By the way, Sibel Edmonds is still talking….

From the Times Online/UK:

Edmonds had been employed to translate hundreds of hours of intercepted recordings made during a six-year FBI inquiry into the nuclear smuggling ring.
She has previously told The Sunday Times she heard evidence that foreign intelligence agents had enlisted US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions.
Her latest claims relate to a number of intercepted recordings believed to have been made between the summer and autumn of 2001. At that time, foreign agents were actively attempting to acquire the West’s nuclear secrets and technology.
Among the buyers were Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Paki-stan’s intelligence agency, which was working with Abdul Qadeer Khan, the “father of the Islamic bomb”, who in turn was selling nuclear technology to rogue states such as Libya.

Oh yeah, and this…

One group of Turkish agents who had come to America on the pretext of researching alternative energy sources was introduced to Brewster Jennings through the Washington-based American Turkish Council (ATC), a lobby group that aids commercial ties between the countries. Edmonds says the Turks believed Brewster Jennings to be energy consultants and were planning to hire them.
But she said: “He [the State Department official] found out about the arrangement . . . and he contacted one of the foreign targets and said . . . you need to stay away from Brewster Jennings because they are a cover for the government.


It’s always nice to know that the Bush Regime and the State Department have been tipping off those who wanted to purchase nuclear secrets from them, so they would not be exposed, and they went out of their way to expose a CIA front company (Brewster Jennings) and a CIA operative who worked for this fake company (Valerie Plame), all because they wanted to continue to commit treason and because they wanted to stay in Iraq, you know, the country the Bush Regime lied about and which had nothing to do with 9/11/01 at all!

Lying and deceiving the American people continues today. Good gawd. Spit.

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13 thoughts on “By the way, Sibel Edmonds is still talking….

  1. Imagine my utter shock as the enemy is not over there somewhere, but within the Union itself. Get your barf bag ready because the chimp is going to explain the State of the Union soon….IMFAO!

  2. Go, Sibel, go!

    Hey, hey! As Buttboy is giving his last — LAST, LAST, LAST! — State of the Onion address tonight, VoteVets has decided to issue their own State of the Onion type address concerning the fugged up and sorry-ass state of affairs in America’s quagmire. Good read:

    I wonder what bushisms will come out of this last — remember, LAST LAST LAST! — Schtate of da Yoonyun. Will anybody in America even be watching? Don’t we already know what Buttboy will say? Yes. Yes, we do.

  3. Imagine my utter shock to discover the enemy was never over there, but right inside the halls of Government.

  4. I know, when I read things such as Sibel is saying that I SHOULD be surprised. After the past several years with the wanking chimp crime cabal in charge, I’m not surpised by anything that comes out about them. I really hate the fact that they have made me so jaded. In fact, I’m getting to the point where I don’t even laugh at the conspiricy nuts anymore, as what they have to say wouldn’t even surprise me if it turned out to be true. Perhaps KKKarl and the rest feel if they can make enough citizens jaded to what is/has happened in this country, they just won’t care.

  5. Hi Kay in Maine et. al. …

    Nothing surprises me concerning the revelations associated with this article.

    The selling of our nuclear secrets and the arming of our enemies has been going on since the days of Ronald Reagan and H.W. Bush, continuing through Bill Clinton’s presidency then on through the Bush terms in office….!

    These traitors have slowly but surely weakened the defenses of the United States to the point that we are hazard as a nation. The purpose is to insure that the United States is no longer the premier nuclear power especially relative to anyone that we owe huge amounts of money to, such as the “Red Chinese”. Yes, Virginia they are still a communist nation except they’ve climbed onboard the “pirate capitalist” bandwagon when it comes to making trillions of yuan… :| When you shop at “Sprawlmart” you are effectively arming your sworn enemies.

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild the founder of the Rothshild banking dynasty still a major force in the world today loaned to both kings and the common man. The problem with loaning to rulers is how do you collect the huge sums loaned if they decide to default or stiff the banker. Rothchild came up with an ingenius idea to make sure that both sides of the the loan equation; ie., nations, ergo kings, dukes, princes, presidents and dictators were on a par militarily speaking. If anyone of them defaulted then wars or the threat of war could be fomented between the lending nation vs. the debtor nation to facilitate collection. Mayer even bragged once, that he did not care who made a nation’s laws as long as he controlled their currency!

    H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush are nothing but running dog facilitators for the NWO crowd; ie., the shadowy international bankers that control the worlds money supply. They evidently saw the shift in the U.S. under Reagan from being the worlds greatest lending nation to that of the worlds greatest debtor so they wanted to make sure that our sworn enemies; ie., the “Red Chinese” now our main creditor were on a par with us relative to our nuclear arsenal.

    The links I’m providing will bring people up to speed concerning the compromise of our nuclear secrets and also arming those countries that will create both threats and mischief to keep the Military Industrial Complex plush in taxpayer inflows for decades to come. The war on terror is a contrivance; ie., an endless war like the war on drugs. There’s no one to parley, no one to sign a truce, but these wars can bleed a nation’s treasury white in the pursuit of a victory that cannot be achieved. These never-ending conflicts are truly a politician’s dream…!

    Reagan/H.W. Bush armed Pakistan with nukes! Now we are paying a dictator Mushariff 10 billion per annum to guard them…say what?! Clinton gave away both nuclear weapons and delivery technology to the Chinese for campaign contributions and with the sole purpose of destabilizing the balance of power. George W. Bush evidently saw the need to see that bad ol’ Iran was given so-called phony blueprints on how to build a bomb, but the plan went awry and they ended up with creditable prints that could be easily figured out by bright nuclear weaponeers. Now we’ve had to listen to his lies on how Iran might get nuclear weapons so we have to launch an attack which will line the MIC’s pockets even moreso…?!

    So folks we have been had and are continuing to be had by our leaders who are nothing but running dogs for the shadowy globalists that use the world as their sandbox either to play or simply to crap-in depending on their plans for us; ie., citizens of the world…! When it comes to nukes everyone is at hazard with these madmen tinkering with the balance of power. Oh well, these slimeballs can always climb into a bunker that’s provisioned with a 10+ year supply of food, first run movies, no doubt other pleasures that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares all provided courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

    The rest of us outside reduced to shadows in green glass…!,00.html

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. It’s kind of “creepy” the way the US media and some so called progressive blogs have decided not to touch this story.

  7. “Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” (911)

    - George Orwell

  8. This is why our government has tried to silence Sibel for years now. It’s really surprising she wasn’t gunned down by them as she shopped for groceries, because that is usually how the Mafia does it here in America.

  9. Gage, thanks for the link to VoteVets! They’re on the ball over there, huh? Wow. Nice reference guide and soldier reflection of what is going on over there in Iraq.

    Ox, yep. The criminals/traitors/theives/murderers/terrorists have been in the White House since 2000!

    Rikc, so much has happened over the past 7-8 years that it’s difficult to keep up with. Learning about stuff they were doing years ago…now…only makes the blood pressure go up and it’s why the whole nation is depressed. As Ox pointed out with his quote, we’ve had a dictatorship instilled before our eyes and it was done smoothly by them using 9/11 at every turn. Yep. While Americans were running around scared or in fear, these assholes were giving themselves power they shouldn’t have, were spying on Americans and lying about it, were stealing our money, were torturing people in the dead of night across this planet while Americans slept, and were telling Americans that everything is fine and we’re safe. Any conspiracy at this point IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT THESE ASSHOLES HAVE DONE!!!!

    Carl, welcome to the 1980′s again, courtesy of the current Bush Regime! Nice, huh? Arming the enemy has always been a fun pastime for republic presidents. Bastards. I hate every effing one of them!

  10. Yep, even congressional investigators don’t really want to hear from Sibel because they too are part of this ongoing facilitation of f**king over “we the people” bigtime…!

    Our congress, its committee’s, along with its ongoing fruitless investigations are nothing but a NWO/MIC variant of the old Sovietski style polituro during the heyday of communism…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  11. Ref: Post #6

    Hi UFL…

    It’s not simply creepy, but with purpose! For the MSM to cover this story would expose the tip of an iceberg of corruption going back for many years exposing all our leaders including many in top congressional posts, department heads etc. as traitors to the Republic.

    We know what they are; ie., “TRAITORS” that need to be dealt summary justice the old fashioned way…no! We live in a world or politically correct ideas and speech where old time thoughts and ideas are considered to be somewhat crude and untidy;ie., we live in a world of Orwellian “grayshade” values…no?!

    I thought I’d supply some definitions concerning traitor and treason. What I find interesting is that both treason and sedition seem to be unholy bedmates. If the traitors engaged in treason are the nation’s leaders and the people’s representatives, then “we the people” that question their traitorous, treasonous activities are seditionists…no?! :|

    Hopefully if we shall prevail, then it means “off with their heads”, but not ours per the definition of penalty for seditionists…! :) We get jailtime, they get gravetime!
    trai·tor (trtr)
    One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.
    trea·son /ˈtrizÉ™n/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[tree-zuhn] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
    2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
    3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

    [Origin: 1175–1225; ME tre(i)so(u)n < AF; OF traïson < L trāditiōn- (s. of trāditiō) a handing over, betrayal. See tradition]
    —Synonyms 1. Treason, sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government. Sedition is any act, writing, speech, etc., directed unlawfully against state authority, the government, or constitution, or calculated to bring it into contempt or to incite others to hostility, ill will or disaffection; it does not amount to treason and therefore is not a capital offense. 2. See disloyalty.

    Carl Nemo**==

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