Do you get the feeling Osama bin Laden’s image will be paraded in front of us soon?


My, my, my….seems that the Bush Regime is trying to tie up loose ends before parting. Well, okay, there are so many loose ends to the Bush Regime it looks like a severely tattered blanket at this point, but the one thing George Bush has touted about himself since the morning of 9/11/01 is that he was tough on terror.

Uh ha.

Well, this week, we’ve got these to ponder & scratch our heads about:

  • Khalid Sheik Mohammad and the other four 9/11/01 ‘masterminds’ have all decided to plead guilty to their crimes.
  • The Blackwater contractors who gunned down, bombed, and killed innocent Iraqis at a packed intersection in 2007 have all given themselves up to authorities to face their justice.

It’s so interesting to me that things are going this smoothly! Yeah, yeah, how the hell did the Bush Regime get Khalid and others to plead guilty after all these years…..and on cue…..without torturing them? And what is the Bush Regime hiding besides the torturing of the prisoners down there at GITMO? Is the Bush Regime afraid these prisoners might tell the truth about how they were obtained or their treatment thereafter and the Regime just wants them to go away and use their monkey court today to “prove” to Americans that they jailed those connected to 9/11 (just as Clinton jailed all 5 who bombed the WTC in 1993)? Or maybe it’s gotta do something with how Barack Obama wants to close GITMO when he is officially sworn in as president? It’s very possible George Bush wants to make GITMO out to be the place that houses the most vile prisoners on the planet, just so Barack won’t close it down, because having the prison down there in Cuba is keeping American eyes off it.

And why did these 9/11 masterminds decide to confess on election day, November 4th? Seems kind of strange don’t you think? Did it happen this way so Barack wouldn’t notice and what would have happened if John McCain was elected that night instead? Would they have confessed or not?

And what about the Blackwater contractors who murdered innocent Iraqis back in 2007? I find it very interesting that they’re suddenly coming forward, giving themselves up, and their company, Blackwater, is getting away scotfree. Let me guess….GEORGE BUSH WILL PARDON THESE ASSHOLES BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE? Hey, could be. George Bush will do everything in his power to protect himself, his Regime, and those who committed crimes on his behalf.

Where was Sen. Susan Collins when it came to Blackwater and other criminal contractors over in Iraq in doing oversight of these companies? Oh wait. I know….

She was fine with them stealing billions from us, so that means she didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about these contractors raping, torturing, and killing innocent Iraqis either! She’s a Pig. A lipstick wearing one too.

So, how long will it be before George Bush (with Susan Collins utmost support!) has his CIA create a blue-screen video of the ‘live’ Osama bin Laden to dupe Americans that he has caught America’s #1 Terrorist before he leaves office? Huh? How long? I mean, really, most Americans consider him dead, but it does make you wonder with all these loose ends the Regime is tying up at the moment that it seems plausible they’re working on something….just to ‘prove’ that George Bush was the “most amazing president during the most amazing time in our country’s history”! Spit.

I’m ready for this video. I won’t believe it’s content either. Those Americans who do should be ashamed of themselves one more time!

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5 thoughts on “Do you get the feeling Osama bin Laden’s image will be paraded in front of us soon?

  1. It’s funny you stupid cunt….but Obarry wants to create homeland bureaucracy that will make Bush look minor league. You gonna take him on too or does your kool aid only come in one flavor.

    Jesus you are one sick bitch.

  2. Yo You Fuck Your Momma…


    Get it, Yo You Fuck Your Momma In The Anus?

  3. We’re you fucking your momma in the basement after you ran to it every time George Bush’s government put out a fake terror alert or released a CIA created audio of the dead Osama? Huh? I bet you did! Do you and your momma have kids together? Bah hahahahaha! Maybe you should move to Alaska where all moms & their sons have sex with each other to impress Jesus!

  4. it's obvious to me now why the 9/11 people are confessing now.. the "people in charge" want to have him executed when Obama is President, so that it looks bad for him on the world stage.

  5. Fixing the Mess
    The labours of Hercules cleaning the emperor's stables by running a 'river' through them will be no greater a feat than cleaning up after George Bush.
    Thing is, I've listened to a lot of Obama comment that seemed as if people were listening more to what they wanted to hear than what was actually being said.
    About the time Obama did everything but salaam to AIPAC my guts curdled bad.
    I posted a link Joes Bageant's blog this morning. Wow, is it ever refreshing to hear clear views from a guy who knows whether he's punched or bored.
    If you want opinion that's not Obama-complimentary 'Make Them Accountable' will qualify : and it's not Reich-Wing either. Meantime ClapSo is so pissed it's almost funny : except I believe it honest anguish and despair.

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