Who is this?

Who is this person in your mind?


Would you want him in your home?

Sitting next to you on a plane, or in Gitmo?

Would you listen to his story, what he faces in his homeland;

Or close your mind and turn away while he tells you of the problems he faced.

Would you accept he is as good as you are, or does he seem less than human to you?

If he was behind you in line at the air terminal,

Would you want him strip searched, or even denied the right to fly?

If he martyred himself for his religion, would you call him a terrorist?

When he condemns the super powers for how his friends and neighbors are treated by them, and their client governments, would you condemn him?

When he questions the rich and powerful, because of how they use their advantage to cause suffering where he comes from would you condemn him?

Do you think you could see the world through his eyes?

Or, to you, is he just another terrorist waiting to destroy the USA and our way of life?









What if I told you the image comes from the BBC PHOTO LIBRARY?


It was created by Richard Neave, a medical artist retired from The University of Manchester in England.



He was using forensic anthropology and a skull from the first century Palestine;

To recreate a likeness of the of the most famous face in human history.

Jesus Christ,

Do your answers above change?

If so, why?

Interestingly, if he showed up today looking like he did back then;

Preaching to us almost exactly what he preached to the rich, powerful and privileged back then;

He would most probably end up on the no fly lists, headed to Gitmo if he persisted, and declared a terrorist, by most of the right wing for his anti-consumerism, anti-america uber alles views.

Ironic isn’t it, that while claiming to follow his teaching, we are actually following the examples set by Rome, Caiaphas, and Herod, and sometimes used against him, or his followers.

Politically, Economically, Militarily, Religiously, Culturally, and Spiritually.

Funny how that works out isn’t it.

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33 thoughts on “Who is this?

  1. Powerful post, Clif! Yep, the right wingers would definitely go after this man and wouldn’t believe he was Jesus because of their preconceived notions of Jesus. They would destroy and kill him!

  2. And he looks kind of….whispering….Jewish. I’m always amazed how Christians ignore that fact and of course almost everything that was ever attributed to him saying, especially do unto others.

  3. I recognized the picture as soon as I saw it, and I’ve often wondered how he would fare in today’s world, particularly by the pious radical right-wing nutcases who shit on everyone in his name. These “Christians” know nothing of Christ’s teachings, having become the American Taliban by way of radicalized interpretations of John the Baptist.

    And yes, they wouldn’t hesitate to crucify him. That is how truly blind they are. Thanks for bringing something I’ve wondered about to discussion Clif.

  4. But, but, but, all those pictures of Jesus praying in the garden, knocking on the door, hanging on the cross, depicted in Hollywood movies, is a light-skinned man, oft-times with flowing light-brown hair, even blue eyes!!!

    At least Mel Gibson hired a Slovak-Swiss-Irish-American actor to portray Jesus who is perceived to have more Mediterranean features:


    At least Caviezel is an improvement over the 1960′s Jesus role played by blue-eyed hunk Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings:


  5. Grant, you are spot-on in your assessment. The mainstream “Christian” philosophy only permits a WASP representation of Christ. This does not allow, in any way, the PROBABILITY that Jesus might appear this way, because European features are preferable to perpetuate the myth.

    Logic, on the contrary would dictate that a child of Palestine should exhibit these traits. The olive skin. The dark hair. We’ll not discuss eye color.

    Additionally, there is the tradition of the times, which mandates that a man of Jesus’ age be married and “go forth and prosper.” In other words, procreate. This brings us to the subject of Sarah, which we can discuss at a later point. It only took 1500 years for the Catholic Church to admit that Mary Magdelene wasn’t a whore.

    It is instructive to remember that the emperor Constantine gathered a council of Bishops, 350 years after the crucifixion, to establish the “Christian Faith” by committee. There is considerable speculation regarding the books left out of what became the St. James version of the bible. The Gnostic Gospels. The book of Mary. The book of Paul. Who knows what other writings are waiting to be found in the deserts of Palestine.

    I’ll leave this discussion with a thought:
    Go visit Youtube.
    Enter “George Carlin”
    Click on “Religion is Bullshit.”

  6. And he looks kind of….whispering….Jewish.

    Ignore that Jim, we all know the miracle of his birth included pure Aryan genes supplanting his mother and fathers genes.

    His conception was so immaculate he didn’t get no “dirty” genes from none of those middle eastern types at all.

    (sarcasm off)

    Of course he’s 100% Jewish unless Mary fooled around with one of the Roman occupiers ….. :)

    • Jesus most likely falls into the right winger’s racial profile: A TERRORIST ‘CAUSE HIS SKIN WAS DARK, HIS HAIR WAS DARK BROWN, AND LOOKED ARAB. See? The right wingers would put Jesus on a no-fly list when he appeared in the 2nd Coming or they would track him down and kill him!

  7. Go ahead and worship your pale, blue-eyed blonde Jesus, Joaquin, or even a dark-skinned Mexican Virgin of Guadalupe. Nobody here is preventing you. People tend to create their gods to look like themselves.

  8. You have lived in a basement alll you life, apparently.

    I am blond and hazel eyes. I live in the buckle of the bible belt. I find many Jews, Persians, Indians from India, Islanders, Italians, as well as many others who are darker than I that I find stunningly attractive. You people who promote these laughable stereotypes about ‘right-wingers’ are really drinking some one’s kool aid laced with “hate of the other.” Because you lie about people like me and you just make stuff up out of thin air.
    I spend the vast majority of my time with a muslim fellow, two Persians, and several asian Indians. When I get home my neighbors are white, black, and hispanic. I know each of my immediate neighbors as we have a watch group.
    This silly little characterization of right wingers as idiot racists is a lie you have taught too parrot. You have learned your lessons well but now you live in a fantasy.

  9. Gah! I have no patience for your lying. You are a fool to believe what you do. It isn’t true. I work with Chetana, Jawad, Vijay, and Anish. Who do you work with?

  10. I am glad that some of Steve’s “best” friends are dark-skinned. It’s nice he admits to being a right-winger (but aren’t most of Okies such?) and still have some “dark” friends at your jobsite with whom you have to cooperate. Do you try to proselytize, invite them to Oral Roberts big church there so they will convert to the TRUE religion?

  11. I am not a Christian. Never said I was. You have been programmed to assume that I am. the programming has taken well.

  12. I don’t divide people by race the way you guys do here.

    LIAR as your own words prove;

    I work with Chetana, Jawad, Vijay, and Anish.


    I find many Jews, Persians, Indians from India, Islanders, Italians, as well as many others who are darker than I that I find stunningly attractive.

    wanna try another big one?

    I am not obsessed with race as you are.

    funny, but your owns words beg to differ son

    Apparently no one here realizes that “Muslim” is not a race.

    You have taken a deep draught of the kool aid and you like the satisfaction you get from hating ‘right wingers’.

    • Wow Steve, seems like you’ve been brainwashed by Fox News! We liberals are the ones who divide people up by color? Ummmmmm, who are the ones who are demanding racial profiling after the Christmas Day Airline Crotch Fire for all Muslims ages 18-28? Oh that’s right! YOU WINGERS ARE!

      Jesus did not look the way he’s been depicted all these years. He looked completely different and if he appears on Earth the right wingers would kill him because of how he looks.

  13. I was born in 1939 and grew up hating Hitler, the most celebrated right-winger of my early years. Sorry, but I have no love for fascism. Who here said that Muslim was a race? Learn to read and comprehend. I am far from being programmed, in fact can recognize when anyone attempts to spin the truth, and lie. Maybe that is the reason I left the Republican Party in 1965 when Nixon and his strategist Pat Buchanan began to actively invite racist Democrats to leave their party and join the “Party of Lincoln” which is gross disrespect for Lincoln’s legacy.

  14. Nazi means National Socialist Party. That is left wing. You have drunk deeply.

    Absolutely NOT TRUE, Hitler was as right wing as they come, HE deceitfully used the term socialist while FIGHTING against communists, the left wingers of his day in germany.

    wanna LIE some more son?

    The 1964 Civil Rights act was filibustered by Socialist Democrats.

    wrong again stupid, Conservaderm reich wing racist democrats who switched parties after African Americans got EQUAL rights widdle one

    To wit:

    The signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, however, was the last straw for many Southern Democrats, who began voting against Democratic incumbents for GOP candidates. The Republicans carried many Southern states for the first time since before the Great Depression.

    When Richard Nixon courted voters with his Southern Strategy, many Democrats became Republicans and the South became fertile ground for the GOP, which conversely was becoming more conservative as the Democrats were becoming more liberal. However, Democratic incumbents still held sway over voters in many states, especially those of the Deep South. In fact, until the 1980s, Democrats still had much control over Southern politics. It wasn’t until the 1990s that Democratic control collapsed, starting with the elections of 1994, in which Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress, through the rest of the decade. Southern Democrats of today who vote the Democratic ticket are mostly urban liberals. Rural residents tend to vote the Republican ticket, although there are a sizable number of conservative Democrats.

    And they were people like Reagan switched in 1960 after a Catholic Democratic Party member was elected to the presidential office, and as the head of the Democratic Party;

    After 1968, with desegregation a settled issue, the Republicans began a strategy of trying to win conservative Southerners away from the Democrats and into the Republican Party. Nonetheless, a bloc of conservative Democrats, mostly Southerners, remained in the United States Congress throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These included Democratic House members as conservative as Larry McDonald, who was also a leader in the John Birch Society..

    Senators Phil Gramm and Richard Shelby, switched parties and joined the Republicans.

    Strom Thurman also switched because the democratic party wasn’t racist enough for him way back in 1956.

    Sonny Perdue switched parties in 1998, probably same reason.

    George Wallace famously quit the democratic party because it refused to accept his racist views.

    In fact it was Al Gore Senior. The Voters Rights Act the following year was also pushed through by right wingers in the face liberal opposition.

    wrong again son, it was liberal republicans and liberal democrats who passed the legislation, the party cross dressing reich wingers opposed it which is why they congregated in the republiscum party since Reagan’s time and have driven the north east moderates out (the north east moderates were the republicans who passed it, people like Rockefeller eastern types Reagan railed against in his lunacy

    “Learn to read and comprehend?” You are an ass. I have no more time for this: really you are not that interesting and I have cooking to do. Bye!

    So long sucka, you know so little arguing with you is like arguing with a stupid moron, … but I digress :)


      Put the koolaid down Steve. You’re drowning and it’s killed your brain’s electrical currant.

  15. Even though Hitler called his party “national socialist” his regime, as that of his ally, Benito Mussolini was FACIST. He had wanted to name the party the Social Revolutionary Party but adopted a name of a popular labor union. If our TROLL wishes to read he can learn the truth about right-wing Nazism at:


    Hitler hated the communists, hated Russia/Stalin and put many leftists into his death camps. He even called the Reichstag fire a communist plot but it may have been a false flag operation done by Hitler’s own party in order to stir up hate against the left.

    It was NOT “socialist” Democrats (most Democrats are not socialists BTW) who filibustered against Lyndon Johnson’s civil and voting rights bills, but right-wing Democrats from the Old South who Nixon then invited to join the GOP to turn the Old South from “Blue to Red” which it has been ever since. Passing the Civil and Voting Rights Acts was a bi-partisan effort back in the day when Republicans and Democrats were civil and could work together for the good of the nation. Republican Sen. Ev Dirksen of Illinois is given much credit for getting Republican Senators to vote for it.

    Back then there was ONLY ONE Southern Republican Senator, Sen. John Tower of Texas, and he voted along with the racist Southern Democrats against civil/voting rights. Enough northern Democrats and moderate Republicans (an extinct group nowadays) voted to ensure the bills passed.

  16. wow if America needed another reason to shoot treasonous liberals in the head they only need to read this blog….hey KKKayinsane do America a favor and wash your mouth out with buckshot and save a PATRIOT the shell

    • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I see a Bush-dildo-wearing neocon needs a hug because he thought Jesus looked European all this time. Sad and scary isn’t it, neocon, when reality smacks ya in the face! LOL :lol: Poor widdle baby. How many hugs do you need to get through today?

      • The last time HellPig was on my blog here’s what she said:

        “Submitted on 2009/07/26 at 7:51pm

        you are not american kayinsane you are a treasonous america hating terrorist defending racist piece of shit

        Time for the republicans to kick the dems ass again in the 2nd civil war

        you all must go

        now go fuck your daughter with a broom handle you piece of liberal shit
        you are not american kayinsane you are a treasonous america hating terrorist defending racist piece of shit Time for the republicans to kick the dems ass again in the 2nd civil war you all must go now go fuck your daughter with a broom handle you piece of liberal shit

        She’s such a nice person. She even sucks George Bush’s dick with that mouth and lets him put it up her other mouth….her ass! Nice. What a lady.

  17. Wow – just happened on these comments. I am proud to see that those posting from a progressive position seem to use facts and reason to discuss things.

    I am horrified that anyone would suggest buckshot as mouthwash. Really? Is that the best you could do? How long did it it take, come on you can admit that you spent a week trying to come up with that one. There are times when I wonder why I care what happens to my fellow Americans….

  18. Somebody should have told her God has a wicked sense of humor,

    Think not,

    Look at the aardvark, platypus, Quantum mechanics, particle physics, and her candidacy in 2008. :lol:

  19. If Sarah was to meet the real Jesus above she would yell at him, “Grab my bags and take them to my room please!”, and then pass him a nickle being the good christian she thinks she is!

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