After 2 years of Obama’s campaigning, Jeb Bush believes Obama’s plan for America was a secret


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OMG, nothing says, “Hey I’m a republican and I listen with my fingers in my ears and see with my hands over my eyes!” than what Jeb Bush is now proclaiming about President Obama.

From Jeb’s interview with Tucker Carlson through Esquire Magazine:

Barack Obama would not have gotten elected if he’d let us in on his secret plan prior to the election. He would not have gotten elected if he’d said, “My idea is to create a $1.8 trillion deficit for the next fiscal year. My idea is to spend $750 billion [the president's budget estimate puts this figure at $630 billion] over the next ten years on a government-sponsored, government-subsidized health care policy. My idea is to create a massive cap-and-trade system [based on the idea] that CO2 is [a] pollutant and we need to tax it in a massive way to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.”

Yep, according to Jeb “Fingers in Ears” Bush, President Obama never once talked about the TRILLIONS IN DEBT he was about to inherit from Jeb’s brother, George. Never once did Obama talked about his plan for the environment, cap-and-trade, or his health care policy. Nope, it just didn’t happen, but then again, Jeb and the rest of the American Taliban can’t listen to anyone else, because they’re too busy enjoying their own reflection in the mirror and when they talk to said reflection, they think they’re wicked smaht!

Hey Jeb, stick a sock in it. You are the brother of the Worst President in the History of America and you expect us to wrap our brains around your bullshit? Not a chance! And if the republican ticket in 2012 ends up being you & Caribou Barbie? This will be all the proof that we need that you spent way too much time in front of the mirror admiring yourself instead of listening to the news about your running mate! Idiot.

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3 thoughts on “After 2 years of Obama’s campaigning, Jeb Bush believes Obama’s plan for America was a secret

  1. George W. Bush wouldn’t have been elected if he had told us that he was going to allow 9/11 to happen, take us into two costly and failed wars, trample on our constitution, allow torture, rendition, spy on American citizens, give us a record national debt, give a record foreign debt, give us a record trade deficit…

  2. Why does that OLD TURD just shit the bed already.

    Hasn’t he fucked America bad enough yet?

    Does he want his second criminal stooge son to completely fucking the country up?

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