7 thoughts on “And we wonder where Ahmadinejad got the idea to steal his last election!

  1. So was it a FAIR election? At least the world believes that Hugo Chavez won in honest elections because foreign observers were allowed and there was no media blackout. Despite long lines at the polls leading to keeping many polling places open for up to three hours longer, Iranian election officials declared that Ahmadinejad had won reelection in a “landslide” only a few hours after the polls closed (in a nation with paper ballots at that!), carrying not only 2/3rds of the vote in a race many pollsters said was a “dead heat”, but even winning his Mousavi’s hometown of Tabriz with more than 60% of the vote (even Mondale won his home state of Minnesota in his 49-1 electoral loss to Raygun in 1984).

    However, long lines at the polls that extended voting for several additional hours in many places also happened in the USA, and Bush “won” Ohio anyway.

  2. Iran really took the Bush model one step further. (actually a lot of steps forward). They didnt even count the votes, they just said Ahmadinejad won, told everyone to shut up, and put the cops on the street. Then they put the opponents under house arrest.

    It will be interesting to see the world reaction and Obama’s reaction to this coup. Will the Iranians stand up unlike the Americans in 2000?

  3. The US should stay out of their affairs and let history take a natural course. Our meddling in others’ affairs often makes things worse. With the median age of the Iranians now dropped to less than 26 years, these youth don’t remember 1979, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be another revolution, sooner or later, which scares the power mongers.

    More and more Iranians have seen our Hollywood movies, MTV videos, etc. and want to enter the 21st century. Already the youth are slipping off to areas where they can get away with wearing Western dress, without arrest, girls taking off their chadors/hijabs and letting their hair literally hang down.

  4. Neocon Robert Kagan, a co-founder of PNAC, says Obama is WRONG in not interfering with the Iranian election brouhaha and therefore must be siding with Ahmadinejad. Yeah, that’s the new talking point!


    Remember we interfered in Iranian affairs in 1953, our CIA supporting a coup of a democratically elected president we didn’t like, that gave us the oppressive dictatorship of Shah Pahlavi and his SAVAK secret police that led to the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

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