Donald Rumsfeld was called EVIL to his face by a commenter on FireDogLake!

Donald Rumsfeld and his buddy Saddam Hussein shaking hands and smiling back in the 1980′s…


Where’d Iraq get that mustard gas and Taban nerve gas again? Huh. Anyone know?

Brendanx is a commenter over on FireDogLake and just recently he was waiting at the bus stop in DC with his son when he sees Donald Rumsfeld waiting at the same bus stop. Does Brendanx stay silent when he sees a war criminal in his midst? Are you kidding me!?! No way! He called Donald Rumsfeld ‘evil’ to his face with all the angst 8 years can bring!

Here’s the comment Brendanx first left on FireDogLake:

emptywheel –

I hope you find this interesting. Your analyses are very important to my understanding of the world, so I wanted to share it on your blog.

This is way off the topic of the day, but is maybe pertinent to one of the overarching topics of this site, war criminals. It’s certainly vanity that leads me to post this, but also a kind of trepidation that makes me want to make at least a semi-public statement about a very disturbing public encounter I just had.

Donald Rumsfeld was standing at my bus stop this morning as I waited to take my boy to school. I’m still shaky. I confronted him and couldn’t control my anger. I had seen him once before walk by (his arm was in a sling then and he looked positively wizened, but this time he was hale and nattily dressed) but had been too flabbergasted to react. I wanted to be ready with something to say the next time, and had prepared myself, but couldn’t stay on script past “You think you can show your face in public among decent people?”. I became more vociferous and enraged the longer it went: mass murderer, traitor, torturer, rapist of children….In fact, from my first words, when I saw Rumsfeld don an impenetrable smirk I consciously took the tack of yelling and loudly indicating his presence to everyone else; I wanted to enlist their help. Dismayingly my gentle fellow citizens didn’t intervene in any way, or were even outright hostile to me, although some people who witnessed the exchange from the bus comforted me afterwards, approvingly. Thankfully my kid was not overly disturbed, and seemed even cheerful after I explained that Rumsfeld is a wicked man who started a war, like Sauron or Saruman, but that he was not a danger to us. I’m frankly not positive about the latter assertion.

Anyway, he did respond at a couple of points. One insidious tactic was to comment on my kid — I don’t remember his exact words, but it was something to the effect that he would be messed up by having such a crazy father, which bait I took and responded, “He has to learn the difference between good and evil.” The other was a surprising statement, the inverse of the “I vuz only taking orders”, uttered in a tone of bemused incredulity you’d recognize from his press conferences: “But I didn’t order those things.” I took that lie as an admission.

If you think this exchange did not happen, here’s what was reported on the Washington Post:

“….The former defense secretary was waiting for a long-delayed bus when a man in his late 30s with a young son got just inches from his face and started berating him over his handling of the war in Iraq — words like “warmonger,” “rapist” and “evil man” were heard by others at the stop. Rumsfeld stood stoically, not responding, so the man turned to the rest of the crowd and yelled at them for not joining him in heaping abuse. Then the man’s bus arrived (Rumsfeld was waiting for a different one) and that was that.”

I’m telling you…this is exactly what we Americans need to be doing every time we see one of the Bush Criminals on the streets. If they don’t get the justice and prison terms they deserve, then we Americans will make sure these assholes are looking over their shoulders for the angry masses for the rest of their lives! Sounds good to me!

Way to go, Brendanx!

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9 thoughts on “Donald Rumsfeld was called EVIL to his face by a commenter on FireDogLake!

  1. Remember when George Bush “fired” Donald Rumsfeld a couple years ago? Well, Rumsfeld still was working at the Pentagon. He had an office and @ 6 people working for him (Nancy Pelosi is the one who let the cat out of the bag on this and for some reason I can’t find the article in which she stated it. Huh. Did the Bush Regime scrub the article? I bet they did!).

    Is Rummy the War Criminal still working at the Pentagon? I bet he is and I think someone needs to ask Gates if he is, because if there’s another HUGE ATTACK ON OUR NATION (larger than 9/11 with lots of nukes being dropped on major cities), we will know who was behind it: DONALD RUMSFELD, MR. PNACer, AND LOYAL SERVANT TO DICK CHENEY, WHO ALSO WANTS AMERICA TO BE DESTROYED SO THEY CAN CONTINUE THEIR GLOBAL TAKEOVER!

    Rummy & Cheney on the morning of 9/11/01 did everything in their power to make sure the attack went smoothly, now didn’t they? Yep. As stated in the late 1990′s when they were part of the PNAC, they needed another “Pearl Harbor like attack” to get Americans on their side to attack Iraq. And they succeeded. Assholes.

    Just a hunch I’m having. ;-)

  2. Kay, that reminds me of when Al Lewis spoke truth to Henry the war criminal Kissinger’s face,

    here is how Al Lewis related in on air one time;

    He was booked on a flight to Los Angeles to film the movie version of “Car 54 Where Are You?” When he and his friend got on they were bumped up to first class.

    When they took their seats and the plane took off, Al’s friend noticed the gentleman in the seat in front of them speaking in a low German accent. As he listened further he realized that the man was none other than Henry Kissinger, talking to a young assistant.

    So he turns to Al with a really low excited whisper: “Hey Al. look it’s Henry Kissinger.”

    And Al says in his normal voice: “I know that’s Henry Kissinger. Don’t you think I know a war criminal when I see one!”

    Kissinger’s assistant stood up and turned to say something, and Al said. “Sit down, Sonny, I’m not your father.”

    No more words were exchanged, but Kissinger was flushed red for the remainder of the flight.

    Every time we see one of these war criminals we need to call their sorry asses out, and make sure they know they are human scum.

  3. I wonder if the assistant was L Paul Bremer?

    Since he was one of Kissinger’s sycophants who sucked up to the war criminal for years both in (as an assistant to Henry Kissinger from 1972–76) and out of government (Bremer became managing director at Kissinger and Associates in 1989).

  4. Exactly Clif! We need to call their asses out! Oh what fun. ;-)

    I’m sure Bremer is still in too. This is why our nation is NOT safe. Under Clinton it was until these goons took the office in 2001 and then 9/11 happened. Funny how they try to say George Bush has made us safe when the largest attack on our nation happened under him! And if the next huge attack happens under President Obama, I’m blaming the Bushbots who are still in at the Pentagon!

    I wonder which liberals this time will get the anthrax? Spit.

    Well, I’m working today for a few hours since we’re getting more snow tomorrow. When I don’t work, I don’t make money. Sad for me. LOL

    Talk to you this afternoon Clif! ;-)

  5. The dictators in the world should be wary of being friends of the USA. Look at what happened to Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Fernando Marcos. After they serve our purposes, we turn them out.

  6. Exactly Grant. When republicans make ‘friends’, they backstab their ‘friends’ at some point.

    I wonder how many threats against the life of the president are coming from the Bushbots at the Pentagon? Makes me wonder.

  7. the fact that the war criminals of the past 8 years can walk free in America is a national stain and should make everyone weep for this nation.

    Rumsfeld should be shunned from society at the very least, and should be on trial at the Hague.

  8. The SPLC has reported that “hate threats” are up 54% (from 600 to over 900) since Bush took office in 2001 with many coming of late due to racists wanting to kill Barack Obama.

  9. RUmmy should have told the little faggot to fuck off and told his kid that his dad has shit for brains… that would have been funny

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