Hillary Clinton is the one who actually wrote, The Obama Nation, not Jerome Corsi

C-SPAN this morning gave a considerable amount of time to Jerome Corsi to discuss his book, The Obama Nation, you know, the book that is full of lies about Barack Obama. At one point, it was noted that Mary Matalin was the one who helped produce this book.

Interesting. Mary Matalin is behind this book? Let’s look at the relationships for a minute here…

Jerome Corsi had Mary Matalin help him produce the book he wrote about Obama. Mary Matalin is married to James Carville. James Carville used to work for Bill Clinton’s campaign back in the 1990’s and they’re still friends. Hillary Clinton is married to Bill Clinton and she was running against Barack Obama for the Democratic ticket this year. So therefore…

This means Hillary Clinton was actually the one who wrote the book and through her good pal Mary Matalin had her find the schmuck Jerome Corsi to put his name on the book to protect herself from being associated in any way shape or form to be being behind it.

Bill Clinton & Mary Matalin partying together…


See? The Clintons in all their Evilness are no different than the Bushes and the Cheneys. And we all know Mary Matalin was Dick Cheney’s right hand woman for years! Spit.

Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself. She is no different than the Fox News morons of our time. She has reduced herself to a complete right wing freak and the company she is keeping is a reflection of this fact. She’s nothing but a hateful, lying, stinking fascist Pig like those she currently hangs with.

And by the way….the reason why The Obama Nation has catapulted to the Top 10 over at Amazon and other places is BECAUSE THE RIGHT WINGERS ASSOCIATED WITH HILLARY CLINTON BOUGHT UP THE BOOKS TO GIVE THE APPEARANCE THAT THE NATION AS A WHOLE WAS DYING TO READ THIS BOOK. Hell, even Ann Coulter’s book’s “successes” have been achieved in the same way. It’s all smoke and mirrors when it comes to the right wingers and now they have Hillary Clinton leading the way for them!

Our nation can no longer survive a Clintonbush Nation. It can’t and they know it. This is why they’re going after Barack Obama because he’s not a DC TRAITOR like the rest of them and they don’t want to lose the Evil Grip they have on our nation they’ve had for 30 years now.  The fascist traitorous Pigs are running scared so they’ve got Hillary Clinton as their leader now. Scummy. The End.


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42 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton is the one who actually wrote, The Obama Nation, not Jerome Corsi

  1. Nice post actually. I have to dispute the point of why the book is popular / selling well though. It IS a lot like Coulter and even Fox News; both supporters and detractors want to see it – or read it this case.

  2. From the AP article I posted above:

    The campaign also says conservative groups and talk radio are promoting the books heavily, even inflating their sales by buying them in bulk.

    In fact, The New York Times ranking of sales includes a note that some booksellers report getting bulk orders for “Obama Nation,” which sits atop the Times’ nonfiction best-seller list.

    “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality” is No. 12 on USA Today’s list and No. 3 in sales on Amazon.com.

  3. That’s definitely possible, especially as a contributing factor to the sales. I rarely trust the the NYT when it comes to such stories though, so may have just dismissed it prematurely.

    It’s a possibly sad fact though that extreme viewpoints, when published, gain large sales because both sides of the issues partake of it. You watch Fox News don’t you to see what they’re saying – or at least catch prts of it online?

    Sometimes I wonder if they even have a political agenda, or if it’s just a good vehicle for making money.

  4. No one cares what the right wing neocons of America have to say, so they have to buy up their own books to make themselves feel better. On the other hand, liberals/progressives aren’t happy with Nancy Pelosi and her book has sold less than 3,000 copies. If needed, the wealthy liberals/progressives could buy up her book to make it appear as if Nancy is loved and has tons of power, but as usual, we don’t do that kind of crap. Neocons do. The End.

    Without the bulk sales, The Obama Nation probably would have sold less than Pelosi’s book. Guaranteed.

  5. You must work for Obama!! You are a jerk and know nothing. The truth is obama will not
    win the election because he has to much baggage and too many friends that want America
    as we know it to go down!! His halo has been tarnished and his wife hates white people
    and never denounced her minister Rev. Wright!!! Go do yhour own research and get back to us!!!

  6. That is not true but I wished hillary did write the obamanation.
    Man an empty suit has not agenda, adapted most Hillary campaign,

    obama is one of the worst candidate ever, thank you Pelosi, she will be the next one to go,
    She is next one to go and get voted out of office next November, She going to try to fly under the radar,
    but blogger are letting everyone know Pelosi up for re-election

  7. Jody V…are you really that blonde skank from P.U.M.A. who I saw on the Dan Abrams show? First of all you need to lay off the meth, oh it shows in and under your eyes honey…secondly, to say you aren’t a republican is like saying Bush is smart.

    As for Shillary…she is as evil as Bush and more arrogant who can’t stand the fact that her obsession….dream of becoming the first woman president has ended…or has it?

    So all of you Hillbots (republicans) go vote for Johnny McCuckoo and kiss our country goodbye!

  8. OT: Kay check out Truth Progress, they have a thread about a new movie coming out which is a parady of the far left and includes a cameo by Bildo O’Lielly…the title…”An American Carol”
    How ironic since many of us thought blogger An American Karol was a parady of a progressive.

  9. Forgive me for being off topic, but crooked politicians and Susan Collins are never off topic around here…

    What on earth is Tom Allen DOING while Susan is clobbering him with all the Soprano ads.

    You’d think someone had PAID him to roll over and play dead.

    (…or….is he really dead?? Maybe he passed away and I didn’t hear about it….Oops. Sorry!)

  10. Hillary is just a right wing jackass. After 8 years of that, I’ll take an “empty suit” any day of the week!

    Jodi hates America and our soldiers but loves oil industry greed and that’s why she’s voting for John McCain! Isn’t that right, Jody? Just admit it. As a Hillary supporter, you must be. It’s why Hillary supports McCain also.

    Uncle, hysterical about the “An American Carol” which is a parody! Carol’s & Karol’s are. I bet Karol is really a Hillary supporter even though she says she’s an Obama supporter while her children are Hillary supporters. Oh please, anyone with class is gonna vote for Obama and not some old lady who hates America! Harriet Christian is a good example of what I mean! Karol is around the same age. :lol: :lol: Oh yes, like people in their 20′s are going to vote for the hag! Bah hahahahahaha!

  11. Outsider222, we don’t talk about Suzie-Q & Tom Allen much here anymore because I was told by the “progressives & liberals” over on AMERICAblog that I’m not rich enough or smart enough to be involved in politics, so from now on, the Girls from California are going to kick Suzie-Q out! See? Maybe they’re telling Tom Allen to not fight back? Could be. We know they don’t like to so why the hell would they tell their candidate too! Hell, they would probably vote for Sen. Suzie-Q if they lived in Maine! Wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. Please don’t try to claim that the Clintonistas are Republicans. They’re not and we wouldn’t want them in first place. We’ve been telling people how vile Clinton is far longer than you Democrats have been doing so. You may hate our politics, but we normally – W aside as a lesser of evils that wasn’t so lesser – can tell you who is truly evil.

    I’m surprised you hate these Clintonistas so much though, Kay. They hate Republicans as much as you do. I would have thought you’d cut them some slack.

  13. I hate that the Clintons have adhered themselves to the Bush family in many ways in the same way McCain has. To me, the Clintons are the ones who aren’t acting like Democrats. The fact that Hillary took McCain’s side instead of Obama’s when she was running is a clear indication to me that she and Bill and their buddies like right wingers and their politics.

    Trust me when I say if Barack Obama wins the presidency and decides to continue George Bush’s policies, it will be the Democrats who WILL NOT PROTECT HIM. The republicans protected George Bush all these years and would never do the right thing in banning together to get his ass, as well as Cheney’s, out of office.

  14. Also, please explain why Hillary and her supporters (no matter what capacity) will go on Fox News to make their original points? That’s because Hillary and her supporters see themselves as victims as do the right wingers of America when it comes to Barack Obama. Pathetic. Just plain ole pathetic that they would ban with the knuckledragging jackboot lickers in going after their own! I think they should just come out and join the republic party. The Democratic Party will not miss any of them.

  15. bbassett Says:
    August 16, 2008 at 12:03 pm e

    You must work for Obama!! You are a jerk and know nothing. The truth is obama will not
    win the election because he has to much baggage and too many friends that want America
    as we know it to go down!! His halo has been tarnished and his wife hates white people
    and never denounced her minister Rev. Wright!!! Go do yhour own research and get back to us!!!

    Bah hahahahahahahaha! I work for no one but myself, Hillary Asshole. Funny how you Hillary Supporter Trolls vanished from the Internet right after she was kicked out of the race. How come? Did Hillary stop paying you at that point? Bah hahahahahaha! Yep. Paid Trolls. Nice.

    What are you doing to raise money to help her pay off her debt?

    I bet nothing! Oh, you love Barack Obama when it comes to raising money and are too lazy yourselves to raise money for her. Yep! The black guy has to come to the rescue, huh. Assholes.

    Hillary Clinton, Johnny McTeleprompter & George Bush are DC Insiders. They have a ton of baggage, but has that stopped them? Nope! Hell, they want the right wing to stay in power and would never want Barack Obama (AN OUTSIDER!) to be in the White House, especially since he’s ACTUALLY READ THE CONSTITUTION AND UNDERSTOOD IT, huh Bassett Hound?

    And what about the Reverends….Hagee & Haggard? One of these reverends enjoys GAY SEX WITH MALE PROSTITUTES AND DOING DRUGS TOO BOOT, while the other thinks Israel should be rid of the earth and thinks Catholics are Satan. THIS MEANS JOHNNY MCTELEPROMPTER ALSO FEELS THIS WAY AND LOVES HAVING GAY SEX WITH MALE PROSTITUTES, isn’t that right Basset Hound?

    Any comment?

    Johnny cheats on his wife with lobbyists. Nice.

  16. And isn’t it a little funny that a few right wingers are outraged at the claim I’ve made in my post? Huh. But it’s okay to do the same kind of crap to Barack Obama in a book written by a guy who is associated with Mary Matalin, James Carville, and Hillary Clinton? Hypocrites! Bah hahahahahaha!

  17. There’s no proof McCain cheated on his second wife just conjecture and heresy on your part. You have no proof that Hillary Clinton wrote one word of the Corsi book. You have, at best, another imaginative conspiracy theory that, like all your others, is as absurd and fact challenged as anything else you write.

    Why don’t you ever write anything about why Obama would make a great president and list reasons for him? Because you can’t, there’s nothing there to write about. His resume is paper thin, an accusation from many democrats and progressives of Bush back in year 2000. Instead you write false stories plucking one issue and weakly attempting to tie it to other issues. If one disagrees with you, therefore it means you love Georgie Bush, Cheney, hate the Constitution and love death. You operate on this flimsy, laughable premise on everything you write. This is what you do because you cannot intellectually debate or write about solid reasons why you and other should support Obama and why Obama would make such a great president. On this you are clueless, so its bash McCain, Bush, bla bla bla Hitler, blah blah blah.

    No wonder all comments are a back and forth clusterf–k of moon pie love between Kay, Fester, the ClifWit and whatever other second and third personalities Kay uses to comment here and congratulate herself.

    Don’t publish this comment. It will make you look stupid.

  18. Hi Mirth, Karol & John!

    Nice to see your dumbasses here.

    List out all the truths in Corsi book for me with links (and not links to right wing sites where you all hang out & masturbate). Thanks.

  19. Why Obama would make a great president:

    His friends aren’t criminals & thieves
    He’s rational
    He’s intelligent
    He listens
    He has an open mind
    He’s a great father
    He’s as cool as a cucumber when under pressure
    He’s read the Constitution and understands it
    He loves our country
    He wants to protect it from the thieves & warmongering criminals in the republic party
    He was in the state legislature in Illinois
    He’s been a great Senator in DC
    He has charisma
    He has a sense of humor
    He’s young
    He was born in Hawaii (John McCain was born in Panama…he’s not really a natural born citizen)
    He’s traveled abroad (George Bush never left America prior to being selected in 2000)
    He’s been exposed to more than one religion
    He taught law at Harvard
    He was a community organizer (dealt with the public first hand)
    He married a great woman with a brain in her head
    He’s competent

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  20. List out all the reasons why Johnny McTeleprompter & Hillary Clinton would make great presidents. Thanks Mirth, Karol, and John…..or should I refer to you all as Asshole Traitors & Former Republicans? You decide and let me know.

  21. By the way Mirth, didn’t you say recently that you were duped by Barack Obama over FISA and you wouldn’t be voting for him? Bah hahahahahaha! Oh, but you are now. What gives? With the rate you flip flop, you might as well vote for Johnny McTeleprompter. He’s more your speed anyways! Karol’s too. Meanwhile, John continues to raise money ‘for his blog’ so he can travel abroad! What a bunch of schmucks.

  22. So glad you are back blogging. That Blogging break was shorter then a session in the rack with a Subic Bay prostitute after a 7 month stay in the dessert protecting your freedom to hate.


  23. Of course, right wingers online don’t have the freedom to hate. They are the only ones online who are providing love, comfort, and wonderful ideas to push the poor & the middle class to a higher level. Uh ha. *rolling eyes*

    Me? I like pointing out the hypocrisy of the right wingers online and in DC to aide Americans in making the correct decision at the voting box. See? Lots of liberal blogs do this by the way. I didn’t invent it. LOL

  24. And the Tony Rezko link was found to be nothing. Did you know that, Dumbass, or are you too busy masturbating with the anti-Barack emails you get each day in your in-box?

  25. Wow Kay, you come back and the trolls return. They must have been suicidal while WNI was down! I see Rush’s human anal cysts are here.

  26. MK&J…but McSame did admit to having extra-marital affairs so whether it was his first or second wife, who the f**k cares the old man is a scumbag.

  27. LOL Uncle! Poor trolls. If they’re not suckling at my tits for some liberal affection, then they’re on their blogs bad mouthing me for the same effect. LMAO!

    Did you watch Barack Obama & Johnny McTeleprompter taking questions from Rick Warren?

    McCain used his POW experience throughout the whole night! What an empty suit that man is! All he’s got to talk about is his POW time, war, his Admiral father, and more war. That’s all he knows!
    :lol: :lol: :lol: What a loser!

    If you want endless wars, vote for McTeleprompter!

  28. Check out this first comment, Uncle…


    Oh boy. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I bet Johnny McTeleprompter is behind this conspiracy also since he’s got guys lobbyists working for his campaign who have done business with the Georgians…and Johnny has stated he’s been on the phone everyday with the Georgian president!

    Spit. I hate right wingers.

  29. “No wonder all comments are a back and forth clusterf–k of moon pie love between Kay, Fester, the ClifWit and whatever other second and third personalities Kay uses to comment here and congratulate herself.

    Don’t publish this comment. It will make you look stupid.”

    Hey, give the girl a chance!

    “Why Obama would make a great president:

    His friends aren’t criminals & thieves”….

    Check please!

    good Lord what a dumbass.

  30. Johnny McTeleprompter’s friends who are criminals & thieves:

    George Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Phil Gramm
    Wendy Lee Gramm
    Joe Lieberman
    Vicki Iseman
    His Keating-5 buddies
    Cuban government
    Mark Buse
    Randy Scheunemann

    Just to name a few.

  31. From the “Too Good to Miss” files:

    Sorry to correct you, Busboy, but when I was in college, my hair was down past my butt. That picture was taken last summer with Gregory and Gary in SF. Although, in complete honesty, I did lighten it a little to hide the ravages of time on my 55 year old face.
    Besides, I am a little nostalgic in regards to my squirrel, Tildi. Once the vet told me she was well enough, I released her back into the wild. Before I moved, she would come back and visit me. sniff, sniff.
    The silly thing cost me more than five hundred dollars to get healthy.

    An American Karol | Homepage | 08.15.08 – 12:46 am

    I bet there was a LOT more photoshopping to her face than anyone has time to sit down and list. “Lighten it a little” my ass.

    Poor “Tildi” the squirrel. I bet the poor thing ended up in a hot skillet after the money ran out waiting to sell her McMansion.

    Mirth with the size 20 fuckme pumps (and, that’s a man-sized shoe) What more need be said?

    John heehaw’ing it up in Europe, $pending the la$t bit$ of ABlog V2.0

    Knuckledraggers, all of them.

  32. Oh yes, Bonehead Central, Karol spent too much time yellowing her wrinkles in that picture and when she noticed she was the only one with a yellow-orb-face, she had to yellow everyone else’s face in the picture to make it look like that’s how the original picture looked! Hysterical.

    Tildi’s life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA2r_PiaT9w

    Poor thing. I doubt Karol even had a squirrel to begin with, but rather, decided to make it up to show how “sexy” she is! LOL Pathetic.

    Makes you wonder if Mirth is a….you know….a “lady of the night” because at times she’ll say, “I’ve got to go because there is a handsome gentleman at my door” or something to that effect. She’s single, isn’t she? Uh ha. Oh boy.

    And don’t the Girls over on Ablog love, love, love Bushboy! He’s a charlatan and is only “friends” with them so he can meld himself in with them, because as an Oil Maggot, he has to dupe the liberals over there on Ablog. He’s done a good job of it too. “Hating Kay” only goes so far and as we now know, Busboy is carrying the hard right line and some of the Girls are just shocked at how he’s acting! Love it. The Girls can’t see this kind of crap coming. They live in tiny boxes with no sunlight. Sad.

  33. I didn’t know you could just bring a wild animal to any old vet?
    When my sister and I caught injured animals we had to take them down to the U of M vets, oh well maybe Krazy Karol is being honest for once…although $500.00 seems kind of low to me. LOL she claims the squirrel would come back to visit her after she let it go…sure, once she released it from it’s prison it took off and never looked back. Boy she is such a story teller.

  34. As for bigfeet mirth, she reminded me of one of those girls that were easy. She would drool all over her keyboard and have an orgasm while talking about her latest conquest or when a guy from C&L would describe his abs to her, this was back before the site nazi’s took over.

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