Amber Cummings is a free woman after killing her white supremacist husband at the end of 2008


Remember Amber Cummings? She was the severely emotionally, sexually, and physically abused wife of James Cummings the white supremacist (he also had a fetish for young girls and was planning to kill President Obama using a dirty bomb at his inauguration day in January 2009) who killed her husband as he slept in their Belfast, Maine home to put an end to the years of abuse.

She’s a free woman today! Yay!!!! As she should be. Some think she should have gone to prison for the whole 8 year sentence, but to me and others, she is a hero for protecting herself, her daughter, and our President. No telling what James Cummings would have done or who he would have killed in the end, but we do know that he had a pattern of abuse, psychotic thinking, was addicted to child pornography, and he was getting ready to explode with the idea of President Obama being the president of the United States!

Amber’s husband was a terrorist. The End.

Where are the right wingers today yelling that white supremacists should be racially profiled because they’re dangerous individuals who plan and plot in the shadows and need to be taken out?

*cupping ear for the answer*

*crickets chirping*

That’s what I thought.

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6 thoughts on “Amber Cummings is a free woman after killing her white supremacist husband at the end of 2008

  1. LOL I know Jim. Many women here in Maine who have killed their husbands over years of abuse usually do “get away with their crime” or they serve very little time. Probably not the best thing, but in the case of Amber Cummings, she is a hero and did do the right thing! She had about 50 supporters outside the courthouse to greet her after her “sentence” was handed down. I wished I could have been there for her because I would have given her a big huge hug too! :-)

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  3. The entire nation owes her as much a debt of gratitude as they due the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 ………….

    They both stopped extremist terrorists bend on harming innocent people for a perverted ideology.

    She is much more of an American hero then mayor noun, verb, 9-11 or the bush clown ever were.

    Kudos to the judge for seeing the best way to handle this

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