I wonder if Jihad Jane is on Liz Cheney’s payroll? Or maybe they’re the same person?

Dick Cheney when he was vice president of the United States had his own assassination squad. Apparently he never used it. Uh ha. And then there was the time when ole Dickey admitted he signed off on the torturing of people. Dickey kind of likes the idea of killing and torturing people. Hell, his best buddy in the whole entire world, Donald Rumsfeld, was torturing whistleblowers over in Iraq too and I don’t ever remember ole Dickey saying anything about this which tells me he was fine with what Rummy was doing.


Enter Liz Cheney (the devil spawn of ole Dickey) and Jihad Jane. Two peas in a pod these two are! I can’t tell them apart, can you?


Let’s see here….Liz Cheney is protecting her war criminal father and she thinks the Justice Department’s lawyers should DROP DEAD (code for, “My Daddy will kill you!”) and sees the U.S. Constitution like George Bush did as just a goddamn piece of paper. And then there’s Jihad Jane who  also doesn’t care about what the U.S. Constitution says and wants to take up arms and kill those who don’t see it like al-Qaeda (Dick Cheney’s own death squad I believe!) does! See? I think they’re the same person or Liz Cheney has Jihad Jane on the payroll! What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “I wonder if Jihad Jane is on Liz Cheney’s payroll? Or maybe they’re the same person?

  1. Liz is just as batshit crazy as her dad is. I hope I never see her on my TV again, any respectable news organization would never ask her back….oh yea, that’s right, there are no respectable news organizations anymore. I guess I have to turn the channel when she comes on.

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