Has Hillary Clinton accepted the Secretary of State position yet?

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(this picture really has nothing to do with the post…I just threw it in because it’s hysterical!)

Well, has she accepted the position yet? It appears her camp is saying she is going to accept the offer of Secretary of State, but I’ve not read anywhere (or missed it on the news) that she has officially accepted.

What is going on here? First off, I don’t like the idea of so many former Clinton people being picked by Barack Obama to serve in his White House. Secondly, Barack’s campaign for the presidency was pretty much leak-proof until now, so how the hell do we know it was the Clinton camp who leaked that she was being considered for the SOS position just to pressure Barack into picking her to show some dominance over him?  Thirdly, if she hasn’t actually accepted the position, when will she? And what if she waits until the day of the inauguration to announce she doesn’t want it…leaving Barack hanging?


I’m sure Barack Obama has a back up already planned for SOS, so I’m really not worried about him being left hanging if Hillary doesn’t accept the position last minute….but man!….what kind of game is Hillary playing right now? The Control Freak Game? Gawd. Anyone else feeling itchy over this whole thing? I’ve been trying to figure out her motive and the only motive I can come up with (besides the control freak aspect of it) is that she’s testing her true supporters to find out what they want her to do. And yes, there is the issue of Bill’s records that needs to be sorted through, but something tells me that he’s flunked already and Hillary is playing this waiting game just to be an asshole and is trying to get a feel from her supporters on helping her make the choice!

What do you think? Am I being paranoid or can I just assume she’s the next Secretary of State and her not accepting today isn’t a big deal?

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3 thoughts on “Has Hillary Clinton accepted the Secretary of State position yet?

  1. I think she will be, but she cant formally accept something that hasnt been formally offered, since Obama cant nominate people until hes actually sworn in.

  2. Is that what’s happening, Chris? Barack hasn’t formally offered the position to her? Okay, now I’m thoroughly confused! Since it was Andrea Mitchell who first broke the news and she was traveling with Hillary’s campaign over the last year, maybe this is just a rumor coming from the Clinton camp then? Could be.

  3. I thought Hillary had got the job also….it seems weird that all these other folks are being nominated and are out there in the news.
    Maybe he hasn’t offered it to her yet….would be nice to know what is going on there though!

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