Karl Rove still carrying the water for the Bush liars

Ummm Karl? *pointing to picture below*


Remember when you were almost arrested for treason, Karl? Remember that? Now what would make an American citizen so pissed off that she would walk across the stage and try to slap some cuffs on ya? And remember all the times you lied for, protected, and carried the water for George Bush and his Mafia Cabal? Huh? Remember all that? And remember the time you were so elated when George Bush “won” the 2004 election when you knew damn well the RNC and Ohio’s Ken Blackwell had stolen the election in the middle of the night while Americans slept? Well, you have some nerve saying our current Vice President, Joe Biden, is a liar or a “serial exaggerator and blowhard”! In fact, Americans will never forget how much of a liar Dick Cheney the last vice president was! Holy cow Karl! Oh, but you, you’re still carrying the water for the Bush Cabal and want Americans to believe that they were much loved and would never ‘stoop to Joe Biden’s level’.


Americans still despise you and with good reason, Karl. It’s because you were a liar, a spinner, a serial exaggerator, and a blowhard hell bent on defending the crimes of the Bush Cabal. And you’re still doing it….carrying the water for your pathetic useless political party too.  You should be in prison along with them, Karl, and the fact that you’re free to roam the earth is an abomination!!!

By the way Karl, not many people in this country liked George Bush. In fact, we despised him, so the following conversation Joe Biden says happened:

“I remember President Bush saying to me one time in the Oval Office, Well, Joe, I’m a leader.’, said George Bush.

And then Joe Biden saying back to George:

‘Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one is following.’”

Yep, I can see it happening. The only people who followed George Bush are the current crop of neck drooling knuckle draggers like Karl and others who believe George Bush was the best and most loved president of our country’s history. And they’re still following him. The rest of us with functioning brains and compassion in our hearts did not follow him nor will we ever. The End.

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35 thoughts on “Karl Rove still carrying the water for the Bush liars

  1. You’re everywhere! Saw you on Think Progress after I finished whacking some especially nasty ConservoTroids on my home paper (Like everything in Texas, they’re bigger and meaner down here-I swear, if I didn’t have family living here I’d be so far outta here…) any way, thought I’d drop by and say hi to Maine! So Hi Ms Kay in Maine!

  2. What a revelation that politicians lie. The only time they are lying is when their lips are moving. Nixon, Clinton, Bushes, and Obama are some of the best trained at it in the world so how surprised can you be when Rove calls Biden a liar. Politicians will say whatever is best for them at the time. Biden is more of a jokester than a liar because a and he is funny.

    Obama with his tax cuts for 95% of Americans and creating a gazillion new jobs. He knew going in that it was a lie and it is proving out to be. He is enacting tax increases and far more are to come, jobless rates are rivaling Reagan and his spending plans have no equal.

  3. Kay You arn’t holding back are you? Nicely said smack down, something we all would like to do but dont have the balls for.
    I dont think Karl is finnished yet, he has no option but to keep carrying water as you described. No one ever gets to leave the Cabal or roll over without getting icing on his wings. With a little luck Karl will find himself caught up between a rock and a very hard spot!!
    On Good Friday lets hope there is a God giving Karl the one finger salute, and Tango and I will give you a big thumbs up.

  4. Funny the delusional reich win kool-aid addict left off the BIGGEST LIAR post WW2, Ronald Wilson Reagan who lied in most of his speeches and lied to most Americans when he claimed to have lowered their taxes, in reality for those making less then $75,000 in the 80′s he RAISED their total tax load to Washington. Nice to see his deception crusade is still in full force.

  5. I’m surprised the capitalist, after showing how ignorant he is by claiming Clinton was responsible for the US Marine barracks bombing in Beirut back in 1983, would even show his face here again. I suppose one gets used to being a stupid clown after a while.

  6. Hell Insidious Prophet, he tried to blame bill Clinton for George W Bush’s refusal to send 500 US Army Rangers to Tora Bora in November 2001. He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.

    But as many many stupid reich wing trolls here have shown,

    the reich wing is still shit eating stupid.

  7. Incredibly Pathetic,

    Unlike you I did admit an error. Have you received your stimulus check yet and is the $13.00 withholding decrease making your life better because you seem a little bitter.

  8. Lookie, he has NO comeback so he tries BUT fails to derail the discussion about what a pathetic loser reich-wing troll he has become.

    capi-talist you need a life, but you have none

  9. u missed the best part Kay..

    Rove said “You should not exaggerate and lie like this when you are the Vice President of the United States.”

  10. Actually, my tax bill this year is some $800 less than it was a year ago for a similar year. Yippee! Thankyou, President Barrack Hussein Obama!

  11. “He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.”
    I don’t seem to remember the supreme court appointing anyone since that is not their function. They made a ruling to end the ridicules scheme to overturn an election but appointing is to far even for a wacko to claim. They should have stepped in with Minnesota but the left will have another clown in office. OH look we found another batch of votes in this car glove box, lets go count them, what a scam that is but since it is your scam it is alright.

    I was just concerned about Incredibly Pathetic because he is so uptight and that is unhealthy. Conservatives are concerned about the less fortunate and know that hate can be harmful.

  12. I’ll be doing my taxes this weekend. I could use an extra $13 each week over the course of the year. Over $600 if you add it up, but thanks for the concern Capitalist Pig! We appreciate it. *rolling eyes*

  13. Dick Cheney was the biggest liar in the history of liars and Karl Rove is now grabbing his crotch like a 2 year old who has to pee, because he can’t stand it! Poor widdle Lying Stinking Diaper Shitting Rove! :lol:

    If I remember correctly, didn’t Joe Biden already make this statement about George Bush? Didn’t he say it last year when campaigning? And why is it Rove is not pissed at Dick Cheney for making his insane comments about President Obama, huh? Oh wait! IOKIYAR! That’s right. If you’re a republican, you can say and do what you want and if anyone says and does what you do, we’re traitors!

    Unfreakingbelievable. The fact Rove’s face is on the news IS ONE MORE STEP TO THE DEMOCRATS KEEPING THEIR CONTROL OF THE HOUSE & SENATE!

    Bring on more Rove to remind Americans how much we hated the Bush Regime!

  14. “He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.”

    Hey Capitalist Pig at #12, as usual, you’ve misread what Clif wrote. He did not say the SCOTUS appoints themselves. He said the president does (and the Senate confirms/denies). Idiot.

  15. *waving to Nonplussed*!!!! How are ya? Yes, I spent some time cracking neocon skulls together over on Think Progress yesterday with the other fabulous liberals over there. LOL We have fun, huh? :lol:

    Nice to see you! Stop by here anytime! Always room in the WNI limo for one more liberal. By the way, sometimes the ride is bumpy and that’s because I’m busy driving over neocon heads, putting the limo in reverse, and then backing over their heads again. See? But come for a ride anyway! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  16. Kay,

    You did not get a $13.00 tax reduction, you just have to withhold $13.00 less. At the end of the year you still will be in the same tax bracket and pay the same amount, unless you don’t pay taxes of course or your income drops you into a different bracket.

  17. I don’t worry about my taxes. You do though because you believe that paying NO TAXES OR 85% LESS IN TAXES will make our nation strong. Yes, bankrupting our nation makes it really strong! *rolling eyes* Dumbass.

  18. Capi-talist, why did the five reich winger supremes state unequivocally that their stupid Bush V Gore ruling is a ONE TIME ONLY ruling and never to be used as precedent?

    Oh right cause it was the crappiest ruling they have made in a couple of decades or so.

    BTW shit for brains, the Minnesota elections procedure is directly following the law of Minnesota, which means you want the reich wingers in the supreme court to circumvent another state law for an ideologically bankrupted party.

    typical reich wing bed wetter

    Ed Schultz is right you clowns LOST big time last fall and are still crapping your diapers.

  19. Exactly Clif. To this day, Sandra Day O’Connor has some regret for making the biggest mistake in her life when she voted in favor of the fake cowboy to the be the next president without counting all the votes first (and Gore would have won!).

  20. You seem to wrong on both counts, I am sure it was just a honest mistake.

    Final certified vote for the state of Florida (25 electoral votes) Presidential candidate Vote total
    George W. Bush 2,912,790
    Al Gore 2,912,253

    So you see Gore lost

    On O’Connor, she did have misgivings about the Supreme Court getting involved with the Florida mess but that was not the reason she quit, which she has never stated. A lot of speculation stems around the court passing the seizing of personal property for commercial reasons.

  21. Oh look…..there’s Rove carrying the water for the American Taliban!

    Sandra Day O’Connor quit the bench BECAUSE HER HUSBAND WAS SICK & AILING. A couple years ago she gave an interview and said now that she’s watched George Bush for a few years, she regretted her vote for him (not her exact words but close).

  22. “Hey Capitalist Pig at #12, as usual, you’ve misread what Clif wrote. He did not say the SCOTUS appoints themselves. He said the president does (and the Senate confirms/denies). Idiot.”

    Damn Kay you are wrong again and again I am sure it was an honest mistake! Are you sure you are not Geitner in drag?

    Here is exactly what Clif said
    “He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.”

  23. She really said she regretted it going to the court not how she voted. Wrong again, that is getting to be a habit

  24. Sorry shity for brains that is the Katherine Harris block the recount, supreme court STOP the recount, which never counted all the legally cast ballots asswipe.

    If all the Legally cast ballots had been counted Gore would have been declared the winner which is why the reich wing spent so much money and time trying to block any recount even the mandated one.

    But reich-wingers like to cheat and lie so much.

  25. Here is exactly what Clif said
    “He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.”

    They did by blocking a recount of ALL legally cast ballots.

  26. Here’s the REAL numbers for the Bush v. Gore outcome:


    Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral votes:

    This 7-2 vote ruled that the standards the Florida Supreme Court provided for a recount as unconstitutional due to violations of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and further ruled 5-4 that no constitutionally valid recount could be completed by the December 12 deadline. This case ordered an end to recounting underway in selected Florida counties, effectively giving George W. Bush a 534 vote victory in Florida and consequently Florida’s 25 electoral votes and the presidency.[34][35] The results of the decision led to Gore winning the popular vote by approximately 500,000 votes nationwide, but receiving 266 electoral votes(1 DC Elector abstained) to Bush’s 271.[36] Gore strongly disagreed with the Court’s decision, but said “for the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, I offer my concession.”[37][38]


  27. “He doesn’t seem to remember five reich wingers on the supreme court Appointed bush in Dec 2000.”

    Exactly! The 5 wingers on the bench appointed Bush to the presidency! You don’t believe that? Where the hell were you during that election? Huh? The US Supreme Court chose George Bush before all the votes were counted. Years later, O’Connor said she regretted her vote.

  28. If the lying Bush war criminal enablers hadn’t stopped the recount here are the REAL final numbers from all legally cast ballots in Florida November 2000;

    Bush 2,915,130

    Gore 2,915,245

    If you use the standards each separate county used;

    here are the totals;

    Bush 2,917,676

    Gore 2,917,847

    In either case Gore actually won.

    Like I said reich wingers have to lie and cheat to win.

  29. And you know what the neocons would have said if Al Gore had won the 2000 election with only a few hundred votes (though it was much higher than that)? They would have said, “Mob rule! We’re doomed! We’re socialists now! Commies!”. *shaking head and then spitting* Idiots.

  30. The certified vote showed Bush won and even Kay admitted that.
    One thing your narcissistic leader has been very effective in doing is dividing the country.
    We are now a society of two classes. One who believes in empowerment the other entitlement. When you have nothing to lose you really don’t care what he does as long as he creates more social welfare. He is staying with his agenda of destroying the middle class to help the poor. The rich will take care of themselves.

    Clif, it is the electoral college that counts and bush had more votes in that as well, I thought you knew that.

    Conservatives are gaining ground in this country. They are not republicans and have a mind of their own to vote for the best candidate. Republicans under bush have become far to liberal and lost their identity but hopefully that will change.

  31. Still spreading reich wing spin eh son?

    The certified vote was what Katherine Harris the chairperson of bush’s Florida campaign, made sure was counted, she refused to allow a full and HONEST count.

    Since Gore actually WON the Florida vote (when all legal votes were actually counted) he would have won the electoral college also son, but the reich wingers on the supreme court made sure that couldn’t happen.

  32. Conservatives are gaining ground in this country.

    Now I know you are full of shit, the conservatives ain’t gaining ground just becoming more vocal and isolated in their relevance to what is being dome son.

    BTW numbnuts PLEASE rip the repubie party in half, that will show everyone just how delusional you clowns really are son.

  33. Where did I admit George Bush won the election? He didn’t win. He was CHOSEN/SELECTED to win by the right wingers on the US Supreme Court.

    Nice try though, Capitalist Pig! We know it’s not easy for you morons to tell the truth or even accept it. You’re the devil’s brownshirts.

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