Senator John Cornyn is as lousy a senator as Sen. Jim Bunning is!


Think Progress has a short but sweet post up about how Sen. John Cornyn of Texas completely supported Bunning’s obstruction to allow unemployment benefits for Americans who after a year and a half still can’t find a job, but is now trying to backtrack himself when he found his skirt up over his shoulders and he wasn’t wearing any undies!  Completely exposed for the right wing American-hater he is! These two Fat Cats were so impressed with each other with their rants against Americans….well….until the backlash against Bunning and the republic party started. For good reason too! The republic party only cares about the well-being and financial stability of the CEO’s of America’s corporations. That’s it. That is all they care about! When you have ONE republican Senator who is most likely a millionaire obstructing a bill that will extend unemployment benefits (how much are these weekly checks? I bet Bunning & Cornyn make this amount within the first 15 minutes of every day!) to average Americans who are struggling themselves to keep their families and lives afloat, you know damn well that ONE republican senator is speaking for the whole entire republican party, because that is the ideology of this political party! The fact that Cornyn is now backtracking on his words does not mean the republic party has suddenly found a soul. They haven’t! The republic party has no soul and never will. The End.

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11 thoughts on “Senator John Cornyn is as lousy a senator as Sen. Jim Bunning is!

  1. And don’t be fooled by Sen. Susan Collins…the right wing fringer teabagger from Maine! She loved spending money needlessly under George Bush. There wasn’t a tax cut, a budget, or an illegal occupation of a sovereign nation she couldn’t wait to vote for! She spent 88% of her time voting in favor of George Bush’s economic policies, but yet, she still has the label of being a moderate. POPPYCOCK! Republicans are NOT MODERATES. THEY HATE AMERICA. THEY SUPPORT THE CORPORATIONS ONLY. THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE LITTLE GUYS & GALS IN OUR COUNTRY!

    Why is it presidents and CEO’s of Maine’s big businesses have a direct line to Susan’s cell phone, but the rest of us get to talk to someone in her office who just sends out a form letter in response? Huh? Oh wait! She hates the average American! Nevermind. She has one of her representatives coming to Lewiston here soon. Guess what time he’ll be available to take questions about government from the people? From 1-3pm! Yep, right in the middle of the workday, you know, when hard working Mainers can’t take time off. But hey! She only wants to take questions from millionaires anyway. They always give her good feed back on how she’s doing. Spit.

  2. John Cornyn is scared to death possibly of what the teabaggers could do to him as they did to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the “moderate” who only got 30% of the vote here yesterday compared to the teabaggers’ 70%. She was painted as an evil “Washington insider” who has brought home billions to Texas since she was first seated in the U.S. Senate in 1992. Perry in his ads bragged about not taking Obama’s stimulus money for Texas. The Houston Chronicle’s Rick Casey gives an assessment of what went wrong for Hutchinson:

    The Republican turnout was TWICE the turnout for Democrats so who knows how much cross-over voting occurred. In so many Democratic races, there were no contests. I know on my ballot, there were only 7 contests with the bulk of the office holders running unopposed.

  3. One late Gov. Rick Perry TV ad labeled “The Queen” that ran over-and-over here in Texas had a voice-over saying:

    “Before Senator Hutchison voted for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, she voted for billions in taxpayer funded earmarks. That’s why a Texas newspaper dubbed her the queen of earmarks.

    She spent billions on projects like the World Toilet Summit, fruit fly research in France, a teapot museum in North Carolina and $50 million on an indoor rain forest in Iowa.

    She kept spending and spending. Billions of tax dollars.

    Senator Hutchison, voting with Washington since 1993.”

    These earmarks were MINOR fundings earmarked in major legislation. To show how Perry pushed the hot buttons of the REICH-wing he had to dig deep to find an earmark in HR. 2764 for fruit fly research which included ongoing research in FRANCE (the nation that wingers love to hate, a nation more than any other that helped us win our Revolution against the King of England!). Mediterranean fruit flies can devastate our large citrus industry and their is international cooperation in research and France is on the Mediterranean! Anyway, the “fruit fly research” was a very minor part of what was primarily a DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS BILL passed under the Bush administration!!!

    In all, Hutchinson voted for bills over her 17 years in the Senate that included 9000 earmarks, most placed in them when the Republicans controlled the Senate for most of those years!

  4. Rob Miller, the South Carolina Democrat running against Joe “You lie!” Wilson this fall has just sent me an email asking for another $25 contribution. So many worthy Democrats, so little money! :(

  5. Charles Postel in Politico writes that Sarah and teabaggers are NOT populists in a historical sense of populism as defined in the late 19th century.

    The Populists were all about economic justice. They demanded government regulation of railroads, banks, telecommunications and insurance. And if that failed to curb corporate abuses, they wanted public ownership or at least a “public option.” They demanded a federal stimulus to get the economy out of the terrible depression of 1893-97.

    The Populists were the ones who pushed for a progressive income tax to pay for the needs of the people, especially for better and more accessible public schools and universities. The Populist Party of the 1890s failed. But, in failure, its proposals refashioned progressive politics for generations.

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