Scott Brown whores his daughters out to the nation as soon as he wins his election!

Welcome to right wing fringe teabagger world! This is how they are. Let me guess….ole Scotty will end up living at the C Street house where he’ll continue to whore his daughters out to other teabaggers across the nation? I bet. He will also be using C Street to cheat on his wife while he tells us liberals we are the g-dless ones who have no morals!

What a race yesterday! What was so unfortunate is Martha Coakley over the last 10 days didn’t drive around Massachusetts in a beat up Chevy Cavalier while chewing tobacco and laying nude across every bar she went into, because she would have won dammit! This kind of thing is what impresses the electorate! Oh well. She awakes today with her pride intact.

Scott Brown stated last night after whoring his daughters out that “It’s the People’s seat”. Well, that may true today but we will find as time passes that Brownshirt will make it Wall Street’s seat! Mark my words.

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23 thoughts on “Scott Brown whores his daughters out to the nation as soon as he wins his election!

  1. Hysterical comment found on my Twitter page this morning:

    “Our teabagger threat level has been upgraded to Brown.”

    So true! I hope the Senate does a good job checking Scott Brownshirt’s panties before entering the Senate each day!

  2. After PIMP DADDY all but asked for a dowry for his daughters like some Saudi Prince, I switched over to some real comedy on HBO, Jim Carey in “The Yes Man”. I thought Massachusetts had the “best” educated populace in the Union. However, after a day of watching Coakley earlier, I was totally unimpressed by her, also. As Spiro Agnew would say, she came off as an “effete” snob. However, Gordon Brown is a phony populist just waiting for his first “Tiger Woods” moment.

  3. I don’t remember Scott Brown using the word REPUBLICAN one time during his rambling speech (but then I went to bed before he finished). Was there an (I) after his name on the ballot???

  4. Of course you can’t expect some of that “liberalism” not to rub off.
    And he is filling the seat of a mudering,womanizing alcoholic,big woop.
    He wasn’t pimpimg them out for sex. I think the joke went over your head.

  5. We Democrats are no match however for the HATE that has been coming from the REICH. I don’t wish to spend my life hating. Enjoy the circle jerks over at Faux News!

  6. I have a feeling Massachusetts is going to have a bad case of buyers remorse very soon. I’m not surprised at all, the American electorate is pretty stupid…..Bush won re-election in 2004, that’s about as stupid as it gets.

  7. But this “teabagger” still has to ask:

    “How do my “teabags” taste NOW, Liberal Pukes?!?!?!”

    No matter if he is a whoremonger, he’s still giving you the ol’ trouser trout slap!

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

  8. Jim in Michigan,

    “…the American electorate is pretty stupid…”

    You’re living proof of that. Hey, what’s the current unemployment rate in the Great Lakes State?

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  10. Did you vote for Bush, Krazy Kat. If so, shut the fuck up. And what does the unemployment rate in Michigan have to do with the price of tea in China? You trolls are so vacuous.

  11. So many TROLLS OR ONE TROLL using many handles???

    Michigan’s unemployment a year ago when Bush left office was 11.6 percent, the steepest since December 1984 when it was 10.9% under Ronnie Raygun! Note WHEN the trend began…before the inauguration. So Obama didn’t inherit any good numbers:

    Note that Bush inherited a 3.3% unemployment rate from Bill Clinton!!!

  12. Hey Krazy Kat,
    Whatever :roll:
    I’m trying to figure out why you might have typed the sentence about Michigan’s unemployment rate and the only thing I can come up with is a kid saying something like “well you’re ugly, so there.”
    Who knows what motivates people sometimes?

    Grant, thanks for the link.

  13. Oh, I see, the “t” was trying to blame Michigan’s unemployment rate on Obama. It’s so far from the truth that I didn’t even consider that was what he was talking about. Sure, it wasn’t Bush’s policy of giving tax breaks to corporations to ship jobs down to Mexico that hurt Michigan, it was the new guy.

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