Fox News and the Saudi royals are teaming up to destroy America


Well, you just knew this was going to happen….the terrorists want to destroy America. They always have. Hell, Osama bin Laden made it his goal, but then again, he didn’t know he could do it without even making a flight reservation! Read on…

Rupert Murdoch already owns around half of America’s news media in addition to owning Fox News/News Corp and the Saudi royals own @ 7% of our nation’s wealth, but when the right wing fascist U.S. Supreme Court decided this week to allow businesses in this country to be able to form their own political action groups to give an UNLIMITED amount of money to certain candidates or political causes, it was only a matter of time before these terrorists joined forces to destroy America once and for all! Yep. Fox News and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of Saudi Arabia have joined forces….or should I say…are planing on forming alliances with each other, because hey, they must be bored with all this peace around since President Obama took office a year ago! I wonder what the name of their jihad will be? Will they resort to “Death to America”, “Death to American Democracy” or will they be more creative and sneaky so Fox viewers won’t notice what they’re really doing?

Things are getting awfully scary, because the right wingers seem more dangerous to me when they’re Masters are not in the White House! What will be their next move? Overtake the White House, kill our president, and then give the country to Dick Cheney, Mr. Oil Cartel? *cringe* Hey, maybe!

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27 thoughts on “Fox News and the Saudi royals are teaming up to destroy America

  1. Haiti telethon just started on EVERY network except Faux News is showing Bill O’Reilly. So far 40 networks around the world will present it including Cablenews like CNN and MSNBC.

    But not surprised that the racists at Faux don’t give a damn plus Rupert needs to make another buck.

  2. Just flipped over to Faux News and Bill and Chris Wallace are saying Fox is NOT a conservative network, but that they DO give “voice” to conservatives (as if Buchanan/Scarborough don’t have a voice at MSNBC???).

    And BTW, what happened to Milquetoast Alan Colmes? Bill and Chris are making fun of CNN and MSNBC, saying those two networks were most upset Tuesday night…that the American people have given the Democrats a chance and they had already “booted it”! This Fox network talk is so much more important than raising a dollar for the poor Haitians. The REICH is so full of HATE it’s disgusting.

    • Ha! My last comment with 3 links went into the spam catcher Grant! LOL See? It’s not just you! :-)

      Fox News is the Joseph Goebbels of the 21st Century!

  3. I used to be “in Houston” before I became “in Texas” and still went into dumper but my name alone worked the first time I used it. This is a test! I find that links, more than one especially, will often block me.

  4. Umm …. all this peace since Obama is around??

    Since when?

    We’re still in Iraq

    We’re still in Afghanistan

    We’re still looking askance at Iran and North Korea

    What peace??

    Just sayin’ :)


  5. Conservatives support the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, they told us for 8 years that you have to support the president right or wrong, so what gives? Are you saying George Bush’s policies are still not working? If so, why don’t you teabaggers form national protests against the wars? I would love to see it!

    I hate war. Always have always will and don’t care who is the president. Myself and others protested for all the years of George Bush and it didn’t make a difference, so now it’s your turn to get our troops home since you conservatives feel you’re the greatest most powerful political mindset to ever exist! Have at it.

  6. K, you hit it right on the head when you said the right doesn’t raise money for anyone with dark skin. I’m surprised they are accusing them of all working for ACORN or something.

  7. Jim, conservatives don’t like black people and when the earthquake ravaged Haiti, they applauded. This is why Fox News was not airing the Hope For Haiti telethon last night! Sick Pigs.

    Our nation and the whole world would be a better place if conservatives were not in it. The End.

  8. Had a good laugh this morning. My son was finishing up online and when he went to his desktop I asked him what the hell is the picture there:

    It’s a stem cell! LOL This is the kind of background you have when you’re being raised by a liberal. LMAO! Children of conservatives, however, have dead Haitian children as their desktop background or aborted zygotes!

  9. But a fertilized egg is more important than a born black child, don’t you know? The Pro-LIFE REICH only has problems AFTER a human being is born, then they can neglect them, rape them, kill them in wars, execute them.
    Many of these Haitians orphans need to be adopted but how many from the REICH will be lining up except for the fundies who want another soul to brainwash for Jeebus?

  10. I couldn’t get that link to work, the stem cell. I think their server is down.

    I’m sticking with my idea to load all those republican fucks on planes, drop them off in Haiti and then bring back all those suffering Haitians and let them live in the Rethugs homes, eat their food, drive their cars and play golf at their white’s only country clubs. If only it could really happen. :)

  11. Grant, the pasty white reich wingers wouldn’t be caught dead saving the life of a born child! You know this. They certainly wouldn’t be caught dead providing a nice warm home for one either! They only snuggle up with zygotes and stem cells.

  12. How much money and time has Big Bad Right Wing Conservative Teabagger Rush Limbaugh provided to Haiti?

    Oh wait. He does what he and the right wingers always do: NOTHING! WON’T EVEN LIFT A FINGER!

    Assholes. I hate them all.

  13. Rush likes to vacation on the the other end of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic…with its golf courses, illegal drugs, and child prostitutes.

  14. I find it to be funny that the lefties on this blog are ones who leave the most hateful and prejudice comments. To make things even funnier you direct it at conservatives who you accuse of being hateful and prejudice.

    • I find it funny that a teabagger wouldn’t want to comment on Fox News and the Saudi terrorists teaming up. I suppose, when you’re part of the political ideology who is fine with buying oil from terrorist countries and saying “bluck!” to non-fossil fuel power, this truly isn’t surprising at all!

      Funny, for years now the right wingers of America have come to my blog and have called me derogatory names because I don’t give blowjobs to George Bush like they do. Never once has a conservative teabagger begged these individuals to stop it. Oh wait! Chicken Hummer and his cohorts are hypocrites! Nevermind.

  15. Here’s the email address of a typical right wing troll:


    Calling me a cunt is their most favorite thing! Oh wait. Chicken Hummer is fine with this word. I suppose I don’t mind it either because what really hurts is being called a fascist or a teabagger! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  16. Kay I don’t know if this is a parity site or if you’re really that clueless. We currently have no reasonable alternative to oil. Until we do have a reasonable alternative to oil we will continue to pump R&D money into finding that alternative and we will be friends with the Saudis.

    When we no longer need oil we will no longer need the Saudis and we will dump them faster than Barack Obama dumped his campaign promises.

    BTW, did you see the Fox News piece on the two campaign promises Obama did follow through on? And who says Fox News won’t give the man a break…

    • President Obama is working on that, Chicken Hummer, but as you can see the republicans are working on behalf of the terrorist nations who own the oil to make sure no alternatives are produced and that not one red cent is spent. See?

  17. We currently have no reasonable alternative to oil. Until we do have a reasonable alternative to oil we will continue to pump R&D money into finding that alternative and we will be friends with the Saudis


    And they will continue to work to wipe us off the face of the earth..because they hate us for our freedom. :roll:

    But, that will be fine with the right-wing froot loops, who would like the chance to remake America into a theocratic aristocracy like Saudi Arabia, anyway. :lol:

  18. With the Rapture coming soon (Rev. Jack and Rexella Van Impe now are trying to tie in to the PAGAN Mayan Calendar for 2012!), WHY conserve? The REICH has had an anti-environmental message since Raygun’s Sec. of Interior. Within a few short months, more Americans now believe that Global Warming is no longer a concern according to the most recent poll.

  19. It’s not just the Saudis, look what happened this weekend in Israel….Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visited two ILLEGAL (according to United Nations resolutions) Jewish settlements on the “Palestinian” West Bank and declared that they would remain a part of Israel forever. He planted a tree at one of them — Maaleh Adumim, home to about 30,000 Israelis about two miles (three kilometers) from Jerusalem — a symbolic act of ownership, saying:

    “Our message is clear: We are planting here, we will stay here, we will build here. This place will be an inseparable part of the state of Israel for eternity.”

    Just great! Just when U.S. envoy George Mitchell was trying to restart peace talks between Arabs and Jews after a yearlong stalemate.

  20. “And they will continue to work to wipe us off the face of the earth..because they hate us for our freedom.”

    It is the nutcases in this country that will not allow us to become energy independent, the don’t drill anywhere attitude. We should be drilling for oil in this country instead of letting China drill off our shore.

    It is ironic how many liberals are antisemitic and hate the jews but love the American communism movement. Always the helpless victim.

  21. Being anti-zionist is not anti-semitic. I have Jewish cousins, nieces/nephews and they don’t like what the reich-wing zionist neocons in Israel are doing either.

    But I see our troll has read the Faux News/Republican LIE about Chinese drilling and without investigation, he is just parroting it here:

    Where is an American communism movement??? Joe McCarthy died decades ago. The ORIGINAL ZIONISTS who first went to Palestine a century ago WERE mostly Russian communists and unlike the right-wingers who followed them there, the original Zionists actually bought 6% of the land from Arabs/Turks. The 70% of Palestine now controlled (really with the IDF Israel controls it all) was taken away from Arabs without compensation or won in several wars (using U.S. made supplied weaponry in most cases).

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