Goldman Sach’s CEO to testify in front of a Senate committee today

What I want to see is CEO’s of these large investment firms and banks committing suicide instead of seeing smirky CEO’s sitting in front of Congress lying their asses off by acting like they had the American people first and foremost in their minds when they were creating and running their Shadow Markets behind our backs!

No one will be arrested today either. What a shame!

For as long as I live I will never forget what was happening before my eyes when I was cleaning houses during George Bush’s years. Some of my customers at the time thought it was extremely patriotic and American to remortgage the house to buy a Hummer or to buy a house they couldn’t afford (impressing the neighbors was at the top of the list! Materialism at it’s finest!) or spending their money like a bunch of drunken sailors, because they just couldn’t bear that their children weren’t wearing the highest of fashions! Anyway, not all my customers were like this but there was three middle class families who all lived in the same neighborhood that did. These three families put themselves into major debt and when the police officer husband of one of my customers who owned the Hummer lost his job, well, let’s just say….it got ugly. It wasn’t long before their fake lives all based on credit and materialism came to a halt. (this family is now living on the West Coast) The wife in one family accused me of stealing a very expensive set of earrings from her one day. I’ll never forget her psychotic call to me. Financially her family was melting down. She just couldn’t wait to tell me the worth of the earrings, how important she was to the world, and how I am scum for stealing from her! Well, turns out she left the earrings down in the basement next to her scrapbooking materials (white trash living in a lap of luxury she was!) and then called me to tell me this. She never apologized for accusing me wrongfully of stealing anything from her, but did spend a considerable amount of time telling me I’m the scumbag. Well, THE REAL SCUMBAG hired someone else to clean her house (I was joyful!) and then found her little world crashing down around her. Well, at least she had a housecleaner! See? :roll: Anyway…

MY POINT: Wall Street took advantage of these kinds of Americans. They loved it when George Bush was telling Americans that we are an ownership society and to buy that house anyway we could! Buying a Hummer by taking a loan against the overvalued house meant you supported the troops and using the credit card for frivolous purchases meant you loved America! And when you lost your job, who was there to help ya? No one. In fact, your defaulted loans were bundled up and bet on in the Wall Street Casino! Oh yes, Wall Street saw you defaulting and it was like a heroin high to them! $600 TRILLION in derivatives/credit-default-swaps was created and just hanging out there ready to pop! But that was okay. Your failed life WAS MAKING THEM RICH.

Wall Street hates you!

Again, I want to see CEO’S JUMPING OUT OF HIGH RISE BUILDINGS! I WANT TO SEE INTERESTING SUICIDES BY THESE PEOPLE! Oh wait. It will never happen. Wall Street insiders have that $600 TRILLION Bubble hanging over our heads and are using it like a gun to our temples. We can’t win against them, so this is why today Goldman Sach’s CEO will sit there with a smirky grin on his face answering questions knowing full well they’re not done with their heroin high! Blankfein will lie to us, he’ll use Glenn-Beck-styled-chalkboard-techniques, and all the while he’s doing this, Wall Street will be heating up their heroin spoons and preparing their needles! See? Disgusting.

It was pointed out recently that Wall Street has already come up with interesting ways to make more money in the derivatives market. Pay attention to the lender commercials on your televisions to see what it is they have up their sleeves! They’re gambling addicts, remember, so they’re going to find new ways to steal money from ya to fund their lifestyles!

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14 thoughts on “Goldman Sach’s CEO to testify in front of a Senate committee today

  1. Some at Goldman Sachs may be playing the “victim card” feeling that attacks on their company may be anti-Semitism playing out:

    Goldman Sachs, like all Wall Street firms had an unfettered insiders’ edge in an age of deregulation, and they used it to overcompensate themselves. They make commissions buying and selling so are in a WIN-WIN position. They had no qualms about looting investors (millions of us seniors in pension funds included), a company or country, even driving others into bankruptcy so they could make their year-end Christmas/Hanukkah bonuses…

    “Greed, for want of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.”
    ….from the movie Wall Street

  2. Once again the Republicans are promoting the BIG LIE that they aren’t being allowed by those bully Democrats to give “their plan” nor consider their ideas for correcting the huge problems caused by Wall Street and big banks, but as yet, just like the Healthcare Reform debate, REPUBLICANS HAVE NO PLAN other than VOTING NO!

  3. Grant, as I watched these scumbags testifying today all I could think of was the Enron Thieves. Ah yes, the smartest guys in the room, you know, the guys at the head of Enron telling their employees and investors that everything was fine, buy stock, and when the IRS or anyone came a knocking to see their financial records, Author Anderson was happy to supply one of the five to seven accounting books ’cause they were cooking the books and faking everyone out!

  4. Grant, the republican plan is always this:




    • Thanks Zxbe. (((hugs))) By the way, I think you should switch to WordPress…not because your blog doesn’t look good (I happen to love it!)…but I think it would get more attention over at WordPress, because they’re set up in a way that every time you post & tag, your post will be seen and read by others in the WordPress community. Transferring your posts from Blogger to WordPress is very simple too. Think about it, Zxbe. :D

  5. And for the SECOND DAY in a row, Republicans voted 41 votes (100% in lock step…or maybe it’s goose step like the Nazis) to not even hold debate passing laws to prevent a Wall Street meltdown in the future. What a joke for the PARTY OF NO to say they are for “Main Street” when they are doing what Wall Street and the BIG BANKERS want.

  6. Again today, all Republicans voted against the attempt to regulate Wall Street to protect most Americans (except for the very rich who practice “casino capitalism”). All Democrats voted to begin debate on this most important legislation except for Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska. The “conservadem Sen. Nelson has pushed for an exemption — sought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway — for firms with existing derivatives contracts from having to post billions of dollars in collateral. Besides being a good friend of fellow Nebraskan Buffett, the DINO Sen. Nelson and wife own SIX MILLION dollars worth of shares in Buffett’s companies.

  7. They are idiots, this isn’t rocket science or health care reform. The American people are able to comprehend this one…grunt, Wall Street Bad! The people running the Republican party today make the Bush gang look good.

    K, you are so dead on with the mentality of the materialistic wannabe’s. They are always the worst when it comes to looking down their noses at people too, it makes them feel better if they can put someone else down. I work with a guy who is all about having the latest, greatest stuff….only wears North Face and other trendy labels, shoes, whatever. He’s an asshole. And he used to be a Republican a few years ago, but I think his man crush on our boss, who is a liberal, has made him change his thinking. He pretends that he is a liberal now, but I know he is just an asshole.

    • Jim, we all need things to live, but when I see people who are spending way beyond their means to keep up with their neighbors and putting their families in financial peril because of it, I find it disgusting to no end. What a sad way to live.

  8. Well as someone at TP earlier had pointed out to me, 45 of 46 republican senators all voted for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Of 1999, the bill that was written by than republican Phil Gramm along with Wall Street and banking lobbyists. Only 1 democratic senator voted for the bill which replaced Glass-Steagall.

    I hope the republicans continue to obstruct banking legislation. A majority of Americans support tougher regulations on banks and Wall Street, so this republican opposition could really turn out to be their Waterloo!

    • Yep! And didn’t they sneak that into the bill (it was Bill Clinton’s last bill of his presidency to sign into law) before Clinton signed it? Republicans are still today playing their tricks! No wonder they love Wall Street. They love the high of getting away with thievery using clever ways!

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