Does Karl Rove remember when George Bush had the deficit between $9-12 TRILLION or is he intentionally forgetting?

According to Karl Rove, the republicans are the ones who are winning today! Yep, after losing the 2008 election and getting a big ole spanking from the American people, the republicans are feeling joyous for their continued obstruction of progress in America!

Karl Rove’s own words (emphasis mine):

Congressional Republicans lack President Barack Obama’s bully pulpit and do not have the majorities that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid enjoy. But they are playing their hand extraordinarily well.

Over the past month, House Republicans have used the stimulus bill to redefine their party, present ideas on how to revive the economy, and force congressional Democrats and the president to take ownership of the spending programs soon to be signed into law.

The first smart move House Republicans made was to raise objections to specific parts of the House stimulus bill. Pointing out that there is money in the bill for condoms, livestock insurance, refurbishing the National Mall, and other outlandish things revealed that it is a massive spending spree, not an economic stimulus.

Where was Karl Rove when his Savior, George Bush, racked up the deficit between $9-12 TRILLION DOLLARS? Huh? Where was he!!!! Oh that’s right. The republic party is dead and they have no new ideas, nor do they have the ability to take responsibility of their own actions, let alone, see their own hypocrisy. Karl Rove was busy laying naked with Georgie in the hopes Georgie wouldn’t notice how much money he and his Thugs stole over the years! Protecting George and blaming President Obama now for what Georgie & this Thieves wrought on our nation was first and foremost!

Let’s just sit back and watch the republic party of America put their noose around their neck while pretending to be the party who is ‘modern, rational, and who are the experts’, when really we know THEY ARE NOT! They are the same lame-o party that blames liberals for everything they do….

Laughable. Sooooooooooooooooo laughable.

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9 thoughts on “Does Karl Rove remember when George Bush had the deficit between $9-12 TRILLION or is he intentionally forgetting?

  1. Over 2 trillion lost in bush’s DOD. No investigation. Billions lost in Iraq…no investigation..billions given freely with kisses to the banks. No accounting of where tax money went. Now these creeps want to quibble about condoms. Repubs. hint hint..don’t need slave labor anymore since you welcomed immigrants legal and illegal. We can have birth control.Unions too since our manufacturing industry picked up and moved off shore. Thanks NAFTA, repubs. and bill clinton.

  2. Karl Rove should be sitting in a jail cell for what he has done. And he should have lots of company.

  3. I am glad that Sen. Judd Gregg just withdrew his cabinet nomination. Now maybe Obama will realize that the Republicans have become pure ideologues and bipartisanship is dead. He doesn’t need them. Nice that Gregg made his announcement at the same time that Obama was speaking in Peoria interrupting cablenews with the “Breaking News”. Gregg was quite the conservative so what was Obama thinking? Barack needs to give up on “playing nice” with these guys since they “don’t play well with others!”

  4. Whistleblower protection axed from budget by Republicans
    That’s brokered by the lady you love to hate : Susan Collins
    Did you know about ?
    It’s no wonder Glenn Greenwald – a lawyer before writer/pundit – is venting
    But the one that startled me was the back-and-forth with Andrew Sullivan – who is blogging the good fight!

  5. Republican senator Judd Gregg withdraws his name as Secretary of Commerce. Hmmm did he do it because as he said he realized it would be hard for him to change his way of thinking and going along with President Barack Obama’s agenda OR is he afraid of some possible skeletons in his closet? One of his staffers was busted for accepting tickets to baseball and hockey games as favors and is embroiled in the Jack Abramoff scandals, although Gregg himself has been told that he is not under investigation. Very interesting.

    I say good riddance to Judd, he is a supporter of globalization, a staunch defender of NAFTA…and a republican. Phuck bipartisanship! :)

  6. Obama is creating a budget deficit greater than every president from George Washington to George W Bush — combined.

    As for Gregg and bipartisanship, it was a symbolic move. The Obama administration proved that when they sought to politicize the census by taking oversight away from the Commerce Dept and bringing it inside the White House. They also plan to change how the census is tabulated — not actually count each person — in order to benefit their constituency.

    I realize I’m responding to a post that’s over a month old. Curiously, Obama has yet to put forth a plan to deal with the credit crisis. And he has yet to appoint the 17 deputies that would be of great assistance to Geithner at the Treasury.

  7. I see you’re another one who talks about President Obama’s presidency as if it’s been years long. George Bush was the president up until January 20, 2009 at noontime and DID NOTHING to quell the avalanche. At least President Obama is trying to do something. Giving tax breaks to small businesses, putting more money in the hands of the middle class & working poor, and creating long overdue jobs in this country.

    George Bush did nothing. President Obama is.

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