When America is attacked again, it will have nothing to do with Afghanistan

Nice try Condi Rice in putting out that fake strawman scenario on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex and Your Base. Leaving Afghanistan or being in Afghanistan has nothing to do with our country’s safety, because if it truly did, George Bush would have originally sent in a gazillion US troops to Afghanistan back in 2001 after the 9/11/01 attack (you know, the biggest attack on our nation that you and Georgie joked about coming a month before it happened). But he didn’t. He didn’t care about Osama bin Laden either, though, he did use ‘al-Qaida’ (The Base) in every sentence to keep the fear going that The Base lived in our basements and would attack us at a moment’s notice if we weren’t careful.

If Afghanistan was truly the one thing keeping our country safe, then why did George Bush stop the FBI/CIA from further looking for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan years ago? I thought you ninnies said we were attacked on 9/11/01 because Clinton didn’t get Osama so it was Clinton’s fault our nation was attacked! Well, by your own rhetoric, George Bush and The Base will be blamed for the next one!

I still to this day believe that The Base (al-Qaida) is a death squad created in the 1980′s by American Republicans, because after 8 years of the ‘waronterra’ you’d think we know more about The Base. Nope! We don’t know nothing about them, because to delve too deeply would bring us right back to Condi Rice, George Bush, Dick Cheney, our government, and the rest of the warmongering thieves over the last 3 decades!

Here’s Ronald Reagan having a brunch at the White House with Afghan Taliban leaders back in the 1980′s….


If we are attacked again on American soil, it will be the fault of our government again and not one person is going to say, “This is the war in Afghanistan’s fault!”. Just because President Obama is in the White House does not mean Dick Cheney and The Base are not conspiring another false flag attack on our soil via Cheney’s Shadow Government to go to war with Iran to feed the Military Industrial Complex! No way will I blame our current President for the next attack. What better way for Israel to attack Iran than if The Base in America gives them the fuel they need to have a reason to launch missiles into Iran at the end of this year! Seriously, The Base and Israel….united in infamy! Big huge false attacks are all they have at this point to keep their New World Order going!

The nineteen 9/11 hijackers lived in America. They were allowed to attack our nation on the morning of 9/11/01 without interruption. The End.

Dick Cheney told us recently that the next attack will be a nuclear attack. He’s sure of it. Nice to know he’s giving us a forewarning this time around! The Base is busy right now. Luckily for them, they have Glenn Beck to shake up the dialogue to keep everyone looking in the other direction. See? The Base needs cover and they will speak to us soon! You can be sure. Who the hell is going to blame the war in Afghanistan when it happens? I won’t be!!!!

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2 thoughts on “When America is attacked again, it will have nothing to do with Afghanistan

  1. So you want to know a bit more about “The Base”, and some of the
    other acts of corruption and treason? Funny you should ask. Allow
    me to introduce Sibel Edmonds. This interview, published in the
    American Conservative of all places, should make a number of people
    squirm, and should be the basis for criminal investigations.
    http://www.amconmag.com/article/2009/nov/01/00006/ Let’s hope
    someone in the MSM has the balls to cover this, particularly since
    it’s coming from a publication founded by Pat Buchanan

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