60 Minutes this Sunday will be serving Karl Rove for dinner

(Image found on Google through www.about.com)

This should be interesting. Of course, Karl Rove refused to be interviewed by 60 Minutes and you know what that means…..60 Minutes is onto something! Yep. Americans will be having Karl Rove for dinner this Sunday and for the first time in a long time, I’m going to bring out the good china.

From the Washington Post (an excerpt of the 60 Minutes video they’ll be airing):

Here’s a preview from CBS News:
“‘Karl Rove asked you to take pictures of Siegelman?’ asks [reporter Scott] Pelley.
“‘Yes,’ replies Simpson.
“‘In a compromising, sexual position with one of his aides,’ clarifies Pelley.
“‘Yes, if I could,’ says Simpson.


I think it’s safe to say that a good portion of Americans would like to see AT LEAST ONE BUSH REGIME MEMBER in shackle and chains and off to prison, no? I’d be happy with it being Karl Rove at this point.

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12 thoughts on “60 Minutes this Sunday will be serving Karl Rove for dinner

  1. Hi, Kaye:

    Couldn’t get it to load. But I don’t need to see anything about Rove to convince me that he’s a sack of shit who’d sell his mother’s body to an organ harvester, after having her killed in a snuff film.

  2. Rove isn’t enough. Let’s get the true traitors: Delay, Newt, Armey et al. It started back before 1990. Let’s get the bastards that sold the Contract for America to the highest bidder. Shrub has been consolidating “Executive Privilage”, but these people actually change the way Congress works.

    And, let’s not mention Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al.

    And lets whisper Cheney & Bush.

    No, I’m not happy with just Rove.


  3. Lets see the former Alabama governor (Dem) gets seven years for corruption and bribery so how many years would Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld get for their crimes of treason, corruption and war crimes?

    I tell you, that article almost proves what I’ve been thinking about the republican party over the last 12 years. They get their politicians in compromising positions, whether it’s doing drugs at some big party or having sex with a prostitute (under age??) This is why the republicans toe the party line so well.

  4. I wonder if the next AG just might look into charges of obstruction of justice because KKKArl interfered with a prosecution for political reasons,

    KKKarl being some big Bubba’s bitch in a federal prison is just a pleasant thought.

    I hope KKKarl gets the justice he denied Gov Siegleman, and has to do 100% of the time for obstruction of justice.

  5. What you all up there in Maine don’t know is that us down here in Texas have had KKKarl for 12+ years. He actually sent honest working Democrats to prison. We know how he works. It’s insidious.

    I hate KKKarl, just as I hate Tom Delay. I think I may hate Chaney at little more.

  6. Nice huh? Can’t wait to watch it! It appears Rove was doing the pressuring to get these attorney’s fired for political reasons. Maybe this is why the Regime wants to spy on Americans illegally? No paper trail to their criminal acts!

    Some are thinking that Jack Abramoff who is in prison could be the one who is supplying the evidence that McCrazy and Iseman were having an affair and doing favors. Oh boy! Payback time! Nice when the neocons eat each other’s feet. :-)

  7. Karl Rove was the Dr. Frankenstein who built the monster of George W. Bush around the Bush name. He took the clay of a failed business man and created a myth, the “cowboy” in a white hat who would right all wrongs in the world (while lining the pockets of family and friends!).

    First, Rove had to get rid of a very popular Gov. Ann Richards, so he started a whisper campaign that the beloved grandmother was a lesbian. There is no limit to how low that snake can slither. George, who spent half of his life outside of Texas (12 years in New England for high school, and college) affected a fake Texas accent. To make George into a “common man” you might want to have a beer with, he had to have a makeover. First, the Bush twins were taken out of the expensive St. Andrews high school where the rich in Texas send their kids. After two years at St. Andrews, the Bush twins finished their last two years at Austin PUBLIC High School.

    Day school tuition now over $16,000 a year:

    Then, Bush needed a “ranch” so Rove got him to buy a pig farm on Prairie Chapel Road in 1999 near Crawford and rename it “the RANCH”. However, by Texas standards it is too small to be a ranch, plus a ranch runs cattle, and or sheep/goats. Since Bush is afraid of horses, his 1600 acre FARM doesn’t even have horses!

  8. This story is outrageous, but I’ve no hope that anything will come of it. This administration can push the most heinous crimes under the rug, never to be seen nor heard of again. Why will this one be any different?

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