Van Jones has resigned for calling republicans ASSHOLES and for signing a petititon that exclaimed 9/11/01 was allowed to happen by our government

Gee, if calling republicans what they are (ASSHOLES) is enough to resign or get yourself fired, then this means a good portion of our society would be unemployed at the moment! Van Jones spoke the truth awhile back. The republicans are assholes. The End.

And they’re liars too. 9/11/01 was a big fat sham perpetrated and allowed to happen by our republican controlled government on that fateful morning, because how else did 4 planes do circles in the sky and hit their intended targets without any kind of interception? Huh? A question not answered yet and most likely will never be!

Van Jones in his own words today:

“On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me….They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.”

“I have been inundated with calls — from across the political spectrum — urging me to ‘stay and fight.’ But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.”

The good news? Van Jones will still be working for the Obama Administration just not as the Special Advisor to President Obama for green jobs. He will be like Karl Rove was to George Bush after Rove stepped down…..on the sidelines helping & giving advice anyway.



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99 thoughts on “Van Jones has resigned for calling republicans ASSHOLES and for signing a petititon that exclaimed 9/11/01 was allowed to happen by our government

  1. Glenn Beck played Van Jones saying that after Rosa Parks the Civil Rights movement should have used this minor achievement to get to the larger goals. Now you watch! Beck thought this to be very ‘communist’ but he will use Van Jones’ resigning as a way to rally his armed militia-types to keep fighting for the larger goals (which is kill the president and then take over the White House to instill a fascist capitalist right wing religious agenda!)!

    Mark my words. Beck will become Van Jones.

  2. You’re right about those planes Kay.FOUR hi-jacked airliners
    allowed to circle some of the most secure airspace in the world
    without ANY response is at the LEAST criminal negligence.When a
    golfer’s jet veered off course for a few minutes it was SURROUNDED
    by F-16s in minutes…..BEFORE 9/11! I honestly think Beck’s days
    on the air are numbered. Despite a growing Nielsen rating, he is
    melting down. Going nuts publicly,crying on the air. Jesus, he’s
    now starting to call for an armed insurrection. That’s called
    sedition and that’s a federal felony. Van Jones will be vindicated,
    he will continue to serve in what may wind up being a MORE
    effective capacity and, as Randi Rhodes has said, Beck will wind up
    in a room painting with his own poop.

    • “Randi Rhodes has said, Beck will wind up in a room painting with his own poop.”

      Bah hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! I love Randi Rhodes, Frank. Thanks so much for sharing her thoughts with us! Beck is going batshit crazy on the air. I’m loving it watching him delve into complete paranoia.

      And Frank? Someone wanted those planes to hit their intended targets! No one can convince me that a bunch of guys with boxcutters were able to thwart the defenses of the most powerful nation on the planet! For that to happen, they would have needed help from within!

  3. I signed the same petition back in 2004 wanting a more thorough
    investigation of 9/11. Why? As one who has a B.A. degree in all of
    the sciences/math and studied physics in grad school, there are a
    lot of questions involved with the physics of what happened that
    haven’t been answered for me. As someone who once took a college
    math course in probability, the fact that so MANY INCIDENTS had to
    happen like clock-work to make 9/11 successful (including the stand
    down that prevented our interceptor jets from becoming involved
    early on) that it astounds me. Of course I could have bought a
    ticket and won over $300 million in last week’s Mega Millions
    Lottery, so it could be probable (millions to one) that a few men
    with box cutters could do so much damage in one morning.

    • Grant, did the Bush Regime explain why WTC 7 was pulled that morning, you know, the building that housed many documents related to SEC investigations (Eliot Spitzer had to go too!) of Citigroup (you know, the company the Saudi Royals are a major owner of)? Nope! There was also gold & silver housed in the basement of this building too. After 9/11, the Bush Regime used fear to make sure no one dared to ask questions about 9/11, because if you did, you were labeled a traitor. Oh, but if anyone questions President Obama they’re a hero! LOL *shaking head*

  4. Awww, how come George Bush’s republiCANTS didn’t investigate 9/11/01? Oh wait! That’s because they were all too busy covering it up and paying people to shut up. The true traitors to America are the ones who allowed 3,000 Americans to die so they could use the day to get what they wanted: CONTROL OF THE 2ND LARGEST OIL RESERVE ON THE PLANET, TO USE IRAQ AS A WINDSHIELD & CENTRAL FRONT FOR THEIR RIGHT WING AGENDA, AND TO BRAINWASH A NATION INTO BELIEVE THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES TO PROTECT US, while ignoring the fact that the largest attack on our nation occurred under their watch!

    Prior to 9/11 in the year 2001, there were over 60 incidences where our F15-F16s were called up to check on planes WHO HAD GONE 5 DEGREES OFF COURSE. Oh, but the morning of 9/11, these planes were allowed to turn around and hit their intended targets! The only time they were sent up WAS AFTER THEY HAD HIT THEIR TARGETS AND DICK CHENEY TOLD THEM TO GO OUT OVER THE ATLANTIC (the opposite direction!).

    The next 9/11 attack won’t be a surprised after 8 years of the Bush Regime. Makes you wonder who Dick Cheney knows in the CIA and at the Pentagon and what they’re planning? Cheney said the next attack will be nuclear. I believe this war criminal. I’m sure he will be behind it!

  5. Why did George Bush sit in a classroom the morning of 9/11? BECAUSE 9/11 WASN’T A SURPRISE TO HIM! He knew it was coming. A month before Condi Rice showed him the PDB dated August 6, 2001 while he was vacationing (which he did a lot!) and he said, “Now you’ve covered your ass”.

  6. I began to wonder what really happened after George Bush and Dick
    Cheney were so AGAINST ANY investigation at the beginning,
    then forced to investigate the biggest terrorist attack in our
    history, tried to place their lackeys like Kissinger, Ridge, etc.
    to be in charge. They simply keep telling us to be good sheeple,
    not to believe in “kooky conspiracy theories”, as if their
    “official” explanation isn’t also a conspiracy theory. Why was
    there such a hurry to ship most all of the steel from the WTC site
    to Asia to be melted down BEFORE investigators got a chance to
    examine/test it? The government’s “Osama bin Laden and 19 hijackers
    with poor piloting skills and box-cutters did it” is also a
    conspiracy theory and a result is that Bin Laden has never been
    charged with 9/11 because there is no hard evidence that he or al
    Qaeda were involved. Later we got some alleged tapes made by the
    deal/or alive bin Laden bragging about it. However, that is still a
    theory. He has been charged with conspiracy to kill Americans
    outside of the U.S. but not YET for 9/11. Americans have been
    brainwashed into equating “conspiracy theory” with “nut job” while
    being sold the nuttiest conspiracy of them all, I fear. A bunch of
    crazy guys got by the most sophisticated military in the world and
    hit their targets (even displaying great piloting skills at the
    amazement of their former flight instructors). This after our
    government KNEW the planes were coming, KNEW they had been hijacked
    and had made a sharp right turn above Albany and were coming
    straight down the Hudson River towards New York City while our Air
    Force HAPPENED to be under orders to “stand down”! Another argument is WHO
    and there are many individuals/groups that did, but
    that is for another essay. 9/11 was the biggest wet dream of the
    neocon fascists who formed PNAC.

    • (((((HUGGING GRANT))))) Exactly Grant! And not only that, how come the Pentagon couldn’t defend itself before an attack? Seems a little odd doesn’t it? Yep! Never investigated.

  7. CNBC’s John Harwood just now on NBC’s Sunday Night News says that
    Van Jones resignation shows he has paid for his support of the
    “PREPOSTEROUS” (Harwood’s words) 9/11 conspiracy theory. Didn’t
    Jones only sign a petition wanting further investigation of 9/11
    back in 2004? The MSM reports, the sheeple swallow it hook, line,
    and sinker.

    • I’m sure John Harwood would welcome a full investigation into 9/11 to put everyone’s mind at ease that the Bush Regime wasn’t at the White House applauding the 9/11 attack!

  8. Absolute best health care discussion to date;

    Brian Lamb interviewing T. R. Reid

    Author: The Healing of America

    Subtitle: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care.

    No insane tea baggers trying to stifle discussion, no reich wing lies, no stupid trollin’, just the facts.

  9. Frank, funny how the one section of the Pentagon that was under construction is where the Pentagon was attacked. Rummy was completely safe on the other side of the building! Perfect, and besides, Rummy being friends with Dick Cheney for several decades was in on the attack, because why else would the Pentagon not defend itself. Wasn’t anyone looking in the sky for an attack after seeing what was going on in NYC? Nope! NORAD, the FAA, and no one was watching. They were too busy making sure all the planes hit their intended targets!

  10. Dammit Clif! I’ve missed almost all the interview this morning. I have to work today (might be a half day) but hopefully C-SPAN will re-air it this afternoon or this evening.

  11. Stop it, y’all. Just stop it. We don’t need kooky conspiracy
    theories on the left. Leave that shit to the right, where it all
    began, and where it belongs. You guys sound as bad as the Birthers.

  12. The biggest conspiracy on our nation happened on 9/11. Four planes were allowed to do circles in the sky without interruption. Even though the transponders were turned off and the FAA could not locate the planes, that does not mean NORAD couldn’t see them. They could. It’s what they do….they track the skies over America for gawd’s sake. But hey! If you want to compare the birthers to us, you can, but a fake birth certificate compared to the killing of 3,000 Americans is quite the difference don’t you think? I think so. There are some (Glenn Beck) who want to reduce those of who question 9/11 to the birthers, but that’s because they don’t want a real investigation of 9/11 done, because they know we liberals will be right once again. We’ve been right on everything even though it’s taken years for the truth to come out.

  13. But that’s just it. 1) There’s nothing remotely “liberal” about
    conspiracy theories. 2) You’re not right about any of the stuff
    you’ve said. I don’t even know where to begin with all of the
    flat-out false things you’ve said here.

    • Well, first of all I don’t believe for a second that you’re a real lefty. You’re one of those birthers who is online pretending to be one. You don’t have to believe a word I’ve said. You believe a bunch of guys with box cutters who lived in caves were able to thwart the most powerful military/county on the planet. You’re free to believe that. I question you.

  14. See, that’s a good example. They didn’t live in caves til AFTER
    9/11. Not to mention, the implication that Arabs couldn’t study an
    enemy’s defenses and find weaknesses just as well as we can is
    patently racist. And BTW, NORAD does not, and never did, “track the
    skies all over America.” They watched the airspace OUTSIDE North
    America in case of foreign attack.

    • Cheney’s Secret Service was in contact with NORAD the morning of 9/11. George Bush is the one who said the hijackers lived in caves. You should know that being a “lefty” and all. *rolling eyes*

  15. I don’t give a crap what Bush says about anything, and never did.
    Like most things out of his mouth, it was a statement detached from
    reality. Al-Qaeda leadership and OBL did not flee into hiding until
    after the invasion of Afghanistan. And so what if “Cheney’s Secret
    Service” was in touch with NORAD? Hardly surprising, considering
    all the shit going down that day. None of it changes the fact that
    NORAD does not, and never did, “track the skies all over America.”
    NORAD was set-up to monitor the BORDERs of US/Canadian airspace, to
    prevent or intercept incursions FROM OUTSIDE. The 9/11 attacks came
    from INSIDE U.S. airspace. And BTW, NORAD is a joint
    Canadian-American command. Was the Canadian government in on this,

    • Well, not one F15-F16 was called up that morning but prior to 9/11 there were over 60 incidences of them being called up to check on planes that had gone off course or had flown into protected space. The morning of 9/11? They were sent out by Dick Cheney over the Atlantic after all the planes met their target and away from all the action.

      Hey, you can believe that 19 individuals could confuse the most powerful nation on the planet, but I don’t! How come the FBI still to this day hasn’t listed Osama bin Laden as the one behind the 9/11 attack? NO EVIDENCE HE WAS!

  16. Cheney did not “send” the jets out over the Atlantic. They flew
    there because that’s where ALL scrambled jets automatically fly
    from the NEADS sector, when they are scrambled. Cheney wasn’t
    involved in the decision at all. Ever. What’s your proof of the 60
    intercepts anyway, and have you actually read the NTSB and other
    relevant reports on them? I guarantee you, you’ve been misinformed,
    probably on purpose by lying Truthers pretending to be liberals.
    OBL was already on the FBI’s most wanted list because of the
    African embassy attacks in 1998. He was never taken off of it.

    • Wasn’t it our military who was doing a simulation that morning alongside the actual hijacking and NORAD was involved in that? They were screening it? So you mean to tell me they had no idea where the military planes were and they had no idea where these 4 planes were? And why did Rummy say twice publicly that Flight 93 was shot down? Something was happening behind the scenes.

    • Because it’s Congress’ job to get the ball rolling. All the death certificates for those killed on 9/11/01 were listed as homicides, but yet, no homicide investigation was done. The crime scenes were cleaned up, shipped to China to be melted down, and that was that. The 9/11 Commission came along and glossed over everything and…..poof. Nothing.

  17. The wargames had absolutely no effect on NORAD’s defense
    capability. With or without the wargames, NORAD would still only
    have had 14 jets nationwide at its disposal, because that’s all it
    had ever had for about 15 years. The forces involved in wargames
    and other exercises would not have been under NORAD command if they
    weren’t being used. The wargames are irrelevant. And what Rummy,
    Bush, Cheney, or whoever said for whatever muddled reason is also
    irrelevant. The forensic evidence comes first, and not a shred of
    it backs up the Truthers. That’s why they’ve never tried taking
    their “evidence” to an international court, and never will. They
    know they don’t have a case. But they’d sure like to sell you some
    black T-shirts…

    • And then there’s the Pentagon……couldn’t even defend itself! Had no idea a big plane was coming right at it! Oh please. You believe what you want and I will believe what I want. The war games were scheduled for 9/11/01 for the confusion aspect. No other reason than that. But hey! You believe Cheney is innocent (even though he was a part of a right wing thinktank during the 1990′s that dreamed on a Pearl Harbor-like attack on America to use as a reason to get into Iraq (to finish where George H.W. Bush left off).

  18. There’s no evidence the plane was shot down. And if the Canadians
    weren’t in on it, why haven’t there been any Canadian
    whistle-blowers? Their personnel have the same security clearances
    as ours.

  19. “The crime scenes were cleaned up, shipped to China to be melted
    down, and that was that.” — Total bullshit. The clean-up of Ground
    Zero took nine months. Every scrap of it was combed over by
    thousands of forensic CI teams at Fresh Kills Landfill. The victims
    in the Towers were identified by their DNA, much of it taken from
    microscopic bio-samples recovered from the rubble. You have no idea
    what you are talking about.

    • No one is arguing that the investigators had to look for bone fragments to identify the dead for the families. We would expect that in a homicide investigation. Some of those people died because the buildings fell and not from where the planes hit and burnt. Where was the investigation on why all 3 buildings fell at free fall speeds? Here’s a building in Spain with a metal frame that burnt for close to a day and didn’t collapse at free fall speeds:

  20. See, kay, unlike you, I’ve actually read all this stuff. How was
    the Pentagon supposed to defend itself? It’s an office building
    that sits at the end of Reagan Airport’s runways. I’ve flown over
    it myself, as do hundreds of flights per week. There are no
    automated defenses at the Pentagon, and never have been. It would
    be too dangerous to civilian flights. The PNAC document did not
    advocate the invasion of Iraq, and did not cite the “new Pearl
    Harbor” as an opportunity to do so. The PNAC report was mostly
    about the Star Wars missile defense system.

    • Okay, let’s say the Pentagon doesn’t have one missile defense system in place to protect itself and it should be considered no different than a Wal-Mart store. It does have a prohibited airspace doesn’t it or can anyone just land on the top of the building with a helicopter whenever they want to? Seems a little odd that the Pentagon would have zero defenses.

  21. The buildings did not collapse at free-fall speed. And that
    building in Spain? You’ll notice that the steel parts of it DID
    collapse. Only the concrete core remained standing.

  22. “No one is arguing that the investigators had to look for bone
    fragments to identify the dead for the families. We would expect
    that in a homicide investigation.” — That’s exactly what was done.

    • Yes, they identified the body parts but who questioned why the buildings fell, who knew what ahead of time, and was there more to the story than a bunch of hijackers with box cutters who were drinking vodka at Casinos down south (you know….all Muslims drink & gamble! *rolling eyes*!). There is a huge back story to the day, don’t you think? I mean, really, the FBI was called by a secretary of a flight school to report that she found a couple guys taking lessons at the place suspicious. The FBI did nothing.

      • Around the time George Bush had 4 insider trading charges against him back in the 1980′s, he was buddies with the bin Ladens. So was his Daddy. According to Glenn Beck, THESE ARE THE PATTERNS WE LOOK FOR!

  23. It may seem odd, but it’s true. Hundreds of civilian plans a week
    pass through Pentagon airspace. If they didn’t, they couldn’t land
    at Reagan National.

    • Wrong dummy. From the article you posted:

      It was reported that the fire started at 23:00 at the 21st Floor. Within one hour, all floors above the 21st Floor were on fire. In the following hours, the fire gradually spread downwards to the lower technical floor at the 3rd Floor. The total fire duration was estimated to be 18 ~ 20 hours.

  24. NIST “questioned why the buildings fell” and issued a 10,000-page
    report of its conclusions. I’ve read every word of it. Have you?
    But I’m glad to see you admitting that the “melted and shipped off
    to China” story is complete bullshit.

    • I’ve not read it. Sorry, but there were firefighters who said that morning that the buildings appeared to have been demolished, you know, they acted just like they had been detonated to fall. Not sure if they were detonated or not but they sure did collapse awfully fast don’t you think? And WTC 7 held SEC documents against Citigroup, you know, the company the Saudi Royals are a big investor in and the same Saudis Bush & Cheney are friends with!

      So, what you believe is that all the metal from the WTCs is buried at Free Kills Landfill. Every bit of it. Two 105-story buildings are now underground housed with the body parts. I believe there are body parts in there but I don’t believe for a second that all the metal is still there!

      • Uhhhh sorry, but your article states this:


        Fire Development

        Cross Section
        Fire started at the 21st Floor
        23:05 ~ 23:20
        After receiving a fire signal, the security guards went to the 21st floor and attempting to fight the fire before giving up
        Fire brigade was called
        Fire brigade arrived
        Fire brigade started to fight the fire (news report)
        All floors above the 21st floor were in fire (news report)
        Fire brigade retreated and adopted a defensive position, preventing fire spread to adjacent buildings
        Fire spread below the 17th floor
        Chunks of facade started falling off (news report)
        Fire spread below 16th floor, crossing over the upper technical floor
        Floors at upper level collapsed (news report)
        Fire spread below the 12th floor (news report)
        Fire spread below the 4th floor
        Fire was under controlled
        Fire brigade declared the put out of the fire (news report)

        Around 6 or so hours in some of the floors collapsed but if you read further on it says FLOOR 17 KEPT THE ABOVE FLOORS STABLE. The building itself never collapsed at free fall speeds. Ever. It never collapsed. Some of the floors did but ONE FLOOR held up most of the building. On the morning of 9/11, all floors were weakened. Yeah right…………sure they were! The gas in the original explosion pretty much burnt off and the only thing that was on fire was furniture, the walls, the floors, etc. The heat generated could not have weakened all floors or all of the support beams. I would not have questioned the buildings falling at free fall speeds if the building buckled where it was weakened and the WTCs remained standing. But that’s not what happened on 9/11 now was it?

  25. Um, read the timeline, kay. From the time the fire engulfed all of
    the upper floors to the time those floors collapsed was a little
    over an hour.

  26. My next door neighbor in Corpus Christi, a retired Navy pilot who
    then flew out of NAS Corpus Christi for the United States Customs
    Service on a P-3 AEW early warning radar aircraft, was drafted by
    NORAD immediately after 9/11 to fly all over the Midwest in a joint
    effort. So for about three months, then, we were not looking for
    drug shipments out of Central and South America. Don’t know if the
    drug cartels knew we weren’t watching them. So who knows how much
    cooperation between NORAD and other governmental units. I find it
    hard to believe that the 9/11 “pilots” who were not able to even
    fly a Cessna well (one only wanted to learn to take off, not land!)
    were able to handle huge commercial jets, make tight turns
    undergoing high gravity forces and come in right on target.

  27. Another question I have about the day Grant is… come these hijackers were able to live in our nation undetected, but a few days after 9/11 the FBI posted all their pictures like they had them all along…..and the secretary at the flight school who reported one of the hijackers (he just wanted to learn to fly and not learn to land a plane!) as suspicious but the FBI did nothing? You would have thought they would have been at that flight school in zero seconds!

  28. The “lefty” Michael Reagan, stepson of Ronald, has said this about
    those who question 9/11: Reagan suggested that people who claim
    that “nine-eleven was an inside job,” a U.S. government conspiracy,
    deserve to die. “Take them out and shoot them. They are traitors to
    this country, and shoot them. But anybody who would do that doesn’t
    deserve to live. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s
    what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullet.”
    That’s the ticket, believe everything your government says (IF they
    are Republicans) or else! Our government once was going to kill
    Americans in a false flag operation (Northwoods) feeling a
    sacrifice of some innocents was worth the price to incite outrage
    followed by an invasion of Cuba. Of course this only came to light
    a few years back after the proposal was declassified. Thankfully
    JFK nixed the idea at the time.

    • Grant, the way I see it…..there were people in our government who were like the wife who hired the hitman to kill her husband for the insurance money. She knew her husband was going to die at some point and when she found out, she didn’t react like a normal person would (kind of like George Bush just sitting there in a classroom reading a book and wondering when the best time to leave would be, you know, wait until all the planes have hit or just sit there making sure people think you’re concerned!) which caused the police and others around her to become suspicious and then ultimately her arrest.

      Someone paid for the hijackers to live here.

      Someone at the FBI ignored a call from a citizen that a hijacker was at the flight school she worked at.

      And Michael Hayden of the CIA overhead the conversation of 2 of the hijackers on September 10, 2001, but said he didn’t respond to what they were saying (“Tomorrow is zero hour” etc), because he said he didn’t have an interpreter to figure out what they were saying! Oh please! Why were you listening to them in the first place, ya dumbass. Because you had interpreters and you knew The Boss wanted the hit to happen!

  29. @kay — The point you’re missing about the Windsor Tower is that
    ITS CORE WAS CONSTRUCTED OF CONCRETE. This was not true of the WTC
    towers; they were steel through and through. THE STEEL PORTIONS OF
    consider is that it took the fire in Windsor Tower a lot longer to
    spread across whole floors than it took the fire in the WTC. And,
    you are parsing my words and the posted timeline. From about 2:00,
    when fire engulfing all the upper floors spread to the 17th floor,
    to the collapse at 4:00, was two hours (admittedly, I overlooked
    this myself). Before that, fire crews were fighting it. So, what
    you’re looking at is a situation where fires burned unchecked
    across multiple floors of a steel framed building for two hours,
    after which THE STEEL COLLAPSED. It wasn’t ONE FLOOR (!!!) that
    held up the building… it was the CONCRETE CORE.

  30. @kay… Couple more things: — THE WTC TOWERS DID NOT COLLAPSE AT
    FREE-FALL SPEEDS. So, your entire line of “inquiry” is based on a
    false premise. — The fact that firefighters reported explosions is
    pretty innocuous. Things blow up in fires. It doesn’t mean anything
    suspicious was going on. — Your video of controlled demolition, if
    you pay close attention, looks nothing like the collapse of the
    WTC. It begins from the bottom, not the top, and the bombs are
    REALLY LOUD. Watch some videos of the WTC collapse with the sound
    on. Hear any bombs? Didn’t think so. — My views on Van Jones are
    pretty sparse, as I don’t know much about him. But, Obama should
    have been smart enough to anticipate the reaction the appointment
    would have garnered, and could have easily avoided the
    embarrassment. And, I barely know who Glenn Beck is outside of the
    mockery I see Olberman throwing at him every night. From I can
    tell, Beck deserves it.

    • Northwood is an example of how our government can conspire. Some believe the Pearl Harbor attack was going to happen well before it did and our government ignored those planes in the sky all because they wanted to get involved in WWII! But hey, you believe a bunch of guys (even 19 rednecks in America!) could have easily thwarted all defenses and warnings of the most powerful country on the planet. And you can believe it! I don’t. Call me what you want and label what you want, but don’t ever call me a FASCIST, A CONSERVATIVE, A BIRTHER, OR A DEATHER. That would hurt! Ouch. I just had to put a bandaid on my arm just thinking about those names!

  31. @kay… a large portion of the WTC core columns DID remain
    standing: about 40 stories in one tower and about 25 in another.
    Oh, no, the debris is not BURIED at Fresh Kills. It was simply
    stored there during the forensic investigation. After all the
    evidence possible had been gathered from the debris, it was THEN
    shipped off to various labs, recycling centers, etc.

  32. No, they didn’t take HOURS to collapse, but they didn’t fall at
    free-fall, either. Free fall would have been 9.2 seconds. One tower
    collapsed in 18 seconds, the other 25.

  33. Look, kay, your problem is you assume the US government had/has way
    more power than it did. Just because you THINK it was invincible
    and almighty doesn’t mean it was. Government is composed of humans,
    nothing more. To have the kind of control over its airspace and
    immigration that you seem to think it had, would mean American had
    to be a police state. Don’t ascribe to malice what can more easily
    be explained by incompetence.

    • Government is composed of humans and it’s also composed of Bush Family & Friends Inc. The End.

      Thanks for pointing out that over government doesn’t care about our country and that’s why they never watch the airspace over it….especially when it’s under attack! I wonder why they go through all that training then? The Brunswick Naval Air Station here in Maine apparently has spotted two Russian subs off our coast. I for one don’t believe them because those who work at BNAS want to keep their jobs, so what better way then to say, “hey! the enemy is off the coast! think of us this Christmas when our children don’t have presents under the tree because the Bush Regime fired us!”. See? Our government is watching everything. Hell, they’re listening to every phone call we make and track us online using keywords. You’re telling me that the FAA doesn’t have a snap shot of every plane in the sky over America every second of the day and that NORAD doesn’t give a shit about watching our airspace either. Okay! Alrighty then!

    • So “Lefty”, a 105-story building falling in 24 seconds to you is slow? Wow. Okay. *rolling eyes*

      Well, I’m going to bed. Some of are part of the hard working labor movement in this country and have to work in the morning!

  34. The official 9/11 Commission reports says: From 9:59 until 10:28
    At 9:58:59, the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds,
    killing all civilians and emergency personnel inside, as well a
    number of individuals-both first responders and civilians-in the
    concourse, in the Marriott, and on neighboring streets. Using the
    laws of physics, the towers at 1350 feet high should have fallen in
    9.2 seconds (in a vacuum, not at sea level like NYC). To achieve
    anywhere near this rate, all floors must collapse at the same time,
    not wait for the pancaking effect, as each floor hitting the one
    below slows it down. It’s like a long train starting up. When the
    engine moves, the rear car doesn’t move as the motion has to be
    relayed down the length of the train. AND the central core of both
    WTC towers were reinforced concrete carrying the bulk of the
    building’s weight (the outside skin walls were not much load

  35. No, 24 seconds is not “slow”; I never said it was. It’s just not
    free-fall speed. But I’ll give you credit. At least you didn’t say
    “speed of gravity.”

  36. Grant, I don’t think you’ve read your own link. It says, very early
    on, that 50 percent of the WTC’s load was born by the perimeter
    columns, 30 percent by interior core columns, and 20 percent by the
    concrete tube core. So, you’re wrong: the perimeter columns did, in
    fact, bear most of the Towers’ weight. And unlike the Windsor Tower
    (which wasn’t a tube-inside-a-tube like the WTC), the WTC suffered
    severe damage to both the interior columns and the core as a result
    of the plane impacts. Given that most of the weight was being born
    by the perimeter columns and the core had been severely damaged,
    followed by weakening of the remaining steel support by fire, it’s
    not surprise the buildings failed. And the Commission is wrong
    about the collapse time; just watch the video I posted. Which do
    you believe, the Commission, or your lying eyes? Besides, NIST did
    most of the science concerning the Towers, and their estimated
    collapse times are 18 seconds for Tower 1 and 25 seconds for Tower
    2. The “10 second” misconception comes from a common misreading of
    the NIST report; 10 seconds was the time it took the FIRST PIECES
    OF DEBRIS to hit the ground, not the total collapse time.

  37. Fist of all, your initial claim that the core was not reinforced
    concrete was wrong. The exterior curtain wall (outer tube) was
    composed of many closely spaced lightweight tubes and was only
    partially penetrated by the airplanes meaning that the great
    majority of the curtain wall was not destroyed at all. They would
    only carry 50% of the vertical load if ALL curtain walls had been
    destroyed on a floor. The inner reinforced concrete/steel beam core
    was not hit by the planes. The core contained the
    elevators/stairwells. Just before 9/11 an “alleged” fire sprinkler
    system plumbing crew was working in that core. However, the Port
    Authority did its own sprinker system repairs and nobody knows what
    this outside mysterious contractor was doing in the core of the
    building the week before 9/11. Conspiracists wonder if they weren’t
    placing loads for a controlled demolition. On the crew were illegal
    Middle Eastern men who had gone to Memphis, TN to obtain fraudulent
    drivers licenses. The worker who sold them the licenses at the
    Tennessee DMV was then found dead in her burning car before she
    could testify.

  38. Grant, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and spent a few days
    researching the construction of the WTC. Bad news: that site you
    linked to is a hoax. The WTC never had a concrete core. Ever. And
    yes, a significant portion of the core support columns were
    damaged. For some reason, this site is not letting me write long
    enough rebuttals, so I will link to this one, which covers the
    hoaxiness of your link in layman’s terms. – — I reviewed
    the NIST report (which you can do, as well by going to their
    website), and have an email pending from Les Robertson, who would
    know for certain.

  39. @ kay: pics of the core columns still standing after the rest of
    the buildings collapsed. Controlled demolition would not produce
    these results. –

    Edit by clif Umm dipshit, the pics are of the OUTSIDE columns of the towers, and if you actually knew anything about explosives and demo, you would know with proper prep, you can do quite a bit with demo.,, from somebody who actually does know a little about explosives and demo.

  40. The WTC was made up of 40% concrete and 60% steel. The inside and the outer layer of the WTC was where the strength was in the building, but yet, all floors failed….even the ones 50 stories below the impact site. Sorry! Still not buying your conclusion, Fake Lefty!

  41. I don’t expect you to buy my conclusion, at least not at face
    value. I do expect you to go to the source documents, though, and
    stop relying on hoax websites, conspiracy sites, etc. The NIST
    report covers the construction of the WTC in exceeding detail. And
    like I said, I have an email pending from the man who designed the

  42. By the way, according to Fake Lefty… office fire on the 98th of one of the WTCs would have also collapsed these buildings. *rolling eyes* Even with a plane in the mix, the original explosion burned up the fuel and as the fires burned the plane got lighter and lighter as did everything around it that was burning.

  43. kay, it’s apparent that you have no idea what the “official story”
    actually is. Same with Grant. I suggest you guys get the official
    story straight before trying to debunk it.

  44. Meanwhile, here’s an article about the largest recorded controlled
    implosion. –
    – Notice how much time and work was involved, in a building about
    half the size of the WTC; this kind of stuff can NOT be hidden:
    “Homrich/NASDI’s 21 man crew needed three months to investigate the
    complex and four months to complete preparations for CDI’s
    implosion design. During that period, the lower two basements of
    the structure were filled with engineered fill and the perimeter
    basement walls bermed to 1st basement level with soil to support
    perimeter walls which would surely have failed under soil and
    hydrostatic loads once the horizontal support of the Hudson’s
    internal structure was removed by the implosion. Double column rows
    installed in the structure between vertical construction phases,
    internal brick shear walls, x-bracing, 70 elevators and 10
    stairwells created an extremely stiff frame. Columns weighing over
    500 lb/ft, having up to 7.25 inch thick laminated steel flanges and
    6 inch thick webs, defied commercially available shaped charge
    technology. CDI analyzed each column, determined the actual load it
    carried and then used cutting torches to scarf-off steel plates in
    order to use smaller shaped charges to cut the remaining steel. CDI
    wanted to keep the charges as small as possible to reduce air over
    pressure that could break windows in adjacent properties. CDI’s 12
    person loading crew took twenty four days to place 4,118 separate
    charges in 1,100 locations on columns on nine levels of the
    complex. Over 36,000 ft of detonating cord and 4,512 non-electric
    delay elements were installed in CDI’s implosion initiation system,
    some to create the 36 primary implosion sequence and another 216
    micro-delays to keep down the detonation overpressure from the
    2,728 lb of explosives which would be detonated during the

  45. I don’t need to go to source documents. I watched the buildings collapse that morning and my conclusion was they did not fall naturally. You think they did. Stop trying to force us to see it your way for crying out loud! Go to a right wing site where you hang out and talk to them about it, Fake Lefty.

    I watch videos of the North Tower collapsing like this video and wonder about a lot of things out loud:

    As questioned by the host, why are there things flying upward from the where it’s collapsing? Was gravity not working that day?

  46. Yes, you do, kay. That is, if you want genuine understanding. A
    good science education would be helpful, too. Videos by high school
    science teachers aren’t evidence. “Questions” aren’t evidence. I
    know it hurts to admit, but the simple fact is that without a
    degree in structural engineering, you just are not qualified to
    reach meaningful conclusions about what you saw. Neither am I.
    That’s why I rely on the expertise of people with PhDs in the
    relevant fields (which, BTW, does NOT include AE911; lots of people
    have signed for them with fake names and credentials, and didn’t
    get discovered until they outted themselves. AE911 is a joke).

  47. And your conclusion was based, of course, on your expertise? I
    mean, you do have a master’s degree in structural engineering or
    some other relevant field, right? Because if not, you simply aren’t
    qualified to reach meaningful conclusions about what you saw.
    YouTube videos by high school science teachers are no substitute.
    And BTW, AE911 is a joke; you don’t have to prove any credentials
    to sign up, and many have signed up with fake names. They only got
    caught because they outted themselves.

  48. The official story is George Bush told us a bunch of guys with box cutters were able to thwart America’s security and when the planes hit the towers it weakened the structure from all the burning and it pancaked to the ground in 10 seconds.

  49. Nope. That’s not the official story. For example, the official
    story’s collapse time estimates are 18 seconds for Tower 1 and 25
    seconds for Tower 2. Until you can get details like this right, you
    aren’t qualified to question the “official story.”

  50. The story before 9/11 was from people who worked in the building who said two floors at a time were being shut down for maintenance. Plenty of time to open the walls up to put in explosives, thermite, or some kind of knew technique in bringing down buildings in an implosion.

  51. So, what does cause pieces of the WTC to fly upward as if it’s being exploded out as shown in the video I posted above?

    If you watch some of the videos on Youtube and count to yourself as you watch the buildings collapsing….from the moment the building starts collapsing until it’s over it’s @ 10 seconds. There was NOTHING holding these buildings back from collapsing.

    Here’s WTC 7 collapsing. Please do your counting!…

  52. In one of the videos above I posted, you can tell that each floor was programmed to detonate as the building collapsed. I’m sure they never thought so many cameras would be capturing every angle of the buildings that morning, but they did! They were hoping the falling debris would cover up their footprints.

  53. David Ray Griffin has written several books raising many questions
    about 9/11:
    Griffin has many supporters including John D. Wyndham, Ph.D.,
    Physics, Cambridge University; former Research Fellow at the
    California Institute of Technology who writes about Griffin’s WTC 7
    book….”A definitive study of what happens when political
    concerns are permitted to override science and the scientific
    . With intellectual finesse worthy of a scientist,
    Griffin shows that NIST’s WTC 7 report has no scientific
    credibility. A must read for all concerned with the restoration of
    science to its `rightful place’ in our democracy.”

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