Elena Kagan is against slavery, so therefore, the republicans hate her guts!


See what we’re up against? The Party of No continues on their wild temper tantrum….all because there’s a ‘Mutt’ in the White House! Their current actions don’t make sense at all. They’re against everything…..even anyone who is against slavery! They’re for slavery because President Obama picked a woman who doesn’t support slavery? Pretty soon they’ll be for abortion, for stem cell research, and for same sex marriage just because the Dems are for them!

Do you get the feeling at some point the republicans will start holding press conferences saying, “Oh yeah? Nana nana boo boo!!!!!”? I think it’s coming. Stay tuned. The adults are in charge and the whiny ass titty baby republicans don’t like it. Watch for flying pacifiers across the room!

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31 thoughts on “Elena Kagan is against slavery, so therefore, the republicans hate her guts!

  1. There isn’t one iota of wording in the U.S. Constitution on what the qualifications of a Supreme Court judge should be. They do not even have to be an attorney, so for the republicans to bitch about her not having judicial experience is just laughable (as Solicitor General she’s had to argue cases in front of the SCOTUS on behalf of the United States). I mean, really, look at the republicans right now! They hate her because she’s against slavery, some are saying a ‘lesbian’ should not sit on the court (we can’t discriminate in America, dumbasses!), and they’re just making shit up out of thin air…………to debate? They have no litigation skills at all!!!!

    • Indeed. The constitution (which the righties claim to want to follow) says nothing about the qualifications.

      And of course, William Rehnquist had no judicial experience prior to being appointed to the court.

      I’ve noticed on Fox (via my obsession with their unscientific “You Decide” polls) that they’re push-polling the lack of judicial qualifications and that she hates the troops by barring recruiters on campus.

      • Neither did Gov. Earl Warren of California who became Chief Justice of the Supremes under Eisenhower. He was a trial lawyer, district attorney, state Attorney General before his three terms as the Republican governor of that state. During WWII, Warren supported rounding up Japanese CITIZENS and locking them up behind barbed wire!
        However, righties came to hate him because he changed his views on race and was leader of the court during Brown v Board of Education which outlawed unequal segregated schools, Miranda v Arizona which strengthened the Fifth Amendment, Loving v Virginia which allowed inter-racial marriage, Gideon v Wainwright which strengthened the Six Amendment by ensuring indigents to be afforded legal counsel.

        • No wonder the righties want to go back to ONLY the U.S. Constitution and get rid of all that case law: THEY WANT SLAVERY AGAIN, THEY WANT WOMEN TO HAVE NO RIGHTS, AND THEY WANT ANYONE WHO ISN’T PASTY WHITE LIKE THEMSELVES TO BE CONSIDERED 3/5THS A PERSON! *shaking head*

    • The lesbian rumors were started by the liberal pinknews.co.uk, a site that provides news for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community.

      In her capacity as Solicitor General she represented the United States in front of SCOTUS in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Her failure in that case gave corporations the power to decide future elections. Unless you own a corporation that’s no good for you.

      • LOL So a woman who doesn’t look like Sarah Palin and who is single is a lesbian to you and the United Kingdom? Wow! Uh, okay. Does this mean Condi Rice was the lesbian in the Bush Regime? Let us know “oh great one”.

        Ummmmmmm, was Kagan on the U.S. Supreme Court when she argued in front of the SCOTUS about Citizens United? Did she get to vote or did the right wing Nazis on the Court vote to GIVE POWER TO THE CORPORATIONS TO DECIDE FUTURE ELECTIONS? You teabaggers are supposed to be the highly educated Americans of all time, so tell us great-one, WHAT’S THE ANSWER??????


        • Uhm… I was just saying that the statement made in the original post was incorrect in that it was the left and not the right who first accused Kagan of being a lesbian.

          I was also trying to make the point that her record as Solicitor General does not give anyone confidence in her abilities in the courtroom. In other words she was outsmarted by the lawyers for Citizens United. Do you really want a Supreme Court justice who cannot present a better case than a corporate lawyer? Yeah, neither do I.

          • She was outsmarted? Are you kidding me? The Nazis on the Court are the ones who decided corporations are people and like the right wingers they are, THEY LISTENED WITH THEIR FINGERS IN THEIR EARS! They’re an abomination. Kagan is not.

            Who cares if Kagan is a lesbian or not or who started the rumor? It will be the right wingers TODAY who will make a huge issue out of it because they don’t know the laws of country….have no idea what discrimination is and equal protection under the law to them means (white straights only!).

      • Ed, the British web-site didn’t START any such rumor, only REPORTING
        that such charges were being made back here in the US of A even going back years around the Harvard campus because she supported keeping out military recruiters because of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. I have been seeing hate-filled posters on REICH-wing sites saying this from the get go. On the other hand, some gay activists hope she is gay as she might have more empathy for GLBT Americans.

        The Washington Post reported on April 16 that a former George W. Bush aide was catapulting such talk!


        The Atlantic, also in May:


          • Grant, I never listen to any of the right wingers on my radio, tv, or on my blog!

            Bullshit! You quote Rush all the time. Or did you not know Rush is a right winger? LOL

            • *waving to dummy* I don’t take their advice. Yes, we Americans have to listen to the enemy to see where they’re at, but rational Americans like myself would never take their advice in a million years! Right wingers are children. The Adults are in charge now. Sucks for you doesn’t it Reggie?

            • I never listen to Rush…life is too short to waste it on haters like him. BUT, I don’t have to because the rest of the “lamestream media” quote him all of the time so unless I go live in a cave, I will learn what LIES that Rush tells everyday.

              • Very good point, Grant. Notice how the teabagger protests are on every news outlet but we’ve only seen one day of the Coffee Parties across America? We can’t escape the right wing SPEWING!

        • Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal dug through thousands of file photos to find one that is 17 years old that that shows Elena Kagan wearing “men’s clothes while playing softball”…..but say now they never intended a “softball=lesbian” assumption.


          This was discussed on The View (where Bill O’Reilly is guest today BTW) with Elizabeth Hasselbeck says it is important only if she uses her viewpoints on DOMA, or DADT. Otherwise all agree that it’s her personal business. However, Joy Behar said she never heard anyone bring up Souter’s lifelong bachelorhood when George H.W. Bush nominated him. Plus SIX of the Justices are Catholic and they get to rule on abortion issues and their religion was never much of an issue.

          • Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the person who once said on The View that she can tell a liberal from a conservative just by looking at the shoes they’re wearing! Gawd I hate this woman. She’s a typical Hatriot™.

  2. For those who are dragging their asses on the ground like a dog with worms because of Kagan’s “connection” to Goldman Sachs:


    And so it may. Goldman Sachs is radioactive for obvious reasons these days. But Kagan’s limited gig as an advisor to the now-tarnished investment house had nothing to do with creating phony CDOs or engaging in market manipulation. It was a freelance gig to supplement her day job. If anybody’s got evidence to suggest otherwise, they ought to get it into the public record.

    Greenwald, Digby and Hamsher are once again using NOTHING to attack President Obama with! How much longer do we have to listen to these left wing ding dongs who are still mad at Obama for becoming the Dem’s nominee in 2008 because Hillary was kicked off and are now sounding like a bunch of teabagging yahoos to boot? Deal with it! Time to grow up!!!!

    • I suspect a fair amount of detail about her stint there may actually come up during the hearings. It’s not about commenting on cases, or how she’s rule from the bench. So it will likely be one of the few areas of questioning where more detail will come out.

    • Bay Buchanan (sister of the MSNBC racist Pat Buchanan) told Larry King that HARVARD LAW DEAN Kagan was not qualified, that from the same woman who couldn’t praise Sarah Palin enough about being QUALIFIED to be president!


      Hate right-wing radio host Neal Boortz compared Kagan to the animated figure…Shrek. Michael “Weiner” Savage gave his anti-Semitic twist (he must be “self-hating”) saying that Kagan “looks like she belongs in a kosher deli” and makes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like a “Kazakhstan beauty.” Of course Savage is such a known hater the UK has banned him from entering along with the likes of the vile Rev. Phelps and his family. REICH-wingnut commenters call her a fat “Butch” bitch and one poster I read said: “What is it with Obama and fat ugly chicks? Napolitano? Sotemayor? Kagan?” The REICH hates women, too???

      • Bay Buchanan is a nutjob just like her brother Pat. I never take her advice on how to feel! LOL It’s a good thing I don’t bank on her assessments to get me through the day, because man….I would be awfully disappointed!


  3. They (Greenwald, Hamsher and Digby) sure operate from a position of entitlement, don’t they. For people that have been nothing but a hinderance to this president, they sure do act like they are owed something. I’ve been working on a post about Greenwald, his snarky bullshit pisses me off. There seems to be a trend of gay, former lawyers (Assvosis) who dislike President Obama. Maybe he turned them down at one point and they are getting even? Maybe they are “herero-haters”, I don’t know, but they sure are whiny ass titty babies. I can’t bring myself to go over to Assvosis’ site to see what he is bitching about these days.

    • I love a Grandpa Jim rant! I’ll be over to your blog tonight to see if you’re done with your Greenwald post. I’m sure it’s great and can’t wait to read it! :lol: Greenwald, Dingbat, and Hamster can all pound sand…

  4. Here’s what Mitch McConnell said of George Bush’s pick, Harriet Miers, for the SCOTUS years ago:

    “She’s the least qualified in terms of judicial experience in 38 years. Now some would argue that maybe we need to have people who don’t have judicial experience. I saw a survey indicating that about 70 percent of the American people think that judicial experience is a good idea for somebody who is going to be on the Supreme Court.”


  5. Rachel Maddow seems a bit upset with the Kagan nomination, quoting her “friend” Glenn Greenwald. We must heed what Rachel says as she is the most intelligent pundit on television. Ask her!

  6. She is a Rhodes Scholar but sometimes such folks think they “know it all”. She does some good journalism but can be very biased which is not good journalism.

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