What if Scott Brown wins today in Massachusetts?


If Scott Brown wins today…

~It will mean the lie, deceits, and distortions coming out of the right wing has been absorbed and facts are illegal.

~Health care reform may be dead, but not if the House decides to do reconciliation. A good portion of the public wants an affordable public option with no preexisting conditions. Would be a good time to push it through (or push through single payer!).

~What will the republicans run on in the mid-terms this year if health care reform doesn’t pass?

~The Democrats will lose their filibuster majority, but this will mean we will get to see the republicans filibuster every issue and the American people will know where the obstruction in our government begins and ends once again.

~Joe Lieberman will lose his power.

~He will be the closest teabagger to President Barack Hussein Obama and the nation should be worried about this fact.

~Luckily he’s only in for 2 years. Sen. Ted Kennedy’s wife Vicky may run against him and she will win.

~This win will not mean the republicans are going to win every race from now to eternity!

Today’s race will be a nailbiter no matter which way it turns out! Seriously, this is what I love about politics. Races like this make it so much fun! Martha Coakley is a smart, intelligent, reserved woman who has worked very hard for the people of Massachusetts as their Attorney General. This is a high pressured job and watching her in recent days I can tell she takes whatever it is she’s handling with calm grace. Just because she’s not standing on the back of a truck yelling into a microphone lies about President Obama and protecting George Bush’s 8 years in office….doesn’t mean she is not the best candidate to represent the great people of Massachusetts! But, we will see what the people of Mass want. Maybe they do want a guy in the demure U.S. Senate who has posed nude for Cosmopolitan and who is represented by the right wing fringe of this country? Hey, could be. We’re going to find out!


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61 thoughts on “What if Scott Brown wins today in Massachusetts?

  1. At least we will know of one Senator who has a bushy “treasure (or happy) trail” of pubic hair pointing to his “goods”.

    Where were the GOOD advisers for Coakley or did she not listen to them? She did run a horrofic campaign. In politics one cannot take anything for granted. I agree with Joan Walsh of Salon.com:

    He [Scott Brown] got off one of the great lines of recent campaigns when he was asked in a debate about taking Kennedy’s seat and said, “With all due respect, it’s not the Kennedy’s seat, it’s not the Democrats’ seat, it’s the people’s seat.” He’s right, and Democrats including Brown’s opponent Martha Coakley have been moronic to act like he’s wrong.


  2. Good morning Grant! You must be feeling better today to be up so early! Good. :-)

    Coakley started late in her campaigning and that has been a drawback, but when you have a 30 point lead over your opponent for months, it would give ya a sense of security. Nonetheless, today’s race is a toss up! Should be a good one.

    Keith Olbermann had a great Special Comment on Scott Brown on Monday night:


    We’ll see what the people of Massachusetts think! Hey, they might want a freak in the People’s Seat. What will it say about Mass? They won’t be “Massholes” as we Mainers have always referred to them as! They’ll be MassFreaks! :lol:

  3. Another minus in today’s race is the government of Massachusetts has been in an uproar over corruption. Quite a few are Dems (some are Reps) and even Governor Duval Patrick has a low approval rating at this rate. Change is always good but filling Sen. Ted Kennedy’s seat with a teabagger isn’t the answer, but we shall see. Again, it’s going to be an interesting day for sure! :lol:

  4. Stephen Colbert said Massachusetts is a “Handsomcracy” because you need to be good looking to get elected there, IOW a Mit Romney or Kennedy clone. Jon Stewart listed Brown’s qualifications:

    1. Owns a pickup (not a junker to haul hay but a gas hog with all of the bells and whistles that an “urban” cowboy would like.

    2. His daughter was on “American Idol”!

    3. Posed naked for Cosmo!

    WOW, just the right choice.

    Watching Joe Scarborough and methinks he will have to change his semen-soaked underwear as he is getting off on this supposed defeat of Coakley.

  5. People like to vote for winners so they can brag they chose the winning horse. So with the MSM going wild over a Brown win, he got a few points from the talking heads alone.

  6. If Scott Brown wins today, I think his underwear should be checked every single day before he enters the Senate, because you just never know what might be in there! *gasp* Wall Street loves him, so there could be lots of stolen money in his panties…or he could have some harmful substance in there. If his crotch is on fire, DO NOT LET HIM ENTER THE SENATE NOR LET HIM ANYWHERE NEAR OUR GREAT PRESIDENT.

    Thank you!

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  8. A Mormon website compliments Mitt Romney for taking Brown under his wing and used his public relations firm, Shawmut Group, to run the Brown campaign.


    However, Brown is a member of the Christian Reformed Church, an evangelical denomination that supports Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Other well known members are the DeVos family co-founded and run the Amway/Quixstar/Nutrilite pyramid sales group and Eric Prince (married to Betsy DeVos), founder/CEO of Blackwater, now XE, and Brown does favor Obama’s ramping up of the war in Afghanistan.

  9. IF Scott Brown wins today it will show just how phony and/or naive the teabag movement really is as their candidate is backed by the banks and Wall Street, you know the two entities that the teabag movement allegedly despises.

    But then again they don’t seem to care that their little movement was hijacked by big corporations such as the Fox Entertainment Corp and Koch industries among others.

  10. Temple,

    If you will recall, the majority of people on wall street are democrats. You forgot to factor in the influence of George Soros and Bernie Madoff, tow very wealthy democrats.

    The constant things about democrats:
    They will happy to give away something they don’t own
    They are all for taxes they don’t have to pay
    They consider everything an entitlement
    If they screw up, blame Bush

  11. I’m sure if he does win that it will be portrayed as a referendum on President Obama, isn’t everything in the world a referendum on him? It doesn’t matter if the actual candidate is strong or ran a good campaign, it’s Obama’s fault if she loses, right?

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  13. Jane Hamsher on Ratigan’s MSNBC show along with Matt Kibbe, the President of FreedomWorks, the teabagger group driving the “grass roots movement”. They both agree to be rid of “corporate communism” (Dylan’s favorite made up phrase as it should be “corporate fascism”) and special interests. Ratigan calls Jane a “progressive” who agrees with the teabaggers!

    Jane calls for reconciliation and wants the public option put back in the final bill. Does she also agree with all of the social/racist platforms of the teabagging movement???

  14. Wow, isn’t that nice that Jane has found a new group to align herself with. We democrats have to drive her and her kind out of our party, quick. She is going around representing progressives, she doesn’t speak for me, damn it. MSNBC is trying too hard to be Fox News now. Arghhhhh, thanks for the tip, Grant, I’ll have to go look for the clip now. Peace…

  15. Wall Street (health insurance industry mainly) was very happy today with the idea of Scott Brownshirt winning to kill the health care reform bill? Say wha? But I thought FireDogLake and RedState were saying a few weeks ago that the reason why the health insurance stocks were up BECAUSE THE HEALTH CARE BILL WAS A GIVEAWAY TO THE HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY AND BIG PHARMA? Now Rush Limbaugh is saying the stocks are up today because THE BILL IS GOING TO DIE AND THEY LOVE THIS IDEA.

    So, which is it? LOL

    Any health care reform bill is a good place to start. Those who don’t want it are IN THE BACK POCKET OF WALL STREET! Why would the Dems go against Wall Street? Huh? I thought the trolls said the Dems are Wall Street?

    Oh wait.


  16. Grant, Jane LIEberman has fleas ’cause she sleeps with right wing dogs! Just look at her blog now. It’s filled with TEABAGGERS and the regulars over there can’t believe how much more UNFRIENDLY FIREDOGLAKE HAS BECOME!

    I’m laughing over this. It’s too much fun to watch!

    BY THE WAY, WHAT IF THE HUGE TURNOUT TODAY AT THE POLLS IN MASSACHUSETTS ARE TRUE BLUE TED KENNEDY SUPPORTERS AND NOT SCOTT BROWNSHIRT SUPPORTERS, huh? What will the teabaggers do if in the end it’s Martha Coakley who wins? Can’t wait to find out! :lol:

    I have no idea how it’s going to go today. I’ve not been able to have a tv on all day and there wasn’t much word coming out of Howie Carr’s (he’s out of Boston) radio program about what’s happening. Some did say there were lots of Coakley signs on the way to one precinct and a few said the same for Brownshirt. One guy said his precinct was dead (New Bedford I believe) and then another guy said he didn’t see one Brownshirt sign at his precinct.

  17. By the way, teabagger Howie Carr of WRKO Radio said there lots of ballot shenanigans going on with the Coakley side too!

    So, which side is the slimier one? We’ll find out! A caller said that there was a woman handing out absentee ballots at the door. Ummmmmm, this is illegal (the deadline was last Friday), but these ballots will not be accepted because they are not marked appropriately with date/time and town clerk signature. Also, the name will be checked at the town office where the person lives.
    Also (lots of ‘also’s”)…..absentee ballots are opened last and they are right now sitting in VAULTS. Outside absentee ballots will not be counted.

  18. IF I were one to have to vote for a winner for the sake of bragging rights, and lived in Massachusetts, listening to national and local media ALL DAY LONG, I would vote for Brown, too. Debbie Downer couldn’t do a better job than our talking heads.


      Let me guess….Scott Brownshirt will volunteer as a community organizer within the next two years? Awwwwww, it’s the right wing’s version of President Obama. How cute.

    • Keith Olbermann just reported that the AP is one of only a few doing exit polling in the state but so far….the AP hasn’t reported anything. Why? Because Scott Brown might not be doing so hot? Hey, could be. Maybe all those people who pulled off to the side of the road to wave goodbye one last time to Sen. Ted Kennedy….WENT OUT AND VOTED TODAY!

      It’s not over until it’s over. Should be interesting when the numbers start rolling in! If Martha gets her ass kicked tonight, oh well. I’m not going to take it as a sign that the REPUBLICAN PARTY IS THE PARTY OF ANSWERS NOW! They have no answers or solutions. They’re pitiful!

  19. For those who love Rasmussen (I don’t), here’s what Rasmussen is predicting along with their exit polling from today:

    ” * Among those who decided how they would vote in the past few days, Coakley has a slight edge, 47% to 41%.
    * Coakley also has a big advantage among those who made up their mind more than a month ago.
    * Seventy-six percent (76%) of voters for Brown said they were voting for him rather than against Coakley.
    * Sixty-six percent (66%) of Coakley voters said they were voting for her rather than against Brown.
    * 22% of Democrats voted for Brown. That is generally consistent with pre-election polling.”

  20. I’m shaving my nutsack and dipping it in tapioca! Get ready for your teabagging you lefty BEEEEEEEEYOTCHES!

  21. It’s being reported Martha Coakley has called Scott Brown to concede the race after the AP predicts Brown as the winner a few minutes ago.

    WALL STREET WON TONIGHT! THEY GOT THEIR BROWNSHIRT! America will lose now. How anyone can see a teabagger as the answer to the nation’s problems is laugh out loud funny.

  22. Gonzman, are you teabaggers going to take to the streets and shoot your guns off like Saddam Hussein always did? LOL! :lol: :lol:


    Health care reform can still be passed. Maybe we’ll use the nuclear option like the republicans did for the 12 years they controlled Congress?

    • Yep. The dark cloud is over our country again. We had it for 8 years with a one year reprieve. Oh well! One good thing is we can continue to blame the republicans now for THE STATUS QUO.

      Congratulations American Taliban!

  23. Out of your mind crazy and way deep in denial. You’ve still got the White House and a majority in the Congress and the Senate. Oh oh oh status quo… So yeah, I expect you will continue to blame W and the Republicans.

  24. I don’t think it’s a big deal, spinners will have a lot of fun with it, but they are like dogs chasing their tales. It will keep them busy until the next election. We can still pass health care reform before he is sworn in. And I had a moment of clarity on my way home from work just now, we don’t have 60 votes anyway. Joe Fucking Lieberman, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Tom Carper….we were lucky to get what we did in the first year with those bozos. Budget Reconciliation, here we come!

  25. Um, minor problem, Hoyer, Moran and several others are leaning on Reid to not allow the vote to happen until Brown is sworn in.

    In the immortal words of Reginold from YAAFM .. ‘Check and mate … muthaf*cka!’

    Here’s why .. because the Dems have no good choices:

    Option 1: Reid says screw you to everyone and pushes the bill through before Brown is seated. End result: People are up in arms over what is seen as more game playing by the Dems. Dems go down in flames.

    Option 2: Reid and Pelosi agree to use the Senate bill for the House and say to the House ‘vote on this’. Minor problem with that is the Constitution says all bills invilving creating revenue have to START in the House. The Senate bill is a different animal. Plus Stupak and Co. will bail because of the abortion lanugage. End result: Bill goes down in flames and Obama is a lame duck.

    Option 3: Reconciliation. The center and right goes completely batshit over the rules change. The bill dies a fiery death for the year, and the Dems pay the price in November.

    And none of that takes into account the fact that politicans look after self interest first and foremost. You lost in MASSACHUSETTS. Do you REALLY think that you wont have a bunch of moderate Dems – who you’d need to pass the bill – NOT soiling themselves right now and saying ‘I cant do it, I will be eaten alive in November’?

    Welcome to the proverbial ‘sh*t sandwich’

    The sad thing is that to those on the Left, your religion is to have power over others. Your heathcare plan was a way to make it happen. And one man, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard .. just pissed in your punchbowls. Watch as your religion of power crashes around you.

    • I see you’re talking out of your ass again, Dumbo Conservative. Option 1 will never happen. Option 2: THE HOUSE WOULD DECIDE IF THEY WANT ONLY THE SENATE BILL. This is considered STARTING IN THE HOUSE. Pay attention dimwit! Option 3 seems the most likely. The republicans used this option for years on end and bankrupted our nation. HCR is hated by Wall Street and the fascists BECAUSE IT WILL HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…..NOT INVESTORS ON WALL STREET. Too bad so sad…..HCR WILL HAPPEN EVEN THOUGH SCOTT BROWNSHIRT IS IN THE SENATE!

  26. Not surprised. Rest in peace if you can Ted! Spit. Good riddance.

    Sound familiar you crazy cunt?

  27. I didn’t log on here last evening knowing the REICH-wing TROLLS would be having a circle jerk here thinking their fascism will rule the world again (how well did that work out for Germany and Italy?). I see Vermont now wants to secede. I don’t blame them as they have a real democracy up there and must be embarrassed by their neighbors to the south.

  28. #42 “is hated by Wall Street and the fascists BECAUSE IT WILL HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” -kayinmaine

    Wow, someone needs to re-read history and find out who the fascists were and what they stood for…I’ll give you a clue; the Nazi’s were national SOCIALISTS. Just look at the kinds of legislation that was passed under the fascist regimes of Germany and Italy and you will see what I mean.

    I, for one, prefer a Constitutional form of governance where the rights of the people are protected, not violated in the name of some higher “good”, and as such, that the Government must play within the confines of the contract it has with the people, i.e. the Constitution. I hope you feel the same way, kayinmaine.

  29. The people of Massachusetts could care less as they ALREADY have a good state health plan and taking the attitude, “We got ours, the hell with everyone else!” Thanks, Mass!

  30. Heard Obama and Axlerod blame the loss on Bush, some things just don’t change

    Heard Pukosi busted a stitch she was so mad. Now the leftists are saying this is good for their party.

    • Pelosi doesn’t appear mad to me. She said health care reform is going to pass no matter if Scott Brown is in the Senate or not. Maybe that’s why there was a big sell off today on Wall Street? Bah hahahahahahahahaha!

    • Most rational Americans still believe to this day that George Bush left the biggest shit pile in the history of shit piles. You hadn’t noticed this? He was a man that ignored EVERYTHING TO ONLY CONCENTRATE ON IRAQ! Everything else he basically said phuck you to.

  31. Funny how I have my TV on all day, often just for “white noise” and heard Axelrod a couple of times and not once did I hear him “blame Bush”! Same goes for Obama but then maybe our “T’ could provide a LINK?

  32. So when obama said “the loss of the Senate seat isn’t just concern over anything that’s happened in the past year, but it’s anger over what’s happened the last 8 years.”

    That wasn’t blaming Bush I guess.

    I was watching Matthews with Howard Dean and he said the reason they lost was because people voted for Brown because there was no public option in the healthcare bill. Even Matthews was stunned by that statement.

    You must have taken a nap when he said that.

    Democrat moto
    Happy to give something away you don’t own
    Blame Bush when you screw up

  33. Wasn’t taking any naps BUT In FULL context, Obama said, “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry, and they’re frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.” Obama himself owned up to his failure to communicate. In a year of hopping from wildfire to wildfire not exactly of his making, he went on to tell ABC News, “we lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values.”

    Yeah, he BLAMED EVERYTHING on Bush! Nice picking and choosing “out of context”!

    David Axelrod DID say to CNN’s John King,

    Well, John, we — we took over in January in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, fiscal crisis, financial crisis, two wars. The president has had to make a lot of tough decisions to try and rescue our economy from collapse, to move this country forward, and — and we are going to reap the benefits of that.

    Axelrod acknowledges that as the party in power, Democrats bear some of the responsibility for the loss.

    Where was Axelrod lying???

    Remember when asked once if he had ever made a mistake, Bush couldn’t remember that he ever had???

  34. Grant, the teabaggers are going to blame everyone but themselves and their George Bush. As of right now, Bill Clinton and President Obama are to blame for George Bush’s 8 years and not Bush himself, see?

  35. If he was truthful Obama would have said “the loss of the Senate seat is anger over what’s happened since democrats took over in 2007.

    Where is he hope and change
    Where is the transparent administration
    Where is no special interest groups, except unions, government workers not paying taxes on Cadillac HC plans
    Screw the other 49 states and give Neb special treatment.

    • The republicans controlled the White House and the Congress up until 2007. How come they didn’t regulate the banks, fix the housing market, create jobs, allow millions of jobs to be lost, allowed $600 TRILLION in CDS/derivatives to be created, two wars and the tax cuts for the wealthy to not be put on the books, cooking the books, and why are they now blaming the Democrats and President Obama when the momentum started under Georgie? Huh? Is it denial of reality? Yep! I remember being called a liar when pointing out things in the list above, but then again, I expected it from the NAZI FASCISTS WHO ALWAYS SIDE WITH THE CORPORATIONS OVER THE AVERAGE AMERICAN!

      You wrapped yourself in the flag and clicked your jackboots to George Bush for 8 years and it’s your form of patriotism that has killed our country!

      Tell us AR, how do you create jobs in this economy?

  36. President Obama is paying the price for “playing nice” with Republicans who then turn and stab him in the back time-after-time. He needs to get back to the BASE who “brung him” to the White House.

  37. At one time, my stock portfolio had DECLINED in value nearly 75% during the Bush/Cheney years and only started to recover this past year. Just got my 401(k) statements for the last quarter and my account there too is recovering….not quickly, but inches up each quarter. Now 70, I will soon have to do something with that investment.

    In regards to my portfolio, I have been selling off AT A LOSS for the past couple of years so I can travel in my retirement as I will be damned to let Bush/Cheney ruin my Golden Years dreams. At least in the last decade, have NEVER had to pay a CAPITAL GAINS TAX, not that I don’t mind paying my fair share but think of the billions lost to our nation by few investors not paying such taxes.

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