Hillary’s PUMA retards want a Blog Award

OMG, this is so beautiful. Thank you Tbogg of FireDogLake for bringing this to our attention.

Does everyone remember right out of the gate in the Iowa Caucus how Barack Obama & Mike Huckabee won it and how Hillary Clinton & John McCain panicked, because they knew in that moment that the country was sick of both of them? Well, apparently Jennifer Beagle, a New PUMA Extraordinaire, in the following video still believes Hillary Clinton was the real winner last year throughout the campaign, is still crying about it, and doesn’t even want to think about how John McCain & Sarah Palin got their asses handed to them (along with the rest of the republicans throughout the country!)?!!!!

Meet Jennifer Lynn Beagle a member of the New PUMAs…

Oh yeah! Award winning! Welcome to the past everyone courtesy of the Hillary PUMA’s who are still stuck in it! Oh, and they, the PUMA’s, believe their blog, The Confluence, deserves an award…..because really…..when you live in Delusion Land, what better way to prove it than to believe you are the Best Liberal Blog on the Internet and to think that you can beat Wonkette online! Hey wait a minute. Liberal? The Confluence is a liberal blog? Ummmmm, I’m sorry….but where are the liberals at this PUMA blog? There are none! That’s the beauty of it. Remember…..DELUSION LAND is overcrowded today. LMAO!

By the way Jennifer, have you met Harriet Christian yet? Do you remember her? She was the old freak who was just like you….an angry ole nobody who believes Hillary Clinton is the 2nd Coming of Christ and who felt a black man could not win in America. Bah hahahahaha! She too lives in PUMA Delusion Land and believes she is better qualified to fill Hillary Clinton’s New York seat over Caroline Kennedy, so to prove it, she’s thinking of running for Hillary’s seat! :lol:   It’s gotta be dark and dreary living in PUMA Delusion Land with this many freaks in it…

And notice how Jennifer Beagle has given PUMA a different definition. It used to be “Party Unity My Ass”, but has now changed to, “Party Unity Means Action”, which sounds so nice on the surface, but for some reason when I listen to Jennifer cry and speak, something tells me if she had her chance she would be the first American to pull the trigger against Barack Hussein Obama. Do you get that feeling also? The only action I’m getting from Jenny’s video is she wants Americans to feel bad for her! And it’s not working. Awwwwwwww, kind of like Hillary Clinton’s campaign (shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell Jennifer this).

So, the New PUMAs believe they can beat Wonkette in the sarcastically funny Best Liberal Blog category, huh? Bah hahahahahahaha! Ah yeah, okay PUMAs! Whatever. Americans do know one thing, though. You deserve to be awarded The Most Lame-o & Pathetic Americans of All Time award. Just push the neocons aside and line up to get your awards, PUMAs! Well deserved.

Vote for Wonkette please….just to make the WATBs of the New PUMAs continue to feel suicidal in their delusion that they are the most hysterical, funny, and most wonderful “liberal” blog on the Internet! They’re making Hillary proud one day at a time, no? Funny how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is still in debt. Apparently the PUMAs really didn’t support her, but have used her in their quest to ‘feel pretty’ so they can say over and over again, ‘pick me! pick me! I’m so pretty!’. Sad.

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5 thoughts on “Hillary’s PUMA retards want a Blog Award

  1. Two comments? Geez, no one bothers visiting or commenting on your site anymore. That must really piss you off.

    A-Blog is much better, more informative and has tons more comments. Aravosis knows how to get an audience. You don’t.

  2. Jennifer Beagle is awesome btw. You’re jealous Kay because you can’t even begin to compete with her knowledge and intelligence.

  3. I’m jealous of Jennifer Beagle? Bah hahahahahahahahaha! Let me guess, Fiberoptics, you’re one of those mental patients from A-blog and think your shit don’t stink? Now, go back to A-blog to be brainwashed into thinking Barack is the anti-christ, is not trustworthy, and is worse than George Bush…even though Barack hasn’t been sworn in yet! Pathetic you mental cases are over there.

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