3,000 of Todd Palin’s emails released to MSNBC! Sarah’s too….

Neat huh? I think so! I’m ecstatic!

MSNBC has been granted permission to access Todd Palin’s emails (over 3,000 emails!) and as soon as the PDF link was provided online, The Immoral Minority, PalinGates, and The Mudflats have had a field day! Some of these emails are damaging to Sarah and Todd’s credibility. What I find most fascinating is the email to Todd & Sarah in May 2008 (the month after Trig Palin was born…to who again?) asking for Trig’s birth certificate for medical insurance purposes! Here’s part of the email (click on snapshot for larger view):


Does Todd Palin provide it? Well, according to PalinGates, he calls them with the information instead! What’s to hide, really? “Sarah is the one who gave birth to Trig” isn’t she? Or did you and Sarah adopt your grandchild and you didn’t want anyone to know this information, because you were busy protecting your child Bristol, you know, “Ms. Abstinence Girl”? Here’s Bristol Palin in October 2007 on MTV looking awfully pregnant if you ask me (you can watch the video here!):


Bristol Palin left school during this time because she had “mono”. Uh ha. I believe she had a home birth at Auntie & Aunkie’s house in Wasilla (which is where Sarah Palin drove to after her plane landed in Anchorage after her long flight and speech she gave in Texas. How come she didn’t go to a hospital in Achorage and instead drove an hour or so after her water broke hours before? Oh wait! Her water didn’t break. Her daughter’s did!)

Speaking of Sarah’s speech in Texas….HERE’S THE EMAIL FROM SARAH ASKING FOR NO SECURITY TO BE ON THAT TRIP WITH HER AND TODD! Hmmmmmmm…..this is the famous “wild ride” day that Sarah took back to Alaska “pregnant”!  (CLICK HERE TO HEAR SARAH PALIN TALKING ABOUT THE “WILD RIDE”) Sarah got the call at 4 in the morning that her daughter’s water had broke! That’s what I think and I’m sticking to it.

Well, I’m off to witness the last hour of the Recall Election in my town (the 2nd Recall Election this week! Woohoo! We’re kicking ass and taking names here!) and won’t be back until 9:30-10:00pm! Have fun going through the emails!

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31 thoughts on “3,000 of Todd Palin’s emails released to MSNBC! Sarah’s too….

  1. The state asks for baby Trig’s birth certificate for insurance purposes 33 days after he is born and instead of providing it, Todd just “calls it in?” And yet Sarah and her ilk keep insinuating that President Obama doesn’t have one. Not only does Obama have one, the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper listed his birth in a Honolulu hospital FOUR days after Barack Obama was born there on August 4, 1961. The alleged hospital where Trig was born NEVER announced his birth nor put up a picture like they do for every other baby born there.


    No entry for Bristol and Levi’s baby which may have not been born there:


    The Wasilla hospital has no neonatal unit nor specialists on staff in case of a premature birth of a special needs baby. Sarah drove by many hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth after her water broke with such specialists, had a layover in Seattle which has many such hospitals,and drove by such hospitals in Anchorage in order to risk birthing in the small Wasilla hospital!

    • Grant, can you believe these emails! Wow, it’s like Christmas all over again! Thanks for the info. It ties in with my theory that Bristol had a home birth at Auntie & Aunkie’s house in Wasilla (which is who she stayed with when she was out of school “recovering from mono”. Mono my ass!).

      Well, it’s official! The two slimeballs on our Selectboard we wanted out WERE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE OVERWHELMINGLY THIS WEEK! Yah!!! I’ve been protesting them since last June 2009. All those protest signs and letters I sent to the paper paid off! Myself and others rallied this town. VICTORY IS OURS TODAY! We’re going to call February 5th our own ‘Cinco de Mayo’…Independence Day from the Slimeballs! :lol:

  2. Oh great… another birther conspiricy.

    Paris must be cash rich to do two recall elections in one week. Why didn’t they just knock it out with one election and save half the costs? Are they really that dense (or that rich) in Maine?

    • Yes, two Recall Elections to waste money for the town WHICH WAS JUST ONE LAST MOVE BY THE SLIMEBALLS BEFORE THEY WERE THROWN OUT! Seriously, you can’t even believe the tricks these assholes have played right up until last Friday with one trying to get a public hearing (he had since November 2009 to do that!) and the other slimeball giving his resignation which wasn’t officially accepted by the Board, because he wanted to convince voters he was gone and to NOT vote him out (in other words, HE WAS DECEIVING ONCE AGAIN!).

      All is well now. The two Selectmen we wanted to stay in ARE STILL IN! Woohoo! We did good. :-)

  3. Hey crazy gal, this sure is burnin’ up the palinosphere, huh? I’ve been lurking occasionally for a while (year +) just to get an idear of what you progressive Mainahs are up to. If you ever feel the need to flee across the border to the north/east, get in touch and the railroad will be activated on your behalf at least as far as Fredericton.

    • Yes, the two corrupt deceitful republicans on our board had to go! Thanks for the chance to point that out once again. Feels so good knowing they’re gone! We’ll have to duke it out in the audience now. I will not back down. :lol:

  4. Off Topic:

    Now that the corporations not only own our government but also our elections, thanks to the conservative jackasses on the Supreme Court, I propose that we now change the name of our country to: The United Corporations Of Amerika.

    I also have a brand new 21st century version of our pledge of allegiance:

    I Pledge Allegiance To The Logo,
    Of The United Corporations Of America,
    And To The Greed,
    For Which It Stands,
    One Nation Under Mammon,
    So Divisible,
    With Free Checking And Debt For All.

  5. As Lisa Loopner (Gilda Radner) would say, “Oh, that’s so funny I forgot to laugh!”

    Can’t our REICH-wing TROLL Chicken Hammer find something more useful to do with his/her/its time than posting inane retorts or “cut-and-paste” articles here at WNI….like masturbating or something? Free Republic or Red States would welcome you!

    • Grant, the purpose of trolls is to divert the conversation away from reality. The reality of this post is that SARAH & TODD PALIN ARE IN TROUBLE with their credibility once again!!!!! Ha ha. Bristol has two babies and Sarah adopted one to cover up the fact that her family is a fraud and out of control! Where’s Track by the way? Still overseas to be kept away from his sisters? Hey, could be!

  6. Sarah took Bristol to NYC in October 2007 where she ran up a huge hotel bill, charged the State of Alaska for both her and Bristol’s expenses (so she could attend a five-hour womens’ conference but then spent five days sight-seeing on Alaska taxpayer money). The MTV studio where TRL is filmed is on Broadway there.


    It looks like the Palins treated the office of the governor as if they had won a Powerball or Mega-Millions lottery. The family is so phony and mendacious.

  7. Here’s an email Todd received on April 18, 2008 the day Sarah gave her speech in Texas (her “water broke” in Texas remember? :roll: ):


    What? No mention of, “How’s Sarah doing? We heard her water broke! Has she had the baby yet?”?

    Interesting…..VERY interesting! All anyone cares about is the speech she gave in Texas?

  8. I was diagnosed with mononucleosis in August 1959 before my sophomore year in college and had to sit out the whole fall semester. My doctor didn’t even want me to read or watch TV….total bed rest, but I was sleepy a lot of the time anyway. I had no energy, felt exhausted without lifting a finger. I did listen to rock ‘n roll on radio all day long. I sure as hell wouldn’t have flown to NYC to be on MTV like Bristol did who was “so sick” she had to drop out of high school!!! But it looks like the Palins have LIBERAL doctors so Bristol may have been allowed to travel while sick and Sarah was allowed to travel by air with doctor’s blessing even with amniotic fluid running down her legs during her 11 hour trip back to Alaska from Texas where she had given a keynote address at a Republican Governor’s Conference in Dallas-Ft. Worth. And they say Michael Jackson had a bad doctor!!!

  9. I’ve never had mono but my cousin did. She was out of school for 2 months. Bristol was out for FIVE MONTHS. Give us a break! Oh please. Her belly was starting to show so she was yanked out of school and sent to Auntie & Unkie’s house in Wasilla to hide from the public. In February 2008, Bristol got in a car accident near her doctor’s office. Hmmmmmm….was that when it was found out Trig had Down Syndrome? Could be! This is the same month Sarah announced to her staff that she was “7 months pregnant”. Two months later she “gave birth” and there’s no record of the Governor’s baby being recorded or announced in any of the hospitals or papers! Sarah said she gave birth “a month early” (there’s an email on the PDF link where the Republicans who hosted her in Texas on “the day” who said Sarah had joked with them that she’s in Texas because she’s only 8 months along! Uh ha.).

    When was Trig Palin really born? Anyone know? Anyone have a birth certificate…an original birth certificate proving the day and whom the mother and father are?

  10. Heard on MSNBC that Sarah is going to READ a speech tonight (you damn well she isn’t smart enough to write one) at the teabagger convention comparing Barack Obama to the Marxist dictators of Latin America. Bet Sarah doesn’t even know the difference between a neocon corpfascist and a Marxist. The USA has a history of propping up the former in Latin America and the “Banana Republics” over the last century.

  11. Thank goodness I will be up at 35000 feet tonight “flying down to Rio” and will miss Sarah reading a speech. Yes, I am going to visit one of those reprobate “Marxist” dictatorships, that of Lula da Silva in Brazil.

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