Bristol Palin is “running” her own LLC?

Have you ever witnessed money laundering in the open? I have.  I remember the day Barbara Bush (after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast) say that the money she was about to give to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund must be then forwarded to her son Neil’s educational company (the Bush-Clinton charity didn’t get a dime!). And then there was that time when Tom Delay’s political action committee TRMPAC wrote a check in the amount of $190,000 to the Republican National Committee and then the RNC took that money, washed it up a bit, and then forwarded to the candidate(s) of Delay’s choice (and this money was corporate money obtained illegally, but that’s okay ’cause it got a nice shampoo!). See? It happens all the time!

So, what’s up with Bristol Palin the teenager setting up a “political consultant/lobbyist” LLC (limited liability company) at this stage of the game? According to her mother’s attorney, this is a company set up to handle the money Bristol receives from Candies, you know, the company that wanted the teenage mother to be their spokesperson on abstinence.

Really? This LLC is to handle the money received as a spokesperson for Candies? How come we’ve not seen one television ad or press conference of Bristol since last May speaking on behalf of Candies then? Seems kind of odd…

Something is very very fishy!

I think the blogger at And So It Goes is onto something and knows what the fishy is. This blogger believes that the LLC has been set up to use as a place for Sarah Palin to push her SarahPAC (and maybe even the book money! No one knows!) money in another direction for the benefit of herself and her daughter Bristol (she’s not working and would like to gain sole custody of her son Tripp so she needs to have an “income”). This blogger comes up with a hilarious phone conversation between Sarah and her “political consultant”:

After reading about Bristol’s job on Grypen’s blog yesterday, I was curious, and decided to check out what an NAICS 541820 is all about! As soon as I saw: Political Consultant, I imagined this: (well, actually, FIRST I laughed, THEN I imagined this)

One ringy dingy!
Two ringy dingy!

Bristol: Hello. BSMP. Can I help you?
Sarah: Hi. Hello also. This is Governor Mom, I hope you can fit in a quick research project for my SarahPAC this morning? I am in a hurry to progress a story.
Bristol: Sure can! You’re our best (only) client! What do you need?
Sarah: I need some in-depth research done, on Senator So-and-So; I need to make him look like he murdered his wife and buried her in an alligator infested bayou. Can you find something like that?
Bristol: Should be a piece of cake, Governor Mom. I’ll get right on google and wiki and check out the National Enquirer too!
Sarah: Again. Whatever you can find, also if he’s ever even been near a bayou. Any bayou or a creek even.
Bristol: Ok but what’s a bayou?
Sarah: Geez Bristol who cares? Oh and also. My pedicure. Schedule that. Pay for it out of BSMP then charge it to SarahPAC as usual.
Bristol: Hey can we all go? Me and Willow and also Piper too?
Sarah: Sure why not? Don’t forget to bill for this call. It’s a Political Consultation about troops keeping us safe from Senators who might want to drown people in bayous like they could have done to their wife. Kids also, it’s a reasonable question to ask.

Love it!

So, what do you think about this? Think Bristol is truly a mature young woman who has political aspirations and is the go-to person for all political advice, hence, setting up an LLC…..or do you think there’s something shady going on and her mother is behind it?

Rachel Maddow “broke” the Bristol LLC story last night…

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11 thoughts on “Bristol Palin is “running” her own LLC?

  1. Kay the Pie Spy LLC just might turn out to be a gambit to have a place to shuffle the money she illegally still holds from her, Palin’s AK Fund Trust (for which her website is still collecting money) ….

    She is getting good playing the shell games pubies play with their greed uber alles mentality. :)

  2. I thought everyone was at a party that I wasn’t invited to or something….Kay, Grant, Clif, Lisa, zxbe, Kendra…even Idiot Conservative all partying but no one invited ole Jim. :roll:

  3. I’m leaving work and driving in the freezing rain for the next hour…..mmmm, big fun. Slow news day, Byron Dorgan isn’t running for reelection, bummer for us dems. Sweet dreams….

    • Just took a hot bath! Man, twenty five minutes of pure luxury! Going to bed now. Have a great night everyone!

      (Jim, that sucks about Bryon Dorgan. He must be sick of dealing with the whiny ass titty baby republicans! Can’t say I blame him.)

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