Ronald Reagan started the deregulation spiral we’re witnessing today


Have you noticed how the right wingers of America are blaming the Democrats for the downward spiral of our economy right now and how they’re saying it’s the last 2 years of Democratic control of the House & Senate that really is the cause? Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronald Reagan started the whole DEREGULATION OF THE SAVINGS & LOAN INDUSTRY and when he did, JOHN MCCAIN GOT HIS VERY OWN KEATING-5 SCANDAL TO SAY, “Thankya Ronnie!”.

Even before John McCain’s Keating-5, we can’t forget how the lovely BUSH FAMILY HAD THEIR OWN SAVINGS & LOAN SCANDAL EITHER!

When you hear “Savings & Loan Scandal” think: REPUBLICAN ORIGINATED SCANDAL. Thank you. When you hear the republicans complaining that it’s not their party who is to blame and how it’s the Democrats fault instead, just laugh and point at them! They know the Democrats have only had a one-person-majority in the Senate over the past 2 years and know it’s been difficult for them to get anything passed.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC lambasted Rep. Cantor yesterday on his show because Cantor couldn’t for the life of him blame George Bush or republicans for what has happened over the last week…let alone….what the republic Party has done over the past 8 years or for 28 years now!

Mainstream media, watch & learn:

You need to hold the republican’s feet to the fire! Instead of taking accountability and then coming up with way to fix what’s wrong, instead, the republicans do what they always do: BLAME CLINTON & THE LIBERALS!

The republic Party has not progressed past 1980. They haven’t. They’re an abomination to our political process and I’m sick of them.

WHERE WAS GEORGE BUSH YESTERDAY WHEN THE STOCK MARKET PLUMMETED ALMOST ANOTHER 500 POINTS? Oh that’s right! The guy who has been running a SHADOW PRESIDENCY behind the backs of Americans……………..COULDN’T SHOW HIS EFFING FACE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Republics are cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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53 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan started the deregulation spiral we’re witnessing today

  1. Have you noticed how the right wingers of America are blaming the Democrats for the downward spiral of our economy right now and how they’re saying it’s the last 2 years of Democratic control of the House & Senate that really is the cause?

    No. I don’t know of anyone who says that.

    Personally I think one of the roots of the current crisis lies in the campaigns the left led in the late ’90s to expand lending to poor, minorities, etc. so as to increase their homeownership. This is, after all, why “subprime” was created. Which is not to say that Wall Street wasn’t only too happy to jump onto a gravy train that would lead to more money flow…

    When you hear “Savings & Loan Scandal” think: REPUBLICAN ORIGINATED SCANDAL.

    Thanks for instructing me what to think. Meanwhile, what does the S&L crisis of the ’80s have to do with today’s financial crisis?

    When you hear the republicans complaining that it’s not their party who is to blame and how it’s the Democrats fault instead, just laugh and point at them!

    How mature. What a convincing, reasoned argument you are making.


    A quick news search reveals that he is in Washington DC, in the White House, where U.S. presidents traditionally live. So that’s where he was.

    Where did you want him to go? What did you want him to do? Can he force people to stop selling? There is really not much a President can do about a tanking stock market. Just ask President Clinton; remember the tech bubble popping? Example, April 2000 (Clinton’s Presidency): Dow dropped 616. WHERE WAS BILL CLINTON WHEN THE STOCK MARKET PLUMMETED 616 POINTS???, one might ask.

    If one were prone to making silly, nonsubstantive arguments.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, another neocon knuckle dragger who can’t seem to bring himself to blame his own party for what has transpired!

    Well, guess what? REAL Americans are not blaming the Democrats. They’re blaming your party.

    George Bush didn’t have the balls to come out to talk to the American people yesterday. This is who the republic party is today. They can’t take any blame and they hope if they hide in their spider holes the American people will just move on to something else. Bah hahahahahahahahaha! The republic party is no different than the cowardly terrorists of the planet!

  3. Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the end for America and her stance in it. I bet America will end up as strong as Angola by the time election day comes around. Thanks Ronnie! I doubt you had Alzheimer’s and just used it as an excuse to HIDE IN YOUR SPIDER HOLE JUST LIKE GEORGE BUSH IS DOING TODAY!

    Jeb Bush….connected to Lehman Brothers’ demise:

    How come Lehman Brothers or Jeb Bush won’t discuss exactly what Jeb’s role in the company was and how much money he was paid? So far, Lehman & Jebby aren’t returning phone calls as of yesterday!

    And how’s Phil Gramm doing today? I’m sure he is telling John McCain, “Well! We did it! We’re going to be rich! Having these businesses fail will make us filthy filthy filthy rich!”.

    Why does John McCain, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bush Brothers, and Phil Gramm hate Americans and the world’s people so much?

  4. No worries there charmer…mostly all you get on this site is silly, non substantive arguments. Some have their “conspiracy facts”, but not a bit of viable information, just talking points from the KOS/Thinkprogressive/Olberman, etc… Once you show them an actual fact with a “source” they go ballistic and just start hurling insults, without ever getting around to responding to the question/fact? Let me provide an example….

    Democrats Despise Union Workers:
    They oppose Paycheck protection laws for individual union laborers. These laws give individual union members the right to designate whether or not they choose to have a portion of their dues used for partisan political purposes.
    They regularly oppose the very type of employement olaws which would protect the individual laborer the most, siding instead with the labor union bureaucrats who provide massive financial contributions to the DNC.
    Democrats generally oppose “right to work” laws which allow the firing of workers for refusal to join or pay money to a union so they can work.

    Oh just awaiting the trivial insults that will dribble forth now…

  5. Actually, THE SECRET BALLOT IS NOT LOST, but rather, the Employee Free Choice Act GIVES THE EMPLOYEES AN ADDITIONAL STEP IN FORMING A UNION. Reich wingers hate Unions and love the idea of the employer and the National Labor Relation Board being able to intimidate the employees or prolong the Union process to the point the employees give up. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo….MAJORITY SIGN-UP bypasses the assholes so the employees can have a voice and some control over the process.

    Sen. Susan Collins & the reich wingers of CONTINUE TO LIE & DECEIVE MAINERS & AMERICANS! The only Union Suzie-Q likes are the ones in the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. Oh yes, she doesn’t give a flying rats ass about the little people who want to form a Union. THIS IS WHY OLE SUZIE LOVES THE IDEA OF ENDLESS WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The GOP should be changed to NAP “No Accountibility Party”

    Nice to see Hydes chime in to deflect from the topic and the painful and obvious truth by spewing more republican lies. This is all the republicans have left these days, poor babies. Now go sit in the corner while the adults take back our government.

  7. Yup Kay, are spewing those lies about the democrats here in Minnesota and against Al Franken, but Minnesotans aren’t falling for their b.s. as Franken is in a tie with Norm Coleman so far.

  8. I can almost hear Hydes little claws clickity, clacking against the wooden floor as she scurries back to her hole to look up more GOP/NAP lies to post here later.

  9. *another post with links that magically disappears from this website…what irony*

    should be #10 if it is restored properly.

  10. Quit your whining Hydes, posts with links getting caught in the spam filter happens to us all it isn’t some vast conspiracy to silence the free speech of the braindead sheople on the reich, that only happens to progrssives on rethuglican blogs.

  11. If this posting gets by Askimet, this will my first posting as the previous ones this morning were blocked and am now awaiting Kay to manually go into Askimet later to retrieve them. Poor paranoid trolls!

  12. Great post. Insightful.
    Yeah, interesting, isn’t it.
    McCain chants the “deregulation” mantra for 20 years, and SUDDENLY, now that the financial abuse chicken come home to roost, and the stock market is crashing, he starts to sing a new tune. He cannot even get himself to say the deregulation word, but wants instead to appoint some kind of slow-moving “commission.”

    You have to wonder why ANYONE would support a candidate who abuses his own fellow countrymen.

    See my blog on Stockholm Syndrome:

  13. *damn again with the shitty link host here….lets try it again….

    *Just Breaking* Democratic-controlled Congress, acknowledging that it isn’t equipped to lead

    Democratic-controlled Congress, acknowledging that it isn’t equipped to lead the way to a solution for the financial crisis and can’t agree on a path to follow, is likely to just get out of the way.

    Lawmakers say they are unlikely to take action before, or to delay, their planned adjournments — Sept. 26 for the House of Representatives, a week later for the Senate. While they haven’t ruled out returning after the Nov. 4 elections, they would rather wait until next year unless Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, who are leading efforts to contain the crisis, call for help.

    One reason, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday, is that “no one knows what to do” at the moment.

  14. Of course Hydes didn’t want to cut and paste this part of the article she linked.

    When you rush to judgment, you usually make mistakes,” said Sherwood Boehlert, a former Republican congressman from New York. “This is something you can’t go on forever without addressing, but Congress in a short span of time is best served by going home.”

  15. I agree with former congressman Boehlert. Congress must address this BUT lets not forget that it was the republican majority and Bush who allowed deregulation and let this “problem” build to epic proportions. Now it looks like once again a democratic president and a democratic majority will have to clean up a colossal mess left by the unaccountable republicans.

  16. look no further than the futures / commodities modernization act of 2000

    who is mccain’s advsior for the economy? phil gramm right?

    who co-authored the bill listed above?

    look it up.

    while I don’t disagree with WNI, and frankly it is correct historically, this act deliberately removed CDS and derivatives from regulation.

    Credit Default Swaps / [AKA Insurance Policies] -

  17. That’s right, Uncle. Harry Reid said this was unchartered territory, meaning, something like this has never happened before, and as Boehlert pointed out, you should be like George Bush and overreact by bombing the shit out of a country that you don’t have enough info on to justify it! Or something like that. ;-)

  18. At the MSN home page there is an article with the headline:

    Tent Cities On The Rise All Across The Country.

    That is what happens when you let the republicans control the Whitehouse for 8 years and hold the majority in both houses for 6 years.

    I wonder if they are called Bushvilles?

  19. Oops! Sorry I didn’t think my comment with the link went thru so I reposted it without the link.

  20. Sonic Snake Charmer asks: “Where did you want him to go? What did you want him to do?”

    God, you republicans are some whiney fuckers. Here’s what he can do and here’s where he can go: Commit suicide and go to hell. That okay?

  21. When George W. Bush was running for President his first term, he openly praised Ronald Reagen for Reagens financial policies, and promised to follow it to the letter. BINGO!!!!!! It’s a well know fact that Ronald Reagen deregulated the financial institutions, the airline industry, and underfunded the meat inspecters, school teachers. It’s also a matter fo record that he was the one to start stealing money out of the Social Security Trust Fund, and putting IOU’s in place of the money.
    Now we can all see why we’re in the mess we’re in.

    Why is this guy so reveared by so many misplaced individuls??
    How did this guy get elected and brainwash all the voters that voted for him????

    John McCain is a chip off the old block.

  22. McCain likes to identify with the “maverick” Teddy Roosevelt, but it was Roosevelt who believed that corporations should not be allowed to have a monopoly in their respective business fields and he helped to bust them up with REGULATIONS! Of course, McCain has flip-flopped since Monday and is now FOR REGULATION so maybe has learned a bit more about his “hero” Roosevelt than his being a “kick-ass rough-rider!”

    Our problems are a direct result of a deliberate decision by leaders of the neoconservative movement such as — Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan and Phil Gramm, and their ilk– to ignore what we learned about monopolies in the beginning of 20th century. Teddy Roosevelt, an old school Republican (in many ways the direct opposite of the NEOCON GOP of today), believed that whenever any single company is allowed to diversify into multiple markets and gobble up its competitors at will, these huge conglomerates then become essential to a much larger national and world community. When that happens, we tax-payers are forced into the position of not being able to allow them to fail without our paying a much greater price for their failure than if they had been left alone as smaller entities and had failed alone. When these corporate giants fail, they drag down their whole sphere of economic interest with them: jobs, tax base, pension funds, other related and dependent companies, manufacturing capacity, etc. AIG plundered many smaller, more manageable insurance companies in their rapacious goal to consolidate power and wealth.

    Ironically, the most vigorous advocates of capitalism, the neoconservative leaders mentioned above and their faithful believers in the neocon crowd, gave birth to a situation on Wall Street in which a part of the socialist creed (public ownership of essential businesses) becomes the only alternative to disaster. The bailout of AIG is nothing less than socialism rescuing capitalism. Old school conservatives are rolling over in their graves.

    Capitalism is strongest when it is most diversified and when companies are forced to play by rules that benefit the larger community and not just cater to a small group of investors. Whoever is elected president will inherit the awesome job of rescuing capitalism from those who have twisted it to feed their personal ambition and greed. The next president and congress will be challenged to restoring these businesses to a state that will once again benefit the whole of society and not just the oligarchs. Realizing the power of corporations and lobbyists anymore, we can only say, “Good luck!”

  23. Exactly Dean! George Bush was the biggest cheerleader for LENDING TO EVERYONE…even if they had no money, no credit, bad credit, no job! Thanks for posting the link to remind us all of that.

    (Sonic Charmer is one of those ‘drive bys’ Rush Limbaugh is always talking about. Just ignore him….he’s a moron)

  24. You libs are so funny. Go to and look up Financial Services Modernization Bill. This bill removed restrictions from the Glass-Steagall act of 1933, in other words deregulation. Look at how many dems voted for it, look who signed it into law, BILL CLINTON. The first vote was along party lines, the second vote (conference report)which is the one that passes or fails it was almost UNANIMOUS. How odd that is. If deregulation is at fault then it’s EVERYBODY’S fault because everybody voted for it.

    Let’s look a lil further though. In that same bill was an attempt by Gramm to gut the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. Basically this CRA FORCED banks to loan money to low income people who more than likely couldn’t pay it back. It FORCED them to. Clinton threatened to veto it if the CRA bill was gutted, that’s why the first vote was along party lines. The repubs gave in and it passed almost UNANIMOUSLY the second time. The FORCED subprime lending practices is the dems baby. Carter started it and Clinton kept it going.

    Fast forward……McCain and Bush tried to warned of Freddie and Fannie failing but the dem congress stopped anything to do with it. Barney Frank, the head of the banking commitee said what? Oh that’s right he said Freddie and Fannie are fine and forward looking investment in them looks great. What happened shortly thereafter? Oh that’s right, they FAILED!!

    Bush’s American Dream Downpayment Act in NO WAY forced banks to loan money to anyone. Sure is funny how the left wing wants to give hand outs and entitlements to the lazy asses and that’s just fine but when Bush does it’s the most awful thing in the world.

    Which Bush policy caused this economic crisis anyway? Was it the tax cut he gave me so I get to keep more of my money that I work for??

  25. The deregulation of the banks started under Ronald Reagan. If you can’t handle this truth, neocon, then maybe it’s time to hurt yourself? Our country won’t miss you since it’s the neocons who have screwed up our country for 28 years now!

  26. Just like 9/11, George Bush and his Cabal ignored the warning signs on Wall Street on purpose to get what they wanted, which is, GLOBAL TAKEOVER.

  27. So yer telling me it took 20-25 years for this economic crisis to show up and that this major deregualtion bill that did away with the new deal era has nothing to do with the economy right now? And FORCING banks to loan money to deadbeats who wouldn’t pay what that owe has nothing to do with it? HAHA funny, just shows yer mentality level. So Barney Frank didn’t say those things? Dodd didn’t either huh? Guess that was a mirage I saw when their lips were moving saying Freddie and Fannie were just fine. I guess it was a mirage when McCain tried to get something done about it too and the dems stopped it.

    Oh, by the way, what did Clinton do about terrorism? Shot a couple of bottle rockets over in Afghan? Let Bin Laden get away how many times? Go educate yerself please and drop the third grade name calling, that’s not much of a defense against yer liberal constituents you plan on voting for. Have a good day now!!!

    McCain/Palin 2008

  28. Yep. We thought Reagan had the biggest deficit spending, the biggest ego, the biggest criminal White House. Nope! Things were fairly smooth until George W. Bush & Dick Cheney got into office. The New World Order assholes who were eyeing the New Century as theirs to control!

    Clinton arrested all 5 guys involved in the 1993 WTC bombings. What did Bush do? He took his eye off the USS Cole attack, ignored every warning that bin Laden was going to attack us, but that was purposeful, because for 9 months he talked about going after Saddam and this is why on the morning of 9/11 he mentioned Saddam’s name and not bin Laden’s.

    Now, go hurt yourself to save our nation!

    DID YOU KNOW THAT RICK DAVIS, WHO IS JOHN MCCAIN’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER……………IS STILL A DIRECTOR FOR FANNIE MAE & FREDDIE MAC? After already taking $2,000,000 from the company, he was a Director during the time it needed bailing out! Nice huh? Johnny McTeleprompter also had his own Savings & Loan scandal back in the 1980′s after Reagan deregulated the banks.



    We hate the republic party.

  29. Not still a director, get yer facts straight please. Have we forgotten Franklin Raines? Under investigation? How many millions did he take before he left? Who was he advising? No, not Obama!!

    Let’s not even go into Obama and ACORN, that’s such a mess I’m still finding new info everyday on that. Obama and Ayers, Obama and Wright, Flagher…..the list goes on and on. He sounds like a stand up kinda guy doesn’t he.

    If you would educate yerself you would know Bush wasn’t in a tit for tat mode as Clinton was. He was working on a much more major scale to eliminate Al queida not just swat flies. Again, how many times did Clinton have Bin Laden in his sights and let him go?

    Education, a wonderful thing.

  30. Bill Clinton was the first US president in the history of our nation to say these words: al-Qaida. Even though al-Qaida was formed during the Reagan years. It was George Bush who didn’t care about getting Osama even after 9/11. Hell, they had Osama in their sights on the border between Pakistan & Afghanistan, but what did George tell his CIA to do? Leave Osama alone. Nice.

    Republics hate America. It’s a very simple fact.

  31. You are so stupid. Read post 34, yer own post, he has never been a director for Fannie/Freddie. Good grief.

    What about Obama being number 3 on the list of contributions from fannie/freddie? Oops, forgot that one didn’t ya? Dodd and Frank are ahead of him on that. remember them saying freddie/ fannie was fine? AHAHAHAHAHA

    The dems in congress started whining as usual so our troops held off at the border and guess what? Obama oops I mean Osama walked off free as a bird.

    I can see the extent of yer education coming thru so I am terminating this discussion, I’m not in the business of teaching.

  32. BSPolice is what he claims to be a BULL-SHITTER posing as police, who is spewing the “new” old reich wing talking points because John McCain is LOSING and is gonna LOSE big time come Nov 4th.

    Deal with that idiot.

    Hope the McCain trolls don’t go all Jim Jones on us after that.

  33. From the Newsweek article above the uneducated troll didn’t read:

    “Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, has remained the treasurer and a corporate director of his lobbying firm this year, despite repeated statements by campaign officials that he had ended his relationship with the firm in 2006, according to corporate records.

    The McCain campaign this week criticized news stories disclosing that, since 2006, Davis’s firm has been paid a $15,000-a-month consulting fee from Freddie Mac, the troubled mortgage giant recently put under federal conservatorship. The stories, published Tuesday by NEWSWEEK, The New York Times and Roll Call, reported that the consulting fees continued until last month even though, according to two sources familiar with the arrangement, neither Davis nor anybody else at his firm did any substantial work for the payments.

    Stefanie Mullin, a spokesperson for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which has taken over Freddie Mac and its sister entity Fannie Mae, confirmed Wednesday that the Davis Manafort contract is being terminated. “All lobbying activity has stopped and political consulting contracts at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in the process of being terminated,” said Mullin. (Democratic strategist Paul Begala also was on the Freddie Mac payroll, according to sources familiar with the arrangement.)”

  34. Rick Davis works in this capacity on behalf of Freddie Mac:

    “…has remained the treasurer and a corporate director of his lobbying firm this year…”

  35. And if you did any research, troll, you would find out that Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac has given money to 99.9% of our House Reps & Senators. Oh, but you don’t want to do any research! You just want to spew right wing talking points that are lies, smears, and ridiculous.

  36. Ok I’ll spoon feed you like I have to with every lib I come in contact with….

    I’m glad you posted this quote from the article……

    “…has remained the treasurer and a corporate director of his lobbying firm this year…”

    Now go back to post 34 and read what you wrote, then read this.

    He was NEVER a director for freddie/fannie!!! He WAS a director for his lobbying firm, NOT freddie/fannie. Do you understand the words I just typed?? I can’t believe they let people like you vote!!

    You brought the money issue with freddie/fannie, I just reminded you that Obama is 3rd, no wait he’s second on the list for contributions. Again, let’s not forget Raines who drove fannie/freddie in the ground and took $90 million from it before he started advising Obama.


    As I said earlier, education, it’s a wonderful thing.

  37. Lookie the reich wing bullshitter showed up again.

    Wanna ed-u-cation bozo,

    Learn what this means son;

    10/5: Gallup Pres-Tracker: Obama 50%, McCain 43%

    10/5: Hotline/Diageo Pres-Tracker: Obama 48%, McCain 41%

    10/5: Rasmussen Pres-Tracker: Obama 51%, McCain 44%

    10/5: Res. 2000 Pres-Tracker: Obama 52%, McCain 40%

    then get back to us.


    Understand this yet, neocon?

  39. Actually it started under carter, and it enjoyed widespread support from Democrats, Republicans and of course Reagan. It was Clinton that repealed the Glass-Steagel act.

    Saying one party or another is responsible for banking deregulation is patently absurd. Deregulation was a strong intellectual movement that was a long time comming, it finally gained widespread acceptance under Carter and Reagan really implimented it throughout government. Not only banking, but Airlines, Trucking and so on. That you can now afford to fly for vacation for a few days wages (unthinkable in the 1970s) you can thank deregulation.

    I noticed above you’re connecting some lobbyist working for Fannie to imply McCain responsibility for the current crisis. Bad move (I’m assuming you’re a Obama punter). By doing so, you’re implying Fannie and Freddie played some big role here. Republicans wanted to reign them in, Democrats were very vocal defenders of Fannie and Freddie, down to the end.

    If you want to defend the Democrats, you need to argue that Fannie and Freddie played little role in this and that the crisis comes is really due to reckless banks, that Fannie and Freddie were caught in a private sector mess.

    Just FYI.

  40. Hi Folks:

    I was a rabid regulator during the Reagan years. I worked in an agency that dealt with coastal issues like flooding, public access and wetlands protection. I was keenly aware of the Reagan influence in ‘getting the ball rolling’ on deregulation. Reagan made the term and the process popular. It is no wonder (but no excuse) that liberals picked up the ball and ran with it. Regulation has been blamed for every ill the country has faced since the Reagan years. Let’s face this too: minimal government interference, such as regulation, is a mainplank of the Republican Party. Sure, the Dems have fallen prey to the idea too. Weak willed, I guess.

    As an aside, G.H.W. Bush called my office as Chairman of the President’s Commission on Deregulation, and tried to have me fired for being too vigorous in my regulatory duties. I was thrilled to get such recognition.

  41. I still don’t get what was so wonderful about Reagan, you keep hearing from the right Reagan this and Reagan that, I don’t think he was a good President myself.
    He keeps getting the credit for bringing down the Berlin wall and a lot of that had to do with the then Prime Minister of the UK Maggie Thatcher.
    Although they did have a very good relationship during his term as President…let’s hope we can see that again with Obama and other heads of State.

  42. Excuse me? Was it liberals in the 1980′s & early 1990′s who were participating in Savings & Loan scandals all over the country? You might want to talk to John McCain and Jebby Bush for starters to find out what they were doing back then.

    The republicans have controlled the House & Senate for over a decade up until 2 years ago when they lost that control. What were the republicans doing during that time? Oh that’s right! Nothing! No regulations on their watch! Bunch of bullshit.

    George H.W. Bush is also an asshole. He might sound sweet but he’s a shady character who I wouldn’t trust with my dog.

  43. How sad for the constituents of both parties. You are all being given a elaborate smoke screen. These parties divde and conquer. While your patrotism to your party is admirable, you miss the point. The patriotism should be to your God, family, and country, in sequence. The people of whom control your destiny are the less than 1% controllers of wealth in the world, but you will never hear their names mentioned in the mix. They are trying to attain complete power before showing their hand. Until this occurrs they hide behind the smoke and screen, like the wizard of oz. Please keep sleeping and arguing the pointless issue of the pawns. Luckily, according to the prophecies of the enlightened this will all end 12-21-2012. The first will be last and the last will be first. God bless you all!

  44. It’s mainly the right wing of this country who back the 1% who control the wealth in this country. If 12-21-2012 is the date, mark my word Dick Cheney will have something to do with it! Yep, he’s still connected to our current government and will most likely have his CheneyBots nuke America into oblivion!

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