Political blogger calls George H.W. Bush a ‘piece of shit’ at a Houston pizza joint!

I think I’m in love with Mitesh Damania of the blog “Ask ‘But Why?’! Yesterday he saw George H.W. Bush arriving with his entourage at the Houston pizza joint he was at and he instantly ran to his car to get his camera. He then proceeded to speak his mind to America’s War Criminal’s father!

It was beautiful. Check it out…

We all should be doing this every chance we get. For some reason the neocons of America want to forget what the republican presidents, vice presidents, and other atrocious right wing figures have done to our country, but we will never forget. NEVAH!!!!!!

Great job Mitesh!!!!

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20 thoughts on “Political blogger calls George H.W. Bush a ‘piece of shit’ at a Houston pizza joint!

  1. I see that Fuzzy’s pizza has taken their menu offline (or at least denied me access). I just wanted to see the toppings on their George H.W. Bush pizza.


    I’ve eaten at Otto’s Hamburgers and Barbecue many times where they even have a special labeled soft drink honoring Bush who frequents the place (although never when I have been there). Having business in the area, I just drove by Bush’s gated community in ritzy Tanglewood yesterday which is near the Houstonian Hotel where Bush “used a room” for many years as his official residence for voting (Democrats liked to rent the suite when he was out of town then to throw parties).

    Not all Texans are proud to have the “Connecticut Yankee” Bush family here. They brought along bad baggage as Bush is considered by many as a carpetbagger who moved here just to get rich off or OUR oil!!! They never spend summer here and sweat with us Texans, always going instead to their posh seaside digs at Walker Point in Kennebunkport, Maine.

  2. Hi Kay. Thanks for stopping by PP. It’a great that we hooked up again. The Portland-Portland connection is back in business. :D

    Unfortunately YouTube pulled the video. I would love to have seen it.

  3. Why in the world someone with such hateful views on the Bush family would chose to frequent a pizza joint dressed up as a shrine to George Bush Sr makes no sense to me.

    No it wouldn’t, holding criminals to account for their crimes if they are republiscum probably wouldn’t since you clowns never do so yourself

    But then again someone who cannot dine in public without spewing vulgarities is obviously someone with no self control.

    Like this asshole did?

    What a sorry little immature boy with a video camera. What a sorry little immature boy indeed.

    Yes the asshole giving America the finger ON CAMERA was, wasn’t he?


  4. This incident happened in one of the most Republican areas of Houston, many, many square miles of nothing but homes starting at a million bucks on up in most cases.

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  6. By the way, why IS George H.W. Bush at a pizza joint to begin with? Hmmmmmm….*thinking*….I KNOW!!!!! Well, because the Mafia always would set up a pizza joint as a front to launder money through! See? And what have I always said over the years about the Iraq war? “The Iraq war is nothing but a Mafia pizza joint….it looks like a pizza joint, it acts like a pizza joint, but really, it’s a front to launder OUR money through!”.

    He must have been there to pick up his “pizza”. *wink*

  7. You know my biggest reason for not posting on left wing blogs Kay? Because the blogger can usually not keep their self from editing my post.

    They all have their own reasons. Some of them just can’t stand to let others read what I have written. Some of them can’t form a cohesive response so they insert their comments inside of mine. Some of them are just control freaks.

    I don’t know which you are but if I may ask just one question; which one are you?

    Kay didn’t edit it moron, I did, freakin’ deal with it. :)

    If ya don’t like it, leave; nobody invited your hate filled comments anyway foole ……


    • Awwwwww, poor widdle Chicken Dumb Dumb Hammer! Why don’t you go cry on Hitler’s shoulder. That ought to make ya feel better especially after the day you’re having, you know, it started out with a video of a political blogger calling George H.W. Bush a piece of shit! Hell, it made my day. Great way to start it. As far as Clif commenting directly to you on your comment. DEAL WITH IT. If you can’t handle that then how are you able to walk and chew gum at the same time, huh?

  8. He didn’t throw a shoe! Plus in the homeland, the SS would have probably gunned him down. I don’t see the Chicken being deleted here. Try posting on most of the reich-wing blogs if you don’t agree with them and your posting is deleted in a New York minute and your IP is banned. I have always refrained from being overly sarcastic, never vulgar but now banned from their sites. Anyway, it’s a waste of my time to try to thaw reich-wing brains as they already have received the “gospel” from above anyway.

  9. I experienced a couple in the 4.0 plus range during the six years I lived in Southern California in the 1970′s. Even that tame they can give one a funny feeling and the succession of aftershocks then keeps up the anxiety. Haiti is so poor and has had problems in the past few years with floods, landslides, that have done much damage causing many deaths.

  10. Trust me, whenever an earthquake is mentioned here, that is one thing they always bring up,

    New Madrid and what is gonna happen.

  11. I have a couple of nieces that live in northern California, they had one the other day. The earth is-a-rumblin’ right now. We’re pretty safe in Michigan….well, except if the New Madrid fault has an event.

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