Harry Reid (I can’t even call him Senator Reid at this point, because quite frankly, he’s not qualified for the position) is an asshole. Today on the floor of the US Senate, Harry Asshole told the Senate that Roland Burris, who has been appointed LEGALLY by the Illinois Governor to fill Barack Obama’s vacant seat,
“Mr. Burris is not in possession of the necessary credentials from the state of Illinois”. Say wha? How come Burris wasn’t in possession of the necessary credentials, Harry Asshole? Oh that’s right! It’s because you told the Illinois Secretary of State, Jessie White, TO NOT CERTIFY GOVERNOR BLAGOJEVICH’S APPOINTMENT OF BURRIS!

What an asshole you are, Harry Asshole!

Maybe Burris should have said he was a white republican today while wearing a diaper and tapping his right foot for gay male sex so he could enter the US Senate? Spit.

Even the Capital Hill Police knew Roland Burris is allowed into the Senate, whether he’s a regular citizen or an Illinois resident who has been appointed LEGALLY by the Governor (WHO HAS NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY CHARGED WITH A CRIME, WHO HAS NOT BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF A CRIME, AND WHO IS THE CURRENT ACTIVE/LEGAL GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS WHO HAS THE RIGHT AND POWER TO APPOINT!) to fill the vacant seat of an Illinois U.S. Senator…

From the New York Times:

Capitol police officers tried to clear a path for Mr. Burris. “You can’t keep a regular citizen from walking into the Capitol,” one officer shouted.

Good for the officers in doing this! They’re right too. There is absolutely no reason why Burris was not allowed into the Senate today. None. The only reason Burris wasn’t allowed IS BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS IN THE SENATE ARE BEING LED BY A WHINY ASS TITTY BABY WHO COULDN’T FIGHT HIS WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG EVEN IF WE STARTED A HOLE FOR THE ASSHOLE!

And to think it’s Diane Feinstein right now who is the VOICE OF REASON. Unfreakingbelievable.

As I’ve said many times on my blog, there are lots of Democrats like Harry Asshole (they’re online) who go after Democrats rather than the neocons (Harry has been fine with the Bush Regime breaking the laws in this country and he did nothing when Harriet Miers and others refused to testify after being subpeonaed). Why they do this, I don’t know. It’s sad really. Maybe this is their way of making themselves out to be stronger than they are? Hey, could be. For these Democrats, I say…..GOOD RIDDANCE! JOIN THE REPUBLIC PARTY THE FIRST CHANCE YOU GET BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG!

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18 thoughts on “HARRY REID IS AN ASSHOLE

  1. And yet your savior, Sen. Obama, remains silent on the issue… I think we’ll continue to see this wishy-washy approach to any controversial situation in the next one to four years…. Awfully quiet on the Gaza situation also…

  2. “We are going to engage effectively and consistently in trying to resolve the conflicts that exist in the Middle East,” he told reporters, adding that “the loss of civilian life in Gaza and Israel is a source of deep concern to me, and after January 20th, I am going to have plenty to say about the issue.”

    Yeah, just as I said “wishy-washy”. Sen. Obama knows that Hamas are the bad guys in this battle. He’s just afraid to say so at this time.

    Do you ever wonder why “Palestinian children” are losing limbs and lives? It’s because Hamas PURPOSELY puts them in harms way for the headlines. I can’t possibly believe you are on Hamas’ side on this conflict!!

  3. Hmmm the last I checked George W. Bush was president. God knows if Barack were to say anything of substance about the Burris issue or the Israeli/Hamas issue the reich wing press and idiots like JFH would be gnashing their teeth, wailing, weeping and whining and calling Barack arrogant for playing the role of president when he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

    By the way JFH what do you propose Barack say? Should Hama’s get all of the blame? Shouldn’t the Israeli government get some of the blame also? Neither side is innocent. Plus this conflict is just creating more hatred and enemies for the USA because we so foolishly and blindly support Israel at every turn.

    But hey to all of you moronic rapture lovers or armageddon lovers out there you should be cheering the death and carnage going on in Gaza. Why? Because you can bet the rest of the world is going to get tired of Israels shit whether they are right or wrong in what they are doing and armageddon will begin as the world punishes Israel.

  4. Oh by the way…wasn’t it the Bush administration who cheered on the ‘democratic’ elections of the Palestinians? Oops Hama’s won the elections…boy you couldn’t see that one coming could you!

    As I have said in the past. The Bush administration spreading democracy around the world has the same affect as a man riddled with STD’s spreading his love around the world.



    I always send a pizza to the IDF when they righteously off a Palin raghead piece of shit! POP A PALIN FOPR PIZZA!!!! I have Dominoes on fucking speed dial now!


  6. Check out the maps on this website if you wonder what Israel is doing:

    Israel won’t be satisfied until they drive the Palestinians of Gaza into Egypt and the Palestinians of the West Bank into Jordan and Syria.

    Who knows what they have planned for the Arab citizens of the Israeli state… concentration camps, serin gas and ovens perhaps?

    “8@88″ and his other sockpuppets is a real fucking retard!

  7. So, according to the troll, the UN said, “Come on in Hamas! We’ve got plenty of children for you to kill in this school!”, and this is why Israel bombed them? Oh please. Even the UN said they had given the coordinates of their school to Israel, but Israel didn’t listen. Now they’re propagandizing reporting that the bomb Israel launched at the school actually landed next to it! Oh the white noise of propaganda! And can Israel explain why there were no Hamas casualties yesterday and why they keep propagandizing reporting that 4 out of 5 victims are Hamas fighters that are dying when everyone else knows it’s 4 out of 5 civilians who are?

  8. Thanks Randy. What will Israel do if the Palestinians are forced into other countries? Oh that’s right! It’s onto Iran for American soldiers to die for! Gawd I hate them.

  9. I don’t think Israel will attack Iran because of the problems it will cause in Iraq and Afghanistan for our soldiers who are STILL there.

    I don’t think Israel would risk pissing off half the American public, but then maybe they don’t care what the American public thinks as long as the $$$$$$$$ still flows.

  10. Thank God Obama finally came out and said something about this carnage, I do feel he should have come out sooner though!!
    I am so pleased that dear Israel is going to stop bombing for 3 hrs a day for humanitarian reasons….please!!
    My fervent hope is once Obama is sworn in that he will address this situation fully and I hope to God that there will be serious policy change with Israel after this…it cannot continue with this one sided approach anymore.
    Israel think they rule the world…well, they rule us that’s for sure and the time is long overdue for them to be held accountable for “breaking international law” at every turn.
    No more free passes from us to let them do what they like when they like with no accountability. that has to change. I am so sick of our more than passive attitude toward Israel.

  11. If I had a nickle goes the saying about every time I wrote an article about Obama being the product of a corrupt Illinois political machine! Well you see he hasn’t said anything publicly about the Roland Burris appointee. If the bank manager was arrested for embezzlement and before he left he appointed a new president, would you keep your money there? (Blagojevich appoints Burris)Burris is the ultimate political hack. A minuscule man that was never elected to any office except attorney general. He was rejected by the voters time and time again. Has made racist comments. Is a lobbyist and self centered person concerned about furthering Roland Burris’s legacy. Illinois and Chicago are the most corrupt state and city in the US. The only good thing I can see about obama election is that this kind of crap is finally being brought before a national stage. We had it all to ourselves for years, now its time for the rest of the country to see how Illinois politicians run the country. God help us!

  12. Really? Got links to prove your ‘facts’, Joe? LOL

    By the way, George Bush is rewriting his last 8 years. Are you fine with this? I bet you are.

  13. How’s that hopey changey thing going for spinless fucking liberals.
    Progressive? Call it what you want. F you and your family.

  14. More TYPICAL TROLL DROPPINGS above! They are so boring. Fuck
    me and MY FAMILY? They are nearly all Republicans but at least
    smart enough NOT to vote for Sarah Palin and voted for Obama

  15. Davie, davie, davie such anger issues, seems you are throwing a temper tantrum widdle one.

    What’s the matta widdle boy, reich-wing kool-aid addled brain can’t deal with reality?

    Or LOSING?

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