Sean Hannity of Fox News offered $1000 by Keith Olbermann for each second he lasts being waterboarded!

Sean Hannity laughs at the idea of being waterboarded. Yeah, yeah, apparently Sean thinks waterboarding is someone coming up to you on the deck and throwing a bucket of cold water on your face as you lay out in the sun sipping cocktails! Or maybe Sean thinks waterboarding is when you tie a line to a boat, stand on a board, and spend a few hours racing around the lake looking rather impressive? Huh. Not sure, but Sean Hannity said yesterday on Fox News that he’d be happy to be waterboarded for charity!

And Keith Olbermann is going to hold him to it too! Fabulous…

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I can see Hannity being waterboarded. Right before it happens he’ll say, “Hey, go easy on me! This is for charity, remember? I’m a celebrity and have a job to do tomorrow! Don’t forget!”.

Whoever waterboards Hannity should not go easy on him. Since a teaspoon of water in our lungs can kill us humans, then I think Hannity should feel drops of water being dripped into his nose while he’s attached to a board with his arms & legs restrained. Or maybe rest his head under water for 2 minutes while his arms & legs are restrained with his feet above his head? And do both techniques on him 183 times for 4 hours! To Hannity, this is all kids stuff anyway. He’ll be fine. He completely supports the idea of torture along with the rest of the American Taliban (today’s republic party). See?

I can’t wait to see the big brave Hannity being waterboarded! Hey wait…

Has Hannity accepted the offer yet? Not as of this writing. Bah hahahahahahahahaha!

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15 thoughts on “Sean Hannity of Fox News offered $1000 by Keith Olbermann for each second he lasts being waterboarded!

  1. Sean Hannity is a yellow coward like most repigs and will probably come up with some lame not to accept Olbermanns challenge.

    I happened to watch part of Hannity’s show and Charles Grodin asked square head Sean if he served in the military and square head Sean defensively replied “My father is a WWII veteran so I can say whatever I want.”

    So square head Sean’s daddy served in the military so that means Seanie can say whatever he wants but other Americans whose dad may have served in the military can’t say what they want?

  2. Hannity will never do it. Hes a coward just like the rest of them.

    If he did, it would be as a joke, with a fox news approved interrogator who will pour a dixie cup of water down his throat and Hannity will pretend to drown.

    Its all a joke to these people.

  3. Neither Hannity nor Olbermann would stand a chance… This IS the problem in comparative actions. Wimpy people of the “talent” class (don’t get me even started on that term which the media business grants these people, especially compared to the REAL talent that support them on these shows, movies, productions etc.), have no idea of what real torture really is.

    In fact, most of these would consider what happens during Plebe Summer or Marine boot camp as torture.

  4. Um Keith Olbermann never tried to pretend he was tough, he just offered to put up $100 for each second Hannity survives a real NOT fake,fake news orchestrated water boarding since the loud mouthed lying chicken shit, chicken hawk offered.

  5. Holy cow! Keith Olbermann is reporting that Dick Cheney had a file in his office labeled, “Detainees”. He was keeping tabs on them? Then that means he was also telling the CIA what to do with them too! He ordered torture. He’s a war criminal.

  6. The whole lot of them are chickenhawks, too scared to actually join the military but ready to fight with their big flapping lips from a safe distance.

  7. True Chris. :lol:

    Keith Olbermann just reported that Sean Hannity WILL NOT UNDERGO WATERBOARDING FOR CHARITY, but will instead send some money to charity to help out our troops. WHAT A CHICKENSHIT COWARD! I thought the wingers of America were the big strong guys who women flocked for? Bah hahahahahahaha! OMG, what am I saying? They’re not that kind of person at all! Bunch of buzzards.

  8. Typical reich wing loud mouth chicken shit chicken hawk pussy, hannity is just a gutless big mouthed coward.

    His running scared from the “paulbots” in the summer of 08 proved that one.

  9. Clif, there is no way in hell Sean Hannity could have done what you did in the Persian Gulf War! I’m telling you….the guy drops to the ground when a child pops gum. :lol:

  10. Fox’s median age is 63.9, according to Nielsen. So when they are not watching Fox, the Fox geezers are on the porch screaming at kids to “Get off my lawn!” No wonder Fox has so many leggy blonds reading their “news” as the mostly old and male viewership can still dream if nothing else. Hannity and O’Reilly talking about their BIG BALLS has them feeling, too, that their balls are still full of “bullets”.

    In a 2004 polling by Media Vote, using Nielsen diaries, it showed that Fox News viewers supported George Bush over John Kerry by 88 percent to 7 percent. No demographic segment was as united in supporting Bush as was Fox viewers. Conservatives, white evangelical Christians, gun owners, and supporters of the Iraq war all gave Bush fewer votes than did regular Fox News viewers. So no wonder the RNC keeps Fox on their payroll.

    So instead of providing “fair and balanced” reporting, Fox has created an audience ignorant of the facts (they matter???), but who are most often fully supportive of the Murdoch management’s reich-wing neocon ideology.

  11. Huh, that’s interesting NotalibButStupid…70% of Americans would like to see the neocons who support George Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann to die of the swine flu.

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