Sarah Palin deserves a map-of-the-world as a parting gift

You’ve probably learned by now that the right wingers across America are blaming each other for McCain’s failure in becoming the next president of the United States. Yep. They can’t blame each other or even John McCain and if anyone says it was his choice of Sarah Palin as his VP or Palin herself that was the reason, the wingers go ape shit. Apparently to them, Sarah Palin was the only smart person in their lives, which is so freaking funny considering those who were around her are now saying she didn’t even know Africa was a continent. Does she know Africa is made up of states? Doubt it.

So, here’s my parting gift to Ms. Sarah as she spends the next 4 years pretending she’s not running for the presidence in 2012! She’s gonna need it. It’s a map of the world.


Study it hard, Sarah! Eventually you’ll find Iraq on there!

Is it just me or does it feel nice knowning she and McCain will be nowhere near the White House in years to come? Now that we know she was a shop-a-holic with other people’s money, can you imagine if she was in as VP? She’d be whoring the lobbiests for sure!

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49 thoughts on “Sarah Palin deserves a map-of-the-world as a parting gift

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  2. Ahhhhh …….

    The reich-wing infighting has begin;

    The McCain campaign’s classless cowards;

    graphic warning:

    It IS the “malkin” website;

    take precautions


    The redstate clown brigade is in on the act;

    Operation Leper

    (warning: they act real childish when faced with reality)

    These pathetic reichwing punks can’t use the use government to spy on us all and make their little lists for revenge …. so they want to go viral on each other now.

    Well lets NOT stop them …. after all it is what they do best, blame everyone BUT themselves for their failures.

    Kinda makes the next couple of months fun watching them;

    Stick knives in each others back,

    Playing the blame game,

    (they claim they never play)

    Trying to out maneuver each other for any perceived advantage in 2010 and especially 2012.

    Stock up on the popcorn folks this one will be very enjoyable.

  3. PS … it is the McCain/Bush staffers who are attempting to undercut Sarah Palin using Fox noise and the corporate owned MSM ………….

    NOT progressives,

    We are just enjoying the show. (For once)

  4. Yep, the McCain people are now coming forward with the truth about Sarah and it’s the wingers who are shitting themselves, because they think it was everyone else’s fault and not Sarah’s!

    And yes! We progressives/liberals are truly enjoying it, Clif! Nothing better. ;-)

  5. I’m calling bullcrap… There is no possible way ANYONE, even if you think Palin is dumb as a post, no one could possibly believe that Africa is a country… There are just too many countries in Africa in the news for someone to make this assumption.

    It just doesn’t pass the smell test (More likely a disgruntled campaign staffer, probably on the liberal side, making stuff up)

  6. Sorry JFH, that is reich wing staffers who say so, NOT you clown boy.

    Call bullshit all ya want but she didn’t know ………………………

    However she could shop on somebody else’s dime real fast.

  7. its hilarious that a lot of right wingers want her to be the nominee in 2012.

    I guess they arent sick of losing yet.

  8. Because of the Electoral College, most of us in the 40 “flyover” states didn’t get the benefit of either Obama nor McCain campaigning in our areas (other than sneaking in now and then for private fundraisers). As a result, even though Texas Democrats gained some seats in the state house and Obama won in Harris (Houston), Dallas, Travis (Austin), Bexar (San Antonio), and El Paso counties, the state still went over 10 points for McCain (but Bush had won by 20 points against Kerry).

    Hispanic turnout in Harris County was only 45% of eligible voters as compared to 65% turnout among whites and black voters (overall 60% compared to 58% in 2004). Hillary had really energized Hispanics in the primary and maybe some attention by Obama, Clinton, and other surrogates may have helped although the Hispanic majorities south of I-10 mostly supported Obama except Corpus Christi with its 2/3 Hispanic base but McCain won. But Corpus has powerful US Navy and Big Oil power, too.

    Obama carried Harris County by 3 percentage points which includes Houston and also many white majority suburbs. But in the couple of million more who live in the seven surrounding suburban counties went mostly 60% or more for McCain (Montgomery County…”home of the troll Lee” went 75% for McCain but they still have an active KKK group there!). Tom DeLay’s seat is firmly back in the control of new Republican-elect Rep. Ted Olson, formerly part of DeLay’s staff who beat two-year incumbent Nick Lampson. DeLay had gerrymandered his district to remove the black Stafford/Missouri City suburbs and include them with a Houston black district. But including these towns with Sugar Land, McCain only won Fort Bend County by 3 points. Hopefully enough Democrats can win by 2010 to redraw the Tom DeLay district lines.

    I was glad to see Dallas County re-elect its Latina lesbian Sheriff Lupe Valdez for another 4 year term.

  9. Right. Gov. Palin thinks Africa is a country, and President-Elect Obama campaigned in 57 states.

    No wonder Barak won. There are a lot of gullible people in this country.

  10. Palin is a beauty queen.. have you ever seen them talk during those pageants? Of course she doesnt know anything..

    maybe in 4 years she might have half a clue…

  11. Oh yes, we are hearing more and more about Sarah Palin now as we all thought there would be more….we have already known she is not very bright and had no experience for VP.
    She was a loose cannon, out of her league and now all sorts of things are coming to light….aren’t we glad they lost!!!! What a nightmare it would have been for this country.
    Yet McCain insisted over and over again she was READY, ready for what heaven only knows…and he has made himself look even more stupid now with all these new things coming out about her.
    Thank the Lord Amercia made the right decision and elected Sen Obama and soon to be our new President… wonderful is that??

  12. Nice try TROLL, but Obama was talking about his primary voters which extended to many other contests beyond the 50 states where Obama did campaign.

    Obama in his defense was also running in primaries in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, America Samoa, and Democrats Abroad with its several sub groups like the [Latin] Americas Regional Caucus, Asia-Pacific Regional Caucus, and the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Caucus which contributed a total of 7 delegate votes.

    So a tired Obama called each of the SIXTY voting contests a “state”!!! But go ahead and defend your “airhead” Sarah Palin.

  13. That’s right, Grant. President Obama is INCLUSIVE and was making the point that America extends beyond the 50 states, but the trolls, who had no idea there were actual counties in their prospective states, can’t seem to wrap their noggins around what Barack was saying. Trolls are pathetic, really.

    And Chris? I love my new job! Same as my old job! Yep, Secretary of Troll Spanking. I like it. :lol:

    Carol, the fact Sarah kept referring to herself in the 3rd person and acted as if she was separate from John McCain is pretty much the proof we need (gawd knows there lots more proof out there!) that ole Sarah always thought of herself as the presidential candidate and was/is thinking of 2012. Well, I hope the wingers prop her up as the neo-Neocon in the next 4 years, because they’ll lose more members than they already have in the republic Party.

  14. Christopher….

    Mirth, Karol, Scottinsf, and other losers decided they would take down Susan Collins, because as they pointed out, I’m a housecleaner and have no business being in politics, because according to themselves, they are the only ones who can because they drink $59 bottles of wine. See? So I backed off from posting about Tom Allen and Sen. Suzie-Q, because they said they were on it.

    Funny….out of the Maine liberal blogs mine gets more daily hits than any of them, oh, but the Girls who live in California & the midwest don’t even have blogs, so this made perfect sense to push me aside!

    LOL :lol:

    I’m glad Barack Obama, Rep. Terry Hayes, Congressman Mike Michaud won and don’t care about Allen losing. In fact, I don’t think he cares he lost either. His wife is still battling breast cancer, so I’m sure he’s going make sure she’s fine and will then look towards the Governorship in a couple years. Will I be there to support him? Nope! He didn’t fight dirty during this campaign and should have. I was fighting dirty online against Suzie-Q for the longest time and what’s so interesting about that is most of her ads was of her discrediting the points I made about her. Yep! Truly, if Allen’s campaign had done ads making the points myself and others had made online (the video of her saying she was only going to serve 2 terms had been online for a year before he used it in an ad)….he wouldn’t have given her time to react. Oh well. I’m not helping those who can’t help themselves. Waste of time.

  15. Grant & Kay,
    I knew you would attack me because that’s the tone of this site, but you kind of miss my point. I was not criticizing Obama. When Obama made the 57 state comment, he made a simple mistake. The man was tired, obviously, and we all make similar slips of the tongue – at least I know I do.

    I know you believe that Sarah Palin is stupid, but if you really think that she actually believed that Africa was a country, as opposed to misspeaking herself, then I think you are so eager to find fault with her that you will believe anything.

    Oh, but you seem to also think that Obama really meant to say 57 and not 47. He visited Guam, Samoa, etc. and called them states? Really? Come on, the man made a simple mistake. You don’t need to invent such a convoluted explanation.

    “Over the last fifteen months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states, I think — one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii I was not allowed to go to … my staff could not justify it.”

    They couldn’t justify visits to Hawaii and Alaska, which have a total of 7 electoral votes, but they could justify visits to a bunch of territories that have no electoral votes. So when did he make these visits?

  16. Yes Quest, but according to Sarah Palin, Africa isn’t a continent and in her mind, it’s one big place. States…countries within a continent…these are things Sarah doesn’t have a clue about.

  17. Obama WON get over it.

    Yes, Obama won. The election is over. OVER. Who’s the one still attacking Palin? Barack Obama will be President in two months. Joe Biden will be VP. Sarah Palin will not.

    Being a good winner is just as important as being a good loser.

    You guys sound like children laughing at the kid who just got beat up. What about the ‘new, more civil direction’ that Grant in Texas was talking about Wednesday?

    I’ve stopped by this site two or three times in the past year, drawn in by links in other blogs, and I always attempt to be civil in the hopes of having a good debate. But all I get is ad hominem. Reading through the hateful bile spewed daily on this blog, I guess I’m a fool for expecting anything different.

    No wonder you seem to think all “rethuglicans” are haters. You get back what you give.

    Actually I wonder if you all who are on this site every day really even believe what you post here, or if you are playing trolls yourselves – posting outrageous diatribes just to see what reaction you can get. You can’t really be this angry all the time. Is life that bad for you? Does politics really consume you so thoroughly? I hope not, because that would be really sad.

    Yes, as you assume I am in fact a conservative, or as you would say a “reich wing punk”. I really appreciate having an honest conversation with people on the left who have different ideas than I, but I despair of finding intelligent debate here. Should I give you one more chance, or just give up?

  18. Who’s the one still attacking Palin?

    Last time I checked it was reich wing republican operatives who USED to work for Mitt Romney before they helped McCain lose, who was telling what they say they saw.

    In short order it is republicans who are spreading the stories about the hilly billy from Wasilla.

    Go YELL at them, and remember this is how they lose.

  19. The election is over.

    wrong as usual;

    There are still three senate seats undecided ……………..

    Which is very important as to whether assholes like Mitch McConnell is still able to block needed legislation to try to further destroy this country like the conservatard movement has done the last decade, which for some strange reasons conservatards like you celebrate still.

  20. Dave, you can leave. We honestly wouldn’t mind. Honestly, I get sick of the trolls coming here and wanting us to feel bad for them. Seriously. I don’t have a molecule of compassion for ya.

    We’re playing the trolls here? LOL! Grabbing for straws again?

    Sarah Palin brought this all on herself by the way. She was sold as a redneck from Alaska and in the end, she ended up being a race-baiting hillbilly who has no clue what is going on outside the borders of her state. She’s truly pathetic. The End.

  21. BTW davie boy, the election has just been called in the nebraska second congressional district for Obama.

    Yes that means Barack picked up one more vote in the electoral college.

    and Missouri is not decided, it is simply too close to call with uncounted provisional; and absentee ballots.

    Yes Obama WON, but son, the election is NOT over.

  22. Wow! *pointing microphone at Davie Boy’s lips* Your response to President Obama getting one more electoral vote?

    Clif, I bet Al Franken wins his seat in Minnesota after the recount is done. I can’t wait to see the look on Norm Coleman’s face when he does. I hope Norm is wearing an astronaut diaper.

  23. BTW dave you want to see REAL hate in print;

    try redstate

    especially their attack on Senator Byrd,

    or thier insane operation leper, where they want to attack every person on the right who doesn’t kiss sarah palin’s ass.

    those bed wetters are almost postal already over this election.

    and it only will get worse over there when they have to deal with the next four years.

    Yes i read that waste of bandwidth to see just how “bassackwards” you clowns really are ………. and you chicken shit conservatard cry babies never disappoint me.

    If you clowns keep throwing each other under the bus at some point it will have nobody left competent to drive and will crash … er …. um …..

    OH right

    that already happened.


  24. Trust me kay, the gutless chicken hawks at redstate have tons of guns.

    …………………. too bad they lack even an ounce of common sense.

  25. If their view of the world comes from the next reich wing clowns ass,

    ……. no wonder they are so angry and deluded all the time.

  26. Of course you don’t mind if I leave. You prefer your own private echo chamber. I’m probably nuts, but I’m going to try one more time.

    You completely diverted from what I was talking about. The Democrats can win ALL the electoral votes from Nebraska and 60 Senate seats for all I care, but what the heck does that have to do with Sarah Palin? When I said the election is over, you know very well I meant that nothing was going to reverse the result and put McCain and Palin in the executive seats. The relative power of Obama once he is President had nothing to do with the discussion.

    And about Palin running in 2012, if she does. That’s four years from now, you could lay off until her campaign starts. If she’s so incompetent, her next attempt will implode. Are you afraid she might be successful next time?

    So because you can find nasty comments over at Redstate, that makes it okay for you to be nasty here? You can just keep escalating the vitriol until no one can hear anything but the “White Noise” that Kay claims in her About page to want to work against. You can just label anyone a troll so you don’t have to pretend to listen to them. I’m sure you do have trolls, most political blogs do, but I wasn’t trying to be one.

    These are the words you’ve used since my last comment:
    chicken shit conservatard cry babies
    gutless chicken hawks
    circus elephants

    I fail to see how you can rail against Redstate when your behavior is like this. Yes Kay, throwing insults like that is very troll-like. Even the owners of blogs can be trolls in their own house.

    Kay, I never asked you to feel sorry for me. Sorry for what? I’m not crying. I lost nothing on Tuesday, even though I didn’t vote for Obama. But from the way you guys sound, I think your heads would have exploded if Obama had lost. I’m fine, but you sound bitter even in victory.

    I will ask one favor of you (all). Please. If you choose to respond to me again, try to do so without name calling. Not because it will hurt my widdle feewings. I just wonder if you actually can express yourselves without being vicious.

    Or better yet, you can just drop it and not respond at all. You’d probably get rid of me faster that way.

  27. It’s true. Most trolls do leave if we ignore them.

    “Circus elephants” was a generalization of the right wingers of the nation. Why did you take that one personally? Want me to feel sorry for you or something? LOL

    I’ve been online since 1999 and I can tell you………..I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THE RIGHT WINGERS. The End. You have no idea what I’ve personally been through dealing with assholes from your party. Until you do, you need to shut your trap.

    I don’t troll my own site asshole. I do know obscene “liberals/progressives” (they call themselves this but are really former republicans…once an asswipe always an asswipe) who come here to hate me, though and use different names in the hope that I don’t check their IP addresses. See? Hey, you never know…maybe it’s them and not REAL right wingers! Could be. Again, assholes. To me, they’re all the same.

    I bet right wing trolls troll their own site posing as liberals, so they can make it appear as if their blog is popular. My blog gets anywhere from 500-16,000 hits a day. I don’t need to troll my own site to make it something it’s not. No one reads the right wing blogs, so they have to.

  28. Okay, you couldn’t do me the courtesy of toning down the name calling. I’ll resist calling you names, though.

    You seem to not really understand what the word troll means in the context I’m using it. I’m not accusing you, Kay, of pretending to be a commenter under a different name. That’s called sockpuppeting. A troll (according to Urban Dictionary) is someone who says something inflamatory just to provoke a reaction. You can do that using your own name. Many of the comments left here don’t really add value, but seem designed to just poke someone in the eye to see what they will do.

    I just checked out the Robert Byrd thread on RedState. Here are the worst comments I could find:
    After all, you can’t let a senile old fool stand in the way of socialist utopia!!1!
    Reid couldn’t force out a turd.
    Where’s The “Hurry Up and Die” Pic When We Need It
    I’m certainly not going to defend these statements, but as far as “hate in print” goes, they are no worse than what is routinely said on this blog.

    And I stand by my comment that you are behaving like children. In this case by saying “but he hit me first!” That doesn’t work with my kids.

    No one reads right wing blogs? Is that because the 50 million voting Republicans can’t read?

  29. Oops, I missed the part where I’m supposed to shut my trap until I appreciate the pain you’ve been through being exposed to diverse ideas.

    You’re letting me down, Kay. You haven’t said **spit** once in this thread.

  30. These are the words you’ve used since my last comment:
    chicken shit conservatard cry babies
    gutless chicken hawks
    circus elephants

    If the foo shits or somethin’ like that.

  31. As pathetic as they come now a days.

    Yes, you are.

    And that is as close as I will come to stooping to your level.

  32. Lets just be honest, Sarah Palin was not the sharpest knife in the drawer from day one…..yet, McCain insisted she was READY….what for we still don’t know.
    Sarah Palin was great for the base all the way through with her rabble rousing antics……but that is where her usefullness stopped though…trying to convince the American people after trying to convince himself McCain lost all credibility!!!
    No, it’s best Sarah just stay in Alaska…..lets face it she mentioned it enough times she must have been missing it.

  33. I do not believe a single word said on FOX NEWS that she does not know that Africa is a continent. All are lies.

    She is much better than obama. She is white, humorous, smart and conservative. Important traits of a president.

  34. According to Sarah Palin, abstinence is defined as: DRINKING LOTS OF ALCOHOL WHEN YOU’RE 16, NOT USING CONDOMS, AND HAVING 2 KIDS BY THE TIME YOU’RE 18. Way to go Bristol! You’re mom should have used a dictionary before she started supporting abstinence! :lol:

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