The Federal Reserve will be audited for the first time in 95 years!


Jesus H. Christ. What took so long! Oh wait. Lots to hide. Nevermind. Of course, this audit will only go back to 2007, but man, this will be the first audit in 95 years! Can you imagine what these assholes have been doing? As Rep. Alan Grayson said recently, the Federal Reserve bought the Red Roof Inn on behalf of the American people for crying out loud!

Is it just me or do you hear the shredders at the Federal Reserve humming and working overtime at the moment? I hope the phuckers are scared!

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11 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve will be audited for the first time in 95 years!

  1. It will be interesting to know what shenanigans the Feds are conspiring to use to keep Americans from knowing the truth! Just like Wall Street insiders, these assholes will stop at nothing to protect themselves and their game. :evil:

  2. Not surprised. Jane Hamsher is asking for money by using today’s vote to stuff her pockets full:

    (part of her email she sent today)

    With your help, we put together a vast array of allies. From Alan Grayson and Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and Jim DeMint, Richard Trumka and Andy Stern, Bob Borosage and Grover Norquist, Firedoglake and the Liberty Coalition. Voices that would usually be in opposition to each other came together to fight for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

    And we won, for now.

    To be clear, this is not a full, annual audit of the Fed. But it’s the first step to cracking open the doors of secrecy at the Federal Reserve. Financial reform still needs to move to a conference committee, and we need to guard against changes to the Fed audit from behind those closed doors.

    So take a moment to celebrate this huge, important victory. Then help us push the Fed audit over the finish line.

    Chip in $5 to complete our transpartisan campaign to audit the Federal Reserve. Click here:

    Thanks so much for all you do.

    Jane Hamsher

    • Through my eyes I see you as a hero
      A super human miracle.
      You remained un-fazed
      By the road that faced you when
      you took this world on all alone.
      ….Indebted by Autopilot Off

      Lots of WE in that beggar’s letter! Wonder if there is a European vacation coming up this summer???

  3. I haven’t read much on this yet, when I get home tonight I’ll give it a read. Pretty cool stuff. No surprise that the “anti-corporatist” Janey Hamsher is trying to raise money off it, she’s a cunt.

    • LMAO Jim! :lol: Funny you should mention the c-word…..a troll just called me that right before I flushed him down the spam catcher drain! Fun times….

    • Yes, she does live up to that word, huh? Now she’s taking all the credit for auditing the Fed. How did America survive so long without her? :roll:

  4. my favorite line from it.
    “Something tells me that trolling for attention and traffic is a higher priority for some formerly admirable members of the tubes. Very sad.”

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