According to a recent poll, this is how President Obama should have responded when the oil leak started…


Yes, that’s right! George Bush was a pro at playing guitar and ignoring the dead Americans floating down the street and under bridges after Hurricane Katrina…


Dead American bodies floating and playing guitar were signs of a great leader with the best leadership skills. Hell, George Bush was way above President Obama when it came time to save the day (he even found time to eat birthday cake with John McCain while Americans were drowning in their attics!), but again, George Bush could do no wrong. He was great at everything he did and some Americans are feeling the loss…


Maybe what President Obama needed to do as soon as BP Oil’s rig sunk to the ocean floor was to physically pick up the dead scorched bodies on the oil rig and then throw them into the Gulf so Americans would feel like he cares as much as George Bush did? Right now, their responses to these disasters are neck in neck. See, the thing is, George’s disaster was easy to get to (everyone had oxygen to breathe and the air pressure was fine! No one even remembers George Bush saying, “Get some fucking boats down there or I’m going to kick your ass!”), but President Obama’s isn’t. I highly doubt President Obama could do the following to save the day all by himself 5,000 feet below the surface of the water…

But, according to the recent poll, HE SHOULD HAVE!

By the way, right now on Facebook there is a statement going around asking where are all the “Save the Gulf” concerts giving the impression that the environmentalists don’t care. My response to this? NOT ONE FRIGGING PENNY SHOULD BE RAISED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO PAY FOR HALLIBURTON, TRANSOCEAN, AND BP OIL’S PHUCK UP! Okay? That’s my answer. Deal with it!

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24 thoughts on “According to a recent poll, this is how President Obama should have responded when the oil leak started…

  1. I always remind myself that the majority of the American electorate are idiots, they elected Bush twice. Whenever the media obsesses about something, a hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack…whatever, the idiot public will buy whatever crap they sell. Can you imagine if during the Exxon Valdez spill there had been a live web feed of the oil pouring out that boat that ole Bush the elder would have been very popular. The media obsession with this story is bordering on a clinical condition. They are trying to out-outrage each other.

  2. It is hard to believe the American public, by 69 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, rate the federal response negatively. They only rate Bush’s response to Katrina 62 negatively! Even though Obama cannot plug the hole, people need the ILLUSION he can do something about it. Bush’s popularity went way up when he visited the WTC right after 9/11, took a bull horn and talked tough. We haven’t this from President Obama. Even his ardent supporter, Spike Lee has been upset that the President hasn’t done more. FDR was a great president because his words and action comforted the people. That is part of job of a leader.

    Comparing Katrina, an “act of God” to the Horizon spill…”an act of CHEAP BP” is like apples to oranges. If anything this is the Dick Cheney’s “Katrina” since he watered down the regulations to Big Oil could make even more billions. We need to get back to regulating Big Oil, Big Coal ASAP. Of course the REICH will oppose any regulations. Rand Paul defended the laissez faire capitalism again today. And sounds as if he does not like President Obama talking tough (REICH want it both ways!). On Fox News Neil Cavuto today Rand Paul said:

    “It bothers me. I saw the full-page ad in the newspaper and they’ve promised to pay for the clean up. Do we have to have a villain? That’s my whole point — do we want a presidential administration that says outlandish things like we’re going to put our boot heel on BP? I want BP to pay, everybody wants them to pay for cleaning up the oil mess. But the thing is, is that sometimes people are well-intentioned and bad things happen. And I don’t know if there was negligence or fault here — it should be investigated and if there is someone should be punished for it. But we shouldn’t automatically assume that there is.”

  3. I think President Obama should have put on a wetsuit and swam down to the bottom of the Gulf and hammered some corks in to stop the leak!

    • OMG that is so funny! Makes you wonder how much he’s charging for the booms? I bet way too much, so what does he want to do? Sell them to the Feds. Let me guess…the price just tripled!

      THE U.S. GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT BE PAYING FOR BOOMS/CLEAN UP. BP OIL/HALLIBURTON/TRANSOCEAN SHOULD BE! How come BP Oil didn’t buy the booms? Don’t want to clean up their very large oil slick?

  4. Robert Gibbs on April 29, 2010:

    12:07 P.M. EDT

    MR. GIBBS: Good afternoon. This is not my attempt to put more people on stage than are in the audience, but we might well succeed by the time this is over.

    I am going to — I’ve got a few remarks on what the President has been working on on the BP oil spill, but I wanted to — we’ve got several people here at the briefing to give you an update on where we are.

    Our Homeland Security Secretary will give us an update on the overall situation. Rear Admiral Sally Brice-O’Hara will give us some details on the response on the ground and the water to the spill. Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Hayes will give us an update on the joint investigation and on the pressure on industry to clean up the spill. Secretary Salazar is at the BP command center currently in Houston.

    EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will give us an update on air monitoring and preparations for the spill reaching the shore. We also have Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Carol Browner here also to answer some questions if need be.

    So let me start with a few words of the President’s involvement. The President has been actively following the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, receiving multiple updates, and consulting on the response since the incident occurred. The President started his daily intelligence briefing in the Oval Office this morning with an update, and last night on board Air Force One, on the way back to Washington, the President was briefed on the new information regarding the additional breach.

    The President urged, out of an abundance of caution and mindful of the new information, that we must position resources to continue to aggressively confront this incident. Following that, Rear Admiral Landry announced that while BP is ultimately responsible, the administration will continue to be aggressive in our response, and we will use all available resources, possibly including those at the Department of Defense, to see if there are technologies that might be used that surpass the capabilities of the commercial and private sector.

    Again, in accordance with the 1990 Oil Pollution Act, passed after the Exxon Valdez, BP, as the responsible party, is required to fund the cost of the response and cleanup operations, and they are doing so.

    The President has also asked that Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano, Interior Secretary Salazar, and EPA Administrator Jackson go to the Gulf Coast to ensure that BP and the entire government is doing everything possible to respond to this incident.

    In addition, the President has directed responding agencies to devote every resource to not only respond to this incident but to determine its cause. Earlier this week, Secretary Napolitano and Secretary Salazar laid out the next steps for that investigation.

    We have a lot of folks up here. We’ve got a couple of slides that we will put up. This is the satellite picture as of 6:00 a.m. this morning. You see where the BP Deepwater Horizon was and the area that we’re monitoring.

    So, with that, let me turn this over to Secretary Napolitano.

    You can read the rest of the press briefing here:

    This kind of disaster was handled by the government right from the start. If President Obama had come out every single day for 4 hours a day talking about BP/Halliburton/Transocean oil spill, he would have been accused of using the disaster for election purposes! My feeling is….what the hell could President Obama do to fix the freaking leak? I mean, really, this disaster is not on land where it’s easy assessable by boats, a couple of screwdrivers, and a hammer!

    He’s left the decision making up to the experts, you know, the oil industry who decided to CAP LAST instead of first. The only role of the government is to make sure BP Oil asks for permission first, which they have, but we all know they did lots of things that they knew wouldn’t work way before capping!

    I have zero faith in the Oil Maggot Experts. None. Since the government doesn’t have the ability to get down there to fix the damn thing themselves, they have to rely on the dimwits to get the job done!

    I still think BP has purposely done things backwards knowing full well the public would turn against President Obama over this. Sickening!

      • Well, now that Libby Mitchell has become the Dem’s choice for Governor in Maine, she will be running against Paul LePage the teabagger! Should be an interesting race this year.

        I was back and forth between Rowe & McGowan. I pulled the lever for Rowe via absentee ballot on Monday. I actually liked all the Dem candidates except for Rosa Scarcelli. She reminded me too much of Sarah Palin….all looks and no substance!

    • She won Jim! Wow, but I thought everyone in Arkansas had locked arms with Janey against Lincoln? :lol: If a poll had been done as voters were leaving and they were asked, “Do you know Jane Hamsher of FDL?”, I bet 99.999999% of the respondents would have said, “Jane who?”. LOL!

  5. After attacks from the right who equate Obama with the Devil and pundits on the left some of whom think he is God, columnist Fromma Harrop of Providence writes a good opinion piece feeling that Obama is doing a good job handling the many crises on his plate.

    For my taxpayer dollar, I’d prefer a calm leader who works with the most respectable opinions he can find. Some of the worst Obama decisions — going passive during the health care ruckus and pushing for new offshore drilling — came not from listening to science, economic and military experts, but his political advisers.
    [Note all of the comments are from Obama haters!]

  6. All the talking heads are talking about ALL of the women (all supported by Sarah Palin) who won yesterday but no network even mentions that Libby Mitchell beat three rivals to win the Democratic nomination in Maine! I guess that is because Sarah didn’t endorse her??? I had to go to to even find out WHO won in Maine! Hopefully Mitchell will have an easy time beating the teabagger Paul LePage who won the Republican nomination.

  7. I hope they stay on the Sarah Palin gravy train, she did so well for John McCain. Our media is crap, I long for the days when you could trust the media and what they were saying. When they actually sourced their stories and didn’t inject their opinion into them. Nowadays…sheesh.

  8. What’s the White House thinking attacking LABOR UNIONS and progressives? Seems we might have neocon corporate Democrats in the likes of Rahm Emmanuel. Fellow traveler Clintonite Lanny Davis went around and around with Ed Schultz today defending this assinine directive from the administration. WHO does Rahm and David Axedrod think got them elected in the first place???

  9. McClatchy journalists have obtained a copy of a environmental study from the year 2000 that warned of such an accident as happened leading to the Horizon disaster. However, the Bush administration wanted to speed up oil drilling in the Gulf, adding over 1000 new deep water wells during the Bush/Cheney era.

    • Jon Stewart made fun of the Lamestream Media last night (see linked clip) about how the talking heads had grabbed onto a nonexistent “voting out incumbents” narrative and wouldn’t let go of it even though 82 out of 84 INCUMBENTS running in this week’s primary races were RE-elected. One incumbent has to face a run-off and the onlyl LOSER was Nevada Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons who is facing criminal charges added to his exposure in extra-marital affairs!

  10. I think the attack on the labor unions was warranted. If you lay with dogs like Hamsher, you get flees. I am not a fan of “vengeful” politics. Vote like I say or else. I hope the message got out, but I doubt it. Everyone who thinks their pet project is the most important seems to think they can hold a gun to someones head if they don’t bend to their way of thinking. Kudos to the White House for telling it like it is and not kissing labors ass when it doesn’t deserve it.

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