Should we tell Rachel Maddow that the ‘conservadems’ aren’t only in the Congress?

They’re also online, Rachel. I know, I know you can’t believe this, because why would democrats online go after real Liberals & Democrats online, especially over the last two years and now when the Democratic Party needed the strength of unity? Well, it’s very simple Rachel. It’s all about power and being #1. Yes, I know it’s sad, but there are some ‘conservadems’ online who band themselves to the backs of neocons online to make themselves appear tougher than they are…especially when they’re going after a Liberal they’re insanely jealous of. And you know what Rachel? The conservadems in the Congress are no different. They’re not so much doing it out of insane jealousy, but rather, they just want the right wingers to love them. They want to appear tough by going after the Democratic President Barack Obama in the hopes that the right wing American Taliban members in Congress will think they have buddies and are as tough as they are. See? The online conservadems think that if they go after the real Liberals & Democrats online (along with their Pinko BackUp Dancers in tow), then they can reserve themselves a spot at the top!

And don’t worry! As I said many times over on FireDogLake (who have no conservadems by the way), Rachel, the Democrats in the Congress will have President Obama impeached within 6 months to a year of taking power to show the right wingers how to impeach a President! Yeah, yeah, they’ll go after their own all because they want to appear tougher than they are! They’ll have President Obama impeached for not paying for pens or pencils or something so stupid we will smack our forehead until it bleeds.

It’s pathetic really. But then again, so are the conservadems no matter where they’re found.

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20 thoughts on “Should we tell Rachel Maddow that the ‘conservadems’ aren’t only in the Congress?

  1. I was watching the rerun of Dennis Kucinich’s hearing last week of the financial sector and thought to myself….”the conservadems called me a nut because I wanted this man to be the president”. Yep, called a ‘nut’ when it was Kucinich who forced the House of Representatives to listen to the Articles of Impeachment against George Bush for 5 HOURS. And then the next day forcing the House to read back the Articles of Impeachment against George Bush for another 5 HOURS. Yep, and to think it will be the conservadems in the House & Senate who will most likely bring an iron fist down against President Obama, and for what again? Nothing much. Between the neocons in the Congress and the conservadems, they’ll find some lame stupid excuse/reason to impeach President Obama while coddling George Bush their Savior.

    It really is pathetic. The time for bravery was the last 8 years for crying out loud! Oh, but the conservadems thinks it’s cinchier and easier to go after their own instead. Shows their wicked bravery. *rolling eyes*

  2. Many Conservadems are really remnants of the Dixiecrats, the racists who answered the siren call of Pat Buchanan and Richard Nixon to come over to the “Party of Lincoln” in order to turn the “solid South” from Democratic to Republican. In order to get elected/re-elected to their conservative districts, they most often vote like Republicans. I have wondered why some just don’t get honest and become Republicans.

  3. I live just across the lake from the Johnson Space Center so we are always well aware and it’s on a local channel. My brother and wife went to watch a night lift-off several years ago and even though it was canceled for several days meaning more nights in a hotel, it was worth it. After watching Challenger blow up in January 1986 live on TV, I always breathe easier when the shuttles shed their rockets.

  4. as far as I’m concerned, theres one political party in America. The corporate party. They love power, and money.

    There are a few good politicians (fewer and fewer of them), but they get marginalized and ignored by the Corporate Party. Kucinich for example was censored at the convention.

    also I think we need to realize that D.C. is one big high school, and people want to be in the cool clique, and want to be invited to the cool parties. D and R are irrelevant for most of them, its all about status.

  5. I totally agree Chris!

    As I said so long ago at a blog to remain nameless ;) We have a beast (Corporations, bankers, Wall Street) which represents our government. This beast set up a political system that gives the American citizen the illusion that they can really change the way things operate in our country with their cherished voting power.

    The beast has two wings, a right wing and a left wing. They represent a one party political system. These wings have opposing political and social views but both wings regardless of their claims are beholden to the beast.

    One wing just happens to care a bit more for the average Joe while the other wing is pro-business. Every once in awhile after much fighting amongst the two wings, turds drop out of the beasts ass. These turds represent the bread crumbs the left wing is allowed to give the average Joe.

    Well it went something like that…

  6. At times, it’s one big high school online too, Chris. ;-) Rachel Maddow hit it home though. She made the point that these kinds of people are irrational and make decisions based on their own fears. Sad. They will continue to hurt the country.

    Insidious, do you remember the beast-online right after the election & inauguration? 24/7 non-stop President Obama bashing. It’s almost like a slow burn of brainwashing is going on, but then again, they’re sheep. Honestly, it’s kind of pathetic to watch. First they hated the Democratic party and kicked off anyone who did, then they realized the Democrats would have a good chance in winning the election last year, so suddenly they were loving the Democrats. Then they tore apart Hillary, then Obama, then Hillary, and when Obama won they were ecstatic! Then the Obama bashing started and then they loved Hillary as SOS and spent many days expressing it.

    I mean really, what use do we have for these kinds of people? None!

    Grant, the launch last night was beautiful. My son and I were holding our breath too, of course. You just never know, especially since a day or two before the launch the space shuttle was leaking hydrogen from one of the tanks. Yikes.

  7. Chris, the funniest part? The republicans aren’t the cool party at the moment, so why the hell would anyone in the Congress want to take their side against President Obama? Only an asshole does that. I really despise these kinds of dems. They’re an abomination to our party.

    You watch (as noted in my post) they’ll have President Obama impeached before too long to satisfy their pathetic little egos.

  8. It is so good to see there are still some (deleted you were warned) who will put America first. With (deleted you were warned) doing their best to destroy America with a far left agenda that America does not want 15(deleted you were warned) are willing to risk being shunned by the kooks on the left and do what is best for America, protect it from the (deleted you were warned) now in the White House.

  9. Notalib are you saying that a radical far right extremist agenda is better for America? Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha are you $%#ing nuts!?!

    You pathetic republicans have been calling the democrats, communists and socialists since the 30′s, funny I haven’t seen the democrats turn our country into a socialist country in all that time despite the rantings and claims by the delusional republicans.

    Sadly you want to call the democrats socialists but seem A-OK with the fascist Bush regime who were trying to set things up to keep the republicans in control for a very long time.

    Obviously GOD wanted to rid our government of the fascist nut cases in control. Right Notalib? Doesn’t GOD control all that is and was and going to be? Heh! Even GOD thinks the republican party SUCKS! So he made sure that a GOD fearing Christian man with morals, class, respect, intelligence and dignity won back the presidency from the phony Christiian cowboy dunce from Connecticut and put the democrats in control of both the Senate and the House. GOD must know what he’s doing right Notalib?

  10. TROLL Notalib wouldn’t recognize “FAR LEFT” and “socialism” (which BTW our nation is still far from being) if it hit him in the face. Funny how most TROLLS don’t know that liberalism is 180 degrees from the fascism they seem to love. Obama is not a “socialist pig” and TROLL, didn’t you forget to call him a BLACK pig???.

    BTW. the “Democraps” you hate want to put AMERICANS FIRST (note the “s”) as America is a nationalistic concept. But then the fascists like to wave the flag and place nationalism over the people. In a fascist state there are always good times for the flag-banner manufacturers:


  11. Problem Grant his is just as much white as black….but I know to your kind RACE is a GREAT dividing issue and it is important to make it’s case whenever you can.

  12. I have never considered Obama’s race, even when he was my 8th out of the 9 choices in the early Democratic Primary race (Hillary was my 9th and it wasn’t due to her sex either!). Obama transcends race as do so many of our citizens from all backgrounds. When one has a great mind, compassion, who gives a damn about their race?

    BTW, WHAT was your reason for bringing up RACE on this thread anyway???

  13. Conservadems are cowards – still scared of Republicans no matter how far they fall into the minority. They need to shut up and support our President.

    Harry Reid needs to be dumped as Senate Leader for allowing all this nonsense.

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