Glenn Beck at CPAC gives a Teabagger 12-Step program speech…


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Oh the hypocrisy! The next time you hear Glenn Beck or other teabaggers saying that it’s the liberals who treat you like a child by creating a Nanny State because you don’t know what the hell you’re doing and you need the help, just remember Glenn Beck’s Teabagger 12-Step program he gave at CPAC this year!

(his chalkboard got a standing ovation! Yep, but if Beck used a teleprompter, they would have applauded that too! Stupid hungry birds in the nest!)

According to Glenn Beck, you don’t what the hell you’re doing, okay? You need Beck because he’s the one who will pick you up by your filthy bootstraps! Yes, that’s right. You don’t need welfare when you lose your job and can’t find another one. You must look for the available trash can behind the restaurants to eat, okay pal, because that’s what it means to be a worshiper of the Teabagger 12-Step program! Paying your taxes when you WERE working to the government each week does not mean you are entitled to use that money when you’re down and out! So there *sticking tongue out*….

From AlterNet:

In a speech peppered with the jargon of Alcoholics Anonymous, Glenn Beck brought thousands of right-wingers attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference to their feet by promising them that economic hardship was good for them, and that the progressive movement was “a cancer” that is “designed to eat the Constitution.” Government spending, he said, is creating an “economic holocaust.”

While dazzling the crowd with dizzying dynamic swings and a confessional narrative about his life as a recovering alcoholic, Beck handily played his role as community organizer to one of the greediest men in the world: his uberboss, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox NewsChannel, where Beck nightly plies his trade.

The only truth Beck spewed at CPAC on Saturday night was when he said this: “Hello, my name is the Republican Party, and I’ve got a problem. I’m addicted to spending and big government…I’m addicted to spending and I just don’t want to spend today.”. He’s right about that! The republican party when it’s in the White House or in control of Congress always spends America’s money like a bunch of drunken sailors thinking that the Democrats will at some point take over the White House to fix their ‘drinking’ problem!

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2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck at CPAC gives a Teabagger 12-Step program speech…

  1. The BIG JOKE “Fair and Balanced” Network had many of their employees not only recording every word at the CPAC circle jerk, they had FAUX “NEWS” employees/commentators speaking to the teabaggers like Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, Tucker Carlson, Dick Morris, Monica Crowley, Andrew Napolitano, Fred Barnes, S.E. Cupp, and Tobin Smith throughout the CPAC conference. Yet Faux becomes outraged when charged with being a political organization and not a legitimate news organization.

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