Timothy Goeglein gets his ass Googled!


(copy cats?)

Hysterical. While Hillary Clinton was running around and pointing out all the times Barack Obama “plagiarized” someone else’s work (then did it herself, of course…..shhhhhhhhh), the Special Assistant to George W. Bush, Timothy Goeglein was plagiarizing WHOLE PAGES of articles written by others. Oh boy! And guess who exposed him? A blogger who Googled his work! Way to go, Nancy Nall!

Welcome to 2008 America, neocon! Bah hahahahahahahahaha!

Loving Wonkette’s take on this story. :-)

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38 thoughts on “Timothy Goeglein gets his ass Googled!

  1. LOL I don’t know if your site is f’d up or you are deleting the posts but either way I dont blame you. I wouldnt want such ignorance to be pointed out either.

  2. You do realize that Bush isn’t running for President right? Why is it that you keep beating this dead horse? I would also like to know how you linked hillary’s accusations and statements to Bush? What correlation does that have what so ever with what hillary said and what relevance does it have in the elections or the candidates? Oh I get it you cant attack a Dem so you pick an easy target. lol (I know you are slow so I’ll tell you the Dem is hillary) You know.. the one who made the accusation!?

  3. Kayinmaine You might actually want to learn the definition and origin of the term “neocon” before you go around spouting it out your mouth. I guess you just heard it somewhere and thought it was cool huh lol

  4. dorothy | 02.29.08 – 12:38 pm | #

    What is your problem? I rarely post here, actually I think I have never posted here BUT sometimes I make exceptions. If you don’t like a blog why bother going to it just to be rude?

  5. You do realize that Bush isn’t running for President right?

    Thank God for the 22nd amendment;
    Why is it that you keep beating this dead horse?</i. Might it be because that insane dry drunk excoke-head clown is still president, after all you assholes went after Bill Clinton … well you clowns still do.

    I would also like to know how you linked hillary’s accusations and statements to Bush?

    All she said; While Hillary was falsely accusing Obama of something, a white house moron was actually doing it, the link is already apparent son.

    What correlation does that have what so ever with what hillary said and what relevance does it have in the elections or the candidates?

    Well son I know this might be hard fur ya, but Hillary was lying about something, and a white house foole who resigned because he really did it. Do ya see the connection yet boy?

    Hillary tried to smear Obama but it didn’t work because the substance wasn’t true, BUT the white house moron did commit plagiarism so HE had to resign. Is that easy enough fur your kool aid addled brain to understand?

    Oh I get it you cant attack a Dem so you pick an easy target. lol (I know you are slow so I’ll tell you the Dem is hillary) You know.. the one who made the accusation!?

    No widdle boy, your the moron, because Hillary laid false charges which were refuted which means the false story DIED, but the white house dishonest minion actually committed plagiarism so He had to resign in disgrace. But then again he worked directly for karl Rove so what should we have expected from him after all?

    And son Hillary is a former repug, and a DLC democrat which is just another term for repug lite.

    want to learn the definition and origin of the term “neocon”


    Neoconservatism is a political philosophy that emerged in the United States from the rejection of social liberalism and the New Left counterculture of the 1960s. It influenced the Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and the George W. Bush presidential administrations, representing a re-alignment in American politics, and the defection of liberals to the right-hand side of the political spectrum.

    Will that one work fur ya widdle boy?

    Neo-cons who worked for the Bush Administration;

    Elliott Abrams, Richard Armitage, John R. Bolton, Dick Cheney, Eliot A. Cohen, Seth Cropsey, Paula Dobriansky, Francis Fukuyama, Zalmay Khalilzad, Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Richard Perle, Peter W. Rodman, Donald Rumsfeld, Randy Scheunemann, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov S. Zakheim, Robert B. Zoellick, David Frum, John Yoo,

    Sure looks like a hell of a lot of god damned neo-cons who wanted the illegal war with Iraq way back in 1998 long before 9-11 or Bush stole the election with the help of Katherine Harris’s illegal tactics to disenfeanchise over 55,000 voters in Florida before the 2000 election, too bad that wench lost her senate bid ain’t it? But since she has taken bundled checks from a convicted congressional briber (Mitchell Wade), that is probably a good thing.

  6. RCB, why don’t you go to the whitehouse and insert your head up your beloved Bush’s ass. Why do we keep beating a dead horse? Just to remind you dumbass reichwing republicans that YOU voted twice for the worst president in our countries history. The only good thing your cowardly idiot in chief has done is help destroy the GOP! Heck of a job Bushy! Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. LOL And that is the best you have? School yard antics. Like I said before its the only defence you have. Hard to come up with anything better when obama and hillary wont give you and real solutions huh

  8. @ Aquarius2: Because stupidity deserves it. But you have a point. I haven’t seen a factual post backing up anything obama has proposed or one defending him so I am wasting my time on these sheep. If a mind is a terrible thing to waste this place is a landfill.

    exit stage REICHT

  9. Since McCain is trying so hard to be a Bush clone, it is fair game to keep reminding the world what a fuck up Bush has been. BTW, the Bush regime is neocon. Real conservatives are represented by the likes of the late Bill Buckley who opposed the Bush folly in Iraq.
    Real conservatives don’t bankrupt a nation. Real conservatives care about privacy rights. Bush is not a conservative.

  10. Wow, Today’s Neocon thinks my blog is soooooooooooooo stupid, huh? Why stay and comment then neocon? Oh that’s right! You can’t handle the fact that I am right on about your Fuhrer, isn’t that right? I’ve upset you and you need an outlet. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    As Grant pointed out, Americans need to be reminded what the republic party has done to this country and how Bush along with them screwed the nation over. Oh, but you don’t want to read about it do you neocon? Nope! You’d rather have the ROM (republican owned media) sweep it under the rug to make yourself feel better, isn’t that right?

    I’ve deleted no comments. I’ll check the spam catcher to see if the neocon’s pathetic comments are in there stinking the WNI air filter up. LOL

    Neo-conservative = Neocon. Get it? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Good morning Aquarius2. Nice to see you. Let me guess, Dorothy (Gregory Lyons) is being an asshole again? LOL! Let him. It’s all he knows how to do.

    Go Barack! That’s right Uncle! Woohoo!

    I wonder how much of Hitler’s Mein Kampf the Bush Regime has plagiarized from? Oh boy! Two thirds? Sounds about right.

  11. The Googled Goeglein has resigned too (didn’t mention that in the post):


    Awwwww, another Bush Criminal bites the dust. What will his future be now? Oh that’s right! The more criminal you are in the Bush Regime the further you go in life! I bet he’ll run for the presidency in 2012 and will have the backing of the Bush Criminals here in America and in the Middle East, you know, the Taliban…al-Qaida…the Saudi Royals….and any other group that hates America. See?

  12. Still no factual explanations huh? Well I have to admit I am not surprised. the reading comprehension still plauges you as well. I have said I didnt support Bush as he has don a lot of stupid thing including the police act in Iraq. But that doesnt help your defense..
    I actually supported Ron Paul FYI. I see you all are still as empty headed as obama. All wish and no fact.

  13. I bet you voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004, but are now complaining. Do I have a factual link to prove it? Nope!

    Obama would kick your ass in a debate I’m afraid. Hell, a 1st grader could too! LOLOLOLOL

    Do you know what a blog is? It’s a daily diary of a person’s thoughts, opinions, truths, and ideas. Where’s your blog by the way? Oh that’s right! Most neocons are too stupid to start one, so they go around to liberal blogs to show us how stupid they really are all on their own.

  14. The above post as are the rest on my blog is packed full of my opinion along with links to articles to explain what I’m talking about! Sometimes I just post my opinion without one link. Isn’t freedom grand, Neocon? Oh that’s right! In your warped little world, you think we should be blogging to your tastes which would be to click our jackboots together, put our hand on our hearts while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and then sticking a yellow ribbon bumper sticker to our vehicles to show how patriotism is done, huh Narrowminded Stupid Neocon?

  15. What? No factual response to my comments by Today’s WNI Neocon yet? Huh. Are you crying by yourself at the moment, neocon? I’m sorry. *screaming laughter*

  16. Thank you yet again for proving my point there. Unlike a 1st grader you grown folks have faild to do any better does that give you any clue of you idiocy? sorry but you pointed it out not me! obama hasent done ant better than you all! On national television he dances around question providing absolutely 0 fact and strategy plans. nope just hope and change.
    If you must know no I have 0 stickers on my car,house,etc supporting anyone as no one is worth supporting on either side. And the articles have no better explanation than what you bunch have provided. they are the same talk with no fact to prove it. And if you didnt know when you put your daily fellings/diary on the net for all the public to see.. really what were you expecting? You know diaries were considerd private articles thats why they came with locks lol Wheres my blog? I am not an emotionally needy person so I have no need to try and find other lonely people.. you should really get out more.

    I atually started going to liberal blogs to try and find a good reason that maby the media wasnt telling about hillary or obama that would enlighten me to vote for one of them. I have sadly come up with the same results at every turn. the same as here no one can or will define a specific plan proveing the basis of such hope and change. I actually thought that the people that took the time and effort to make such blogs would have some real facts to prove the candidates worth.. I will leave your little blog as ity is clear this one has nothing more to offer than the rest. And that actually saddens me it just shows the state of ingorance of the nation and the presidential hopefulls. You will be glad to know that this will be the last time I post here as there is nothing of value here. You are free to go back to your mindless name calling and self gradification. I really hope it gets you through the day. If this is all you have I sincerely feel for your miserable life. As a bonus I didnt check for typos so that should give you something to look forward to.

  17. Okay, Dumbass. Try this on for size:


    The Massachusetts Governor is the one who is a friend of Obama’s and who told Obama he could use his words in any speech he wanted to because it needs to get out there.

    If you have something disproving this, by all means, NEOCON, provide it since you’re so quick to ask us to.

  18. We are first graders here? At least we can spell better than the TROLL. Really Karl Rove must start paying at least minimum wages. Our TROLL would cause an elementary teacher to have to invest in a gross of red grading pencils! Some of “typos” above…..

    faild obama,
    hasent, didnt, daily fellings/diary
    considerd private articles proveing, ity is clear, state of ingorance
    presidential hopefulls.

    plauges you, didnt support Bush as he has don a lot of stupid thing including the police act in Iraq. doesnt, obama.

    And the troll doth spake the truth when he says, “didnt check for typos so that should give you something to look forward to.”

    These aren’t “typos” but bad spelling. A typo is most often like spelling their, thier.

  19. You know, for nearly a decade now, the neocon suck ups and bush apologists have dominated the airwaves and Washington, and they’ve hardly even let a liberal speak. And their whole mode has been character assassination of anyone who even posed a question to them, INCLUDING what they did to John McCain in 2000, (you know, McCain, the republican frontrunner in ’08?) So, all of a sudden, faced with extinction, these fuckers want meaningful exchange and debate? Bullshit. Off with their heads! Kay, you should just cut this RCB ass-sucker off. Pretend you’re bill o’reilly cutting his mic.

  20. Just A Thought: With that Prevention Of Homegrown Terrorism Bill looming in the senate it makes me wonder if the story of ricin being found in a Las Vegas hotel was a staged event by our government?

    It just seems odd that the story has come out two weeks later and now we are told that an anarchist book was found inside the room among other things.
    Could this be the work of the CIA to scare the senate into passing a bill with vague language that would make it easier for the government to arrest anti-government or anti-war protestors?

  21. Hate to say this Kay but the troll playing the victim kind of reminds me of someone we both hold dear to our hearts. Not with it’s message but with the victim thing.

  22. Oh yes Uncle, I recognize “this kind of victimization” wherever I go. It’s always the same. :-)

    Hi Tom Cat! How are you? Oh yes, I seem to have a new troll caught in the WNI air filter again. I’ll pluck him out when the limo starts to cough and spit. LOL

    Uncle, the ricin poisoning was immediately said to be NOT TERRORISM. Uh, yeah, okay, Bush Regime whatever you say! Assholes. Was he trying to kill himself then? No! Jees. They’ll do anything to get what they want, Uncle, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA rented this room to stage something.

  23. Pingback: Ricin anyone? Another CIA set up? « White Noise Insanity

  24. hmm I did say that I wouldn’t post here but as You seem to think I’m popular maby I should make this place my new past time :P You think you can cut me off? would you like to give it a try? I can spam this place to oblivion with rolling IP’s and free emails, and remote networking of which you will be forever banning not too mention a few friends with nothing better to do. Just say the word and we can move in to your little abode.

  25. And with that comment, you just got your ass banned. Spam attacks will be caught in the spam catcher too. Bah hahahahahahahaha!

    Right now I’ve got a troll banned who is using an Anonymous Proxy. Guess what? His comments don’t get through to the blog. Bah hahahahahahahahaha!

    Fun times.

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  27. Awwww, how cute…the neocon is now threatening me in the spam catcher now. LOL! Yep, he’s telling me he’s going to bring all 11,000 of his friends here to fuck me up. *screaming laughter* :lol: :lol: :lol: Bah hahahahahahahaha! :lol: *screaming laughter* :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Priceless. The neocons are still at the end of my arm swinging and trying to hit me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  28. Good going, Kay. I’m for showing no quarter to these errant jackoffs. They’ve had their day. Time for them to crawl back into the woodwork and shut the fuck up!

  29. I’me just droping in to say HI!! You have laerned a new word I see Cro Magnon wow impressive!!

  30. areseebee2375 Says:

    I’me just droping in to say HI!! You have laerned a new word I see Cro Magnon wow impressive!!

    Yes, your home schooled spelling is quite impressive …………

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