If President Obama passes health care reform, Rush Limbaugh says he will move to Costa Rica where they have Universal Health Care!


(image created by KayInMaine of White Noise Insanity)

Take that President Obama! Bah hahahahahahaha! Rush Limbaugh is an America-hating, big, fat, slobbering, hypocritical, traitor! But hey, he’s in good company being the leader of the republic party. His buddy Rick Perry of Texas loves America so much he wants Texas to leave the union! See? How many more right wing idiots are out there? Actually, who cares! So long Rush! Lots of peasants down there in Costa Rica to tend to ALL of your needs! Sick phucker….

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24 thoughts on “If President Obama passes health care reform, Rush Limbaugh says he will move to Costa Rica where they have Universal Health Care!

  1. Great idea!

    Let’s make a list and advertise it all over Blogtopia – with deep research on all their American virtues-promoting activities! Like cutting taxes, voting against health care, etc.


    How many more right wing idiots are out there?

  2. Costa Rica Rules. Especially the Pacific side which is much more American and European than the Caribbean side.

    Don’t blame the great Rush one bit.

    • Oh wow. Track Palin loves the socialist nation with universal health care….COSTA RICA! Not surprised. Sarah Palin also loves Canada’s health care system too. :lol:

  3. Costa Rica has been a SOCIALIST nation ever since its 1948 revolution, complete with socialize medicine. It is such a great place to live, a magnet for tourism, because the liberals there set aside so much of the rain forests for national parks/wilderness areas.

    Not sure Rush will learn Spanish and try to change that nation over radio because unlike ours, the people there are highly educated and won’t fall for his spin and lies.

    Costa Ricans have a 97% literacy rate — the highest in the world. College is free at the state-run universities, which are some of the best in Latin America. Any kid who gets the grades gets to go, regardless of whether or not her family can afford it. You can get a PhD entirely on the government dime.


    Sounds like all of those EVIL socialist nations all around the Baltic like Sweden, Denmark, Finland,…..

  4. With prostitution long being legal in Costa Rica, sex tourism flourishes there as it does in Rush’s favorite haunt, the Dominican Republic. In the former, it is mostly 18 year old or older women in the world’s oldest profession. Costa Rica is most strict with pedophiles, giving 35 years to life sentences for a first offense for those who sexually engage anyone under age 18, the age of consent there.


    The Dominican Republic on the other hand seems to have a thriving child prostitution industry under the surface.


  5. My parents traveled to Costa Rica a couple of times and loved it. They used to love talking to locals whenever they traveled and brought back many stories from a lot of different countries.

    That evil socialism, you know. They way some conservatives talk about socialists you’d think they believe they worship satan, eat their babies and shit. When in reality, the opposite is true. People who want to take care of their fellow citizens are nicer people, America is polluted with nasty, greedy people.

  6. Exactly right Jim! Once Ass Limbo is out of the country….at the very least….the price of Oxycontin will go down and will be more readily available for those who need it! :lol:

    Technically, the right wing fringe fascists love socialism. They only hate it during election seasons! See?

  7. That is so heart warming, taking care of our fellow man. Socialism works for some, others want to be self directed and take care of themselves.

  8. I like the idea, more successful American business people leave this country would mean the people who pay the majority of the taxes in this country will be gone and that would mean that liberals would then have to start paying their fair share or stop wasting money on all of their failed entitlement programs.

  9. Rush Limbaugh is not a “successful businessman”. He is rich because advertisers (corporations) like to advertise during his popular segment on the radio which translates into more money for Rush.

    The “greed is good” crowd love him.It’s interesting to note, however, that the vast majority of people who listen to Rush aren’t rich. Many don’t have what it takes to become rich, but that doesn’t stop them from agreeing with Rush that it’s liberals who are preventing their success.

    “Projection” is a psychological device that people use to project onto others what they most hate about themselves. Rush has their number too. He even admits that once these people dial into his program, they can stop thinking because he will do it for them “with half my brain tied behind my back”.

    Having heard some of these folks call in, it’s pretty apparent that they indeed have all stopped thinking.

  10. There is a building in Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island, that holds postoffice boxes for 12,748 corporations, IOW their “headquarters” on an island with 50,000 permanent residences. Some of the U.S. corporations with headquarters there in order to get out of paying taxes back here at home are Coca-Cola, Intel, Del Monte, among others. Halliburton moved a few dozen employees out of their Houston headquarters (where still over 5000 work!) to officially make their headquarters in Dubai. Halliburton had had their “headquarters” (for tax purposes) in the Grand Caymans, but Dubai is closer to their subsidiary that does business in IRAN. But Texas is still “home” to most Halliburton employees.


  11. Kay,

    I don’t need to because I have insurance. High deductible to keep my rates down so I pay for everyday things out of pocket and have the deductible in the bank. Comprehensive insurance, unions, executives, has been a real source driving up insurance rates.

    The politicians demonize the insurance companies on one hand than restrict selling across state lines on the other so the companies can make money and support the local politician for hire. Republicans are as guilty as democrats (there are just fewer of them)

    • Ralphie, you have a high deductible? I thought you right wingers frowned on Melanie Shouse for having a high deductible so she could afford a lower monthly rate? Oh wait! IT’S OKAY IF YOU’RE A REPUBLICAN! If you’re a liberal like Melanie Shouse, then it’s illegal and stupid to do! Spit.

  12. Oh Kay really? There is noting wrong with having a high deductible. We called Melanie Shouse on it for complaining about the high deductible on the plan she chose.

  13. Our trolls here are probably living in their parents’ basements only creeping out at night in their white sheets. Anyone as successful and rich as they claim to be are usually too busy to spend much time commenting on blogs (especially an “insignificant” one like WNI :roll: ). My multi-millionaire Republican brother (who voted against Sarah Palin) is about the only one in my big family who refuses to join Facebook, saying he doesn’t have the time! I didn’t comment much on blogs until I retired and now every day is a Saturday!

  14. Many of you dumb ass obama supporters are young.. you are lucky, you get to pay for all this assholes. I am older and have it made so fuck you and enjoy your socialistic country.

  15. I am 70 years old and was a registered Republican (even worked the floor of the Republican National Convention in my hometown of Chicago in 1960 as a floor worker for Barry Goldwater). I left the Party of Lincoln when Nixon, at the advice of his strategist, a young Pat Buchanan, decided to actively invite Southern racists into the GOP in order for the Republicans to start winning the Old South.

    I was an outcast in my strong Republican family for many years but after seeing the neocons and religious fundamentalists come into the GOP under Raygun, I knew I had made the correct decision.

  16. I love socialized medicine! So does our soldiers, our poor, our disabled, and our old people! You fascist capitalists want the middle class or those working two part-time jobs to screw and not have an affordable choice for them to purchase which will put pressure on the capitalist big private insurance company’s rates! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, too bad.

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