Speaking of unAmerican deceitful republicans, the National Republican Congressional Committee mails it’s own Census form to their idiots

Here’s the top part of Rep. John Boner’s mailing to the carefully chosen republican leaders across America (click for larger view):



Now, you and I know the difference between a real U.S. Census form and a fake one, but will the right wingers who get this form know the difference?

How many of these ‘republican leaders’ will believe they’ve filled out the real Census form and when the real one is mailed to them in March won’t fill out the form because they believed they already did? Seriously, the republicans in our country are the uneducated Americans! Though, we all feel bad for them for this reason….it will not be funny if they don’t complete their American duty of filling out the U.S. Census form because their leaders duped and deceived them. This tactic reminds me of my local Selectboard members where we had 3 slimeballs on it up until last week when we kicked two of the slimeballs off in two separate Recall Elections. A week before the Recall Elections, one of the slimeballs up on the chopping block decided to give his ‘resignation’ to dupe voters in my town that he’s gone so there’s no reason to vote him out. Of course, the other two slimeballs on the Board that night didn’t move to legally accept the resignation, so in essence, the Slimeball was not officially resigned, but was hoping no one would notice! Well, myself and others weren’t fooled by this asshole, so we used every avenue we could to get the word out to still vote the bastard out by checking ‘yes’ next to his name. IT WORKED. He’s officially gone now.

The U.S. Constitution demands a census of the nation be done every 10 years. It’s now obvious the right wingers of America continue to spit on the Constitution by using deceitful practices! What other techniques will the republican slimeballs resort to under John Boner’s direction?

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58 thoughts on “Speaking of unAmerican deceitful republicans, the National Republican Congressional Committee mails it’s own Census form to their idiots

  1. This is also the party that sent out postcards to people in democratic districts telling them that election day was Wednesday instead of Tuesday. What a great bunch of Americans!

  2. Anyone stupid enough to think that is the real census form is too stupid to count.

    The postcard trick Jim mentions has been done in other places at other times. It can be amazingly effective when sent to the right demographic.

  3. Um, hate to bust your bubble but .. the Dems did it too


    Gee, I wonder how many of the stupid left wingers will think this is a real census form … yadda yadda yadda ..

  4. Its still misrepresentation, Kay.

    And illegal as hell in many venues.

    Or is it only OK when your side engages in blatant lying, oops, misrepresentation?

    And your statement about Boehner signing the form only makes it more obvious it isn’t an official US Census form. The one your side did, however, poses as a job opportunity app and can be legitimately mistaken as an official document.

  5. So Bob, if you polled the American people, how many do you think actually know who John Boner is? Haven’t you seen some of the polls that show how ignorant a lot of people are about all sorts of issues. This type of tactic by the repugs plays to that lowest common denominator. That’s the new base for the Republicans. And of course all of us folks who call them “teabaggers” are just calling them by their original name, the one they used until someone whispered in their ears and said “do you know what that means”? Maybe you still don’t know. :)

    • The fact John Boner sent out the letter and signed it means he is officially part of the conspiracy to fake out the idiots who are members of the American Taliban! He knows his audience. On the other hand, the Democrats send out a pamphlet telling people how to become a Census worker and the right wing believes this is an official Census form! Too funny. Again, you’re stupid. Deal with it or fix your problem. Thank you.

    • Jim, I still laugh at how it was the Tea Partiers who first referred to themselves as teabaggers! They were teabagging everything like a bunch of horny dogs until someone told them to stop ’cause they’re embarrassing themselves! :lol:

  6. Um, that letter Boehner sent was sent by him as a member of the US Senate. There’s also the disclaimer at the bottom that says ‘not printed at Government expense’ ‘paid for by the RNC’ and also hitting people up for a contribution to the RNC. Doesn’t matter if they don’t know who Boehner is. Bottom line is that if someone’s dumb enough – no matter what their political leanings – to think that is a legit census form they’re too stupid to breed.

    On the other hand, the one that appeared in Hartford for the Dems actually appears – or tries to appear – as a legitimate Census form and actually goes to the extent of appearing to help people get Census jobs.

    I’ve been in advertising for close to ten years. Which means I can spot false advertising when I see it. If the Dems did what Boehner did – making it real obvious it was sent by a member of Congress and hitting up people for money – you’d be real hard pressed to find someone who could press a legitimate claim of fraud on that. Had the Dems done that the people in Hartford wouldn’t have diarrhea over what went down. However, in the case of Hartford, you have a document which tries to pass itself off as a legitimate census document. And there are legal complaints over it.

  7. Hmmmmm, let me see Bob. John Boehner and Abe Giles (who), a comparison. This is from the link you provided….

    “This brochure certainly feels like false advertising to me, and to an unsophisticated person it looks like the census is working with Abe Giles to get people jobs,” said Bruce Rubenstein, a Hartford lawyer who is running for the Democratic town chairmanship.”

    So, this is much worse, huh? Democratic town Chairman, now that’s a powerful position, I bet. :) Abe Giles is a radio person, who used the census for to promote getting jobs for people, and to get a shameless plug for his radio show. BFD…..Boehner has a slightly larger mailing list I would think too.

    • Ummmm, Bob? Boner is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, not the Senate.

      Show us where on the Democrats “census” form where there are lists of questions to answer to gather information like Boner’s did.

      Looks like you’re advertising skills suck, Bob!

  8. It’s always the skull meltingly stupid liberals who can’t understand simple forms. Then fuck them up 360 degrees from their intention. Can you say Butterfly Ballots (PRESIDENT George Bush sure can)?


    • One thing is always known, REPUBLICANS ARE DECEITFUL AND BELIEVE THEY ARE THE LAST WORD ON ANY ISSUE. Bah hahahahahaha! Too funny. Republicans don’t understand nor absorb reason and logic, because each Sunday they are programmed to believe another person’s interpretation. They don’t have the ability to think for themselves. They also don’t understand irony and sarcasm which has made for the most hysterical moments online! You truly are entertaining, but go ahead Chicken Shit, try to make yourself feel better by pointing your fingers at the rest of us, when it’s you who has the problem! You’ve come here to convince us of the American Taliban’s side, but yet, you’ve failed. You continue to come here because you’re not logical! Go to Free Republic or RedState where they’ll listen to ya.

  9. Republicans don’t understand nor absorb reason and logic, because each Sunday they are programmed to believe another person’s interpretation. They don’t have the ability to think for themselves.

    That is the most jaw dropping projection I’ve ever see! :shock: Good thing we got Cheney and Black Ops to seruptitiously sterlize you and STOP THE STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!

    • For 8 years you republicans screwed up America because you have no logic or reason. Just warmongering hate on your minds! We liberals would sterilize you but we can’t find your testicles.

  10. We don’t have to sterilize you or any leftards because in the rare case where you get it in the wrong hole and get pregnant – you selfishly go to butchers and have the kid scraped out. Where we, the correct people, raise our children to be moral and productive America Loving citizens.

    We OWN you!

  11. So white REICh-wingers are the superior race? Seems we had some folks on this planet preaching the same line of bull about 75 years ago….
    jingoistic banner wavers, and guess what happened to them?

  12. Hitler and his allies Mussolini, Franco, and the Japanese were all FASCISTS!!! You stupid uneducated teabaggers like to call Obama BOTH a socialist and a fascist and he cannot be both!

    Hitler hated leftists with a passion and he put socialists to death in the camps along with Jews, gays, Gypsies, and the mentally/physically handicapped. Shows you how much the TROLL CHICKEN Hammer know about history. The German people were bombarded with propaganda as Faux News is doing in our nation today.

    As I was warned in 1961 by a German studying here in the USA, he said we should not be concerned much by the neo-Nazis in Germany today (BTW, often financed by American REICH-wingers) because he believed the NEXT GREAT WORLD FASCIST POWER would be Amerika. We frat boys were offended and told him he was full of shit so he outlined what would happen here eventually and in years since, I have seen far too many of his warnings come to pass, mostly under the Bush/Cheney regime.

  13. And I seem to remember back in my PolySci days actually having to read things such as the translation of Mao’s ramblings and Mein Kampf … Funny, but ole’ douchebag Adolf admitted in Mein Kampf that were it not for the ‘national’ part of Naziism there wasnt a whole lot of difference between what he wanted to do and what Stalin actually did.

    And Chicken Hammer, you probably know I am just here to tweak what constitutes for brains here with some actual logic. Notice they don’t actually acknowledge what their own side does. Nor do they acknowledge facts like the fact that Boehner’s form says all over it ‘not an official government document’ whereas one could mistake what the Dems did for an actual official document.

    Oh, and here’s something to piss y’all off a smidgen .. on a completely different note ..

    Decidedly un-PC humor

  14. Oh, and here’s something to piss y’all off a smidgen .. on a completely different note ..

    Decidedly un-PC humor

    I understand tweeking them. And on a completely different note: HILARIOUS!

    • Hey, who are the racists on this thread? Oh wait! I see them! They’re the conservative teabagging republicans! As always. This party never changes. They claim to have freed the slaves, but they freed the slaves so they can track them down to torture and kill! Go back to Saudi Arabia where you and your Fox News worshipers belong! The terrorists there will welcome you.

  15. Nice RACIST Muslim-bashing video link there from our new TROLL Bob Yet Again. Both Hitler and Stalin were dictators (Cheney is a wannabee) and acted like such despots do but Hitler’s was extreme REICH-wing FASCISM and Stalin perverted communism. Hitler hated leftists with a passion!

  16. I can’t go and troll on REICH-wing websites as I am always deleted then my IP permanently banned, and I never call anyone a douchebag or a cunt on those sites either. The REICH cannot stand any discussion or views other than their own (not even from moderate Republicans!). But Kay lets you uninvited TROLLS come here and take over, shit on the carpet here in her “house”. She doesn’t believe in censorship unless folks come here to troll attempting to take over and derail as is happening here today. I guess she is out having a life and not here 24/7 so you jerks take advantage of her.

  17. Thanks William for the great article at #37! I loved this part especially:

    Sarah, I haven’t bought into your fake “I’m-a-real-American” persona. You slam the president for using teleprompters, but write crib notes on your hand to remember basic beliefs that should be easy to regurgitate.

    You decry the “lamestream” media, but you bask in its glory and have joined its payroll as a Fox News contributor, even having the network build a studio in your home. Talk about media elite.

    You give a speech riddled with falsehoods about the president and national security, and then try to shrug them off as the “lamestream” media attacking you.

    You don’t fool me, even as your legion of fans considers you the second coming of President Reagan. You quit on the people who elected you to become a political celebrity, which your presidential running mate blasted then-Sen. Barack Obama for doing.

    You had the opportunity to show everyone that you’re willing to take on anyone who crosses the line against those who are mentally challenged, and you failed.

    Please, make as much money as you can. Paraphrasing comedian Martin Lawrence, ride this train until the wheels fall off. But please, cut the crap. You’re a crass politician with no true conviction. Your actions have shown that.

    Whoop there it is!

  18. Hey Grunt Muslim ain’t a race – it’s a virulent plague!

    Hitler hated leftists with a passion!

    He hated the Communist Party, not leftists as the Nazis were the epitome of them. The only difference between the Nazis and the Commies is the Nazis had more respect for private property. The End.


  19. Wow, communists aren’t lefties? Then why are the intelligentsia at Faux News (BTW, an oxymoron) lumping the political philosophies together. Shows you that Track the TROLL is as stupid as his wet dream “mother” Sarah Palin.

    Fascism, especially once in power, has historically attacked communism, true conservatism (think William F. Buckley NOT neocon racists) and parliamentary liberalism, attracting support primarily from the “far right” or “extreme right.”

    Noted historian Stanley Payne uses a lengthy itemized list of characteristics to identify fascism, including the creation of an authoritarian state; a regulated, state-integrated economic sector; fascist symbolism; anti-liberalism; anti-communism, and anti-conservatism. He sees elimination of the autonomy or, in some cases, complete existence of large-scale capitalism as the common aim of all fascist movements.


  20. Nice .. when in doubt use the racism charge.

    Only problem with calling Hitler right wing is that he wasn’t. You see, I have the benefit of actually knowing something about political science. Had to read the ramblings of idiots like Mao and Stalin and the ramblings of idiots like Herr Schicklgruber. If you actually read what the nutbag wrote in Mein Kampf he stated clearly that Communism was such a mortal enemy because the systems of Naziism and State Socialiam were very similar. All Hitler did was dupe the industrialists in Germany to get them to back him, then after he was in charge he basically said to them ‘Make what we tell you to make or else’

    • LOLMake up your mind Nut Guard! Hitler loved loved loved George Bush & Dick Cheney style of ideology: FASCISM. Hitler was a right winger but keep telling yourself he wasn’t to make yourself feel better! We know you know your party is to blame for our current mess, so you have to say these kinds of things to protect your fragile egos!

      Glenn Beck is a retard. Stop listening to him.

  21. Even though I have nearly 200 college credit hours both in undergraduate/grad schools in the sciences/math, I also studied the liberal arts and took two years of political science courses in addition to U.S., World, British, and Texas history, so have been exposed to REAL credible history. Plus being born at the start of WWII (invasion of Poland) I have vivid memories of my first 7 years with a father and all uncles in uniform away from home fighting fascism. I could read a map of Europe by the end of the war since there was always one every day in the newspaper and an older sister would show me the advancing battle lines towards Berlin.

    I have also learned from my cousins in Germany (I am a 3rd generation German-American) whom I have visited several times including reunions of our Familienverband. I have heard stories from actual witnesses on the ground about how the German people were hoodwinked by propaganda and false promises. When they woke up realizing they had helped to create a monster, also found their borders had been sealed shut and it was either go along with the rulers or martyr oneself in the death camps, too. I have been warned several times to “watch what your government does along its borders….that the machinery set up to interdict contraband and illegal border crossings can easily be switched to keep us all prisoners within.” Thanks to the “war” on drugs and racists like Tom Tancredo and Lou Dobbs, we are now trying to build a fence which could do that trick if ever our government becomes run by despots.

  22. Only question I will answer is #2 how many people live at this address that is all that they need to know .

    • Wow d schrute, since you’re a waco fan which means you enjoy watching people burn to death, I’m not surprised you will not do your civic duty to your country by completing the U.S. Census form! Nice. Your kind is so predictable.

  23. Have you been listening to wingnut Michelle Bachmann, d schrute? Answering the Census is our PATRIOTIC DUTY!

    So you will not give ages and sex of persons in your household??? The census is NOT AN OBAMA CONSPIRACY, but was written into THE CONSTITUTION by our Founding Fathers and most questions have been there from the beginning of our nation (except for telephone numbers since it took another 100 years to invent it!)

    Such information is kept private but is needed to determine voters (those 18 and older) in order to adjust Congressional districts. Additional information will be useful for governments to allot funds for education, senior care, etc.


  24. If I were black I would do so happily because in the original Constitution, I would only have been counted as 3/5 of a human being! Maybe that is why the teabaggers act like they LOVE the Constitution and wish to return to the basics (and excluding which amendments?). Like “cafeteria Catholcs” who pick and choose what church edicts tickle their fancy, we now have these “cafeteria Constitutionalists”!

    • Exactly Grant. The right wingers when they don’t have an answer will yell out, “But it’s not in the Constitution!”. Those phuckers have no idea what is in the Constitution and they just make crap up to make themselves look like a Constitutional expert to their neck drooling friends! Spit.

  25. The census is used to count heads. Queston two is the only one that ask that and that is the only one I is the only one I answer. Has nothing to do with who is president I did the same thing last time. I am doing my constitutional duty by answering.

  26. If you answer some of the questions on the census form you are a racist, are you white, black. I am sure illegals will be truthful about who lives at a location.

    This is a headcount, which the IRS already has, and is used for political reasons.

  27. The illegals have addresses? Really neocon? If that was the case, don’t you think they would be deported if they’re an illegal alien?

    The Census is a snapshot of America. Idiot. By the way, it’s also used for genealogical reasons too.

  28. Kay I can’t believe you believe all illegals live on the streets, of course they have addresses, maybe not in Maine but in the real US they do.

    Now that ACORN is not in charge of the census I will probably participate.
    How many live at this residence 2.

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