How Reaganomics & the Bush Regime killed America…

(video provided by Crooks And Liars)

Busting manufacturing and the Unions in America under Reagan was the beginning of the end and George W. Bush and his Cabal in the US House & Senate just finished it off. As Thom Hartmann points out in the above video, America is technically a third world country right now, because we are the largest importer of finished goods and exporter of raw materials.

And what happened when the republicans blocked the auto bailout bill just a few days ago? Well, let’s just say GM decided to give those republican Senators a chance to earn their $165,000/year pay by announcing the layoff of autoworkers in mainly their districts! Yep. I guess GM was thinking these tough Union-busting-assholes could fend off the hungry sharks all by themselves. It will be so sad seeing these Senators ripped apart by their limbs when these workers start losing their jobs….all because these Senators decided to go after black Americans once again through the back door!

Americans are not stupid. We know exactly who is to blame for our current economic situation. Our nation’s collapse has been in the making for almost 30 years now and we all know the republicans have controlled the Congress for a good portion of that time, even if they didn’t control the White House. Hell, under George W. Bush, the republicans controlled the White House and the Congress, and what did they do during that time? Nothing! They did nothing to regulate the banking industry, Wall Street, oil industry (high prices caused many small businesses to fold), or the auto industry! Instead, they focused on Terri Schiavo and absolutely refused to allow the Democrats to talk about Iraq or bring forth legislation on anything. And what have the republicans done since 2006 after the Democrats took control of both Houses? Oh that’s right! They’ve blocked everything the Democrats have wanted to do. And they’re still doing it. The republicans are now to blame for more jobs being lost in our country and it’s all because they live in this warped little reality where they believe the only way for America to be strong is to lose all it’s jobs, to owe the planet trillions of dollars, and to have no regulations, because with laws, rules, and regulations, that means the republicans of America have to sit up straight and be good. They can’t handle this kind of thing, because they’re all criminals on so many levels!

This is not an Obama Recession as the reich wingers are trying to say it is. It’s a Hate Party Depression brought to us by the Reagan Crazies with the Bush Crazies finishing it off. The End.

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44 thoughts on “How Reaganomics & the Bush Regime killed America…

  1. This is, of course, all about busting unions. I have reservations of my own about bailing out the auto companies, though. My biggest problem with it is how stoopid and shortsighted these assholes have been in the past and how I don’t see much indication that they are going to be any less stoopid in the future. Unions? If the rightwing capitalists would simply DO WHAT’s RIGHT, Unions never would have come into existence in the first place. Of course, they won’t do what’s right because they’re greedy assholes who worship the god of MORE. That’s why WE have to regulate them, because they won’t regulate themselves. And we have to have unions because, without them, the greedy bastard capitalists would run nothing more than third-world sweatshops in America. The only thing standing between us and pure feudalism are the unions unfortunately, but it never had to be that way. The only reason I support the bailout is to support the workers. The execs can eat sand for all I care.

  2. I agree, Gage! Let them eat sand.

    Speaking of sand….Randy, did George Bush get some sand in his eyes when the Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at him? Bah hahahahahaha! Hope so. Truly amazing what that Iraqi reporter did! ;-)

  3. Reaganomics (once called “Voodoo” by George H. W. Bush) broke me in the 1980′s, slowly losing money so that by 1988 I had to close down my homebuilding corporation on Galveston Island. Thankfully, I had my degree and the Texas Secondary Teacher’s License from the 60′s to fall back upon. Nothing “trickled down” to me as I was small potatoes, not a large corporation.

  4. Well Grant, in ‘voodoo economics’ things don’t work the way they’re suppose to. Wealth does not trickle down and the stock market does great when the price of gas/oil goes up. See? Nothing works right in voodoo economics. ;-)

  5. bust them f’ing unions, the most greedy bunch of SOBS in America. Yes Virginia, this is an Obama Recession.

    Where’s all the democrats who for the last 8 years bitched about deficit spending on the part of Republicans? Now they love deficit spending when its done by Democrats, Pelosi, Reid and Obama. Hypocrites. Spit!

  6. Drooly, a Bush/Palin/McCain supporter, hates it when Americans have good paying jobs. He would like to see all Americans (including himself) work for peanuts for the top 16 families in America instead. Right, Drooly?

    THE REPUBLICANS CONTROLLED THE US HOUSE & SENATE UP UNTIL 2006. Where were the republicans then? Oh that’s right! They didn’t allow the Democrats to bring forth legislation to the floor to be voted on and instead spent their days talking about Terri Schiavo….you know….the liquid brained woman that George Bush left his vacation to come back to DC to save!




  8. $75/hour for janitorial work? Got a link proving this ‘fact’, Drooly?

    So, in your mind, it’s okay for the local mechanic to charge $72/hour to fix your car, but not $75/hour to make your car? Uh ha. Asshole.

  9. Reagan hated America so much so, that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of their Oil Cartel decided to pick up where the Reagan Crazies left off and killed America good!




    You’re against bailouts except when the bailout is supported by Democrats. Hypocrite. Spit!

  11. People don’t buy Detroit cars because they’re gas-guzzling pieces of shit.

    And guess what, Drooly? Barack Hussein Obama is the President-elect of the United States of America and is going to be the President for the next four years so get used to it! There’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Nor is there anything you can do about a Democratic Congress for the next two years. So, sit and spin, motherfucker.

  12. Obama hates America. He’s a Muslim. Wasn’t even born in Hawaii. Why is he hiding his birth certificate? Oh that’s right, because he was born in Kenya or Indonesia or had dual citizenship from his mother which would make him ineligible to be the president. Spit!


    Fuck Bush and his TERRORIST FRIENDS. Fuck him and his Wall Street SHADOW ECONOMY PLAYERS!

  14. He’s hiding his birth certificate? Bah hahahahahahaha! Can I go get a copy of your birth certificate? Nope. Can I get a copy of Grant’s? Nope. Why? Because one has to be a family member and has to have a good reason as to why they want a copy of it. Besides, the Governor of Hawaii has certified (though he didn’t need to) that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and is a US citizen.

    Where’s George Bush’s birth certificate, because for all we know, he was born in Saudi Arabia in the Saudi royal’s lavish mansion! And I bet Osama bin Laden’s family attended his birth too.

  15. I dont have to post a link to anything. Find it yourself bitch. You know how to do a internet search, don’t you?

  16. Drooly, what is Barack Obama’s father’s name? Do you know? His father was born and raised in Kenya and his name is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA SR.

    You’re confusing President Obama with his father for crying out loud! But then again, you neck droolers ain’t too smaht anyways.

  17. Obama supported the Wall Street bailout you dumb bitch. He supports the same bailouts as Bush. Your ability to rationalize is strictly based on political party. How sad.
    Fuck Obama. Why won’t he release his birth certificate?

  18. No bitch. You stated your ‘fact’ as janitors get $75/hour, so you need to be the one to do the leg work since you’re a neocon and believe you are all-knowing.

    When will George Bush get a tomato thrown at him? Bah hahahahahaha! He’s already had a guy throw a grenade on stage…

    Good gawd. No one likes your president, Drooly. And guess what? George Bush was the one who originally suggested the bailout of Wall Street and America still hates his guts! Bah hahahahaha!

  19. Drolly is so brain-washed, it is a waste of time to even comment on his hallucinations. Obama’s BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT that he was born in a Honolulu hospital was printed in the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper immediately after his birth on Auguest 4, 1961. Barack was able to get a U.S. Passport at age six using said birth certificate to move to Jakarta with his mother. The State of Hawaii has had no problem certifying his birth (and they have a Republican governor at present who must be in on the “conspiracy”!). I guess Obama’s mother KNEW he was going to run for president some day and began faking his birth certificate from the very beginning?

  20. TROLLS like DROLLY NEVER post credible links and demand that others jump through their hoops. They like to make up crap…Fuck ‘em!

  21. I know Grant, isn’t it hysterical? They demand it from us, but yet, when they’re asked too they get all righteous and act like their shit doesn’t stink! It’s really quite funny.

  22. Detroit doesn’t make gas guzzling pieces of shit. So Gage is saying American union workers make pieces of shit? And you call yourself an American and claim to support the union members? You sure are a hater aren’t you?

    I’m not mistaking Obama Sr from Jr. Sorry. Nice try though, bitch.

    Grant, got AIDS yet?

  23. “Our nation’s collapse has been in the making for almost 30 years now and we all know the republicans have controlled the Congress for a good portion of that time.”

    Lets see now, a Republican Congress was the majority from 1995 to 2006. That’s 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS. Eleven years is a “good portion of that time” ???????

    Did you flunk basic math along with all the other courses Kay?

  24. Tooly (311 and other monikers here earlier???) likes WNI so much he has evidently visited here often, enough to know the players. No, I don’t have AIDS as I have practiced safe sex for years and don’t screw every stray dog that comes down the alley like our TROLL probably does while in a drunken or hallucinatory state of mind. BTW, I have nearly 200 hours of undergrad and grad school, so only the ignorant have ever charged me with being uninformed.

  25. LOL Ummmmm, Dumbass? ONE YEAR, SIX MONTHS, or ONE HOUR OF REPUBLICAN RULE IS BAD FOR AMERICA! We’ve either had republican presidents or republicans controlling the Congress for close to 30 years now and look at the mess we are in. The Clinton years everyone had a job that wanted one and there were more good paying jobs than what George Bush’s America has offered.

    Stay in denial, troll. It’s where you’re most comfortable. Oh yeah, and check into La La Land too. There are lots of trolls there waiting for ya!

  26. Posting blocked. Since 1980, we have had Republican presidents save for the 8 years of Clinton who had six years of Republican controlled Congresses. Reagan had a Republican Senate. Democrats didn’t have a majority until George H.W. Bush which they only had for six years before the Gingrich “Revolution”. BTW, the recession has been in effect since December 2007 so hardly can be called an Obama recession. It is Barack’s job to clean up many of the Bush messes.

  27. By the way, Drooly, produce President Obama’s birth certificate from Kenya then. You can’t! Bah hahahahahahaha! It doesn’t exist. Only his father’s does.

  28. “Our nation’s collapse has been in the making for almost 30 years now and we all know the republicans have controlled the Congress for a good portion of that time.”

    You’re the one who called 11 years a “good portion of that time.” You’re the one who cant do math.

    Presidents have little power over the economy. They can’t pass bills, they can’t write bills, they can’t legislate. Only Congress can. Up until 1995 the Congress had been Democrat majority for fifty odd years. It seems you’re the ones who live in a world of denial.

  29. Republicans have destroyed America. The End.

    Presidents can veto or sign a bill. How many bills passed in both the House & Senate over the last two years has George Bush signed into law and how many has he vetoed or threatened to veto?

    REPUBLICANS CONTINUE TO BLOCK LEGISLATION THAT HELPS AMERICANS. Hell, after years of telling us the Democrats were bad to vote against George Bush’s nominations, the republicans are now telling us they’re going to go after Barack’s:


  30. Just because some issue is “the end” for you doesn’t make it factual. Your opinons are so removed from anything factual its a laughing stock.

    Please tell us what type of bill or legislation any president can create. We’re all waiting.

    Here’s what is called a fact, and I will repeat it again: Up until 1995-2006 the Congress had been Democrat majority for fifty odd years. They’re the ones who fucked it up.

  31. Well, Drooly, it hardly matters what you think, does it? You can’t do a fucking thing about any of it. We’ll do whatever the hell we want to do. Bushworld is over! And if President-elect Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t want to produce a birth certificate, maybe it’s because he DOESN’T HAVE TO> That’s right, 14%er. The majority of the country doesn’t doubt for a moment that Barack Hussein Obama was born right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. American as apple pie!

    Thank God for President-elect Barack Hussein Obama!!! Isn’t this full-blooded American’s name just like poetry? Yes.

    Barack. Hussein. Obama. President of the United States of America!

    Up the Revolution!!!!!

  32. Opinions have to be factual? When?

    The president sets the mission and his Rove Penis was constantly down on the floor of the Senate getting the republicans to do what George wanted. And if George didn’t get his way? He gave himself a signing statement to ignore parts of the law he just signed and giving himself permission to interpret it the way he wanted to.

    Sorry, THE DEMOCRATS DID NOT CONTROLL THE CONGRESS ALL THAT TIME. From 2002 to 2006, the republicans controlled the White House, the US House, and the US Senate.

  33. And now the Democrats are in charge of all three come January! Woohoo! I’m actually very excited about it. I’m sure George Bush & Dick Cheney are conspiring right now with their intelligence agencies and the Pentagon to bomb the shit out of America because they’re scared of the liberals. Bah hahahahahaha!

  34. Did Kay call you in to help defend her, Gage? Guess so. She’s not what you call much of an intellectual. Either are you.

    So I’m a 14%’er? That’s okay, I’d rather be a 14%’er than the 8 or 9%’ers who think Congress is doing a great job.

    Why would anyone believe anything published at Think Progress? The link is an opinion piece, not a news item. It’s pure fluff, but when that’s all you have to cling to, I guess thats all you have.

  35. I’m smarter than you, Drooly, because I didn’t vote for George Bush nor did I drag my ass on the ground like a dog with worms as you neocons did when Sarah Palin came to town! You’re the dumb one. Calling me stupid just shows when you don’t have an answer you just insult.

    You’re going after Think Progress now? Where is the opinion over there? Every paragraph has a link or there’s a video provided to show you what the author is talking about. Oh wait! Drooly is a neocon! He doesn’t notice much.

  36. Dang Reaganomics, causing the longest sustained economic boom in our history and doubling the revenue brought in to the government! Yeah, you know who is responsible for bad economic decisions. What’s the deal with screaming blue murder about the AIG bailout and now being pissed that another bailout failed? It’s some weird kind of schizophrenia; all because the left doesn’t have a clue how economics work. You just believe what the media tells you is going on. Sad, really.

  37. “Thank God for President-elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!”

    Indeed. If he does what he said he was going to (doubtful, since he backed off most of his promises on Nov. 5) it sets the stage for a new Reagan. Sure, we’ll see ACTUAL economic hard times (you ain’t seen nothin’ yet – unless you lived through Carter), but those are easily turned around when the government stops its stranglehold on the economy.

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