Glenn Beck continues to form armed militias subliminally with his “We Surround Them” bullcrap

Glenn Beck surrounded by his apes…


Poor pasty wealthy white man, Glenn Beck. He and his supporters are feeling cornered and unable to breath having an African American president in their midst. For years the Whitey Crackers of America have enjoyed the idea of a few at the top controlling the nation through Wall Street and their companies, and after 9/11/01 when a majority of the nation and the world surrounded around their Fascist Capitalist Fuhrer, George Bush, they are missing those days and feel American has lost it’s way in 50 or so short days now that President Obama is at the helm. Yep, they want to go back to wrapping themselves in the US flag with the idea that gawd only speaks to them, they would rather use religion to scare the shit out of our citizens, don’t want transparency of any kind, because truth to them is like garlic to their ancestors….The blood sucking Vampires….and they want the ability to walk down the street without someone hurling a tomato at them, because as of right now they’re feeling kind of naked with the light being shown on them!

THEIR DAILY CHEST BEATING: “White power! American Taliban power! Power to the armed militias! Down with Socialism! Up with Fascism! White Power! White Power! Wealth Power! Corporatist power! Wall Street power! Oil Industry Power! Down with the hard working American! Up with the Pen Pushers!”

“We Surround Them” is Glenn Beck’s way of subliminally forming armed militias to overtake the black president. This is what the pasty white men of America fear: THE BLACK PEOPLE.  These pasty-whitey-crackers have always had the privilege in this country and when they see President Obama using Air Force One or Marine One using it to speak to the citizens of our country, they feel Armaggedon is near!

Idiots. If our nation becomes a scary place to live over the next 4-8 years, we will know who to blame and it won’t be President Obama and his beliefs and ideologies. It will be the Glenn Becks of the nation who scream in terror, grab their gun and bible….all because of the Fairness Doctrine! I mean, really, how fragile are their minds if they are willing to form armed militias over something like this? Well, there was Timothy McVeigh and James Cummings who did have the same kind of mindset. Fragile, hateful, bigoted, fearing the ridiculous, and not caring who dies in response to their own generated fake fear.

Their motto…

Here’s what the pasty wealthy white men/women who support Glenn Beck fear: THE SOCIALIST PARTY. Ooooooo, so scary. /snark These same assholes fear the credit unions of America too. Credit unions are a small example of how socialism works.  Yeah, yeah, they don’t like the idea of local credit unions having the local people being in control of the bank and it’s operations. They don’t like the idea that the credit union has strict loan practices and self-regulates itself. They want all the control to be at the top by one or a few people and when the powerful public bankers decide they want to cash in, they will and will get millions & billions in payouts leaving their members in the dark! Glenn Beck fear the credit union, because this kind of thing would never happen with a credit union.

President Obama has stated many times that he does not like being labeled and does not label himself as being of one ideology, but rather, likes the idea of taking the positives of all ideologies and making them work. And if it doesn’t work? He changes course. This is a man of a sound mind, because just like the rest of us, we do the same thing in our own lives. If we are stuck in one mindset and realize it’s not helping us, we change course. Oh, but the “We Surround Them” crowd ARE ALWAYS ON ONE PATH AND NEVER VEER FROM IT! They think they are being strong in thinking like this, but really, they’re just proving to Americans once again that they are robotic fools!

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66 thoughts on “Glenn Beck continues to form armed militias subliminally with his “We Surround Them” bullcrap

  1. I tried to warn people about Glenn Beck, but not many wanted to listen. Now he is on Fox, and is converting people to his craziness.

    It wont be long before one of his followers goes on a killing spree. I’m telling you, this man is DANGEROUS.

    His “grassroots” nonsense is leaning to anti-government militia status, and that will lead down a very dangerous path.

  2. Chris people who wanna listen to Beck and get real crazy need to write Terry Nichols, prisoner # 08157-031 in ADX, a maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado, and ask him what happens when they do.

    I’d tell them to write Michael Fortier, but after getting out of jail he is in the witness protection program so he is kinda hard to communicate with now a days.

    Of course you’d need a help from somebody like this to talk to Timmy McVeigh

  3. Glen who??? I thought he died awhile back after his spinal cord snapped from the weight of his huge ego?

  4. By the way over at a local blog where I am forbidden to post comments due to my other republican sisters insane rants I noticed one of the republican’ts trying to somehow blame Clinton for the Iraq war because in 1998 he signed “The Iraq Liberation Act” into law which promoted regime change in Iraq.

    So I looked this up on the intertubes and although it took awhile to find any specific information I finally learned that although the bill passed with support from both parties and reluctantly signed by Clinton I also learned that the republican congress pushed heavily for the bill. Now did they push for the bills passage because they knew they would probably get a republican president in 2000?

    Also who wanted the republican’ts to push so hard to get this bill into law? Was Halliburton, the Carlyle group, KBR or Bechtel behind it knowing if passed, they would get a green light for a future war in Iraq and future contracts worth billions of dollars? Hmmm I wonder? Nah, they wouldn’t put our soldiers or national security at risk by starting an unnecessary war solely based on greed would they. *snark*

  5. Kay I though my last comment was blocked so I retyped it the second version was blocked but you can keep it blocked!

  6. Clif
    on Mar 14th, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    They can also read the comments at infowars, where they have all kinds of braindead “patriots” willing to kill everybody to save our country.

    The owner of the blog posted a headline that claimed Ron Paul, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin were on some terrorist watch list, he then links photos of some official law enforcement documents that miss spell martial law as marshall law and look phony but never shows the actual document that shows the list that he claims Ron Paul, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin are on.

    These people are phucking, nutjob, gun tooting radical patriot wannabee extremists. But we should take these crazy bastards serious as Kay pointed out how far they will go when she posted the article about the nutjob Cummings from Maine.

    One thing I will say is that I believe there are “some” militia’s actually out there who aren’t crazy and do care about our country and our constitution and are ready to strike if our government goes to far with gun control, RFID ID cards, etc, etc,.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that although we have a democrat in the White House there still seems to be those behind the seem to push for laws that go against our constitution and there are those who keep pushing for more globalization which could eventually lead to a world government.

    Okay I am now taking off my tinfoil hat and putting down my loaded musket. *snark* :)

  7. Sorry IP I accidentally deleted the comment when askinet caught it, so I have to repost it myself.

  8. I saw some disturbing hints that there were a bunch of trained (militarily) folks who were having “Turner Diary” hissy-fits. At first I thought that they were just a few nut-cases, I chocked it up to untreated TBI. It seems to be a bit more widespread than I thought. I wrote this about the Christian, patriotic Chuck Norris:
    Guys like Beck love the big talk about guns and revolution. Until the first round of incoming flies by their head. Then they crap their pants, shove their thumb in their mouth and whine for their mommies.
    Norris and the rest of the asswipes are bloviating about the second amendment again. As far as I am aware, there are more pressing issues right now, like saving our economy after the bush dictatorship trashed it globally. Nope the second amendment is safe. And just a note to these farmbelt feuhers, liberals have guns too. I know I do.

  9. LMAO Frank! Exactly right about the American Taliban. They act all tough on the outside, but when the shit hits the fan, they’re nothing but a bunch of diaper shitting infants. :lol:

    Insidious, if I’m not mistaken, there was an NIE report a few years ago that suggested there are 73 AL-QAIDA CELLS IN AMERICA. If this is the case, then why didn’t our intelligence agencies move in to take them out? Oh wait! George Bush, his Family, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other America haters need these guys to carry out their mission. Assassination Squads, Inc.!

  10. Okay stop it Clif and Kay or I might soil myself as I lie underneath my bed in the fetal position in true republican’t fashion.

  11. It wont be long before Glenn Beck says that members of his movement should wear the same clothes, and shun or even seperate “undesirables” from society…

    I tried to warn you.. I tried to tell the world about Glenn Beck.. but no one listened…….

  12. I wonder how many right wingers of the American Taliban spent some time this weekend around a campfire planning & plotting their next attack? Huh. I wonder. They don’t have caves to live in. Poor American Domestic Terrorists. :lol:

  13. Beck is dangerous. The right wing militia movement is grabbing Beck as their leader, and his ratings make him very very dangerous.

    If Fox and Beck don’t want to be remembered as the people responsible for the next mass shooting or bombing or whatever, they need to put the brakes on this nonsense and stop it immediately.

    then again, maybe they want to start promoting this kind of stuff, hoping it results in what they really want…

  14. I just got home from a week cruising the Caribbean and the ONLY news we got on the ship was CNN International and Fox News. The former didn’t give much U.S. news and since I am not interested in soccer and cricket, I tried to watch Fox. Now I know why I rarely ever watch it at home. Fox is promoting Glenn Beck’s PROJECT 912 where they actually scream about TAKING BACK AMERIKA by September 12 of this year (now less than 100 days away). But take it back from WHOM??? The MAJORITY of Americans who voted for CHANGE?

    Fox really isn’t giving out much news other than 24/7 bashing of Obama, and they are all so hoping he will fail. If I hadn’t had CNN also, I might not have known that the Dow was up for most of the week! That good news must really grind on them.

    O’Reilly had Glenn on as his guest and raved about how Beck’s viewership had skyrocketed since coming over to Fox after being at CNN with their LIBERAL viewership. O’Reilly then said that MSNBC was nothing more than PRAVDA now with nothing but liberals there all of the time! Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan….liberal???

    Glen Beck had Chuck “Total Gym” Norris as a guest who was rah-rahing “taking BACK Amerika!” Yeah, folks really listened to Chucky when he promoted Huckabee!

  15. A comment by an uber patriot on one of the several Glenn Beck Project 912 sites up now. Might be funny if they weren’t serious….

    Do you have “the feeling that you’ve just been had [by Obama]. Somewhere, deep inside, you are awake to this. You may even think to your self, ‘one day, I’ll live to see it all come to a head; I will be a living witness to the battle that will determine the fate of the human race’ [Armageddon?]. In this, you would be correct. Because, the battle is here, and whether you choose to believe it or not, the enemy occupation is real. So real in fact that each and every day you choose sides in a game you didn’t even know you were playing. And often, you choose wrong. But some of us make a conscious choice to fight. Some of us make up the resistance. ”

    Beck shows videos of people throwing tea bags into rivers and says ALL good Amerikans should mail a tea bag to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, D.C. He said they won’t make it to the Oval Office but Obama will surely hear about the great numbers of them coming in through the mail. Hey, Glenn, why not tell them to send anthrax instead???

  16. President Obama isn’t black enough for ya, Notalib? LOL I didn’t realize the American Taliban was so picky. Last I knew just having a smidgen of black blood in any American was considered icky to you Taliban terrorists!

  17. I guess the FOX shows must really suck look how poorly they are doing in the ratings.

    Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for March 12, 2009

    P2+ Total Day
    FNC – 1,369,000 viewers
    CNN – 701,000 viewers
    MSNBC –485,000 viewers
    CNBC – 321,000 viewers
    HLN – 341,000 viewers

    P2+ Prime Time
    FNC – 2,644,000 viewers
    CNN—1,221,000 viewers
    MSNBC –1,000,000 viewers
    CNBC – 340,000 viewers
    HLN – 753,000 viewers

  18. memo to Notalib :

    Hitler was popular too.

    and even 25% of America supported Dictator Cheney and his hand puppet Bush at the end.

  19. Hey, racist TROLL Notalib. Reminding us that we have a BLACK president? What does blackness have to do with intelligence. BTW, the majority of African-Americans are mulattoes to various degrees (thanks in part to rapes). So how many drops of black blood will satisfy you??? Is Michael Steele “mulatto”? Does it matter to anyone except the racist Dittoheads?

    Obama has never hid the fact that he is bi-racial, even jokingly calling himself a “mutt” and we all know his mother is white, the grandparents who raised him during his teen years were white. It is others who have made him “black” or “mulatto”. His wife and children have more African blood but does he care? He can live with whom he is. Why can’t others?

  20. Notalib, thanks for explaining why a small portion of Americans are still retarded. They’re watching Fox News! When you add up the rest of the networks, you will note this is the reason why the Americans watching those shows are smart. See?

    President Obama is smart and black. It must be killing you, NotASmartPerson!

  21. Gee, TROLL, Fox has less than 3 million out of 300 MILLION Americans….that’s like 0.333% of all Americans who like their brains washed daily. Also some Fox viewers are liberals who watch from time-to-time for the comedy or to see what the wingnuts are up to.

    I LAUGHED at Beck crying on my stateroom TV, he’s just about as good as Rev. Jimmy Swaggart or Rev. Ted Haggerd! Some more of this hilarity and he might raise his viewership above Hannity and O’Reilly who still lead the Faux lineup.

    Anyway, nearly 25 MILLION Americans got their news in February from NBC, ABC, and CBS…over EIGHT TIMES more than the number being hypnotized by shiny objects on Faux News. And if you total up CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, HLN their combined numbers beat up Fixed News. Plus as many or more watch a half hour of Jon Stewart’s Daily News every night than the number who are numbed by 24 HOURS of Faux every day.

    Ooooh, I am so afraid of Glenn Beck’s “revolution”!!!!

  22. New post up about the ‘conservadems’ Rachel Maddow talked about on her show recently.

    Grant, no one is fooled by Beck’s fake emotions. If anyone believes that he’s truly emotional, then I’ve got a bridge in the desert to sell ya!

  23. The Fox News zombies are irrelevant. However they can be driven to militia-like status by someone like Beck.

    It will be a sad day when a Beck-head kills a bunch of people.

  24. “I guess the FOX shows must really suck look how poorly they are doing in the ratings.”

    Currently Fox news has more viewers than all of the left wing stations combined. On the radio side it is truly embarrassing as air america is on in about two markets.

    I believe the numbers will change soon because the “I do not pay taxes but get a check” will arrive soon so the recipients can get their new flat screens and viewing will increase by 20 or so.

  25. Once again, Fox has 00.333 (for the math-impaired that is 1/3 of ONE percent….oooh, I am so scared!) so 99.57% of Americans DO NOT watch Fox. Yes, the other 0.333% are the combined other cable networks, BUT 25 MILLION (8%) get their news, many over the air instead of cable, from NBC, ABC, and CBS.

    But reich-wingers love to inflate numbers to make us believe they are leading the thought here. The best thing happening to the Republican Party today is that the wingnuts are diluting the party strength, driving away the millions of educated and THINKING Republicans, watering down their brand.

    Wingnut Laura Ingraham is attacking Meghan McCain for being moderate and her best argument is that Meghan is FAT!

  26. Roatan was the best, still unspoiled but give it time. Water was great and coral is everwhere. Reminds me of my first trip to Puerto Vallarta in the ’60′s. But give it time, the freeways and condos/hotels will come just like Cancun which I also visited. West Bay is already being covered with condos for mostly wealthy Americans (cost upwards of $2 million, but a bargain for such property in other places).

    Roatan is still very much third world and the people are nice. Sure they all try to sell you cigars, vanilla, coffee, and pirated CD’s and DVD’s but if you tell them “No” they give you a smile and leave you alone unlike Mexico and worse yet, Jamaica where they are aggressive, get in your face, even follow you down the street.

    Roatan, once British, has both blacks and Carib Indians. Creole and English are most often spoken instead of Spanish like the Honduran mainland. Prices are lower than Mexico. It is safe but was warned by locals that the Honduran mainland is often not.

  27. Glad to see one of my favorite Houstonians, Janeane Garafalo, on KO tonight. She is #5 on Bernard Goldberg’s Liberal “Hit List”, you know the list that “inspired” a wingnut to shoot up a Unitarian Church in Knoxville, TN to “kill himself some libruls!”

  28. It’s blogs like this one that will start the next civil war — not Glenn Beck.

    The first war started because the nation became divided over serious issues and people began to hate each other. I can see a lot of hate on this blog as well as DailyKos, Huffington, and many others. Hate leads to war.

    Mr. Beck doesn’t use hate speech like your visitors do here. He’s asking Americans to think about the principles this country was founded upon. What is the harm in that?

    People like me who just want a decent society to raise kids are tired of websites like this one and tired of corrupt government trampling on the Constitution. There’s a place in our society for rational debate but the hate-filled rhetoric really needs to stop. Before it’s too late.

  29. Actually, right after 9/11 the wingnuts of America blamed liberals for our being attacked and then when Dick Cheney ordered anthrax to be sent to liberals in the country to keep the fear going, that’s where it got progressively worse.

    Republicans are dividers. Always have been.

  30. Funny somebody who claims this is hate filled doesn’t see the distortions and misrepresentation of most of Fox News just not the ranting of Beck himself.

    As for hate nothing compares to Coulter and Rush.

    Very little compares the hate filled speech right wing hate radio has preached for years. Which has lead to people like Jim D. Adkisson to walk into a church to shoot humans, or people like Timmy McVeigh, or James G. Cummings to assemble a weapon of mass destruction or collect the parts to build a dirty bomb.

  31. So, if a person disagrees with Obama it has to be because he is black? That’s pretty convenient for you I guess. Maybe it has nothing to do with the president’s race and more to do with his policies. Of course, that doesn’t sound as good when you write this kind of tripe so it’s easier to play the race card. Kinda pathetic.

  32. So Bryan, so what is your excuse for prominent Republicans sending emails with watermelons planted all over the White House lawn, or some like Rush Limbaugh singing “Barack the Magic Negro” over the airwaves. There are racists in both parties (witness what happened in Appalachia in the Democratic primaries). But it was Pat Buchanan who urged his boss Richard Nixon to invite the racist Dixiecrats to come over to the Party of Lincoln in order to turn the Solid South from “blue” to “red”. This pandering to racists cost the GOP a once majority Republican black base (even Martin Luther King was once a registered Republican). Due to a love of Lincoln, black Americans voted Republican up through Eisenhower. Who was it that made them no longer feel comfortable in their traditional party? RACIST Republicans began taking over the party in the 1960′s. Obama got 90% of the black vote as most were already Democrats by the time he ran for president. It wasn’t just that he was a black candidate (they never supported Jackson and Sharpton anywhere near their support of Obama).

    We still have a ways to go before we become a color-blind nation. Obama transcends race and most who voted for him did so because of his character and intelligence. When I look at him, I don’t see his race, but admire his mind.

  33. It’s gonna be fun when your day comes. Can’t wait. Gonna be fun!

    [Edited by Kay of WNI:

    Is this a threat, troll?]

  34. So for our TROLL Spirit of ’76, “Freedom of Speech” means only if it is speech acceptable to the mob…sounds like the good old days of Stalinism.

  35. Let me start with I am a Beck listener, not a follower. He is not pushing for militia and has said as much. His purpose is to point at areas of interest.

    The non-sheeple among us will try to look at these points of interest. Take for example H.R 2454 (energy or cap & trade). I downloaded that as I did with the Stimulus Package and studied it myself.

    Talk about wasteful spending and obtrusive government. These bills are filled with them. There are BILLIONS of dollars being spent to supportive special interests. Please take the time to do a little research. Read some of the recent legislation.

    I am a middle class working person. I simply want to work hard & keep what I earn, giving the government only what it needs to operate. Massive social programs (redistribution of wealth) are not what I believe in. Excessive government control is not what I believe in.

    As far as guns go. It is the armed citizens that will help keep the government from going too far. Not through force, but deterrent. There a bills being floated out there that would make it exceeding difficult to be a gun owner, or obtain ammunition. You see, give a little of your rights at a time to eventually loose them all.

    The ammunition accountability act wont save anyone, because the criminals will simply defeat the serial numbers.

    Anyway, enough about whether Obama is black enough, doesn’t matter to me at all. It’s the ideal logy and policies that matter.

    “Its better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have it.”

  36. Glenn Beck continues to abuse his power by fueling his listeners with lies & distortions. No different than Sarah Palin. Both bring out the worst in people. Their supporters see their right to bear arms as a way to gun down other Americans who don’t agree with their theories, policies, and ideologies! Sad. Sick.

    You can believe what you want Matt and the rest of us will continue to see the reality of the current situation. The End.

  37. George Bush got our national debt up to $12 TRILLION. Where was your outrage then? Oh wait! George Bush is white and a republican. To you, this means he’s innocent against all charges. Spit.

  38. “I am a middle class working person. I simply want to work hard & keep what I earn, giving the government only what it needs to operate.”

    Our Republican TROLL above wants to be like Goldman Sachs who reported that they earned $2,336 BILLION in 2008 but only paid $14 MILLION in taxes. Doing the math, that is like 0.006% We wouldn’t be in so much debt if the super rich and the corporations they run paid their fair share instead of hiding their real income in loopholes and offshore banking accounts.

    Now they are paying huge bonuses again to executives and their stock is going back up.

    • Grant, the neocons who are making $17,000/year are the biggest supporters of the CEO’s making bazillions! Even Glenn Beck says “it’s in the contract. it’s the law!”. Morons.

  39. I want to hear opposing opinions of mine to gather a well rounded opinion as to what I believe. I am hearing more hate than I like. Beck is wealthy because the business he does is popular. That is where his money comes from. People listen. Millions listen.

    We all can find agreements if we talk with civility but if we don’t then we are left to hate those who differ in opinion. Left, right, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative are all labels to separate us. Why fall victim to that.

    If you don’t like his views then don’t listen. That is how he will be effected. I have listened to him for years, 2004 to be exact. He is not extreme. To me Rush, although I do agree with him in principals, is to much of a party guy. Beck wants America to thrive and that can’t happen with too much intervention.

    Can we please try to hate less and respect more. I am sure I will raked through the coals for differing with you but at least I can say I made an attempt at reaching out with respect and not in anger.


    • Sarah Palin didn’t like Letterman’s view recently and she and her supporters wanted him fired. Well, same should be for Beck! Beck needs to respect more and never will. He’s an asshole.

  40. skudrunner
    March 16th, 2009 at 9:03 am

    I guess the FOX shows must really suck look how poorly they are doing in the ratings.
    Hip, hip, Hurray for the Fox Entertainment…Hey idiot, you can win the pointless ratings numbers we have the White House and both houses of congress.

  41. That’s what I was assuming would be the response. Name calling.

    It might be wise to check facts and not rumors. I am really not trying to be sarcastic!

    Beck’s show has been #1 in a time slot that is very hard to draw ratings and he still pulls in over 1.5 million. Now I don’t watch TV due to the fact that they all claim to be “non-biased” but we know that’s not true. Fox is for one side and MSNBC is for the other etc…

    As for Palin, she never said he should be fired. Most real conservatives, like myself and not these pretenders in congress called republicans, believe in free market capitalism as I am sure you do. That does not make you a conservative. The opposite of capitalism is socialism. In socialism,government controls everything, takes from those who earn and give it to those who have none. That’s not freedom! Freedom includes the ability to fail! I work really hard to earn what I have and it is very frustrating to have someone else take what I earn and give it to those who the government thinks need it.

    Anyway, if you don’t like what Beck says, don’t watch. If you don’t like what Letterman says, don’t watch. I don’t like what Letterman says but I don’t think he should be fired. Same is to be said for that Imus guy a while back. He should not have been fired. What he said was ridiculous but let the viewers or the sponsors decide with their financial support. That’s freedom!

    Here is a site I look at occasionally because I was curious to know if what Beck said was true about his success, or was he just exaggerating.

    Occasionally Fox is destroyed in the ratings but mostly they are ahead by a wide margin.

    For example, AM radio is an outdated medium of communication yet they draw millions daily because of the content. With capitalism the true judge of popularity is the almighty $, like it or not sometimes!

    I visit these websites, like yours, to become more well rounded and stay as objective as is possible. Given my perspective it is sometimes tough! :)

    I will always listen to differing opinions but I generally get disappointed because all I get is name calling and hatred. I am an American just like you. I love my country and the good news is that if we work together to find the truth, our children and grandchildren can enjoy the freedom that we have!

    Let’s have an honest debate! We might both learn something!

    by the way “BinGA” means first letter in my name, in Georgia!

    I hardly consider myself a “DA”! God Bless!

    • Here’s my debate: GLENN BECK IS DANGEROUS. He’s popular with the sick twisted freaks of America. He wants America to burn. Fox News may be popular in your eyes, but the rest of Americans are watching the other channels because they can’t stand Fox News. But hey! You love Beck and the rest of us who have rational non-violent brains do not! Is that okay with you? Debate me now.

  42. Well by your analysis you are saying that I am irrational, violent and a “DA.” What specifically is irrational about my views. Name something specific and ask what I truly believe.

    Your accusations about Beck and I guess myself by your generalizations are false. I know that is tough for you to understand because all you hear of him are the sound bits cut up and taken out of context. I had the same views of others until I took the time to listen. That is why I wish you would talk specifics. I want to know!

    But unfortunately, they are incorrect. I have listened to him for 5 years and I know his style. He openly combines humor with his opinions of the current days news. If you don’t understand that, hey, that’s cool. But I think you are being very naive when it comes to being well rounded.

    Name something specifically you think he does that is ridiculous. He daily pleads with Americans to remain non-violent. He thinks that is the worst possible solution. He believes in the power of elections. Obama was elected, OK! Good, we stand behind our president regardless of “parties.” Do you?? Did you of Bush? I assure you my feelings towards Obama are similar to your opinions of Bush. I do however respect the office and the person we elect to be in that office.

    That is what Beck believes as well. You would not know that unless you listen.

    Go ahead let’s debate actual topics and not “your stupid!” “No you are!” I did that in 3rd grade!

    Do you disagree? Could you please explain to me a topic by which you consider me violent, or irrational?

  43. I listen to his show every day (not the full 3 hours but enough so my ears don’t bleed) and after doing so, rational people like myself always come to the same conclusion: HE’S INSANE! The man has lost his mind and last week proved it. He screamed at a caller for a few minutes and then spent the next 2 days with a hoarse voice. Again, he’s insane!

    But hey, if you love and trust him and think he’s the most intellectual person of our time, you can. You’re in the minority no matter how many listeners he has!

  44. No one I know read “Dreams of my Father” and went on a shooting spree.In Pittsburgh a man killed three police officers because he was worried that he was going to get his gun taken and put into a FEMA camp.Who said that ? Glenn Beck. Pretty soon some of those families will start suing FOX and their bomb throwers.How many more people have to get shot at museums ? How many more have to get shot at church?This week we seen politicians and journalist blame minorities for racism and sexism.Now they’re making it up as they go.

    • Kid, just ignore this Glenn Beck Lover. For some reason he thinks he can change our minds about Glenn Beck if he just keeps at us every day for the rest of eternity. See? He’s insane like Beck is. :lol:

  45. “Glen Beck had Chuck “Total Gym” Norris as a guest who was rah-rahing “taking BACK Amerika!” Yeah, folks really listened to Chucky when he promoted Huckabee!”
    Too bad Bruce Lee not around so he can offer Chuck another helping of whoop ass.

  46. Again you find your self with part of the information. He did a show to debunk those “myth’s.” He said on his show that that is not true but he can’t prove it so he will do the research to prove it’s not true. And he did… It is insane to think somebody on TV or radio or in movies is responsible for another person going insane.

    I am my own person who makes my own decisions. Nobody makes decisions for me. You are creating a nanny state society if you do anything other than blame the person who is responsible.

    If someone goes on a shooting spree, THAT person is responsible. I believe in personal responsibility. Wouldn’t you agree?

    That would be the same as calling the New York immigrant who went on a shooting spree the result of liberals blaming Bush for the economy. He said it was because he lost his job, blamed the bad economy. That is insanity. It is his fault not some liberal talking head stirring up hatred for Bush. There are plenty of those as well.

    It is the individuals fault. Are you telling me that is not correct?

    • Again Bingo, you’re rambling along on an old thread and no one cares what you have to say. If you really want Glenn Beck to know how much you love him, visit his website and give him some love!

  47. “It is insane to think somebody on TV or radio or in movies is responsible for another person going insane.”

    Radio Rwanda= FOX

    They’re trying to cause riots. Remember when Bernard Goldberg said he’s not going to say N-word anymore ,that he was going to say the whole phrase.He then stopped and smiled like the coward he is.The right is flipping the finger to blacks, Hispanics, and women.Progressives are not going to fall for it.This just make it better to get the right wing loons off the street and put them where they belong, in prison.

  48. “… It is insane to think somebody on TV or radio or in movies is responsible for another person going insane.”

    FOX =Radio Rwanda

    What’s the rule about speeding?You can do it , just don’t get caught.Beck and Oreilly check with the lawyers before they send someone off on a killing spree.

  49. I’ll leave you alone…

    Hopefully I can engage in conversations with others more well-wounded open minded as I have many questions that I would like answered.

    I will also apologize for the idiots on the right who call anyone’s opinion different from them “stupid,” or “insane.” It is morally reprehensible. I hoped that you would understand the damage caused by insulting anybody who holds a separate view. I encourage all my friends from the right and left to do the same.

    I see that anytime I suggest something or express an opinion I am bombarded by insults and being talked down to. “Kid,” seriously! I hope that someday you all understand what I mean.

    I honestly hope you hold your opinions, but lose the hostility. If we all do that, this country would be better off.

    Finally, the only time I even attempt to contact any media figure is when I disagree with them. I often disagree with Beck but his fairness and ability to see multiple sides of the argument are what draw people to him.

    Up the meds, they ain’t a workin’ if ya really believe that shit

    That is why he is popular.

    I encourage you to share you opinions, speak fairly, agree to disagree but avoid insulting those who you disagree with. That is how great societies fail, read your history!

    Bye and I may this country always be blessed!!

  50. Yes, you need to leave. You’re boring us with your man-on-man love with Glenn Beck. I encourage you to never return here. We won’t miss ya! Promise. Of course, in your mind you think we’ll become suicidal if you leave….especially if we don’t find ways to love Beck as much as you do, huh? When you speak to your reflection in the mirror, you think you’re talking to a Glenn-Beck-Loving-Mensa-Member! Poor thing. Now go away please. Thank you.


  51. Really? Great societies fell because the people called each other names? LOL! Before you go….What history book do you neocons read? Let me know so I don’t ever pick it up. Thanks pal.

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