Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) appeared on Colbert’s show recently

It’s a hoot! Enjoy!

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Better Know a District – Maine’s 1st – Chellie Pingree
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3 thoughts on “Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) appeared on Colbert’s show recently

  1. I saw it, and it was pretty funny. The line about Maine being .01
    black or whatever and Colbert says “whats his name” is hilarious.
    Glad to see someone from Maine on national TV who isnt Susan
    Collins for a change.

    • Chris, I loved the opening to the segment with Colbert dressed up like a Maine lobsterman/fisherman! Hysterical! Chellie is a really funny person. The summer I spent following her around was fun. She’s very personable too. Howie Carr was making fun of her knitting comments. WTH, many people knit. Hell, even a few years back professional football players were knitting to help their minds focus better! My grandmother was in the process of knitting her last pair of slippers 2 weeks before she died. She was blind. LOL I’m serious….she had knitted so much in her life that she could knit without seeing! :lol:

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