d didn’t’ do this. Satan and his henchmen, BP Oil/Halliburton/Transocean, did this!

  2. We now know WHO owns Rep. Barton (R-TX) who apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the “shame” of the Obama White House for “shaking down” poor wittle BP!!! Guess Barton had heard Rush Limbaugh call it a “shake down” yesterday on the radio. Do Republicans really believe that the American people will be on BP’s side???

    On Morning Joe, Rudy Giuliani blasted Obama for his handling of the spill (MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan often agreeing with Rudy) and gave him a grade of “F” saying that Bush would have handled it much better. Of course Rudy Giuliani’s law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani here in Houston is one of the biggest law firms in the nation representing Big Oil and represents Shell, Citgo, Chevron-Texaco, TransCanada, Entergy Nuclear, Dynegy, and once even represented ENRON. Giuliani’s law firm also represents Cintra of Spain, the FOREIGN company that Gov. Rick Perry has tried to get on board to build the NAFTA “Trans-Texas” Superhighway across the state, and then collect tolls on our roads! Cintra already bought the Indiana Toll Road and Chicago Skyway. Cintra did get the job of building and collecting tolls on the new TOLL ROAD being build around Austin. BTW, Gov. Perry campaigned for Giuliani during the runup to the Republican primaries in 2008.

    • George Bush would have said to the American people, “Don’t worry about thing. Go shopping!”. Then on the 5th day after the spill began he would have said, “The holes are plugged [a lie]!!!!! Now, go eat some scallops and shrimp down there on the Coast”.

  3. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, after Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) apologized to BP for the alleged “shameful shake down” by the White House, has released this statement:

    What is shameful is that Joe Barton seems to have more concern for big corporations that caused this disaster than the fishermen, small business owners and communities whose lives have been devastated by the destruction. Congressman Barton may think that a fund to compensate these Americans is a ‘tragedy’, but most Americans know that the real tragedy is what the men and women of the Gulf Coast are going through right now. Members from both parties should repudiate his comments.

    However, Republicans do not criticize their own. This remark is an example showing just HOW MUCH REPUBLICANS place corporations above the people. Corp-fascism runs amok in the REICH-wing.

    Here are Rep. Barton’s big contributors, millions coming from Big Oil, Utilities, and Big Pharma.

  4. Rep. Marcia Blackburn (R-TN) on MSNBC compares Obama to BP CEO Tony Hayward (who today stepped down from his Gulf position at BP). Blackburn said that both men “ignore problems and blame others!” She also added that Obama totally ignored the floods in Tennessee. So we have a ongoing crisis and who is blaming whom, Republicans NEVER blame??? /snark

    WingNUT Michelle Bachman tells Terry Jeffrey’s Cybercast (formerly Conservative) News Service that Obama “misreads the Constitution” and the president is guilty of EXTORTION by demanding BP set up a $20 billion escrow fund, which the REICH likes to call “slush” and Bachmann suspects the Obama administration is creating “a pot of money for themselves”. She told REICH-wing CNS “News”:

    “Private companies need to be held accountable, but not necessarily to the executive branch. It seems to me there’s a misreading of the Constitution and a misunderstanding of jurisdictional limits from this White House on what the extent of executive power is. They don’t seem to understand that and it — now it seems that it’s all about extortion – and that what they want to do is create a pot of money for themselves that they can control and that’s not what the Executive is supposed to do. There is a real misreading of jurisdictional limits, and they continue to stretch those limits beyond all bounds.”

    • Grant, have you noticed when right wingers such as Marsha Marsha Marsha Blackburn knows the right wingers are to blame, they add Obama to the mix? Yes, that’s right. When the right wingers know it’s BP Oil’s fault to make themselves feel better they say Obama is no different! So sick of the right wingers and their games. Their a party who can never take blame even when everyone (including themselves!) know they’re to blame!

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