Why the hell are Americans being forced to bailout Wall Street companies that are being investigated by the FBI?

This is just bullshit. I hope after this is all said and done a majority of the Democrats & republics in the House vote against this: THE LARGEST ROBBERY BY AN AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE IN THE HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY.

They’re getting ready to screw us right up the ass by robbing us right out in the open!

That’s exactly what this is….a robbery. Just recently on the news it was pointed out that Ben Bernanke was a Great Depression scholar, but when I hear this ranting, lunatic audio of Bill O’Reilly blaming Chris Dodd & Barney Frank, it makes me want to climb to the top of my house and yell how much I hate ALL republics! Though, O’Reilly does make some good points about the right wing media who keep carrying the water for those who fuck up everything, but why not blame the GREAT DEPRESSION SCHOLAR, the Bush Regime as a whole, and Henry Paulson WHO WAS WORKING FOR NIXON AT THE TIME OF THE WATERGATE SCANDAL! Jees. You would have some credibility if you did. And why not mention (every time the yahoos mention Barack Obama & Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac in the same sentence) how John McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, made $2,000,000 from FM/FM and is still a Director for the company! Again, jees.

How come Ben Bernanke didn’t see this collapse coming! Was he not paying attention on purpose just like the assholes in the Bush Regime did for nine months before 9/11/01? Yep! Exactly!

This whole thing is bullshit, but AMERICANS ARE BEING ASKED TO BAILOUT COMPANIES THAT THE FBI IS CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING FOR FRAUD AND OTHER REASONS. When has it ever happened in our lives where the local robber who broke into the bank and stole some money WAS GIVEN ALL THE MONEY ANYWAYS, before his trial began? Huh? What the fuck!!!!!! It’s just bullshit! The only time shit like this happens is under the Bush Regime. That’s it. I’m serious. Our country used to run well before 2000, and now look at it? IT’S A FUCKING BANANA REPUBLIC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

And we all know what’s going to happen when the crooks & criminals on Wall Street get their free money, now don’t we? Yes we do. JUST LIKE THE FORMER CEO OF AIG DID……….the assholes will make millions & billions by selling their stock, which will cause ANOTHER panic, and these companies WILL FAIL ANYWAYS! You just know the fucking crooks are gonna do it! It’s in the cards and it’s the same kind of behavior we’ve witnessed over the past 8 fucking years by the Bush Regime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve got an idea. Why don’t the assholes meeting in the White House right now not do a damn thing until they find out what the companies on Wall Street were doing, and if it’s found to be fraud (which we all know it’s going to be), THEN THESE FUCKING COMPANIES ARE ON THEIR OWN! AMERICANS WILL NOT BAILOUT COMPANIES WHO COMMITTED FELONIES OUT OF GREED & OTHER REASONS! Let the companies of Wall Street who blew our money on bad loans & whatever else the hell they were doing……COLLAPSE. They deserve to collapse, BUT THEY SHOULD NOT COLLAPSE AFTER WE GIVE THEM ALMOST A TRILLION DOLLARS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Americans are not stupid. We know we’re being screwed, gamed, and being outright lied to. The fact Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are helping George Bush, his neocons in the House & Senate and on Wall Street, and all the other crooks & criminals when it’s all their fault, makes me want to kick both of them just like the picture above shows! Spit.

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22 thoughts on “Why the hell are Americans being forced to bailout Wall Street companies that are being investigated by the FBI?

  1. “It’s a fucking banana republic for crying out loud!”…!

    Yep KIM and we have the Bushista gang to blame for this nightmare!

    Bush, Cheney, Bernanke, Paulson, et al. (compliant Dems) …need to start wearing the typical banana republic garb too; ie., “tin soldier” uniforms with a chest load of medals, a “Sam Brown” belt with a holstered “machine pistol”, along with a swoop brimmed hat similar to the Third Reich’s finest who escaped Germany post WWII to instill the principles of fascista/corporatism in South and Central America…!

    H.W Bush purchased a large ranch in Paraguay near the Argentine border within the past two years. They evidently feel kinship with those Nazi bastards that enjoyed gassing Jews, and cashing in on the very gold in their teeth, but have managed to make it to the presidency of the Unites States of America…no?!


    What’s really bizarre is Florida and the nation in general is loaded with Jews who just love “Jebbie”, H.W.Bush and dubya!? It’s evidently a contingent of ill/un-informed Jews who somehow think the “rethuglicans” are the neatest thing since “peanut butter” when it comes to protecting Israel… :) ) They’ve evidently fallen into the trap of loving money and the preservation thereof (possible taxes) as opposed to the sanctity of human life especially their people’s lives throughout history.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. They’re to blame alright, Carl! Good gawd, I am so sick of them. These traitors should all be in prison. When Paulson got down on one knee next to Pelosi to beg her, she should have said, “cuff him!”, and sent his ass off to jail, but she didn’t. She’s a jerk in my book right now. Who the hell wants to do business with W over this after all he’s done to our country? And why not make these assholes pay for it? I hate them more than liver and beets.

  3. And why didn’t the republicans of the House & Senate when they had a huge lead in both houses from 2002 to 2006 do something about this? Huh? Oh that’s right! They used their power to do other crap! Everything the Democrats have tried to do gets pummeled in the Senate thanks to the One Man Traitor lead (Joe Lieberman)! He’ll do anything to protect Israel’s interest over everything else! Joe has dual citizenship and can go back to Israel if America collapses into a dirty laundry heap.

    Spit. I hate him and Israel too at the moment. Arrest him!

  4. Why? Kay, haven’t you heard? If we don’t hand over seven hundred billion dollars to Wallstreet ASAP we will face an economic Armageddon that will destroy the world monetary/banking system. The terrorists involved this time wear $2,600.00 “Newman” suits along with $500.00 Gucci shoes.

  5. Typical of the republicans like Michelle Bachmann to blame this crisis all on Clinton, blacks, other minorities and Jesse Jacksons Rainbow Coalition.

    Supposedly, according to my brainwashed wingnut sister thru nutjob Bachmann, President Clinton started this crisis back in the late ninties when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were forced to raise the quota of loans given out to blacks and minorities.

    See…this crisis has nothing to do with greed, fraud, deregulation or corruption it’s all Bill Clinton’s fault and all of the blacks and minorities who pompously wanted to live the American dream.

    At least now I know where my deranged republican sister gets her information from…Michelle Bachmann, the freakshow who looks like she’s heavily medicated whenever she appears on Larry King, with her non stop smile and glassy eyes.

  6. My “christian” sister just doesn’t get it that she supports a party full of counterfeit christians.

    She shrieked like a wounded animal when I told her about a story I had just read in the paper about a cardboard cutout of Barack Obama someone hung from a tree at a small christian college in Oregon because the college was going to give out more scholarships to blacks and other minorities.

    She tells me Barack Obama hates white people, that he even says this in one of his books. Knowing she would never read a book about Obama I asked her if she read this in his book, she said “no, she saw excerpts from the book.” I told her who the source of the excerpts were but she couldn’t recall. I give up on my elitist sister! She is so brainwashed and a racist although she “claims” to have “some” black friends…. *rolling eyes*

  7. What if the 700 billion were given to US. Sure some people would waste theirs…but it would still help the economy. Others would pay off mortgages …send kids to college…start businesses. Seems like that would be better for our country than rewarding some greedy Wall Streeters and bankers for lying, cheating and stealing. WE stood idly by when NAFTA was passed…tax breaks for corporations to move oversees….Repubs. stealing several elections. I’m not being greedy…just think it’s MY time.Would like to start an organic farm.

  8. The fact is that something HAS to be done. At least the Democrats are trying to fix the problem that has most of its beginnings with St. Ronnie Raygun who wanted to deregulate everything believing the market ALWAYS corrects itself. Maybe in Utopia where everyone is honest and there is no greed.

    The Republicans under Herbert Hoover didn’t do much to make corrections and by 1933, when FDR was inaugurated, one fourth of all banks had failed and 9 million Americans lost every cent they had in these banks, life savings wiped out. Ten percent were unemployed and those still working had seen their wages sliced by 60%.

    Roosevelt and the Democrats who took over power that year took upon themselves the task of DOING SOMETHING. What they did had the Republicans screaming SOCIALISM but slowly the nation was on the road to recovery. Sadly it took a world war to grease the wheels and finally bring our nation out of a nearly two decade funk. The Bush wars haven’t done much for our economy because the money ends up in the pockets of the military/industrial complex CEO’s and their Hamptons’ “Great Gatsby” lifestyle (which by the way, that novel was set in the decadent 1920′s when the Republicans had all of the power to rape Wall Street too).

    We cannot give Wall Street an outright gift as BushCo wanted at first, with nary a string attached, BUT we do need to have a plan with Wall Street paying a price, heads rolling, possible prison, etc., with the taxpayers eventually getting most of that bail-out money back. I don’t have much faith the fat cats will do much hard time as without regulations (thanks Ronnie) in the first place it will be hard to convict them. But, doing nothing like many of the Republicans want could cause the whole national economy to fall flat on its face, with bank-after-bank failing like a line of dominoes. The Republicans are hoping any Democratic plan will fail so the latter can be blamed. That is why Pelosi and Reid won’t do anything until that party gets on board too. The Republicans would love to see a “Democratic” plan fail BEFORE Nov. 4! I see the Republicans of 2008 not much different from the “do nothing” Republicans of 1928 when they controlled Washington under Hoover.

    We have to have some REGULATION. The NEW CEO of my bank, Washington Mutual, has only been the CEO for three weeks, ascending to his new position at the beginning of the month. However, for his THREE WEEKS of WORK, he is “entitled” as per his contract to a $13 MILLION GOLDEN PARACHUTE for severance pay and BONUSES from JP Morgan Chase Bank, now the “new boss” (same as the “old boss”??). IF that golden parachute goes through, it is theft and heads should roll. These white collar criminals need to pay.

    My parents graduating high school under President Hoover had a most bleak life ahead of them compared to today’s graduates. They wore no caps and gowns at their commencement, had no prom, had no yearbook because they could not afford them. My parents and another couple did fry some chicken and drove a Model-T to a state park for picnic the day after commencement, however. My dad got a great job working 6 days a week as a butcher for $25 weekly salary (NOT hourly wage), but he thought he had it good as he was allowed to bring home meat scraps and he made sure there were some GOOD scraps and they pretty much lived on stew with the help of potatoes and carrots from their garden. Mother was given some milk from her father’s dairy farm and she made cottage cheese which she would sell going from door-to-door.

    Every Saturday night, my parents would sit at the kitchen table and figure out how to spend Dad’s $25 and her cheese money. My mother NEVER bought a new dress without FIRST consulting my father and then it was usually buying it on layaway at JC Penney’s at a quarter a week for several months until the day she could go to the store with the last quarter and bring it home. My parents had a solid marriage of 56 years halted by my father’s death. They used to tell us kids that those kitchen table sessions were helpful in that they began their marriage with honest communication over financial matters. IF we only had such honesty in our government and Wall Street.

  9. Uncle, all the propagandists are blaming Clinton now. Nevermind the fact that in his second term there was a majority republicon Congress and they held that majority until 2006. (Nevermind that the current Senate may as well be a republicon majority since the Dems don’t have enough of a majority to override bush’s ever-waiting veto of anything the Dems try to accomplish in the Senate.) Yep, it’s all Clinton’s fault! Also, don’t forget, everything is the fault of liberals as well. In fact, just take any one of Hitler’s speeches and replace “Juden” with “liberal” and you’ll pretty much have the GOP party line right there.

    Personally, I’m praying for a real head-chopping revolution or a military coup. I just don’t believe a regular election is going to save us even if it goes our way. I used to be a pacifist. But, then, I also used to be a Boy Scout.

    Up the Revolution!

  10. PS, Uncle: Doesn’t this bail-out just smack of socialism? I thought the cons despised socialism. I guess not. Maybe you should ask your sister why all of a sudden conservatives love socialism.

  11. O/T: Brian McGough (he’s the vet who took on lush limbaugh over the phoney soldiers remark) has written a very good synopsis of McBlames voting record on veterans’ issues (which ain’t good.) The average citizen may believe that, because McBlame is a vet, he supports them always in Congress. In fact, in the debate Friday night, McBlame claimed all the vets “know he’ll take care of them.” Obama should have countered that claim with the facts. And here are the facts:


  12. A tentative burglary deal has been made! Why do I see lots of lipstick on the faces of the people in the White House and on Wall Street? Oh that’s right! I’m not easily fooled by these assholes!

  13. Kay O/T but interesting just the same;

    9/27: Gallup Pres-Tracker: Obama 49%, McCain 44%

    9/27: Hotline/Diageo Pres-Tracker: Obama 48%, McCain 43%

    9/27: Rasmussen Pres-Tracker: Obama 50%, McCain 44%

    9/27: Res. 2000 Pres-Tracker: Obama 49%, McCain 43%

    5-6 point lead …..

    Looks like Obama is slowly pullin’ away, and these polls are before the first debate.

    How does McInsane’s campaign respond?

    From the Times of London …

    In an election campaign notable for its surprises, Sarah Palin, the Republican vice- presidential candidate, may be about to spring a new one — the wedding of her pregnant teenage daughter to her ice-hockey-playing fiancé before the November 4 election.

    Inside John McCain’s campaign the expectation is growing that there will be a popularity boosting pre-election wedding in Alaska between Bristol Palin, 17, and Levi Johnston, 18, her schoolmate and father of her baby. “It would be fantastic,” said a McCain insider. “You would have every TV camera there. The entire country would be watching. It would shut down the race for a week.”

    Yea, a shotgun wedding between a pregnant 17 year old and her redneck boyfriend, how much more right wing could it be?

    Oh how far the GOPers have sunk from the heights of Nov 2004.

  14. The cons hate the bail-out, but the neocons NEED a bail out with “no strings attached”. It will be up to the Democrats to come up with something in-between since the Republicans don’t want to take responsibility for any plans because they might fail. So NO PLAN is safest for them. And they are LEADERS?

    I think this is an interesting website from 2006 where a Russian, Dmitry Orlov, predicts that the USA will crater economically “soon” as did the Soviet Empire nearly two decades ago.


    Here’s his update from a week ago:


  15. Good morning everyone! New post up. ;-)

    Clif, the polls have been all over the place since the debate. I still don’t believe any of them and think the REAL NUMBERS ARE:

    Barack Obama 68%
    Johnny McCrazy 24%

    I really do. Americans are bullshit and they are not saying, “Change begins with the guy who is going to keep George Bush’s policies in place!”. Nope. Not happening at all.

    Thanks for the links, Grant! :-)

  16. Kay here are two sights I follow, one on polls, and these guys are GOOD;


    Right now they have it Obama 318 electoral votes McCain 220 electoral votes.

    The second is Automatic Earth, which is an off shoot of The Oil Drum,

    The automatic earth covers the meltdown and how it is playing out around the world. They have been on the economic crash for a year and a half, and started the website when it got too big for TOD

    The Oil Drum is about the problems with our energy resources and addiction to oil. Quite a few there think neither Obama or McCain gets it yet. Business as Usual is gone and whether the economic crash or fast approaching energy crunch, either way we can’t continue living the way we have for the last half century.

    Things are changing and it is beyond almost anybody ability to control it.

    The economic crunch is world wide, and just like the 1930′s as one bank or country crash others follow suit. We are at the beginning, and the bailout is just gonna buy several months.

    From todays post at automatic Earth;

    The credit markets are dead and gone. The plan being negotiated in Washington is aimed at reviving them. But it will do nothing to solve the problems that have started, indeed caused, the demise of credit. In order to accomplish that, it would have to force all funny casino paper, all securities and derivatives, to be put on the table in broad daylight, valued at current market prices, and sold at those prices. If a buyer could be found at all.

    The reason they are so reluctant to do that is that it would be the end-all for most banks, pension- and money market funds etc. Not a pretty sight, for sure. It would, for one thing, wipe out most of those who are around those tables today. So they’re looking for an alternative. The problem with that is that there is, as far as I can see, no alternative. All there is is lipstick.

    The credit market, in the last few days, has gotten much worse and was rushed into the emergency room, as evidenced by the violent surges in Libor and TED spreads, both of which mainly signal banks’ fear to lend to each other.

    An adapted Paulson plan will try to address that issue by buying up frozen assets, and the idea is that that will make banks whole again, and take away the fear. But that can’t be done with $700 billion, it can’t even by done with $7 trillion. There is far too much of that funny frozen paper in the world, it’s more like $700 trillion, and it is indeed all over the world, which compounds the problem, for all intents and purpose, to infinity and beyond.

    The plan inevitably will give a species of dictatorship the power to choose who shall live and who must die in the US banking community. And it will do so at a more than enormous cost to US citizens, who are already in dire financial straits. The people around the Wasington tables are first of all afraid for their own positions, but there are now a few who realize the gravity of the situation, and whose conscience tells them it would not be appropriate to use what little money their constituents have left, on a gamble that has virtually no chance of succeeding.

    Republicans want “protection” of troubled homeowners in the plan, but by now it has gotten through to them that such protection is useless if real estate values go down another 20%; there’s a limit beyond which no help does actually help. They also know that the probability of such an additional price drop is very high. Make that inevitable.

    There are two kinds of people in those talks: the ones that are all set and ready to make a killing off the disaster, and the ones who only just now are starting to realize how bad that disaster is. And they will end up deciding to take that gamble with your money, because they see no other way out.

    But the derivatives monster is about to be let loose on the planet, gaining strength with every single bank failure, like a virus feeding off weakened hosts. The UK government is about to nationalize another Northern Rock, in Bradford and Bingley, Belgian giant Fortis Bank is on life-support (its liabilities are three times the GDP of Belgium), and in the US Wachovia may have been sold as we speak.

    We haven’t even started. And when the monster is done, we will have very few banks, if any at all, left. Not a lot of jobs either, for that matter. Retirement funds? You go to be kidding. By Christmas, you’ll be lucky if you recognize the town you live in.

    People have NO clue how bad it really, which is why banks keep crashing no matter how much they try to bail them out. All of them have more rot them money right now. So the weakest fall first, and them as others pick them up, the next bank crashes.

    30 years of Voo Doo economics crashing all around us.

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