Pat Buchanan tells black Democratic Strategist to ‘shut up’ last night on MSNBC

Pat Buchanan showed his creepy, old school, political self last night on MSNBC. Keri Goff, Democratic Strategist, was trying to explain to the cannonball-headed Buchanan that his numbers were incorrect in the Obama campaign, when suddenly…Pat Buchanan felt he had to interrupt and share HIS VIEW (apparently the only one that matters. Spit.) and when his precious words weren’t able to get in he told her in a very creepy way to ‘shut up’:

Is every man and woman from Pat’s generation (Hillary, Geraldine) a racist and do they think the blacks of our country should still be picking cotton and shouldn’t be on our televisions giving their views and observations? I’m starting to think so.

A note to Buchanan, Hillary, Geraldine and the rest of the old school political pundits:


MSNBC needs to fire Pat Buchanan! Let’s send Dan Abrams of MSNBC a piece of our mind about Buchanan’s demeaning remark to Keri Goff:

Here’s the email I sent to Abrams:

Pat Buchanan should be fired for telling Keri Goff to ‘shut up’ last night on your show. Americans are tired of the racist bullcrap on our televisions. Has Buchanan ever told a white guest to shut up? No! Fire him for being a racist and the irony was not lost on your viewers last night that your guests were talking about Ferraro’s comments about Barack and then Buchanan felt the need to tell the only black panelist to shut up in a way that was demeaning and demoralizing.

MSNBC is getting more pathetic each day. Keith Olbermann is the only classy show in the lineup. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this kind of crap to go on! Fire Buchanan please!

Is MSNBC the new Fox news? Apparently so. Boooo-hisss.

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29 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan tells black Democratic Strategist to ‘shut up’ last night on MSNBC


    Kay you must realize first of all you are not “new democrats” are old world socialist. The “new Democrats” are the “old Republicans/Neo-cons” and the new Republicans are the…well they don’t really exist. So as you and your socialist buddies call me a “neo-con”,a “knuckle dragging bush supporter”, “Nazi”, “boot licker”, etc whatever else….just remember socialism has never worked for long with “equal benefits for all”.

  2. Anything is better than being a 2000-2008 Fascist which is what we have in the White House at the moment. Agree? You Nazis have had secret prisons around the planet to torture people, you’ve lied our nation into war, illegally invaded countries, have used your religion to get the base to wrap themselves in the flag to show ‘patriotism’, you’ve illegally spied on your own people, and you have Fox News as your own personal propaganda machine to keep the masses stupid and unaware of anything that has really gone on.

    You neocon-GOP-Nazis have ruined our country and it’s reputation. Hitler would be proud of you!

  3. It has always pissed me off to no end that the MSM and NBC especially treats Pat Buchanan as if he were anything but an old school race-baiting Nazi who for years was bent on eradicating any point of view but his own.

  4. just remember socialism has never worked for long with “equal benefits for all”.

    Soooo, conservatism has worked with benefits ONLY FOR THE RICH, James? With the plurality of Americans now saying they’re WORSE OFF than they were eight years ago?


  5. Ironically, it’s the left that constantly uses the fascist bogeyman against the so-called conservative right. While this may have some resonance in Europe or Latin America where the right may still be associated with militarists, statists and nationalists, it certainly has little relation to reality in the United States, where conservatives generally promote uniquely American ideas of liberty and constitutional republicanism.

    So, it’s entertaining to hear the left regularly denounce President Bush and his conservative supporters as fascists. Either these folks have no idea what fascism means, or conservative Republicans really do want a militarized, one-party, state-run society. I tend to believe the former.

    In fact, mainstream American conservatism and the GOP, for the most part, actually promote classical liberal ideas of liberty and individual rights. Like our Founding Fathers, they believe in a smaller, less intrusive government; less taxation, property rights, the rule of law, individual responsibility, and free and competitive markets. They are staunch defenders of the Constitution and the principles it represents. Those who veer too much from that consensus — Pat Buchanan may be an example — quickly find themselves on the outside.

    Even among the religious conservatives who focus on promoting traditional American social values, I haven’t found any fascists or theocrats. Most are regular folks who believe strongly, as our founders did, that a self-restrained, moral people is the bedrock of democracy and that government should not be eroding the moral values that form the foundation of our democratic system.

    In reality, modern American conservatives have more in common with classical liberals than many of today’s so-called liberals can ever hope to have. This is particularly true because American liberalism in many ways has been hijacked in recent years by a collectivist and pacifist left wing that is closer to European socialism than to American ideals.

    These differences do matter because the battle now is not between right-wing fascism and left-wing liberalism. The contest is between American constitutional democracy and free markets on one side and leftist socialism, rightist statism and ultimately totalitarianism of any stripe on ther other.

    Today ”right-wing” conservatives are the ones promoting democracy and liberal American ideas throughout the world, while many of our so-called liberals seem bent on opposing them.

    This is the real battle between right and left.

  6. Thanks for the email address Kay. And for caring about respect and decency.I won’t watch Dan Abrams ever again. Last Bill Maher show…Joe Scarborough continually interruped a black woman….who was the smartest one on the panel.You are right about this being a generational problem.

  7. Why Buchanan is even allowed on cable news programs is beyond me. The guy thinks and acts like his word is the gospel and that he should always get the most time to speak.

    Lisa K, great rebutle to! Reichwingers love to label ANYTHING that helps the poor and the middleclass as socialism or communism. They have been brainwashed by the elite to vote against their own interests by thinking that supporting a ststem that is good for the elite is also some how good for them also.

    What these idiots on the reich fail to grasp is that our system of corporatism has mostly benefited the very rich and corporations over the past 70-80 years. The reichwingers like to say liberals want to re-distribute the wealth from the rich to the poor when in fact this country has been re-distributing the wealth to the rich forever.

    The reichwingers scream bloody murder when their tax dollars are spent on welfare for the poor or for any type of social program that helps those less fortunate BUT they have no problem when the government USES their tax dollars to bail out corporations.

    I will give a simple unexact example that maybe even James can understand. Person A makes $45,000.00 a year and pays 40% of that in taxes while Person B makes 1 million dollars a year and pays 60% of that in taxes. Which person in this scenerio is going to have a tougher time in todays economy of stagnant wages, higher inflation, rising gas prices, rising food prices, rising healthcare and prescription drug costs, rising propertie taxes?????

  8. As we move away from the age of Jim Crow, younger generations are probably more accepting of racial diversity. However, I am going on age 69 and in Pat Buchanan’s/Ferraro’s generation and we are not all alike! I was raised in a strong Republican family who gladly identified as being in the Party of Lincoln. We children were made to suck on a sliver of Ivory Soap (what child abuse!) for not only saying curse or vulgar words but also using racial epithets. We didn’t say the “N” word just like we weren’t allowed to say the “F” word. Families need to set examples of acceptance within the family.

    Blacks voted mostly for Republicans because of Lincoln until Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal began to win over the nation’s poor which included most of black America. Even Eisenhower got 39% of the black vote and Nixon in 1960, 32%. But after JFK began to actively promote racial equality, the Republicans haven’t received more than 15% of the black vote since Goldwater in 1964. Nixon did black America no favors by then actively inviting disgruntled racist Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond to switch parties as part of Nixon’s Southern Strategy to turn the old “blue” South to “red”!

    And it hasn’t only been the Deep South where Jim Crow racism has been rampant. I grew up near the Michigan state line yet restaurants in northern Indiana made blacks go to the kitchen door to order and pick up their food in paper bags. We had a lakeside summer resort nearby my home where white folks (no blacks) could go dance to the live music of Armstrong, Basie, Ellington, etc. Yet at 2 a.m., those bands could not retire to a hotel room at the resort where they had performed but had to pack up their instruments and ride an hour in the middle of the night to a hotel in South Bend that would accept black guests. A black motorist died in my hometown during a blizzard after being refused a hotel/motel room forcing him to sleep in his car with the motor running where he was overcome with carbon monoxide. I am a third generation German-American from a family that preached acceptance, but had classmates who were first or second generation Polish or Italian American and would be upset to hear some of their comments. Many had parents who were Democratic, Catholic union workers, commuting to work at Studebaker, Bendix, or UniRoyal in South Bend. So I don’t think it’s as much a generational thing as how many generations have lived here in our nation. In the youngest generation of my family now, we have intermarriages with 3 African-Americans, 2 Chinese, 1 Native American, and 1 Israeli. My aunt had married a Jew so I grew up with 3 half-Jewish cousins, so intermarriage, especially between Catholics and protestants began in the generations before me.

    Ferraro is an ethnic Italian-American who has been a bigwig in the “white” woman’s feminist movement. She may have always had this baggage. I am not surprised by her outrageous remarks. She said the same about Jesse Jackson in 1988, that he only got to be in the running for president because he was black.

  9. yeah.. Buchanan was way out of line and I’m glad Rachel Maddow called him out on it.

    I think this Obama/Hillary thing is really bring out people’s true colors, and after this is over I think all of us need to re-examine things.

  10. I saw the new Rambo – AWWWWWWEEEEESSSSOOOOMMMMMEEEE! I lost count how many gooks I saw wasted (more like evaporated)! My man Sly was cutting them in half with the 50 cals!

    I just wish our government had the balls to do the same with all the ragheads! :-(

  11. Pat Buchanan is a brilliant political heavyweight. He is wasting his enormous talent at that sewage factory MSNBC.

    That malcontent negress isn’t fit to lick his nutsack!

    3/5 citizen my ass!

  12. Well for Pete’s sake the damn woman wouldn’t shut the hell up and let anyone else get a word in edge wise. Little twit. Only you and your ilk make it about color.

    The only thing racist here is you race baiters calling it racist.

    Kay, you’re white, I wish you’d shut the hell up. Does that make me racist?

  13. I see a racist TROLL has found this website. I guess the TROLL “IS FIT” to lick Pat Buchanan’s ballsac!

  14. Kay, you’re white, I wish you’d shut the hell up

    :lol: She, and all her other personalities posting, are a disgrace to the species! :twisted:

  15. David Duke or Adolph Hitler couldn’t have said it better than our TROLL here! BTW, Homo sapiens is only ONE species…we are all in this together. Thankfully, most AMERICANS are not the hateful racists as our “American” who trolls here.

  16. Gee Jenn and the Cannonball Headed Neocon, did you watch the whole show last night? I bet you didn’t. You were too busy staring straight ahead and drooling down your neck watching Fox News, huh? Well, Pat Buchanan already had his turn prior to telling this woman to shut up. Get it? He had the stage, but being a reich wing pro-Bush white neocon, he felt the black woman didn’t have a right to speak because he had more to say. Abrams kept telling White Cracker Boy to wait his turn and let Goff finish, oh but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! He couldn’t do that, now could he? He’s as hateful as you Jenn and the Scum you hang with!

    Americans are tired of all of you. Grab your guns and use the 2nd Amendment and shoot yourselves right now so America can go forward in a peaceful, forward thinking, rational way, and in non-racist-Arab-brown/black-skin neocon way, get it? We can’t wait for the rapture. We want you all gone now. Thank you! We appreciate it.

  17. Love this (it’s from ‘Righteous American’ above’s IP information:

    OrgName: Optimum Online (Cablevision Systems)
    OrgID: OPTO
    Address: 111 new south RD
    City: Hicksville
    StateProv: NY
    PostalCode: 11801
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: NETBLK-OOL
    NetHandle: NET-24-188-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-24-0-0-0-0

    Hicksville must be where all the neocon trolls hang out! Bah hahahahaha! Oh gawd, that’s funny.

  18. By chance does Jenn look up lovingly to Barbara “Quaker Oats Guy” Bush as a motherly type figure. I see Bush’s cheerleaders still exist as our economy continues to crumble, the war in Iraq is still a failure, oil is at record prices, gas is at record prices, food is at record prices, energy is at record prices. I imagine Hitler, Stalin and Nero all had some cheerleaders until the bitter end also. By the way Bush…who has those tax cuts for the rich worked out for the economy…stupid. As for the disaster in the desert, yeah lets spend trillions of dollars over there and keep on borrowing it from Communist China….Brilliant!

  19. OMG Barack Obamas middle name is Hussein that must make him a terrorist!?! I bet if Bush or Insane McCain had the middle name of Adolph the reichwingers wouldn’t care.

  20. The trolls are back..wonder if they are being funded by Shrillary Inc. Down with the right wing and the right wing of the democratic party. Obama will be a fine president.

  21. By the way Grant, I was referring to the old-timers we see on our televisions and those in government who are in charge. They’re the ones who are waaaaaaaaaaaay behind the times and this is why a new Democratic Party is emerging. The young people of it are an inspiration to all of us and are leading the way. I don’t think of you as one of them, you know, like the Hillary’s, the Geraldine’s, and the Buchanan’s of our country. They have no sense of decency left in them and they’d rather put down a black person for trying to make a difference than working hard to actually make a difference. See? I’ve talked to you online for years now and I think it’s safe for me to assume you’re a cool guy who melds well with the younger generation, but still maintains and shares your rich life experiences with us. :-)

    Uncle, China is in Bush’s back pocket now. Bah hahahahahahaha! Yep. He loves the Commies when he needs the money! See? Asshole he is. And aren’t the neocons closed-minded to think “Hussein” means one is a terrorist? Good gawd! “Hussein” is a name that is no different than “Thomas” “Scott” or “David” here in the States. Oh, but you can’t tell that to a neocon! Everyone is a terrorist that isn’t part of their terrorist group. See?

    Molly, I doubt I have funded trolls on my blog. I get the trolls who live under the porch of the RNC and wait everyday for a scrap of food to be thrown out. Aren’t I lucky! Not.

  22. Kay I hate to correct you but I think Bush is in Communist China’s back pocket and when they decide it’s time for us to pay up it’s going to get ugly.

  23. LMAO Grant! Love that cartoon! I just posted it on FireDogLake. They loved it too.

    ^^^^new thread about the House going into secret session! Wow!

  24. James says: “So, it’s entertaining to hear the left regularly denounce President Bush and his conservative supporters as fascists. Either these folks have no idea what fascism means, or conservative Republicans really do want a militarized, one-party, state-run society. I tend to believe the former.”

    Well, who gives a rat’s ass what you “tend” to believe. What you “tend” to believe is not definitive to me. But at least you’re being honest — you admit that you PREFER to believe what you WANT to be true. Unfortunately, it’s not true. And, yes, not only do republicans want a militarized, one-party, state-run society, but they’ve been steadily attempting to build just that since 2000, which is why the People have drifted away from you fascists and are now ready to kick your asses blue.

  25. Yes Kay….we are the new progressive left, the New Left Order born from the ashes of the FDR left of center..and good for us.

  26. Dan Abrams show is becoming typical. He gave platform to Kinky to make the following statement yesterday on his show “he’s blinkd and black, how low can it get?” refering to the new New York governor’s use of cocaine.
    Dan, please be responsible

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