Uh oh. The CATO Institute releases a pie chart the right wing fringe may not like…

I’m sure Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh will report on this pie chart. Bah hahahahahaha! Oh gawd. Who am I fooling? They only report lies. Nevermind.

From the CATO Institute…a pie chart showing Obama v. Bush spending:


Daniel Mitchell of CATO says: “I’m a big fan of criticizing Obama’s profligacy, but it is inaccurate and/or dishonest to blame him for Bush’s mistakes. At the risk of repeating my earlier post, the 2009 fiscal year began on October 1, 2008, and the vast majority of the spending for that year was the result of Bush Administration policies. Yes, Obama did add to the waste with the so-called stimulus, the omnibus appropriation, the CHIP bill, and the cash-for-clunkers nonsense, but as the chart illustrates, these boondoggles only amounted to just a tiny percentage of the FY2009 total — about $140 billion out of a $3.5 trillion budget.”

Yep. Like I said back in October 2009 (not too long ago wingnuts!), President Obama’s FIRST OFFICIAL BUDGET STARTED THAT MONTH and all the wingers who were bitching and complaining about “high taxes! we’re doomed! help us!” in August 2009 were actually bitching about George Bush’s LAST budget year, which he signed into law in the spring of 2008 of which went into effect in the fall of 2008. See?

President Obama’s speech to the nation about the Afghan war will be interesting. It’s time to bring the troops home and IT’S TIME TO STOP SPENDING MONEY FOR GEORGE BUSH & DICK CHENEY’S ATROCIOUS WARS THAT HAVE COST OUR NATION DEARLY!

George Bush left America a huge shitpile. There are no easy fixes, but I predict President Obama will slowly make gains. And it has to be slow, because as of right now, Bush’s cronies on Wall Street and elsewhere have a Plan B in place to screw Americans over if President Obama becomes the Mean Daddy who takes their fun away! Remember this.

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7 thoughts on “Uh oh. The CATO Institute releases a pie chart the right wing fringe may not like…

  1. Exactly Lisa K.! Anyone who questions the validity of the right wing fringe is a liberal….even if they were a right wing fringer the day before. See? It’s all making sense now. :roll:

  2. The Reich take Raygun’s 11th Commandment to heart, don’t they? There is no longer any room for a Republican to criticize, analyze anything another Republican does. Columnist Kathleen Parker (who is not fan of Palin) criticizes the Republican Party for wanting a “Purity Test” to determine WHO may call themselves a Republican. The knuckle-draggers who have hijacked the “Party of Lincoln” wish to run off all educated, moderate Republicans.


  3. And who lives in a dream world of apple pie and Sarah Palin? That’s right, the “down-home” “field-dressing” Hockey Mom isn’t riding the bus after all on her national book tour, but flies from city to city on an expensive private jet at $4000 an hour in order to catch up with her bus that goes before her. Even country star celebrities aren’t too important to ride a bus.


  4. Also remember That Cato has reviewed Portugal’s decriminalization of all drugs, and has agreed that it has worked.
    This policy should be used in the US.

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