it is truly this simple:

As long as the greedy health care CEO’s can quadruple their profits every seven years like they have done from 2000 to 2007,

IE 428% rise in profits while the population which lacks health insurance rises from 35 to 47 million, the profit motive seems to be the main problem in both costs and access.

Those profits from 2.4 billion to 12.7 billion through one recession into the beginnings of a much deeper recession,

Then the people who actually take home that obscene profit will always block and derail any attempts to cut into their glutenous profits

Only the oil industry has a rise in their profit number to match that,

We know how speculators on Wall Street helped increase the price of oil,

Oh wait Wall Street has a big stake in health care also,

A constantly rising stake,

IE large insurance corporations and big pharmaceutical corporations which put profits first.

Which seems sorta un-American go put obscene profits ahead of people, I know it is the unchristian thing to do.

Jesus said so.

Sorry, but both the Christian and true American thing to do would be put people and their health ahead of triple digit rises in profits.

And the weak proposals the republicans throw out can’t solve the problems of obscene profits over people.

Vouchers, minimal regulations ……

They will game vouchers to just raise costs and profits like they have gamed the HMO idea from the 1990′s, and turned the co-ops like Blue Cross-Blue Shield (a former non profit co-op) into profit centers for their greed.

they will do this much to the detriment of the people who actually need health care, well over 47 million uninsured and the millions going broke even though they have insurance.

Vouchers are no more the answer in health care then they were in education, just another reich wing canard to prevent any real change to either broken system

Only a TRUE public option the greedy CEO’s can’t game and coop to their own interests will be any real reform.

Vouchers isn’t it by a long shot.

Neither is a couple of regulations that congress can undo like they undid Glass-Steagall in the banking industry, (which has a primary direct cause of the economic meltdown we are currently suffering from),or like how the Bush administration just ignored hundreds of regulations, to help corporations to maximize their profits over the good of all of the citizenry of the country.

Sorry but until you CUT the power of the greediest of the richest among us to scam the system in ways that would make Bernie Madoff blush,, the problems of health care for most of the rest of us will just grow.

Only a public option does that.

To put it in easy terms to understand ….. a reorganization along European principles might save the American people about $1 trillion per year. But it also might cost the insurance and chemical industries that same amount, and they’re simply not going to let that happen.

So people push for a few new regulations and a brain dead idea like vouchers, instead of changing the cause of most of the problem,

The cause of the misery tens of millions suffer through each day,

The obscene profits of a few corporations and the very greedy CEO’s and big stock owners who keep lining up like pigs at the trough while millions lack health care and hundreds of thousands go bankrupted before they die.

The whole debate boils down to that.

So while profits uber alles is the rallying cry of the club for growth section of the, reich wing,

It is actually expressed in death panels organized by the insurance industry to cull those who are too sick to even give insurance … then to cut off the policy when the costs of care might slow the obscene profits of the wall street crowd.

It is expressed when other corporations have to close down factories and destroy the lively hood of millions of the middle class, to send their factories overseas, because the profits of a few, mean the rise in the costs of health care make employing people here is uneconomical, further eroding the security of the middle class, both by the loss of their jobs and the health care connected to those jobs.

Yes those death panels do exist but not where Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich lied and claimed they would exist,

No those death panels, which do not exist in the proposed legislation, those death panels do exist in the board rooms and bureaucracies of the corporate health care industry. Those death panels are fighting very hard to prevent President Obama from putting them out of the business of sentencing millions to unneeded illness, despair, financial ruin and death.

Those death panels underwrite the excessive immoral profits of those corporations, and the Wall Streeters who make their livings off the ideas the death panels of the corporate health care industry dishonestly push on the rest of us.

And of course the politicians who enable those obscene profits,

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5 thoughts on “it is truly this simple:

  1. Fantastic explanation, Clif! Of course, this info will be lost on the conservatives who are so regressive & greedy. These are the same people who pretended to be doctors on the floor of the Senate who diagnosed Terri Schiavo as being alive, even though her brain was liquid! Hey, it’s okay for them to create a Death Panel for those they want to keep alive at the benefit of those who profit from people like Terri! Yeah, yeah, keep em alive to make insurance more expensive for the rest of us! It’s disgusting. We all understand wanting our loved one to stay alive forever, but it’s selfish and greedy to think that that is possible. We’re all going to die and when the time comes, we hope we have mature, non-selfish people around us.

  2. I see our TROLL Skidmarks is back with another “cut and
    paste” job from a reich-wing blogsite
    I see this site has NO citations to back up its claims. But they
    know parrots like Skidmarks will take whatever is the printed word
    (has to be true if it is in type or bellowed by the likes of Rush
    and Faux News!) and run with it without investigation.

  3. Grant the web spin article skud banned tried but failed to use actually came from here;

    The Business & Media Institute

    at the bottom of their website it says this;

    The Business & Media Institute is a division of the Media Research Center

    Media Research Center

    The Media Research Center (MRC) is a conservative content analysis organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 1987 by L. Brent Bozell III. Its stated mission, according to its website, is “to bring balance and responsibility to the news media”, and the MRC catalogs and reports on what it asserts to be widespread liberal media bias in the United States press.

    So skud stoopid is just pushing the dumbassed crap brent bozell dreams up as usual.

    reich wing idiots pushing reich wing lies by reich wing spinmeisters,

    same old lying foole,

    which is why Kay banned him a while ago.

  4. Oops! I deleted Grant’s comment by mistake. Sorry Grant! I need some sleep. LOL I’m serious….or either that I have a pre-menopausal brain at the moment! Not sure which. :-)

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