Should Jay Bybee be impeached for his role in giving the go ahead to torture?

Why start with impeachment? Maybe he should be disbarred, removed from the Ninth District Court bench, and then tortured until he tells us the truth about why he legalized torture when everyone on the planet knows that the United States and other civilized countries should not be torturing? At this point, I’m up for all of it!

Add John Yoo to the fun also please!

(hysterical video found on Huffington Post)

What I love most about President Obama is he consistently leaves the door open just far enough so he can slam the door on the right wing’s head. Recently he gave a statement concerning the CIA officers who tortured prisoners that they will not be prosecuted. He left the door open by not saying he would give immunity to those who defined torture or who wrote the torture policies! Woohoo! And you know what that means? I have a sneaking suspicion President Obama is listening to us. He wants to know if he should go ahead and prosecute. Well Mr. President…..I say YES! Either have AG Holder start the process or hire a Special Prosecutor to get the job done.

WE WANT TO SEE SOME ACCOUNTABILITY PLEASE! FOR 8 YEARS WE WATCHED THE ASSHOLES OF THE BUSH REGIME FLICK THEIR MIDDLE FINGER AT OUR CONSTITUTION, AT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND ALL TREATIES. They are despicable human beings who need to be brought to justice, otherwise, our country is no better than a Banana Republic!

Here’s the first crime committed by George Bush and others…

In 2001, George Bush and his cohorts knew that 9/11/01 was coming and ole George prepared for it, because this is why he refused to be a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC) early on. As noted in John Yoo’s memo dated August 1, 2002, he’s saying it’s very difficult to find fault with the Bush Regime for torturing, because Bush did not sign our country’s name to the ICC, so therefore, it was an anything goes without prosecution policy for years….

CLICK HERE to read Jay Bybee’s memo where he’s explaining that anything goes when it comes to torture. What is not explained by Bybee is how all of these techniques done on the prisoners all at once what effect it would have! Funny how that was left out. Bybee was basically saying that one of these techniques done to a person won’t leave lasting scars physically or mentally. Well then, can you explain what effect waterboarding 183 times in a short amout of time would have, Ya War Criminal? Spit.

A war criminal should not be on ANY FEDERAL BENCH nor should they be walking around freely….right George, Jay, John & Dickey? We Americans can do two things at once….we can fix the economy while chasing after you war criminals to make you pay for what you’ve done in our name! See? Assholes.

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One thought on “Should Jay Bybee be impeached for his role in giving the go ahead to torture?

  1. he should be at the hague in a war crimes trial.

    Oh yeah, and impeach him too I guess.

    Unfortunately President Obama has given them all a free pass. Obama really has failed us here.

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