The Senate’s health care bill has passed!


Poor Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake. It appears dropping your draws for the right wingers HERE and HERE isn’t working! But hey, does Jane care? Nope. She’s looking forward to being the guest of honor in the right winger’s campaign videos next year for a republican win!


The Senate’s health care bill passed 60-39. John McCain was not present for the vote. Something tells me he and Jane Hamsher were meeting. Wouldn’t surprise me!

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11 thoughts on “The Senate’s health care bill has passed!

  1. Woooooo phucking hooooooooo…….Merry Christmas to America, change has come. It wasn’t pretty, but for all those who will immediately benefit from it and those who will down the road, it is pretty damn awesome. I am trying to resist the urge to go and trash FDL and Taylor Marsh, they’d ban me in a second anyway, it would interfere with the group think thing they go going on. Wooooooooo hooooooooooo, I’ll be making a toast to Teddy later today.

  2. Merry Christmas Kay, Grant, Insidious Prophet, Jim in Michigan, tangodaddy, Temple Of The Dog, William, Lisa K., Elspeth Ravenwind, and Happy New Year.

    • Merry Christmas to you too Clif & Jim! I think the world of all of you (Grant, Clif, Jim, Insidious, Tango, Temple, William, Lisa K., Elspeth Ravenwind, and all of our other great commenters in the backseat of the White Noise Insanity limo! *muah*)

    • Hi Grant! Season’s Greetings to you too my friend! Slowly our nation is reaching sanity. Why is it slow? Because there are wingers in it who want to obstruct progress! We will prevail, however. :-)

  3. It is not healthcare reform without a government option and that looks like it is dead. All this bill does is take money from medicare and place it in medicaid so the 13 million without insurance will be covered by less funds in medicare.

    We need the government option starting now not three years from now.

    Tell that to the republiscum and conservadems, and the asshat Joe LIE-berman, who are blocking TRUE health care reform ….. the republiscum are against the middle class and poor and always have been that way,

    when asked they just lie about it.

  4. Gee Atlanta Ralph, apparently you haven’t been paying attention. This health care reform bill is a huge piece of legislation (which hasn’t been signed into law by the way! It will be going into conference by mid January or so), so if it WAS implemented as soon as it was signed, you wingers would be freaking out, so to keep up with your brain cell function, it will not be implemented until 2013/14. Plenty of time to make it a perfect bill! Oh wait. You love the status quo. Nevermind.

  5. Without a government option, it is worthless as a reform for healthcare. The reason it starts in 2013/14 is to show how little it will cost. More smoke and mirrors because the crooks start the tax in 2010 so you have three years of revenue with no benefit.

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