Is it time to put Rep. Michele Bachmann on a Deny Oxygen List?


Rep. Michele Bachmann is one of many soldiers in Glenn Beck’s Mormon Militia who spews lies and fear around the country in the hopes that the teabaggers who support them will rise up violently against President Obama all  because of health care reform. Yes, that’s right…..helping Americans who don’t qualify for Medicaid and who are too young to qualify for Medicare to have access to affordable health care insurance is pure evil to the Mormon Militia. They believe it’s completely American for Americans to lose their homes to bankruptcy because of medical bills and don’t like the idea of the government providing an affordable option to those Americans who want it! See? Dying Americans is what Bachmann and Beck long for! Yeah, yeah, in fact if you’re Michele Bachmann you might make up a straw man to spread the lie that in Japan people who speak out against the Japanese health care system are denied coverage and this same sort of thing will happen in America!

SIDEBAR NOTE: Does Bachmann ever tell her Mormon Militia members that Americans have to wait to have a hip surgery (sometimes 6months to a year because in some cases the person needs to lose weight before the surgery!) and only get an instant hip surgery if they’ve been involved in an accident and need the immediate attention? Oh wait! Nevermind! She can’t wrap her head around the truth or reality. Nevermind.

Isn’t it time to put Michele Bachmann on a Deny Oxygen List, because as of right now, whenever that woman opens her mouth, she uses up the oxygen in the room putting all at risk of dying? I think it’s time! Now….how do we catch this Monster to save Americans? Do we use a net? Maybe use a taser? Not sure, but I think at this point, we will put her on The List (she loves lists by the way! She lives by them! Points fingers all the time!) which will put her on notice that her oxygen use is limited for now. Okay? As her oxygen intake dissipates it will be easier to catch her to save our nation from her madness!

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5 thoughts on “Is it time to put Rep. Michele Bachmann on a Deny Oxygen List?

  1. Michele Bachmann is certifiably insane, and an insult to the good people of Minnesota.

    Time to lock her in a rubber room where she can harmlessly regale a hand puppet with her gibberish.

  2. Bachman doesn’t even scare many Republicans. My Republican family members are embarrassed by the dingbats, maybe a reason they refused to vote for McCain/Palin and voted for Obama.

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